Crisis Of Teens

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Bout Teens and their Crisis'...Teens have crisis' too you no! LOL

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Crisis Of Teens

Submitted: May 14, 2008

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Submitted: May 14, 2008



Crisis Of Teens

Teens today...daughters and sons...we all have out crisis', yes parents, you may have a mid-life crisis...well us teens have...a...teen-life crisis, yeah an teen-life crisis. When we hit puberty that's when it all begins, the rush of hormones...but i'm not going to get into the scientific stuff! There are positives to this for both boys and girls, yes Mikey? Yes, that was a...small...positive for you, oh well i'm sorry, i don't know exactly how big, i don't really want to think about this, and anyway i'm not bothered, it's not mine! Names Chloe by the way and i bet your wondering who the hell i am and who this Mikey is, well, i'm sixteen, bisexual...lesbian...wait, bi, les- oh i don't know, i haven't decided yet, my girlfriend is mate, wierd, Sophie, and Mikey is the new guy from Downtown somewhere! No one was his friend so i said i'd be his mate, i'm not that mean oh, just between me and you, he is kind of cute but shhh! Anyway, my 2nd in command best mate, Jade, has her eyes on him, Sophie calls her a slut but she's always like that with her...dunno why?? Anyway...let's begin shall we???


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