Star of Darkness

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Star of Darkness

Submitted: March 21, 2012

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Submitted: March 21, 2012




Hey guys! So this is my first post on here! So, i'm not posting much, like, about this much each week. just to keep the suspision up and keep you all reading! hope you like it! also, feel free to critisize, im hoping to one day get this published, maybe even famous? thankss!

  She sat, still and silent. Waiting, waiting. Like an animal, she sat in the human-sized birdcage, blindfolded by her captor, chained to the bars of her confinement. A steel ring tightly linked to her neck was the only thing restricting her from lashing out. Or at least, that is what she thought. What she did not know, was that standing, alert and ready, were 17 gunmen around her, aimed to fire at any sudden movements. Her name was Yuko. She was talked about by the Ambitious as “Star of Darkness”, and was wanted by the greedy and selfish.

The lead gunman, her captor, stood in front of the birdcage. The other men were at ease as he waved his hand behind him. He leaned forward and opened the cage door. At the sound, Yuko pushed forward, hoping maybe this time she could break free. Maybe they had missed some of the chains? She jumped towards the door with her fullest strength, only to be pulled back into shame. The steel pulled on her neck and pushed her larynx up into her throat. She coughed, and felt two small drops of something flick onto her delicate pink lips. Carefully she pushed up one side of her blindfold so her right eye was revealed. She ever so carefully touched her index finger to her lips, and reluctantly looked to see what was there. Red.

“Found your hands, did you? You know what we want, Yuko. Give it to us. Now.” Her captor stared at her with cool eyes like glaciers, yet they found their way to burn into Yuko’s soul, spreading through her veins like a forest fire. She flinched and slammed her eyes shut. Beads of sweat dripped down her pale face as she thought of all the other times this had happened. All of the times she’d been caught. All of the times she’d been betrayed by the ones she thought she trusted. Many of the people who have told her that they were on her side and would get her away from the Ambitious, turned out to be one of the Ambitious themselves.

 There were thousands of The Ambitious scattered among them, standing over their heads, threatening silently, the unknown thieves. They are all after the same thing. Power sources to strengthen their spirits. These power sources take the form of eggs. These eggs hatched into beings with unimaginable, unlimited power. Without them, the Ambitious would expire. Thousands of years ago, these beings roamed freely, being as common as the housecat. But now, only three remained. They were Serenity, Madness, and Destruction. Only Yuko knows where they are.

“How much slower could you be?” Yuko smiled and tipped her head at the tall figure in the doorway. No more than three seconds later, she watched the gunmen fall to the ground. Their eyes rolled to the backs of their heads and clouded to a faded gray.

“Yuko, are you good for nothing but getting yourself captured? You need to learn a little defense!” said the lanky man.

“I-I uh…,” Yuko found herself strangely lost in his mesmerizing good looks. “I’m sorry Sebastian.” Sebastian had a unique connection with Yuko. He didn’t need her power, he had earned plenty in the last war. He was compelled to rescue her because they shared a soul. Their soul’s had been linked as children to bring security to their families.

 “Very well, but now I have one more man to kill. Such a shame, too, that such a handsome faced man is about to be blown to pieces by my bullet. I almost don’t want to wreck it.” Sebastian had a strong appreciation for vanity.

Yuko’s captor got a slight look of hope on his face when he heard that. Sebastian was the top threat to the Ambitious. Still, the Captor was alert of everything. Everything that could go wrong. Shakily, he stood up, and grabbed his colt 45 and pulled the trigger. It was a direct hit. Sebastian flew back and collapsed on the ground, he laid lifelessly.

“It’s all over. The eggs are mine!” the Captor laughed. But then, a breath came to Sebastian’s lips. He pushed himself up, slowly staggering off of the ground. He made quite a dramatic scene of himself. Yet, when he was at his feet, he suddenly became oddly confident. He stood up straight and smiled. It was as if he had been standing there unharmed, and nothing had happened.

“I don’t think I will, I still like that pretty visage.” Sebastian smiled, again, “That chest, however…”At that moment, Sebastian laughed, aimed, and fired 3 bullets. On target. Perfect. Sebastian looked down and was disgusted by the condition of his garments. If anything, the thing that truly bothered Sebastian, it was ruining a perfectly good outfit to someone so unimportant.

“Well, that was easier than I thought. You’re still stuck, aren’t you?” Sebastian leaned down and opened the door with a simple flick of his finger. He looked at her tauntingly; his laughing eyes seemed to be saying, “Really, didn’t you know it was that easy?”  Yuko lifted her hands, revealing the steel chains bolted to the floor of the cage.

“Honestly, these people have their priorities wrong. The goal is not to look all chain-covered and cool, it’s to be secure. Just lock the door and maybe one chain will do, but seven? Come on.” Sebastian winked at Yuko and proceeded to effortlessly break the cuffs .

“You should know. I don’t get captured like you do. Let’s go, we no longer have business here.” Yuko and Sebastian left the dilapidated building without ever looking back.

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