Impossible Love

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a normal girl so down to earth pretty she met her soul mate but something happened to change her life........

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Impossible Love

Submitted: April 23, 2011

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Submitted: April 23, 2011



my life as a dream for any girl can any one be like me ?? no

here we go my name is (Ronnie ) i'm so normal girl live in a normal life in small city  after living 7 years out from my country here i back again to start high school

i wake up very energetic i have my breakfast wear my uniform and i walked with my friend (Mera) and (Revan) we talking and laughing all the way to school

then Mero said "well here we are come on let get in and the best place before any one " i agree with she then we got the best place ever then Mero said while she was looking to the boys corner "wow look to that boy he looks handsome oh boy" then Revan said and she looking to him "yes he's so awesome " i looked to them with duh tone i said "the losers corner come on guys we didn't come to look to bugs we're here for learn"then  Mera look to me nervously "stay away boy haters?"

then she walk to him and she said "hi " he replied "hi" then she back to say and the smile on her face " my name is Mera what about you ?" then he smiled and he anwered "i'm Ed i just moved from the capital city " Mera smiled more and she said "ok nice to meet you see you around" and she come to us

she were very happy and i was looking to her like Ewww you 're horrible girl Revan were excited when she saw him coming over us

he said " hi girls i'm new here can we know each other " i look with scorn look "congrats but we can't we are too busy choosing our seats so you can back to losers corner " duh "as you want nice to meet you and i'm not gonna bother you " he said  then he go and my friend start to look to me very nervously they rather to kill me to do not say that  finally the teacher enter saying " good mrning every one we got a new boy in outr school " then he introduce himself to all the class

boring moment  but it passed the the teacher start to ask  a hard questions it was hard to every one but easy to me i answered them all every one become impressive at me when we finished the school we back togther on the other side from the street was Ed walking home to and he never stop looking to me

they were looking to him and smiling then i said " i hate the boys the first day would be amazing if boys didn't get into WFT that's suck til this boy didn't stop looking to me " they look to me oddly "why you say that ? we're nothing without boys" i looked to them disappoint "you let me down girls " then i go up stairs to my flat

i enter to my house and my parents smiling "how was your day"? "was not good"i said then my brother Mado come happy "this is the best day ever"he said with a big wide mouth and he said "how was your day ?" " i'm tired i want to sleep " i said then i took my nape while i was sleeping i heard a voice talking it was Ed voice but what he doing here any way ? i woke up i go to living room there wasn't any one my family were having dinner dad said "come and share us "

i look so amazed i heard his voice OMG is that was a dream i dreamt about him no way tat's not me ....

i ate with my family then i did my homework and i heard the phone rang "hi Ronnie listen are you still mad abou what happened afternoon we are really sorry"Mera said "no i'm not mad any way " i said "so whatis your planning " Mera said "nothing just drink my milk and go to sleep " i said with lie tone

"good night "she said and i said the same the real i was going concert without anyone know i'm a secret famous but with other style and other name

my name is (viona) as famous look i used it

so i did my cocert and i back tired i wrote my diaries write a song then i slept...................



Ronnie (viona)









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