A Forbidden Love

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Three teens,Lance,Sandy, and Kevin all have one thing in common; they each fell in love.But the problem is Lance and Kevin are vampires,Kevin,"the prince of Dark-Blood",wants Sandy to become his bride while Lance (vampire knight) wants her to be his immortal lover.But Sandy is a human and it's against vampire law that a vampire and human should ever become a couple.Can the three teens twist the laws and will Sandy choose the prince..or the vampire knight?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Forbidden Love

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



 Chapter 1: Vampire Prince

Kevin,the prince of all vampires (Dark Bloods),sat on his black,ruby stoned throne by his knights.They looked all over his soul less,blood thirsty kingdom,searching for his perfect bride.Lance,one of the knights,stood in front of Kevin.

"No luck sir...none of our fellows vampire women match what you are looking for".

 Kevin's eyes glared at his knight,"I know this might be a little..insane but..I want you and only you to go to the world of the humans and find me a bride".

Lance looked at his master,"b-but sir..your father said-".

"I don't give a damn what my father said..go and find me a bride..now knight!",Kevin hissed.

Lance got up and left for the world of the humans.

  = = =

Kevin walked into the bright sunlight,he looked around and saw a brown stoned highschool.He walked inside and walked to a lunch room where he saw a girl that fit prince Kevin's description; blonde,sky blue eyes,and with soft,snow white skin.This girl,was Sandy.Sandy sat away from the sunlight seeping through the window.Lance couldn't move,he was stunned on how beautiful this human is.Sandy looked up and saw him staring at her,Lance snapped out of it and walked over to her.He sat away from the sunlight but enough where he could talk to Sandy.

"Ello there...what is your name?",he asked her,

She looked at him and then sighed,"Sandy...Sandy Walkins..and you are..?"

"My name is Lance..I don't have a last name..sadly..",he looked down at the table

"Oh well..that's to bad..anyway what do you want?",she asked him while closing her eyes.

"Well..I was sent here to...can we talk somewhere else?".

Sandy stood up and she smiled,showing small fangs,'this guy is a vampire...to bad..I only hunt them at night but this is to rich'.

Lance saw her fangs but shook it away,'there is no way she is a Dark Blood...she smells like a human'.Lance stood up and Sandy walked up to him,"I know what you are..and I am not coming with you...so don't even try",she stormed away,leaving Lance with questions."Wait...how does she know?",he asked himself.

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