Rise of The Dead

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It was a normal day in a small town outside of Chicago,kids play,adults go shopping and watching football.The elderly played checkers or cards,then the president of the United States plans an emergency evacuation for all parts of Chicago.But a hand full of people are left behind and are scared even more when the F.B.I goes on television and say that there is a virus mutating people and causing them to attack one another.Can the group of survivors live through this virus and live another day?...Or will they die and not see the light of day ever again?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Monday

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



Chapter 1: Monday,May 13,2013.

7:50 am

Anna woke up in her white bed,on a warm spring day.Birds chirping,dogs barking and cars driving by.She gotten up out of her bed and stepped in the shower,the warm water hitting her skin and sliding down her body woke her up even more.She stepped out and turned off the water,she re-placed a white night gown to a off shoulders gray top,black skirt and gray boots.She dried her white hair and pulled it back to a small ponytail.She cleaned up her small white bathroom (her family loved white,can't you tell?),and walked out,she had an older brother Shawn,18, and a younger one Lucas,8,her parents died in a plane crash four years ago,when she was 12 and Shawn was 14,Lucas was 4 at the time and very sensitive to anything and everything,but since their parents death,he has been more mature and less sensitive.Anna walked down the hall and saw Shawn's door open,his bed clean and his room smelling fresh.'Yeah..he's up',she thought to herself,she walked to Lucas' room and opened it,he was staring out the window in all black clothes,"hey Lucas,you hungry?",she asked him.Lucas shook his head and sighed.Anna sat by him and hugged him tightly,"come on Luc..you haven't eaten in two days,at least have breakfast with me and Shawn?".

Lucas sighed again and gotten up and headed down the stairs to the kitchen.Anna smiled and followed him,ignoring the writings on the wall saying;the world is going to end very very soon.Lucas and Anna walked in the kitchen and saw Shawn cooking breakfast,he turned his head and smiled,"good morning you two,hungry?".

Anna smiled and sat down along with Lucas,"hey Shawn..",Anna began to say.

Shawn looked down at the stove,"yeah,I know Anna..eat first then get ready for school."

The siblings ate breakfast and gotten ready for school,Lucas got on the bus while Shawn and Anna walked to school.

"Hey Shawn...you know it's the day that mom and dad died?..".

"Yeah I known Anna...just don't remind Lucas,you know what happened last time.",Shawn said.

"Yes,I know brother...".

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