Chapter 7: The World Comes Crashing Chptr. 7

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The World Comes Crashing

Chapter 7

The pitter patter of raindrops hit Michael's window as he watched quietly as the droplets cascaded down softly. New York's shadowed streets were full of people with umbrellas and held up newspapers. The faint glimmer of car headlights flashed below. Heavy storm clouds hung high, darkening Michael's small little world. It's amazing how weather can affect an entire city.

"How dull a day in the life of the oh so interesting Michael Granger." Michael thought aloud.

Alone in his room, the sounds of the world seemed to amuse Michael. The raindrops crashing against the window, the loud sound of a car horn screaming out below, and even the wind whistling softly almost making a slight tune. How wondrously boring, Michael smiled.

"Saturday morning, here we are." He thought once more.

The week leading up to this dark day was one of Michael's greatest. It was senior year and he was finally on top. Derek had just gotten his first car and him, Michael, and Kelly have been reaping the wonderful benefits of their new mode of transportation. From movies to bowling to Taco Bell they've been going all over town. The only reason Derek could afford his new car is because he applied for a job. Not only applied but got hired. Now Tuesdays through Fridays, ten o'clock to six o'clock he worked at the register at Vans Off the Wall. Michael thought his job was incredible and in Derek's eyes it really was. Michael didn't have a job yet nor did Kelly but they all agreed they should get one so they could go out more. After all they were eighteen.

The three friends spent most of their time together these days. Hanging at Derek's job, school, anywhere they could go. They were so close they were almost like family. Michael loved being treated like family due to the fact that his wasn't so united. Not that he wished his to be. The group looked out for each other, they loved each other, they were really kind of like a family.

Michael hears a knock at the door and sprints from his lonely seat by the window. He opened the door to find no one other than Derek with wet cloths and eyeliner smeared across his face. He was the epitome of this dark day.

"Hey man!" Michael said surprised and eagerly, "What's up? Come on in!"

"Thanks" Derek walks into Michael's apartment and they go back to his bedroom. Michael noticed that Derek had a sort of mood brought with him. Not the usual Derek he saw in the hallways at school no, this Derek was gloomy. They sat down on his bed and Derek shakes his hair as raindrops fly out in all directions.

"Wow thanks." Michael laughs a little.

"Don't mention it." Derek replied with a faint grin.

"So wheres Kelly?" Michael asks concerned. Shes always with him and to be honest Michael actually wanted to see her. Since their conversation at the park the two have gotten along incredibly well. Derek took a second to respond, he looked like he had a pit in his stomach.

"Oh, no where just..." Derek paused again, "just Chillin I guess."

"Alright cool" Michael responded awkwardly. The entire world seemed to sit still for a brief moment. Why was it only him who could do that, he wondered.

"You can keep a secret right?..." Derek asks, practically trying to pull the words back into his mouth.

Michael nodded his head, "Yeah, why?"

Its not very often Derek says things like this. Michael began to wonder the vast possibilities of the secret while Derek pondered whether to tell. He looked into Derek's eyes, which weren't looking back. Michael had always been loyal to him so what could be of such grave secrecy? Then Derek looked up and put his hand through his hair.

"...So Kelly took this test, okay?"

Michael nodded and repeated Derek, "Okay"

"...And it said something on it and I'm pretty sure that its true and I'm not really sure what's gonna happen man but I'm kinda freakin' out." Derek seemed so timid about telling Michael almost as if every word entitled a unsettling discomfort. He really was in a panic.

Michael's eyes widened, "Derek..." He began, "Is she..."

Derek cut him off quickly before even asking, "Uh-huh."

Michael stood straight up as a millions things to say popped into his mind. He put his hands on his head then took a breathe. Derek sat on the bed looking up at him.

"Yeah, I know right?" Derek looked down.

The questions filtered through Michael's mouth one by one.

"So when you figure it out?"

"Last week."

"You didn't use protection?"

"Guess it busted..."

"Is she okay with it?"

"I think so..."

"Derek, your eighteen."

"Yeah I know."

"You keepin' it?"

"Got no choice."

"You exited?"

"No clue yet..."

"Are you ready?"

"I don't know.."



"Well..." Michael's question drifted off somewhere in his mind. Their game of Twenty Questions was over.His bedroom became stagnant, its almost as if time stood still.

The silence weighed heavy over the room as Michael and Derek thought about the same thing. How the hell was he going to support a kid? He did just get a job and a car and on the bright side, he might make a good Dad. Defiantly better than Michael's father ever was. At least his kid would know their father. And that's when Michael did something extraordinary.

Michael sat down next to Derek and threw his hand onto his shoulder. He turned his head and looked at him kindly. Derek's head remained hung low. Then Michael said these five incredible, life changing words, words Derek hardly expected.

"Your gonna do fine man."

"Ya think so?" Derek looked up at Michael.

"No..." He paused, "I know. I mean c'mon Derek we both know you've been like an older brother to me for as long as I can remember and we're the same fuckin' age" Michael laughed, "Derek you've been the one to hold me up through High School and make me a better man and I thank you because of it. Your one of the coolest people I've ever met and I don't know many people but I bet if I did you'd still be the coolest. Man, you gotta give yourself more credit.

"...The world comes crashing" Michael paused, "You told me that and guess what? Your right, it does but guess what else?" Derek eyes we're wide open, "I know damn sure you can catch it..."

Derek gave him a smile and hugged his best friend. Michael hugged him back. Michael only had one word on his mind at that moment, brothers.

"Thanks." Derek said as he patted Michael on the back.

"No problem bro." Michael smiled.

Then the two sat in silence again, quietly listing to the pitter patter of raindrops hitting Michael's window. New York's shadowed streets were full of people so why at this particular moment did Michael and Derek feel so alone?

Submitted: May 17, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Gothikah666. All rights reserved.


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