Rise of The Dead

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Monday Evening

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013



Chapter 2: Monday,May 13,2013

8:45 am

Shawn sat in the front row of class,his teacher was sick so a pretty sub Miss.Ling taught the class today.

"Morning class,today I have a video that was recently on the news..may I remind you if your afraid of seeing gore and blood..look away for your sake",Miss.Ling told everyone.

She walked out of the class than came back in with a television,she placed it in front of the class and turned it on.The normal news lady was off today so an replacement filled her spot.

Good morning America and this is your news reporter Trisha.Today I'm here at Washington Middle School where an random attack was committed during recess, where young children were just being innocent and playing kickball when a young boy,Lucas Wilson kicked the ball over the gate and went to go retrieve it.When Lucas finally had gotten the ball,a very sickly person surprised him and pounced on him and tried to bite his neck.Luckly a teacher saw this and stopped it before young Lucas was bitten by this insane person.Now I'm getting word that Lucas has agreed to talk to us.

"Hello young Lucas,can you tell us what happened?".

"I-I don't really know what happen,I just went to go get the ball then a insane person tried to bite me.(Lucas looks at the camera).Shawn,Anna....if you are seeing this please..please come and get me..I'm..I'm scared"

And that was Lucas Wilson...and I'm Trisha and later on today,the pictures of this 'insane person' will be shown.This is Chicago news and I'm off.f 

Miss Ling turned off the television and wheeled it back out of the classroom."Shawn..you may go get Anna then head down to that middle school and go get Lucas.While the rest of you take a pop quiz".

Shawn stood up and walked out towards the lunchroom where Anna's class was.

"Brother....",Anan began to say.

Shawn looked at her and put his hand into his pockets,"let's go Anna...before something else happens".


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