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This is about a vampire named Triakor that helps save someone from a bad vampire named Tubula. Its not realy good at the ending.. but all well. Some people might think I made fun of twighlight but i didnt! at least i didnt mean to! Hope you like it.. By the way i never rote something this long in my life!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - THE NITEMARE BEGINS

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Submitted: April 04, 2009



The Nitemare Begins


I lived in a small town called Haiwee. It was a town filled with people. People that just moved here would always tell everyone these stories. Not any story, but a story that gave me nightmares ever since I was a little girl. I would always tell myself that it was just a story. But it didnt always feel like a story. It felt like a nightmare, a nightmare that I had before those people came to our rainy town. The story was about a haunted school, sure you think that it is just a couple of ghosts? Well your wrong... it was a vampire... a vampire that would scare you and then drink your blood. His name was "Tubula Laaughstein." I always wondered if it would be my school...

2 weeks later..

I heard on the radio that someone had been killed in the gym of a school. I didnt know what I was thinking. My mind was racing with thoughts. The first thing I thought of was.. Tubula. This is when my nightmare begins. I asked my father, Charlie if he belived in Tubula. He said "No" of course he said no. He wasnt scared of anything. That is why I would tell my mom everything. She lived were I used to live. But she moved to new york with billy, her boyfriend. The next day... another person killed in the gym of a school. I was scared to go to school the next day. Of course i did...

"No one is here? Where is everyone? Is this some kind of joke?" I asked to myself. I checked the front door. Locked. Then I went to the back and checked the back door.. it opened. I stepped inside. The door slammed behind me. I jumped then i walked down the hall. It was so quiet. As I walked I felt someone following me. I could feel my heart beating fast and hard. Then I stopped. I just stopped and did nothing. I turned my head slowly... Then I saw.. no one. I took a deep breathe. Why did I stop? Why did I go in the school? Why was a so scared? Why am I not turning back now? Was it because I had to face my fear? Was it because I wanted to see if the story is true? It has to be true. All the other people dieing in the gym. Where was I leading myself? I started to walk. Faster and faster. I was sure someone was following me and was faster than me. I wanted to scream, but I knew what ever was chasing me sure didnt want me to scream. I stopped at a corner and hid. I saw a speeding black shadow past by me. Now I knew what ever it was, was faster than anything i have ever seen before. I heard a door shut. I looked over.. it was the gym door. This is what I saw in one of my dreams. Was this ment to happen? Was I ment to die? I heard a huge bang. I jumped back. I started to walk to the door, even though i didnt want to...


I was now at the door. I looked in the window. I saw nothing but basket balls. All of a sudden a face poped up in the window. I jumped a little. For some reason I didnt scream. There was just something inside me that couldnt let me. I stared at his eyes. The next thing I know hes gone. I looked around. Then I felt something behind me. I turn as quickly as possible. There he was standing right in front of me. I couldnt speak, I couldnt move, I couldnt do anything. I felt helpless. He stared at me. Then he grabed me and brought me to the gym. I looked at him wondering... wondering about everything. Then I remembered this was the nightmare I had always had. I finaly had the guts to speak.

"sooo... what are you? And what are you going to do to me?"

"shhh!" He said looking around.

"I know who you are. And I know what you are.."


"your Tubula and you killed all those helpless people. But why? Just so you could have there blood?"

"I am not who you think I am." He said softly

"What do you mean? I know who you are and you know who you are!" I said looking at the ground.

"just be quiet." He said jumping on the ceiling like he was looking for something.

I kept quiet. I watched how good he jumped, and how he climbed the wall. He looked so serious. I never saw somebody so serious. Then he came back down and came to me.

"Go leave before its to late, I will make sure nothing happens to you." He said looking around still looking for something.

"What? Your just letting me go like that? Are you tricking me?" I said comfused.

"No you dont understand. My name is Triakor and yes... I am a vampire." He said looking at me.

"Wait! There is two vampires!!??" I asked.

"Nope I have a whole family. But dont worry me and my family no not to drink human blood." He said smiling a little. "Now come on before HE comes."

"Is HE Tubula?" I asked knowing what the answer was.

He nodded, while pulling my arm. I tugged on my arm so he would let go. I tried to keep up with him.. but I couldnt. Then he stopped. I almost bumped into him.

"What wrong?" I asked.

He didnt speak. Then he finaly said, "Hes here... he found us... follow me." He said running.

I ran up to him. We were almost at the door... but then there he was... right in front of it with his hands spread out so we couldnt go near the door. He smiled evily. I couldnt belive my eyes. I looked at Triakor. He stared at Tublula.

"Well hello there..." Tubula said. Looking straight at me. "Welcome.. I am Tubula.. Im sure you heard of me. Oh I see you met my friend."

"I am not your friend!" Triakor said. "Why dont you just leave. Leave and never come back."

"Why you used to do the same thing before your father made you and your brothers and sisters stoped." I looked at Triakor in discus. He looked at me then looked away.

"Well I am not like you anymore." He looked back at me in a face that ment go through the front door and run... run forever... he will soon find you... but run...

"uhh... I think I will just go to the bathroom." I said without thinking. I started to run away. Tubula was going to come after me but Triakor stoped him. It became a fight. When I looked back I saw Triakor throw Tubula at a window. But then I saw Tubula get back up. For some reason my body was moving back to Triakor and Tubula.

"What are you doing? I told you to run! Run and never stop!" Triakor said to me.

I looked at him shaking my head. "I cant leave. At least not this town."

Triakor looked at me saying nothing. All of a sudden Tubula tackled Triakor and then throw him far over to the other halls. My mouth opened. But once again I just stood there. Thinking about how this was all my falt. I knew i should have turned back when I had the chance. I shouldnt even had come to school today.

"Why?" I asked him. "Why do you need to drink..." He began to laugh before I could finish. Then he came closer to me. I stepped back. I couldnt move anymore back... Tubula bit my neck... Then Triakor came back and knocked him down. I was almost gone...


I began to wake. I was on the couch in my fathers house. "What happened I asked?" Seeing if he knew.

"Well Emma found you in the school and she brought you here. She said you were looking for everyone in the school and you ended up falling down the stairs."

"Wow am I stuiped!" I said looking dumb.

He laughed, "Yes you are." He said smiling. "I dont even know a emma. Maybe it was Triakors sister." I thought to myself. Besides I know what REALY happened.

The next day I went outside to get some fresh air. I saw Triakor standing there. "Whos emma?" I asked him.

"You know... I know you know."

"Your sister?"

He nodded.

"And what about Tubula?"

"What about him?"

"Is he still looking for me."

"No he is in a whole nother world." He said smiling.

"Thanks" I said smiling back.

"Thats what I do." He said vanishing. I smiled and from that day on I would see him ever now and then. When people saw me smiling at him they would ask who he was. I just said he was a normal person, but more speical.


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