Chapter 2: The World Comes Crashing Chptr. 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The World Comes Crashing

Chapter 2

Michael looks ahead in the hall to a kid with a black hoodie on. The kid's hood was up and he was itching his sleeve but Michael knows who it is. Hes seen the same hood a million times before, how could he forget it.

"Derek!" He shouts,"Wait up!" Michael rushes up behind him and pulls down his hoodie. "Where ya' goin'?" He asks. Derek waits a few moments before answering. Derek was a good looking guy, he had shiny black hair, warm hazel eyes, and perfect white teeth. He had black stud earrings and a black lip ring to match and Michael knew he couldn't help but admire him.

"...Library. You wanna come?" Derek replies.

"Sure, hey, you feelin' okay?" Michael asks concerned.

"Yeah, my minds just...lets say occupied." Derek answers.

"If you say so." Michael shrugs. The two friends walk the halls of DeWitt Clinton High School after school silently. Passing locker by locker until they reach the library. They go there everyday after school and just hang out for awhile. Derek and Michael walk through the doors and place their backpacks on a table and sit down on both ends. Their freshman year wasn't to easy but now they were sophomores and the senior bullies went off to God knows where. Derek had to fight of at least five seniors freshman year from beating up Michael. Even though they were the same age, Derek was always like his older brother to him. Michael had always been a bit dorky, he had soft brown hair, dark green eyes and a nose ring. He always wanted to be more like Derek but I guess being friends was good enough for him.

"So whats on your mind?" Michael asks intrigued.

"Gym class..." Derek replies as he scratches the sleeve of his hoodie.

"Well what about it?" Michael asks and leans on the table.

"Honestly?" Derek asks Michael.

"Of course." He replies.

"Well..." Derek begins,"I'm worried about dressing out."

"What?" Michael giggles,"Why?" Michael thinks to himself, why would he be worried about something like that. Not in a gay way or anything but Michael always thought Derek had a great body. Michael has seen Derek shirtless before when they went to the public pool at Michael's apartment during the summer. Why not now?

"Never mind..." Derek says a bit angrily,"I'll just deal with it."

"No, no its fine, sorry" Michael says quickly, "Why don't you want to dress out today?"

Michael looks down and sees Derek itching his sleeve again and asks, "Hey man, is your arm okay?"

Derek looks around the library and then pulls up the sleeve on his hoodie. Michael jaw hangs open and practically unhinges. Bloody slits are engraved up and down Derek's forearms. Michael looks in disbelief and Derek just stares at his expression. Derek pulls his sleeve down and says awkwardly, "So..."

"D...Derek..." Michael nervously says, "What the hell happened to you?"

"What do you fucking think?" Derek says sarcastically.

"But...but why?" Michael asks sadly.

"Linda came home again drunk of her ass and you know, shit happens." Derek says straight forwardly. Linda was his stepmother and she wasn't a very pleasant person to be honest. She was an alcoholic, abusive bitch, Derek would say. Derek then looked at Michael and pointed up at his face. Michael noticed a slight tan powder surrounding Derek's eye. It was makeup and under it he could see a hint of a dark purple. Derek had a black eye. Though he could and would kick any guy's ass if he had to, Derek would never ever hit a girl, apparently no matter what, even if she was a bitch. His Dad was a workaholic who pretty much neglected him, he even forgot his birthday last year when he turned fifteen. He probably wouldn't even notice something like this, let alone care. Michael had just noticed he had not said a word or quite some time now.

"Its just...It just to much okay? I can't deal with shit like that, you know?" Derek says out of the silence.

"No I don't Derek thats horrible!" Michael pauses,"What if you kill..."

"I'm not going to kill myself" Derek interrupts sternly.

"You don't know th..." Michael starts.

"Michael chill out. I'm not going to kill myself." Derek repeats with even more seriousness, "Its nothing..."

"Bullshit!" Michael blurts out.

"Michael quiet down were in a fucking library!" Derek whispers loudly.

The two friend sit quietly in the library careful to avoid their stares. Michael couldn't comprehend how someone could do that to themselves. He knew Derek's life wasn't easy but was it this bad? Michael desperately wanted to change the subject so out of nowhere he says,"Derek I uhh...I'm not doing so well in my classes again."

Derek put one hand on his head covering his eyes,"Well what classes Michael?" He says lightly.

"Math and science...and Spanish." Michael says unsurely.

Derek looks at Michael "Well shit thats not to hard...Pythagorean fuckin' Theorem, Newtons fuckin' Laws, Como e-fuckin'-stas." he laughs, "Pull out some homework or whatever I'll help you out."

The two sat in the library and began working. Derek had always been the smarter one and it always seemed like he tutored Michael. Though Derek would never admit it he knew he was smart, all he got was A's and B's. I guess he could just comprehend things a lot better than Michael. Michael on the other hand has always struggled to get by. Having to do homework last minute, having to go to Derek for help, having to use the internet for answers, It just didn't come naturally to him but Derek, he was like a genius compared to Michael. After a couple of hours Derek looks and his phone and says, "Man we gotta' go its getting late."

"Yeah okay." Michael replies.

"So you get it now?" Derek asks as the two get their things together and slip on their backpacks.

"Uh-huh it makes more sense." Michael says optimistically.

"So your gonna' do good on that quiz Friday right?" Derek asks happily.

"Good? Nah' I'm gonna' knock it out of the park." Michael replies as they walk out the doors and leave the school.

"Damn right you are." Derek high fives him.

They walk down the streets talking about their days and how their classes were. Derek said something about this girl in his fifth period world history class named Kelly and how cute he thought she was. Michael started making kissy faces at him and Derek pushed him into a shrub then laughed. They finally parted at Michael's apartment building and said their see ya's. Michael watched quietly as Derek walked away and out of view. Another day ends in the lives of the two teen's and yet questions still remained in Michael's mind. Questions about Derek... -Chapter three

Submitted: December 27, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Gothikah666. All rights reserved.


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Silhouette Akasuna

Awww how sweet, two best friends in a library...... If I ever had a stepmother like Derek's I wouldn't care what happened I beat the $H** outta her XD Great chapter ^^

Wed, December 28th, 2011 10:01pm


Thank you Im glad your reading it. Keep in touch, Ive only posted 3 chapters but I intend to write much more

Wed, December 28th, 2011 2:04pm

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