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Here come, here go.

Let the whispers of your heart soar.

My eyes open like thrust open doors.

“Here come, here go. Let the whispers of your heart soar.” Ethan repeats the words.

“I don’t think that’s Joan Parker.” We say at the same time.

The corners of his eyes crinkle with joy at the rare coincidence.

But they smoothen swiftly as a boy tumbles into what were once my four walls.

“Who are you?” Ethan demands. The boy smiles at me.

“Here come, here go. Let the whispers of your heart soar.” He says, carefully.

Everything freezes.

The wind has forgotten how to blow against my skin.

The hand of the clock does not bother to tick to the next second.

That voice. It is him.

Please. No.

“Joan.” I breathe out.

Ethan forgets how impolite it is to stare.

I forget how informal it is to break down in front of your enemy.

“Of course, I’m Joan Parker. It’s certainly nice to meet you, Kings.” He smirks.

I want to punch him.

But, he is just a boy. No older than me.

I catch myself looking at him in a way that is almost sympathetic.

“Don’t address us by our last name. You have no right-“ Ethan rages.

“Calm down, you are here only for your own safety.” Joan says with confidence.

I begin to smile. He has no idea about our secret eavesdropping technology.

“Yeah, yeah, Ethan. We’re only here for our ‘safety’. We need to learn to trust.” I say with an edge.

Ethan seems to distinguish the sarcasm.

“You have my sincere apologies, Park.” He comments dryly.

“It’s Parker.” Joan says in a monotone as he clenches his jaws.

“Of course, I should’ve known you have a thing for parking vehicles.” Ethan does not even try to hide his smirk.

I clear my throat after Joan is done rolling his eyes and acting a bit dull about Ethan’s remarks.

“You’re not supposed to be here.” I stare at him.

Joan shrugs.

“I am quite aware of that, Noah. But neither are you.” He replies.

Ethan simply stares. Hours whir by.

In the past hour, Joan has shot 7 bullets in between Ethan and I.

And with every shot of the gun, he relishes in watching me wince.

He relishes in watching Ethan swallow the lump of responsibility he feels he has as my brother.

“Why are you doing this?” I finally ask.

“Why are you enjoying doing this when you think we’re not supposed to be here?”

“Because.” He simply replies.

“Oh, okay. That explains so much. Thank you. You’re a very detailed piece of Wikipedia.” Ethan huffs.

He crosses him arms and looks away.

“Why are we here?” I demand.

“Because.” Joan insists.

“Answer her, you. Why would you insist on keeping us prisoners in your bright rainbow district?” Ethan ponders.

“Because.” Joan teases. He aims the gun next to my shoulder again.

Joan’s gun is metallic black.

It shines in the pale light as if it is an innocent symbol.

Meanwhile, the silver gun stands silently as a witness a few steps between Joan and I.

He shoots and the gun recoils, but Joan is as still as a statue.

He turns away for a minute.

The wind tenses around me again as I slowly tug the stray gun towards the wall behind me with my foot.

Ethan breathes out something that I barely manage to decipher as ‘I have a smart sister.’

Or maybe it was just me.

Either way, I kick the gun vertically, but slanting, and Ethan swiftly grasps it with his hand behind.

I smile.

Joan turns back to us and stares at me.

“Do you want to know a secret?” He asks simply.

“I’d rather not hear another rant about yourself.” I retort.

He raises his eyebrows.

“Oh. Would you rather have your brother shot?” He inquires, menacingly.

The gun in his hand is immediately aimed at Ethan’s forehead with his words.

Ethan does not lose a beat.

He kicks the gun hand of Joan Parker and slams the hilt of the silver gun against his jaw.

I pick up the black shooter. And I aim.

Blood trickles out of the bruise on Joan’s jaw.

“It’s about time we did something about your retorts.” Ethan says.

“And it’s about time we see the world.” I comment.

Joan’s eyes widen with terror. “You cannot. I shall not allow you.”

“Well, there’s not much competition here. Who’s manning the gun?” Ethan sighs.

“You are. But that gives you no right to leave the quarters.” Joan exclaims.

“What? Are you crazy or something? Fine, we might not have been conscious and sensible for a reasonable amount of time. But, as far as I know, both my sister and I are capable of precise-“ Ethan starts to reason.

“Shut up, Ethan.” I silence him. He looks at me taken aback.

“Save your voice. We might need your witty sarcasm where it matters.” I point towards the ‘outside’.

“Oh. Of course!” He laughs.

And I do not know whether he notices Joan slightly tremble as he says his next few words.

Words that, right now, I am unaware that I will hear him say again very soon.

“I will find you, Noah.” His voice shakes.

“I will find you and I will protect you.”

His words occupy my mind like crazy.



Submitted: July 18, 2015

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Ooo I like this. Please keep it up--I need to know more about Joan! I sense an obsession coming on!

Sat, July 18th, 2015 5:16pm


Haha, I see quite a people have a liking for either Ethan or Joan...

Sat, July 18th, 2015 8:52pm


Oh no, crazy stalker status just went up. I'm scared. Poor Noah, though.. she's the one who's gotta deal with this. Wonderful chapter, Grammar! You really do write with so much maturity and I grasp onto every word.

Sat, July 18th, 2015 7:31pm


Oh my gods, if I get another comment about maturity, I'm going to have to grin madly for a year. Hey, everyone, I'm thirteen years old and as mature as thirty! *smiles* I'm as crazy as any other, but my writing and my sense of thoughts surprise even me at times. Oh, don't be scared at this, there's way much more on the way. Noah's got to be the hero, and save herself first. Thank you! (Oh, and you can call me Nelly. That's not my real name, it's fictional, but Grammar makes me sound like I'm - you know, grammar. Actually, it's your wish.)

Sat, July 18th, 2015 8:56pm


This was a very good chapter full of suspense and intrigue. Ethan and Joan interact off each other very well, because it is tense and real. It was clever with the gun, and in an instant how the scenary changes. Your grammar and English are excellent, and you write ahead of your years. You are very mature and level headed. I love how you space this out so its so clear to read. Joan wants to protect Noah even though she has escaped his grasp, and that puts him between stalker, obsession and hero. Wonderful stuff Nelly. I like that name since Nelly Furtado is one of my favourite singers :)

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 5:01pm


Seriously, I am getting all these happy feelings in me when someone mentions I'm too good for my age. English is the best language for the soul. Ethan and Joan do have a lot of tension, don't they? Oh, and for whoever's reading this response, I usually never plan ahead for a chapter, I go on writing and when I think it's enough, I just stop and move on to the next. When I read back, I'm as shocked as you are. Even I didn't know I was going to make Ethan and Noah siblings. I had not even the slightest clue that I would give Joan a little bit of a good characteristic. In real life, I am as crazy as I can be. And Joan is a hero, alright?! He's my favorite character! Nelly's my fictional name...I read Percy Jackson (it's my biggest fandom) and I immediately adapted the role of his sister and named myself Nelleus Jackson. :D

Thu, July 23rd, 2015 2:31am

Evelyn Mason

Hey, sorry. I read this when you first posted but forgot to comment. So I am totally loving Ethan. Any character that is sarcastic automatically becomes my favorite. I like the twist that Joan is finally here. But what up with the "I will protect you" ? I agree with the others... stalker much?!? Your writing is great and the dialogue is easy to follow. My only criticism is you need more detail on some parts. I had to re-read several times the part about Joan shooting at them because it was very confusng escpecially beause a gun suddenly appears. I didn't know if he was wounding them or scaring them. It actaully seemed unessessay because they already had a gun to defend themslevss with. If there is a reason to be learned later I think you should make some indication to the reader otherwise it is diffucult to follow. I hope this helps and I hope I am not being too harsh or rude because I don't want you to stop telling me when you have new chapters!!! you are a good writer and I am definitely going to keep reading this.

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 6:42pm


I'm confused. Wait, let my mind process.......oh. Oh! Joan actually has a gun. I mean, it's kind of obvious that since he's been threatening them from the outside so much, all of us would assume he comes in for more of the threats. But, I'm assuring you that (as far as I am aware) the reasoning is explained clearly later on. And he isn't shooting them - it's been stated that he's shooting between where Ethan and Noah are standing. And I think if Joan's strong enough to have them trapped in such a place, he can obviously have them cornered with no access to the gun before he can. I hope everything is clear now...I'll have to look into the description part. Thank you!

Thu, July 23rd, 2015 2:27am

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