The Bloodline: MindBreaker *COMPLETED*

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Real Training Begins

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Submitted: April 28, 2013



Chapter 7: Real Training Begin

Sam held a thick,green book in his hands,he looked at Dustin with a confused face expression.

"Dustin...I can't read half of this shit!"

"Dude...shut the fuck up and give me the damn book",Dustin said as he grabbed the book and looked at a spell. "Venom of a snake..fang of a cobra.Eye of a gorgon.", a cloud of green smoke swirled around him then vanished.Sam coughed and waved his hand.

" this magic shit is real...sweet!",Sam exclaimed as he looked at Dustin.

" was already real..jackasses like you are the reason people don't see it like  you just did".Dustin looked at Sam.Dustin didn't believe in magic at first..but when Layla was hurt he couldn't bare it.His mind was on one thing; save Layla at any cost. Sam looked back at his friend.

"Dude..we have been at this for hours..can we rest now?".


Dustin shook his head,"you can go..I'm going to keep practicing out here".Dustin sat down on the bench and flipped through pages.Sam walked insides shaking his head,'Dustin is gonna lose with mind over this Layla girl...oh boy'.

* * * *

Layla groaned as she woke up after being knocked out by Jason,she looked at her clothes and she had on a slave tunic with fur boots.'Damn it! I should have been more careful with my words..'.The sound of a key turning in a lock filled her black and damp jail cell,she looked up and it was the guard that brought her books and food everyday."Hey Toni",she said without looking at him.

"Hey Layla...heres that book about the phoenix",he handed her a fire stitched book.

"Thank you Toni..hey can I ask you something?",she looked up at him.

"Yeah...go ahead"

" you like being a slave like guard to Jason?",she asked as she leaned on the wall.

" I do not...but he has my wife and she's gonna give birth to my child any day",he walked out crying silent tears.

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