The Bloodline: MindBreaker *COMPLETED*

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Layla v.s Dustin

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



Chapter 11: Layla v.s Dustin

Dustin watched from the kitchen as hell hounds broke through his living room floor.Then Death rose from the cracks and laughing evilly.Layla smiled and stood in front of Death.

"Death fusion!",she shouted as Death began to absorb into Layla's body. Her black hair grew longer,her eyes full of the curse had suddenly became darker.Death's scythe formed into her hand and black flames surrounded it,swirling around her body. Her genkey symbol slowly faded,then changed into a skull with blood stained bones,forming an "x".

"D-Dustin..I'm sorry f-for this..",her voice trailed off as she charged towards Dustin.

She swung her scythe around,Dustin dodging every swing.Layla raised up the scythe and swung it downwards,causing a slight gash in Dustin's shoulder.

"Ah! Shit!",he back flipped over a table and ran towards the glass door.

Layla did a eerie battle cry and pushed Dustin through the window,causing the crystal-clear glass to shatter and Dustin landed on his back.

"Layla! Get the fuck-stop this!!",he yelled at her and managed to push her off and stood up.

He backed away from her and felt a pain in his back but ignored it.

The genkey on his neck glowed and green dust flowed from it and swirled around his body.His clothes changed to black baggy pants,black boots with no shirt,a large genkey symbol appeared on his chest.His hair grew shoulder-length and his purple eyes turned green. A large green katana shaped into his hand and his stared at it.


Layla had gotten up and spun her scythe in a circle and stopped it when it was pointed towards Dustin.

"Look Layla..i don't want to fight you...",Dustin said softly.

"Dustin..the only way to s-stop th-this curse is to...k-kill me..",Layla uncontrollably lashed at Dustin.

He blocked each attack with his katana and backed away to a tree and jumped on a tree branch.

He sighed and looked at Layla,"snake snake...spider spider...".

The genkey symbol on his chest floated off and stayed in the air,ten snakes and ten black widow spiders flowed out of it and slithered and crawled towards Layla.

"Death cage!",Layla's scythe glowed black and a large cage captured all of Dustin's magic creatures and tighten around them.

"Shadow explosion!",she yelled and the cage exploded,sending green dust to fly everywhere.

Dustin and Layla glared at each other and didn't break eye contact.

"Layla...I'm sorry...",Dustin said softly.

"...I'm sorry too Dustin....",Layla said.

They both charged at each other,their weapons pointed at each other hearts.

They clashed weapons and an explosion happened.

Dust swirled around the entire backyard and the dust began to cleared.

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