Mollie from Montana

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 06, 2008



Chapter 5
Early next morning Mollie took a call.
“Hi, are you Miss O’Rourke?”
“Our Sarah from Wynter Toyota is on the way to you to deliver your vehicle to you.”
“But I haven’t ordered a vehicle from you or anyone else.”
“Miss O’Rourke, according to the information I have before me a Mrs Elaine King has taken a mini-lease on a low mileage three-year-old black Rav4 on your behalf. We ask that you return with Sarah to complete documentation and we will explains the steps you must take to uplift a driver’s license for this state. Please bring your Montana driver’s license, driving record if you have it and your Social Security number.”
“Elaine, you bitch.” Mollie giggled as she cleaned up the bench and raced off to get her documents, handbag and sunglasses.
Arriving with a huge smile brighter than the paintwork of the shiny vehicle, Sarah handed Mollie a note that read:
Lovely Lady from Montana. You’ve had such a hard life but now you have employment and a home. I have intruded to provide you with temporary transport. This leaves you free to concentrate on the other big outstanding need in your life – romance. I love you, Elaine.
The gregarious Sarah, aged about twenty-two, said, “I was in the office when Mrs King came in to specifically hire a black Rav4. She had a lovely smile but yours has out-shone it. The note obviously pleases you.”
Without commenting Mollie handed Sarah the note to read and to her surprise Sarah sighed, “What a woman. I could see she was so happy signing up for the vehicle. Most of our clients look a little stressed or are outright grumpy.”
“A lovely lady? She is indeed Sarah and this makes me think my arrival into her life has answered a little cry of help from her.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s only a guess but perhaps she feels unfulfilled and has become aware that life is slipping by.”
“Are you writer Miss O’Rouke?”
“No but please call me Mollie. “I’ll disappoint you by telling you I work in an activity that has a rather dull image – law.”
“What, as a sexy PA?”
“Something like that,” Mollie smiled. “I believe I am to take you back to your office to complete documentation?”
“Oh yes, jump behind the wheel and I’ll check you out. Why an Rav4?”
“I had a lovely blonde client in Wyoming who drives a Rav4. I used to look at her in it and think that is the vehicle for me. When Mrs King asked me what sort of vehicle I would buy I said a Rav4. End of story. She’s hired this for me because she thinks I need time to settle in because it’s the first time I’ve been out of Montana.”
“You’re come some ways from Montana. I understand was Mrs King is about. A client you say, then you are an attorney?”
“Yes but don’t look surprised. There are heaps of women who are attorneys.”
“Not in this state and not blonde and pretty like you.”
“Do you write?”
They laughed and Mollie started the vehicle and drove off with ease.
“What kind of law do you practice?”
“I’m quite versatile in general law – business, personal and family law. I have just arrived here and have to wait until I am licensed in this state before practicing. In the meantime I’ll be attached to an attorney.”
“Mrs King?”
“Almost. You have a sharp mind Sarah. To her son actually. His father runs the practice.”
“King and King Law?”
“Right on.”
“Ah, so your associate will be the handsome but shy Gary King?”
Surprised Mollie said yes and asked did Sarah know him personally.
“Yes, he lectures our new writers’ group occasionally.”
“What on contract law?”
“Yes, as he does with other classes in the university outreach program.”
They drove on in silence until Sarah said, “You didn’t know that did you?”
“No. Actually I don’t begin working with him until Monday.”
“Well, well. And I bet Mrs King is his mother and somehow she sees you as a possible match for her son.”
“Actually I made an impact on his grandmother and then lead to the job offer and now his mother has take a likening to me. But please Sarah…”
“I know; it’s not my business.”
“Thank you, you are right and I mean that kindly. This whole thing has rather run away on me. For some reason I’ve impacted on the whole family and I’m not sure why although I suspect timing plus circumstances has a great deal to do with it. Actually making an impact is not unknown to me because I have a lively mind. Answers just seem to leap at me and I fire with energy and focus when confronted by people in need.”
Sarah nodded thoughtfully. “Our family and business attorney retired recently and we’re not particularly happy with the replacement and have been talking about choosing someone else. I think we should change to King and King and would like you to and Gary to represent us.”
“You mean Gary?”
“I mean Gary and you.”
“Garry and I currently specialize in vehicle accidents and personal accident.”
“Which means my father and I fall into your area and you’ve said you’re familiar with business and family and personal law.”
“Well yes. What business is your father in?”
“Motor vehicles and in rather a diverse and large way. Oh, I suspect you only know me as Sarah. Of course, everyone just knows me as Sarah the boss’s daughter. My father Arnold Wynter owns Wynter Toyota. My mother heads administration while my father and I run the business – I’m general manager of pre-owned vehicles, vehicle servicing and our associated vehicle hire business. I happened to enter the office just as the panic was on to find someone to collect you in this vehicle.”
“So Sarah-who-does-everything and is not afraid to get her hands dirty volunteered because she, aged twenty-two, knows everyone thinks she’s too young and not skilled enough to handle the title general manager?”
“Age twenty-four actually. God Mollie, little wonder Mrs King was blown away by you. You’re awesome. We’re just up ahead on the left.”
They turned into the main entrance and Sarah leaned over and hit the horn. A graying plump and pleasant-looking man getting out of a Toyota SUV, turned and waved. Sarah waved back and he started walking to them. Mollie lowered the window anticipating this would be dad.
“Good morning miss – hi baby.”
“Dad, this is Mollie our new attorney. She’s just joined King and King, Mrs King has hired this vehicle for Mollie and Mrs King doesn’t even work at the practice. Mollie has to be licensed to practice in this state but her associate is Guy King and Mollie is awesome. Talk to her dad.”
Mollie interjected. “Mr Wynter, please excuse Sarah. She seems to be a little excited this morning. Neither I nor King and King have any wish to be presumptuous and…”
“It’s okay Mollie. Our Sarah is one of these hundred-miles-an-hour people, day and night. I know she’s had an eye on that young King boy but he barely looks at her so she obviously thinks you are good enough for him and that tells me you are no wallflower yourself. Sarah, make a formal appointment for you and I to see Mollie and young Mr King midweek next week and we’ll talk turkey. Who recruited you Mollie – Stephen or someone farther down the pecking order.”
“Well, it didn’t quite happen like that Mr Wynter. Just by chance…”
“I have a couple of clients waiting for me Mollie and must run. Who…”
“Mrs King senior.”
Arnold Wynter looked sharply at Mollie and whistled. “I’ve known Maureen through my father for much of my life Mollie and never had know her to make a mistake. We’ll just meet to discuss fee structure and if that is satisfactory will hand over our business to young Mr King on the condition that you become our prime attorney when you become licensed. My daughter needs good people around her she can trust when she takes over this business Mollie. I’ve learned to reply on Sarah’s instincts. ”
“Thank you daddy. Now shove off and earn your salary.”
Mr Wynter grinned and gave his daughter an improper gesture with fingers and said goodbye to Mollie.
“My daddy is a little crude.”
“And more than a little proud of his baby I should think.”

“Correct again, Mollie. My older brother is an airline pilot and my older sister operates a cooking school. Dad raised me to be his successor when I became focused on cars from the age of age eight. By the way I’m younger than you but I have this feeling we’ll become friends.”
“Well, if that happens I’m sure I’ll be pleased Sarah and as you probably can guess apart from the Kings there’s no one else interested in me around here yet.”
Mollie drove away and stopped 200 yards down the street to call Elaine to thank her. She then went shopping and bought a new dress, shoes and make-up and then drove almost back to the apartment to the hairdresser where she’d made an appointment the previous day.
The English immigrant combed Mollie’s hair and circled her and then stepped back and said, “ I can do more than just maintenance that what you booked in for. The appointment after you has been cancelled but this is no hard push. It’s your decision.”
“Oh, don’t bother. A few others hairdresser’s have tried to doll me up and failed so I no longer bother.”
“Miss O’Rourke, please excuse my English English that can rather grate on American ears – but that’s utter crap for a woman who appears to have more interest in her brain and ego than her hair and God, look at your finger nails.”
“Well, I…oh dammit, give me the works.”
“Pedicure as well?”
“Yes, why not?”
“Mary, get your butt over here and work on Miss O’Rourke’s nails please. She’s obviously a career-oriented executive so give her top-shelf treatment.”
“Thank you Margo. I’m in your hands.”
“Well Miss O’Rourke, although you Americans call anything light as being blonde, you are basically fair-headed, going from near blonde to light brown. I think we should retain this light brown topknot and then color the remainder all blonde – anything from honey blonde to ash blonde. What is your preference?”
“Er, honey blonde as it’s not too far away from light brown and bone blondes are a dime a dozen.”
“Good choice. But first reshaping.”
“Er, I prefer it long as it is.”
“So you don’t have to attend to it much?”
“Um, yes.”
“So we reword that and I say long and ragged?”
“Yes, long and ragged.”
“Good girl. You have chosen what I would have recommended.”
“Didn’t you make that choice Margo?”
“I’d picked you for a clever executive Miss O’Rourke. Thank you for not disappointing me. I want the nails squared as much as you can on this visit Mary and I don’t think Miss O’Rourke will be interested in extensions. I want the color ivory and if she disagrees please ignore her. Our client needs to be brought out of her time warp. I trust your dress for this evening is fashionable gray Miss O’Rourke?”
“Gray,” Mollie said surprised. “A mid-metallic gray in fact.”
“Oooh Miss O'Rourke, you exceed my expectations. Shoes to match?”
“Almost a perfect shade match in fact, without the metallic.”
Margo said she’d noticed Mollie arrive in a Rav4. Hers was the white Rav4 on the other side of the parking lot. “So we have that much in interest.”
“Perhaps even more than you are aware of,” Mollie smiled. “Please call me Mollie. I have just moved into Sublime Apartments and noticed you drive in early last evening with a handsome dark-headed man sitting beside you.”
“Yes, I have a studio apartment there. Welcome to Sublime. Did you think that was my father? ”
“I made no effort to reach a conclusion.”
“Spoken like a lawyer. Is that what you are Mollie?”
“Yes I am an attorney, newly arrived from Montana.”
“Oh really. He’s my stepmother’s boyfriend. I sometimes invite him over when I feel horny and am between boyfriends.”
“Oh, what an interesting arrangement.”
“Is that approval or disapproval?”
“Absolute approval, you sound very clever.”
“For a hairdresser?”
“I don’t judge people by their occupation. But since you may wish to know, my cursory impression is you are very self-assured and your tone and manner suggest advanced education but please don’t think badly of me if I’m awry.”
“I have a degree in art history from Manchester University and have worked in ten occupations but returned to hair dressing because my mother and both grandmothers were hairdressers. After my mother died my daddy married an American and came to live here. I came to holiday with him but couldn’t live in the same house because she is overly gushy conversationally. I lived in the apartments across the street from here and one day saw the notice that this saloon was for sale. Daddy purchased it for me and I have almost paid him back. My parents were living in Florida when I was born so I’m actually American although have lived most of my life in Manchester. Have you any idea where Manchester is Mollie – it is rare for me to find an America who has not traveled to know where it is?”
“Capital of Australia?”
“Oh Mollie. It’s…”
“Just kidding. It’s 150 miles northwest of London, I believe.It is called England’s second city after London, was settled in Roman times and the River Mersey flows through the south of the city. It has two universities, is widely known for its arts and cultural activities and its famous Manchester United football team and, um, was the world’s first industrialized city. Sorry about the Australian bit, I just love to tease.”
“I can see that Mollie. Would you like to hang out with me occasionally?”
“Yes, Margo. By the way, what is your surname?”
“Well Margo Hampton, what about early Sunday evening?”
“Shall we meet at your apartment, say 7;00 and walk until we find somewhere with a bar and no kids where they can take us for early dinner?”
“Yeah, great. Apartment 811D.”
“Drat it Mollie – oh what a cow.”
Mollie looked concerned and asked what was the matter.
Margo smiled thinly. “You’re a D Mollie, out of my league.”
“Don’t be silly. This is America, self-styled land of the free. There is no class distinction in my mind between a resident of a Studio and any other size apartment. And you are wrong about me being a D, I’m actually a C-cup.”
Margo offered a light chuckle at the humor but then frowned. “You probably haven’t met your neighbors yet Mollie. Studio, A, B and C have their gym and pool at ground level whereas D residents have their gym and indoor pool on the roof with card access only and the pool roof closes when the outdoor temperature falls below 65 degrees.”
Countering that, Mollie said, “All that means Margo is D residents pay through the nose for that privilege. It does mean we are branded on our forehead stating we are D-class residents.”
Margo laughed but muttered they all but wore such a branding.
“Try not to think like that,” Mollie urged. “In time no doubt I’ll be your guest in your fitness center and pool just as you will be my guest in the D fitness center and pool. You’ll notice no difference in my behavior wherever I am and I’ll insist your behavior remains constant Margo otherwise I shall become a little cross with you. Airs and graces are principally in the mind so with a little psychological adjustment you will quickly readjust if that’s what you want.”
Margo said she’d welcome Mollie having that influence on her and smiled and nodded enthusiastically when Mollie asked could Margo tutor her on art appreciation.
“I feel we’ll be great for each other,” Margo said. “You appear completely without the bullshit that shrouds many people around here.”

“You probably mean airs and graces or as those people would say, sophistication,” Mollie giggled. “I see we have some work to do to refine your language a bit. You need to remember I, too, lack the so-called sophistication because I’m just a gal from Montana.But stay around and you’ll see me modify to fit well into my new environment in all respects. But don’t expect my spirit to take a whack.”

To be Continued

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