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The words ‘Forevermore.’ flash on the screen for a solid moment.

“Hey, if you’re watching this, you must be Noah and Ethan.”  A woman with brown hair and blue eyes spreads her arms towards the camera to acknowledge us.

“That also means you’ve been under the Lifemax’s plans for over a year or so.” She begins to frown.

“Really, Leah? This is what you call a warm welcome?” A man comes into sight, rolling his green eyes hidden by blonde hair. He then faces us.

“Please don’t mind her. I’m Luke, by the way, and she’s Leah. We’re what you’re going to call the Insurrectionists in the future.”

No, we’re not! We are not rebels, you genius.” Leah protests, causing Luke to chuckle.

I exchange a weird look with Ethan and notice Joan looking at me with caution.

“Whatever. See, the only purpose of this video is for you to understand. The world is not the way you fantasize it to be, and the only reason we thank Lifemax is because they have saved you from the horror.” Luke says.

“There are a couple of people who you can trust, and a lot that you really need to avoid. We are not going to say anything personal over here.” Leah coughs.

“But, let us brief you. Leah and I are the leaders of Noan, an organization solely for the purpose of safety in this strange world. Why is the world so dangerous? You should know that you are not like any other.” Luke’s voice seems rise.

“Noah, Ethan, the both of you are really special. We will not tell you how. We will not tell you why. But, that is what it is. Our society dislikes anything that is not normal. Our society dislikes you. They are killing outside. People are dying because of war; people are dying because they’ve been sorted out. Noan saves. But, we will not be able to save without the two of you. As we are talking, one of you is merely four. The other a good seven.” Leah’s eyes gleam.

“We sincerely believe you trust Joan Parker, our one and only son.” Luke smiles.

That is when Joan barges out of the room and I catch a hint of nervousness in his eyes.

Ethan whispers. “Well, well, well.”

“We’ve only recently received a warning from the Lifemax. They have threatened to take you somewhere where they are certain you will oblige to what they say. But, you will never know that you’ve been with them for so long.” Leah’s voice catches.

“Forgive us for that. The leader of Lifemax will always go over the limit. Every year from when you’ve been taken, he has involved a memory wipe solution along with your food. All these years, he would have kept you and your brother separate, Noah. They are not good. They never will be. They are the center of all the death happening, but they probably know by now about how unique you are.” Luke explains.

“Especially you, Noah. You are the world itself.” Leah nods solemnly.

But, your parents have no other option but to hand you over. Well, they do have an option but this is not our place to tell you anything about that.” Luke looks at Leah in a way that makes me suspicious.

“After all the years of memory wipe, they will give you new memories. They will make you vulnerable to everything until you hate yourself. Do not trust anything within the walls.” Leah declares.

“There will come a day when they will put you back together. That is the day when they have decided who they need the most. They will have decided that one piece in the game on which they will not hesitate to place the most terrifying responsibilities and blames.” Luke swallows.

“That can be any one of you. Which is why that will also be the day this little one over here,” Leah pulls a giggling toddler holding an iPhone into view.  “Joan, will take you to safety. Trust. Please.”

All three of them smile warmly at us. Guilt washes over me suddenly. I do not know why.

Mike sets the remote down after switching the screen off. He turns to us.

“Do you understand why we’ve been awaiting you for over seven years?” He asks. Ethan timidly nods.

“Three years from when this video was taken, you were taken, Noah. And a year after that, it was you.”

He points at Ethan, who flinches at the sudden attention.

“Are we open to questions?” I ask for the sake of words. Mike nods, smiling.

“Where are our parents?” Ethan asks immediately.

“They’re not dead, if that’s what you’re thinking. They’re simply home.” Mike replies. Ethan breathes out.

“Who are you?” I tilt my head a little to the right in confusion. Mike blinks in astonishment.

“I’m surprised you don’t know me!” He exclaims.

“I’m sorry, did you forget about the memory swipe?” I retort. It’s not like I enjoy not knowing things.

“Right. I mean, you forgot Joan. Anyways, I’m Mike Jet. See my wolf-like black eyes and brown hair? You used to tease me about it when you were seven, Noah. I am your cousin.” Mike says.


Submitted: September 15, 2015

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Oh my god, that last paragraph that Mike says... first of all, why does it surprise him that she didn't remember Joan? Was there something going on between them... WAIT, what if Joan doesn't age? And Noah grew up with him protecting her, for her to be taken away again and now she's back and how he must feel about all of this and I'm probably overthinking this. Leah and Luke remind me of this duo that were in the Spy Kids movies... I don't know if you've seen them. I think their names were Garry and Gurdy but I'm not sure. Really good though, your writing is always a wonderful read :D

Tue, September 15th, 2015 9:18pm


...LOL, alright, you are overthinking. Don't worry though, the answers are always coming.

Mon, September 21st, 2015 5:50pm

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