A Silver Love *COMPLETED*

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Date,pt 1 of 2

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



Chapter 5: The Date pt 1 of 2


Kid and Akemi pulled away from each other,"I-I'm sorry Akem",she smiled at him,"don't be..that was kinda nice".They both blushed,"it was?",Kid asked hoping she say yes,"well yeah",she smiled and leaned on him,"well it's midnight and I gotta go Kid..I'm sorry for this".She got up and started to walk towards the school,"wait! Sorry for what?",Kid yelled but Akemi vanished into the night."Well..Liz and Patty are probably waiting on me at home".Kid got up and went home with questions on his mind.

Akemi entered the school,she walked to Lord's Death chamber,she opened the door and saw him sitting on a couch,"hello Akemi".She smirked,"Death..".Lord Death got up and faced her as she walked in and stood by the mirror."So it is true..you are here to try and kill me","ha! Try?..I'll destroy you for taking a part in the death of my whole entire family!"."I know..but the world was gonna end if I didn't".Akemi growled,"enough of this chit-chat..I came to kill you and I'm going to kill you".Spirit formed into Lord Death's weapon,"you should know Akemi..you should never face anyone without a weapon"."Oh didn't I tell you? I have two partners..Dustin and my good friend Crona".Crona walked in the room and stood next to her,"good to see you again Lord Death..","Crona?? But your not a weapon"."I am now..Dr, Franken Stein changed me..he used some sorta of blood thing or what ever".Akemi leaned on Crona,and grabbed his (in my story Crona is a boy) hand,he turned into a katana with sliver flames flowing from it.Akemi charged at Death,in reaction Death dodged her swings,Death landed a blow on her stomach,she flew backwards and landed on the wall,Crona appeared in the sword,"Akemi you okay my dear?","I'm fine Crona.".Akemi jumped from the wall and stood in front of Death,"you know young lady..you can't kill what is already dead".Akemi and Crona smirked,"but I can turn the dead to the living",she raised her friend up to her face where she saw her reflection,"soul fusion!".The flames on her weapon swirled around the two,turned from silver to black and purple.Their soul connected and fused together for a stronger better soul,"now..the reverse of death;death over turn!",both of their voices merged as well as their souls.Akemi,now known as Harmony,(their name when they fuse)pointed at Death,he started to turn to a normal human,pale skin,a heart,brain and everything else.His powers faded and he become a normal human;powerless.Akemi/Harmony charge at him and stabbed his heart and swung up sword up,splitting him in half.Soul Fusion has ended and they turned back to themselves,Crona turned back to his normal form.Lord Death's soul,large and a reddish black floated up,Akemi grabbed it and sent it to her uncle."Well done Crona","you too Akemi..well you gotta get home before school tomorrow".Akemi hugged him and said goodbye before she left to go home.Crona smirked at his victim,"goodbye..for good".He left and Spirit cried over his meister's death.

Akemi woke up to the sound of a hair dryer,"good morning Akem".Dustin said as he dried his hair,"hey DJ..you hungry?".He shook his head,"no..I'm not hungry..let's just go to school".Akemi and Dustin got dressed and headed to school.They walked into class and saw Kid sitting in the windowsill,his eyes and body shaking.Dustin sat down as Akemi walked to Kid,"hey Kid? What's wrong?",Kid hugged her and buried his head on her stomach,"some bastard killed my father...".Akemi's eyes glared,"oh Kid..I'm sorry for you lost".Kid cried hard,his body shaking and his nails digging into her skin.Akemi began to rock back and forth to help calm him,everyone jumped when the door slammed open,Spirit came in and saw Akemi,he walked up to her,grabbed her shirt and held her on the wall,choking her in the process,"let me go!",Kid stared at him,"hey let her go!".Maka looked at Dustin,'whew..he has headphones on'.Spirit cried while pressing harder on Akemi's neck,"you little bastard!! You killed Lord Death!!".Everyone looked at them,"what the hell are you talking about??",Akemi questioned."Spirit..",Kid got up and stood by him,"what are you talking about.."."Your girlfriend killed your father!".Akemi tried to get him off of her,"your killing me..I cant breathe".Dustin wondered why everyone turned around to look at the back,he took his headphones off and turned around,Akemi closed her eyes trying hard to breath,"Dustin! H-help me!".Something in his eyes flashed and he was behind Spirit pulling him off and throwing his across the room,Akemi fell to the floor gasping for air,Dustin kneeled by her,Kid looked at her,"is it true? Did you kill my father?",Akemi looked away,"Akemi! Did you kill my father damn it!?".

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