Naruto Love

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Yes yes the tittle sucks but I really don't care,(lol I sound mean don't I?).But anyway this is a fan fiction of mine for Naruto: Naruto never knew his family,he barely had a childhood but years go by,he meets new friends and they become his family.But that all changes when Team Kakashi stumbles upon a girl named Kohana that looks just like Naruto.But everything changes when Kakashi takes in the girl as part of his squad.Is Kohana Naruto's only alive family member? Or is she just a spy for Orochimaru?(All Naruto characters belong to their rightful owner Kishimoto Masashi.I only own a few characters and the plot.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Naruto Love

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013



Chapter 1: Kohana (written in first person)

I walked for days in the desert,sweat forming on my forehead,my wolf companion,Aka (male),sat on my head,keeping it even hotter.

"Aka do you have to sit on my head??".

Aka growled,"YES...I like it of here besides,I don't want to be by your'll mush me"

I paused and grabbed him,his blue eyes met mine,"that sounds wonderful..don't you think?",I sneered.Aka smirked then his ears went up in alert,"Kohana..a village is near by".

I placed him back on my head and headed toward the village.When I was a few feet away my vision blurred a lot and I felt hotter then usual,two guards spotted me but after that I blacked out, the last words I heard was from Aka's voice; Hana! Hana wake the hell up now!!.

~ ~ ~

I woke up in a really bright room,a guy with some kind of hat thingy on his head looked right at me,I freaked when he spoke.

"Welcome stranger,you finally woken up huh?".

I looked at him then noticed Aka wasn't at my side,"where the hell is Aka??!!".

The man looked at me,"Aka? Oh that wolf boy..he's meeting the Kazekage,".

"And who the hell are you exactly?",I looked at his un-covered eye.

"My name is Baki..I'm one of the guards at the entrance of the Sand Village.",he replied.

"Kohana..that's all you need to know..Baki,I looked at him then focused on a tall figure walk into view,along with Aka. Aka looked at me," Gaara; Kazekage of the Sand",he said with a smile.I looked at Gaara,his deep red hair and a very light shade of blue eyes caught me off guard,casing me to blush a sakura pink.

"Hello..Kohana is it?",he said with a deep voice I find very...soothing.

I nodded,"hello..Gaara,thank you know.Helping me".I looked up and his eyes met mine,we broke the eye contact when I saw him blushing.

"Don't worry about it..always happy to help a visitor from the Leaf",he pointed to my headband when he saw my face expression,Gaara told Baki and Aka to leave,Aka refused at first but was dragged out by Baki,"you little brat-",Baki began to say but the rest was covered by the slam of the door.

Gaara sat by me,he folded his hands and rest his head on them,"I know your father...and your brother is a dear friend of mine,and will be visiting me in a few hours.Enough time for you to get ready",his voice was sorta happy that my brother was coming.

"Oh boy..but sir?",I began to ask.He looked up at me."Yes?"

"How can I tell him..that my brother?",I asked him,looking down.

He placed a hand on my shoulder,"in due time Kohana..when the time is right you will be able to",with those last words he stood up,bowed and walked out the room,shutting the door.


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