The Bloodline: War Of the Mind-Breakers

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Meeting Zackery

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



Chapter 8: Meeting Zackery

Dustin stood there with Nama in front of a brownish tan tent.

Nama smiled endlessly as something inside move and shuffled around a lot.

"Um Nama...who is in there again?",Dustin asked her.

Nama stopped smiling,"his name is Zackery Evans.He was thought to be the Legendary Alpha but we were wrong.Zackery specializes in fire magic.You can tell by the reddish orange genkey symbol on his wrist."

"But why does it matter what kind of genkey element you have Nama?",Dustin asked her,staring at the tent.

"It was written by my mother..Mother Elana.She had written all of the history books,she has been to all of the events that have happened.She is only 1,250 years old but hearty,fast,and healthy like she was when she was 25."

"W-wow..your mother managed to be alive all those years?How?"

Dustin was amazed at what Nama just told him.He knew Mind-Breakers lived long lives but never past 1,000 years of age.

Nama sighed,"my mother has been alive by Alana and I doing a forbidden type of magic; in our language it's called 'astrigato makaneyka' or reconstruction.No young genkeyiest have been taught this because my mother feared it may leak to Lord Jason and he could bring back the fallen."

Right after Nama said that a guy with shoulder length brown hair and icy blue eyes stepped out of the tent.

He wore blue jeans,a white t-shirt and a black jacket along with black boots.He stared at Nama and he growled.

"What do you want with me Nama?"

"Well first off bow to the Legendary Alpha..the real Legendary Alpha",Nama put her hands on her hips.

"Who him? This scrawny wolf pup next to you? I rather bow to Lord Jason then this fool",Zackery spat at the ground.

"Zackery Evans! You shouldn't talk about the Alpha like that!",Nama growled then looked at Dustin."He didn't mean it my Alpha.Please forgive him?"

Dustin nodded,"Sure whatever."

Zackery stared at Dustin,then looked over at Nama,"god Nama your mother sure does know how to pick them.The low-life she is."

Nama ears folded sideways on her head,the way felines do when they feel threatened.She punched Zackery in the face,causing him to stubble back a little.

"Don't you dare insult my mother!! I will murder you in cold blood if you do it again!!",she yelled at him.She snorted out a harsh breath of air and crossed her arms.She began to walk away,her hair going from left to right.

Zackery wiped blood from his nose.

Dustin stared at him with annoyance,"you see what you did?You just made Nama mad you asshole."

"OH I'm the asshole!?! You should really find out about Nama and this whole Refuge town! Then you'll see who are the assholes and who aren't!"

Zackery went back into the tent and didn't come back out.

Dustin stood there,stunned and confused.'Is Nama hiding something from me? If she is then what?'

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