Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Clubs and Demons

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We all finished eating and Hellster put down money for the bill. We all walked outside. "Thanks guys see you tonight" Lena said with a smile. We separated from the girls and went the opposite way. Me and Hellster walked back downtown to the train station. Me and Hellster got back on the train. The first one that arrived was the braintree train. We got off at Broadway again and walked to Sadonia's we walked five minutes and ended up at her door again. When we walked in Sadonia was sitting at the table on her laptop smoking a cigarette Vivian was sitting in the chair next too her drinking water in a white tank top with shorts on and a head band. "Oh look who's back" Sadonia said to me and Hellster. Wintry was sitting at the far end of the table. "Vivian you look wiped out" I said. "The training was hell, oh my God. I worked harder than I ever have in my life" Vivian said. "But you did learn a fire technique" Wintry said. "Oh yeah I know how to slap with fire" Vivian said. Hellster laughed. "I guess that is a start" Hellster said. "Yeah it is so amazing" Vivian said as she stood up. She waved her hand in a slapping motion and fire followed her hand after. "See What I mean" Vivian said in excitement. She then yawned and covered her mouth. "Well I think I am going to shower and nap" she said. Vivian walked away and me and Hellster sat down. "We found the Goddesses there was two of them. We ate lunch with them and we are going clubbing with them tonight" Hellster said. "Good. What signs are they?" Wintry asked. "Well I didn't ask them yet but I will ask tonight." Hellster said. "What time and where is the club" Wintry asked "We have to meet them at 9 and I need to find the location of the club" Hellster said "What is the name of the club, I can look it up now" Sadonia said "The club is called rise" Hellster said. Sadonia typed on her computer and skimmed through the search engine. She got onto the main page. "Here it is, here is the address" Sadonia said as she turned the laptop towards us. Hellster looked at the location and the pictures that showed the surroundings. "Alright I know where that is" Hellster said. 

I could hear sounds of the video game in the living room from Sadonia's son Brad. "If you want tea or coffee help yourself boys you are no longer just guests." Sadonia said with a smile. I could then hear the rustling of the shower water as Vivian hopped into the shower. "So Wintry are you going to the club? I didn't want to say much when Vivian was here because she may want to tag along" Hellster said. "I'm not a club type person nor do I like clubs." Wintry replied. "You always were a party pooper" Hellster said laughing. "I am just not into that scene." Wintry said with a passive voice. "So kid what are you going to wear tonight at the club." Hellster asked. "Same things i'm wearing now" I said. "Hey whatever you want to wear I was just curious" Hellster said. Sadonia looked at me. "Hey you have a phone Grim?" Sadonia asked. I looked at her nodding my head. "Is it a human phone or a abyssal phone" Sadonia asked. I pulled out my phone and showed her. She went picking things up on her table scrambling them around. "Ah ha" Sadonia said in excitement. She had some type of chip in her hand. She opened up my phone and placed the chip in a emply slot. Sadonia then wrote on a sticky note. "Here this is your phone number in this world. Call whomever you want. It was magically altered so that way you can make phone calls or anything without paying. It is basically a private phone service. Just don't forget to charge your phone once in a while. I know Abyssal phones last about a week without charging." Sadonia said. I smiled thanks. I actually have a phone call to make. I walked out side and pressed my finger on the number touchpad. I remembered the number Cindy told me and I called it. The phone kept ringing over and over it rang three times I felt like hanging up but midway between the fourth ring I heard her pick up her phone.

"Hello" I said

"Hello who is this?"

"Cindy it's me Grim"

"Oh my goodness! Grim are you okay?!"

"Haha Of course I am, I just got a phone to call you"

"Hehe isn't that cute. Where are you now?"

"I'm in Boston. Have any other demons or crazy things been going on over there?"

"No, but the police and FBI are in like a deep investigation trying to figure things out"

"Well they won't find anything and as long as you are safe that is good"

"I have to go now I have family coming over, but I will save your number and call you later handsome"

"Good bye then beautiful"

"bye bye"

There was the silence of the phone after Cindy hung up. I placed the phone back into my pocket and walked back into the house. "Making booty calls kid" Hellster said laughing. I rolled my eyes and sat down. "I think Vivian will probably take the longest to learn, but I am not sure yet seeing how we haven't met the others" Wintry said. "Why do you say that" I asked. "When you two were away while I was training Vivian, I noticed she lacked strength and determination. I know she learned that slap of fire, but in all honesty how much effect do you think that will have. She seems too materialistic right now because she has been around the human world too long. Her mind is stuck in the loop of shopping. She was so worried about her delicate skin and getting dirty." Wintry said. "Well give her some time, I think she just has to get used to it and us. This is a new experience for her, she was already spoiled when we got to her, and the fact that we told her and she knows she is a Goddess now makes her double as spoiled. Eventually she will get the hint, for now we can only go soft on her." I replied. Wintry nodded.

We heard the sound of the shower water stop. Hellster looked at me "Well while we have time let's spar kid" Hellster said. Sadonia and Wintry looked at me and Hellster. "That doesn't seem like a bad idea, it would be interesting" Sadonia Said in excitement. Hellster got up, "come on, let's go kid!". I stood up. Wintry looked in shock. We all headed for the portal. As we headed in we saw Grapes floating around with his wings sweeping the floor. "Grapes come outside there will be a sparring match" Sadonia said. Grapes let out a huge smile. We all walked out to the back and walked to the middle of the yard. Me and Hellster stood about thirty feet from each other. Grapes hovered in the center between us. "Here are the rules. No Fatal attacks. Whomever gets knocked out the arena or is on the verge of death loses and the match is over. Got it?" Grapes said. Me and Hellster nodded. Hellsters body let off a bright light like before and his clothes faded but his armor was on him again. On the count of three. Sadonia sat on a stool and so did Wintry. "One... Two" There was a Dead Silence. "Three"

Hellster rushed and threw Balls of fire towards Grim. Grim ducked the first blast then rolled on the ground to the left and avoided the other blasts. The split second Grim had he charged a blast of darkness from his right hand while his hand on the left was on the ground in a crouching position. Grim lunged his right hand forward as if throwing a baseball. "That's all you got kid?" Hellster said laughing. Hellster deflected the first dark blast away. Grim stood up and put his hands together and charged a second blast in his hands. The blast grew almost his height and emitted purple lighting around the blast that looked like an endless space. Hellster smirked and then let out a fake yawn. Grim became a little upset because Hellster was taunting him. Grim threw the charged blast a little above himself. "Seek" Grim said as he pointed to Hellster. The blast seperated into 100 small purple glowing lights, Hellster Opened his eyes in shock. "How interesting" Wintry said to Sadonia. Sadonia took a haul of her cigarette. I think Grim keeps everything in him a secret. I notice he is the quiet one. Even though I have know him when he was little. I barely know anything about him. He is almost like a beast that locks himself in a cage to hide himself from the rest of the world." Sadonia said exhaling the smoke from her mouth. The balls of light then shot towards Hellster and followed him as he moved. Hellster pulled out his scythe and dashed forward on the ground almost like his feet had invisible wings and Hellster spun his scythe around deflecting all the blasts. One of the blasts deflected and broke Sadonia's vase. "Watch where the hell you are aiming" Sadonia yelled. "Kid are you serious you are boring me to death" Hellster said. Hellster snapped his fingers three times and three small balls of fire that looked like meteors circled him. "Alright kid get ready" Hellster said with a smirk of evilness. Hellster Dashed as fast as he could. Grim used Thanatos and turned him into a shield. Hellster Dashed, Penetrating Grim's Shield. For a split second Grim's eyes opened in shock. As the shield broke Grim side stepped. Hellster, at his velocity kept moving because it was harder to stop at his speed. Hellster quickly circled around. Hellster fixed his angle and dashed towards Grim again. Grim side stepped again but as Hellster came by this time he grabbed Grim and tossed him into the air. Hellster dashed up into the air following him like a missle. Vivian came outside with her hair still a bit damp. "Hey what's going on here?" Vivian asked.  "Grim and Hellster are sparring" Wintry replied. Vivian looked in the air she saw sparks in the air of Grim and Hellster clashing. "I can't see them I only see flashes" Vivian said. "You need to focus Vivian, focus hard and you will see everything, you still have alot to learn." Sadonia said. Vivian stared in the air focusing her eyes, and little by little she could see Grim and Hellster fighting more. Grim and Hellster were clashing blades. "Wow they are fast" Vivian said. "One day you will fight like them" Wintry said. Vivian smiled in excitement. "I don't think the Grim can fly like Hellster" Sadonia Said. "I noticed that too, one wrong move and he will fall" Wintry said. "He will probably fall on his face, that will hurt much" Sadonia said smirking. Grim and Hellster continued to counter each other. Grim reflected one attack too late and lost his grip, Hellster then put his fist together and smashed Grim in the chest shooting him towards the ground. "Oh man he's falling!" Sadonia said. Grim's Eyes opened with shock as he was falling he didn't know what to do. He fell faster and faster. Then Grim put his arms on the side and swooped down like a bird. "Oh my God is he going to die? I'm so scared!" Vivian said in fear. Grim was close to the ground and Vivian ran to catch him. "Move Vivian!" Grim said. "I am a Goddess I will protect you" Vivian said with a high ego. Grim fell right on Vivian. Their lips sealed. Vivian blushed and they both opened their eyes in surprise. Vivian pushed Grim off. "Oh my God" Vivian said as she covered her mouth and stared at Grim blankly. I feel different Grim said. Grim looked at Hellster in the air and charged his blast but this time there was fire surrounding it. Wintry opened his eyes in surprised. Grim looked confused. What the hell Grim said confused. Oh you got to be fucking kidding me Sadonia said. Grim has the same powers as Satan Sadonia added. Grim looked in shock as he looked at Sadonia. Grim turned his attention back to Hellster and shot the blast up. It spread like before but instead it was almost like a rising storm of fire. What the Fire Hellster said in his mind as he dodged some of the blasts. Hellster moved around and dodged but he got hit by one blast and that one blast leaded to getting hit by many. Hellster was trampled with many of Grim's blasts the feeling was equivalent to getting hit with a brick. Eventually Hellster got hit so many times that he couldn't focus all he could do was hover down. Hellster slowly floated down. "Not bad kid, but I was going easy on you" Hellster said. "Well now we know that Grim can use the Goddesses powers this should be interesting" Wintry said. Grim looked at Vivian. Vivian was furious because of the kiss, Vivian glared Grim. "Vivian calm down nothing to be mad about, not like he forced the kiss, he fell and he told you to move, that is your fault." Sadonia said. Vivian cooled down. "Alright, but i'm watching you Grim, don't you dare try to kiss me again" Vivian said. Grim walked by Vivian and put his thumb up. "I'll remember that" Grim said in a careless tone. Vivian stomped her foot, "Hey get back over here" Vivian said. Grim just continued to walk. 

I felt a bit dirty so I decided to walk to the bathroom and take a shower. There was a small closet in the bathroom full of towels. I grabbed one and put the toilet seats down and placed my towel on top of the toilet seat. I turned the shower nob on and set it to a medium heat. I took off my shirt , thanatos, and tank top off and placed them on the towel. I then took off my sneakers and the rest of my clothes on top of the seat.  I pulled the shower curtain a bit and felt the water on my hand to see if it was warm. I stepped in to the warm water and and let the water soak into my hair as my hair covered my face and the water dripped on my face. I Saw there was body wash on the side I grabbed the bottle and slowly squeezed the gel into my hand and rubbed it all over my body. I let the water wash all the soap off my body. Everytime I am in the shower washing the soap flow from my body, I think alot, it's just a old habit of mine, but what can I say, old habits die hard? I thought about this struggle and how everything is going to change, how Emily is doing, And I also wonder what Wolfe is up to. I hope everyone is alright. I reached for the shampoo and scrubbed it through out my damp hair. I then put my hair hair under the shower head and let the shampoo wash out. I took Conditioner and repeated the process. I shut off the shower water off and watched the water drip from my head. I then pulled back the shower curtain and grabbed the towel. I dried my body with the towel then put my clothing back on. My hair was still damp so I continued to dry it again until it was a bit more dry. I put the towel over my shoulder and opened the door. I felt the cold breeze from being wet while the wind blows. I went to see if anyone was out back, and there was no one there so I assume they were in the house, well the house in the human world that is. I walked to the portal and let out a silent yawn as I covered my mouth. I saw everyone in the house, Vivian moved away from me, I looked at Vivian with a evil glare. "Listen stop acting like I want to kiss you, you would be the last person in this world I would want to kiss, pathetic and dramatic. You aren't any better than a human. You don't even deserve the title of a Goddess. More like scum." I said with a bitter tone. Vivian became silent and in shock. She put her head down in sorrow. Sadonia rubber Vivian's back. "Damn kid, I didn't know you had some bad boy in you" Hellster said patting me on the back. "Vivian I told you to relax these guys aren't like the men here they aren't going to take your harsh treatment so easily. If you weren't a Goddess they wouldn't care what happens to you." Sadonia said in a calming tone. "Hey kid it's time to go" Hellster said as he walked ahead of me. I looked down at Vivian as she had her head down, guess I broke her spirit. Sadonia looked at me and talked to me telepathically "Don't worry she needs to learn from experience, get out there and get the others with him!" I nodded my head and walked behind Hellster. We walked down the stairs. "Kid remember they are humans, they are more sensitive. Vivian is a Goddess but she is in the form of shedding her humanity you have to remember than and not be so harsh at the moment." Hellster said to me. I shrugged. Hellster and I continued to walk to broadway station again. We repeated the same process like early and waited for the train. This time though we got off at park street station. It was quite big and there was alot of people around. "This is where we switch to the green line kid" Hellster said. We stood and waited for a bit and a the B train going to Boston College arrived. Hellster hopped on it and I followed behind him. There was alot of college students having conversations about classes and girls. I saw some beautiful human women also, some were korean. Tried to keep my eyes off but I guess that weakness will never die in me. I looked around at all the people, alot of the people seemed tired. I guess alot of them were just getting off of work. Hellster was eyeing the females like usual. "How many stops" I asked Hellster. Hellster put up three of his fingers, indicating three stops. We stood around on the train repeating the process, then we arrived at copley station. We walked off right behind all the rest of the people, man was it getting crowded. We got to a escalator and stairs, since humans are lazy the escaplator was crowded. I took the stairs and rushed up them with Hellster behind me. "Pretty Quick kid" Hellster said as he patted me on the shoulder. Hellster scratched his head. "Actually kid we should have gotten off at arlington, the stop before it was actually closer." Hellster said laughing a bit. "Hope you don't mind walking a bit more". I shrugged my shoulders and followed Hellster. We started to walk, the air was warm with the nice summer breeze at night. It was also getting dark and as we all know it, my favorite time to roam around. I look across the street from the station we walked out of and saw a huge library with statues sitting in front on throne chairs it looked like. Holding something I that looked like a orb maybe? We continued to walk for about fifteen minutes. When me and Hellster arrived there was a long line. Hellster moved up in the line a bit. I followed behind him. Lena and Boo were up ahead, I guess he saw them because the aura. "Hey Girls" Hellster said. The girls looked surprised and hugged Hellster they tried to hug me too I just waved, and they waved back at me. "Sorry I'm not into the hugging thing, give it sometime and i'll be comfortable" I said. Lena laughed. "You're the first boy in my life to say that, sounds really girly." Lena said laughing. Hellster and Boo giggled a bit, I just shrugged my shoulders.The line was full of ravers, people with glow sticks, reminded me of the Abyss a bit. "They haven't opened the doors yet, we have about 20 minutes left" Lena said. At first I didn't pay much attention to the girls but. I realized Lena had a nice dress on and she was looking pretty nice. Lena pulled my arm "Hey you don't talk much mister, don't be a stranger" Lena said as she gave me a big smile. I smiled back at Lena. "Sorry I guess I am just indifferent when I meet new people" I said.  "Well we don't bite" Lena said still smiling. I smiled back. I looked ahead and the line started to move some. "Guess we are getting in a bit earlier" Hellster said. We stood around as the move slowly move forward.  "Can you guys dance?" Lena asked. I shook my head no. I cannot dance neither do I want too. Hellster looked at Lena, "Doesnt matter as long as we have a good time"  He said with a smirk. We moved forward a bit and we were at the door. There was a man sitting at a computer with a list. "Are you on the guest list" he asked. Lena and Boo nodded their heads. Hellster gave the man a one hundred dollar bill. "Keep the change" Hellster said with a smirk. The man gave us each a ticket. We then walked up the stairs and there was a woman sitting at a desk. "Tickets please!" She said. We all handed her out tickets and she gave us access. I heard loud bass and there was a few people in for the moment being. The room on the floor we were on looked like a lounge. There were a few couches and people were just hanging out on them. We all walked into the floor as the music played I sat down on the couch and got as comfortable as I could. Boo and Lena sat on each side of me. I looked to my right and there was a large bass speaker, I got up and sat on the Bass There was a bigger chair with a half circular shape. I waved my hand to the other three and they came over and sat on the seat. Hellster sat in the middle and wrapped his arms around the girls shoulders.

I could see the Dj setting up his Equipment. More and more people kept coming in. The party looks like it was getting started. I saw a few guys eye balling the girls just sitting down minding their business. "Let's go upstairs when the party really starts, it is alot louder and the real party is up there." Boo said. I pulled out my phone to check for any texts. I got a few from Cindy. Lena looked at my phone. "Oh my God what type of phone is that I have never seen that before, its so cool." Lena said in excitement. "It was a imported gift from a friend I don't know where my friend got this friend." I said lying to hide the truth about where the phone is from. Lena seemed so intrigued by the phone. I went  through the texts cindy sent. She was basically asking what am I doing. I replied.

"Sorry I was busying helping some friends. What are you up to?"

Then I locked my phone and put it back into my pocket. The DJ on our floor started to play music and I could feel the bass under me, man do I love bass. Boo got up I want to go up stairs now. She grabbed Lena's arm and Lena got up with her and they walked up stairs. After they walked a little, Hellster got up "Kid stay here I will watch over them for the night" Hellster said. I nodded my head a Hellster followed behind the girls and went up stairs.

Upstairs there was a dark room with clubbing light effects going around the room that was on the left side. Now when you looked to the right there was a small room with lounge chairs, there was barely anyone upstairs it was pretty dead. "Wow there is no one here yet" Boo said. Boo looked up and saw the Dj still setting up. Lena walked around the floor some of the guys on the floor were eye balling Boo and Lena. Hellster walked to the side where the chairs were while the girls talked and walked around the floor. Hellster sat down and the girls came over to Hellster after half a minute. Boo leaned on Hellster's shoulder. "Why didn't Grim come up here" Lena asked Hellster. Hellster looked at Lena. "I think he prefers the bass and he is kind of anti social and quiet" Hellster said. "He should talk more to us and not be a stranger" Hellster said. Hellster smirked,  "Are you interested in him or something" Hellster asked Lena. Lena blushed. "No, I was just curious" The club slowly started to get more and more packed with people. The music on the floor started to really bump and everyone started to dance around. Lena grabbed Boo and they walked into the darkness where everyone else was dancing so they could dance together. Hellster stayed sitting down because he did not want to seem too attached to the girls. Lena and Boo danced together and many men tried to dance with them but they kept rejecting the men and danced to their hearts content.

After about twenty minutes the girls walked back towards where Hellster was sitting. As they were close to Hellster a guy came and grabbed Lena's arm and started to flirt with her, he looked like a another one of the jerks that work out all the time "Hey you are beautiful can I dance with you" He said. Hellster observed from where he was sitting and Boo sat next to Hellster. "You girls know this guy?" Hellster asked Boo. Boo looked over, "Oh crap, I didn't notice that guy grabbed her" Boo said as she got up. Hellster grabbed Boo's hand. "Just wait a moment I got this if it gets extreme." Hellster said. Boo looked at Hellster and sat back down. "No thank you." Lena said to the guy. The guy moved closer to Lena and tried to hold her. She shoved him off. The guy still held on to Lena's arm. "Come on baby, just dance with me" He asked again. "No get off me" Lena said with anger. Lena pulled and the guy wouldn't let go. Grim grabbed the guys wrist. "Excuse you" Grim said. The guy let go in pain. Lena grabbed on to Grim. "Who the fuck do you think you are" the guy said to Grim. Grim didn't reply and just glared the guy in the face. The guy grabbed Grim's shirt. "You know what I do to punk bitches like you" the guy said in anger. Grim continued to glare the guy. Hellster slightly pushed the guy off Grim. "Who do you think you are guy? " Hellster said as he got in the guys face. "Listen back the fuck off before I take you outside and ride your face on the concrete." Hellster said holding back his fist. The guy backed off. "That's right bitch walk away" Hellster said. 

We all went to sit down. "Why did you come up here kid" Hellster said as he sat down. "I came up here because I was curious and I got pretty bored downstairs." I said. Lena layed on to my shoulder. "Hey I have a question for you girls, what are your zodiac signs?" Hellster asked. "Scorpio" Boo said. "Cancer" Lena said. "I don't believe in that zodiac stuff though" Boo said. What about you guys. "We are both Capricorn" Hellster said. I then felt a dark vibe and looked around. Hellster stuck his head up. "You feel that kid" Hellster said to me telepathically.  "Something wrong you guys" Lena asked. We saw three hooded figures in trench coats sit next to us. I could not see the faces because of the darkness in their hoods. I saw a upside down star with symbols on the edges on their sleeves. This was absolutely not abyssian. The three hooded figures sat next to us. Hellster looked at the sleeves. Hellster grabbed Boo. "Let's go kid now" Hellster said as he got up. I got up and grabbed Lena. We all rushed down the stairs. There was people coming up and we shoved through them as we walked down. We reached the exit and got outside. "Why are we leaving" Lena said. "Listen you aren't going to believe us but you two girls are two of the Goddesses of the Zodiac." Hellster said. Lena and Boo gave us a odd look. We looked there were people outside smoking and trying to get access to the club and around us more of the the hooded figures circled us. "Looks like we got to fight kid" Hellster said. Lena and Boo looked confused. "Kid these are arm swords they are reptilians with swords under their sleeves." Hellster said. Hellster flashed his body back into his armor. I made the star symbol that Sadonia told me and pulled out my sword.  Everyone that was standing outside was in shock. "Thanatos protect the Goddesses." I said. Thanatos shed off of me and turned into a sheet and covered the Goddesses. "What are you guys" Lena yelled. "We will explain later. I got the right you get the left kid" Hellster said. As the Arm swords approached they pulled out their swords. Hellster dashed forward and I ran forward. I swung as I got close enough. The first arm sword blocked my slash, the others came to attack me. I kicked him off and ducked and dodged as the others came. I jumped back and striked forward slashing through one of their shoulders and rushed around him and stabbed him down. Another arm sword slashed at me. I deflected his blow. "Kid duck" Hellster said quickly. I ducked and one of the armswords that Hellster was fighting was thrown by his scythe and that armsword was tossed on 2 of the ones I was fighting. I Quickly stabbed both of them I had 2 more left on my side. They slowly started to circle me. I kept my focus making sure to watch both of them. I pulled on my handle and turned the sword into a double sided spear. I swung back and forth at both of them. They kept dodging and deflecting my attacks. Hellster dashed over and kicked one in the face and started to ride on his face with one foot. I Kept my focus on the one I had left and swung my scythe over and over. He blocked my blow  and struggled on to it. I took my right hand off of the handle and charged a dark blast. He pushed me back and at that moment I threw my dark blast and he got knocked back. Hellster quickly saw the armsword on the ground and stabbed him with the bottom of his scythe. Hellster stepped on the armswords chest and pulled his scythe of the dead body. Hellster flashed back into his human clothing. The bodies disintegrated into ashes and the wind blew the ashes away. Everyone around us was in shock like the didn't know what was going on. Thanatos came back around me as a hoodie. Lena and Boo looked at us speechless. "Oh my God, we are dreaming" Both of the girls said. Everyone else looked at us not knowing what to say. Hellster came up to Boo and Lena and put his arms on their shoulders. "Let's go ladies" Hellster said casually. The girls walked like they saw a ghost, I guess in their minds they still thought they were dreaming. I walked a little behind them and analyzed the humans outside. I started to see some of the people running back inside the club.

"Hey kid keep up! We are going to walk to Sadonia's, it isn't that far" Hellster said. "What are you guys really? You guys can't be human." Boo said. We all stopped. Boo pushed off Hellster. "What the fuck is going on here seriously. We all stopped. I kept my silence and stared at Boo. "I already explained to you, you are both Goddesses. It is me and Grim's job to protect you guys" Hellster said. "But what are you guys seriously. Demons, angels, aliens? What?" Boo asked. "Alright, alright calm your horses miss. I am half demon half angel. Son of Baal if you girls know anything about demons. Grim here, is the Prince of another world called Abyss. He is the son of Azrael or the Angel of Death. There is also one more of us, his name is Wintry, is a angel of ice." Hellster said. "Brittany just come on, after what we just saw, it is probably safest to go with these guys, and we can't say they are weird or lying because we just experienced all of it in front of our faces." Lena said. Boo looked at Lena and grabbed her hand. "Everything will be alright" Lena said smiling at Boo. We all continued to walk towards Sadonia's. Lena turned her head back looking at me. "So Grim how does your world look? If you are the prince of Darkness is your world always dark?" Lena asked. "You will find out soon, I don't want to ruin the surprise." I replied gazing Lena in the eyes. She turned her head forward with a smile. Boo looked at me "What about that black blanket that covered us? What was that" she asked. I swooped my right arm out, and Thanatos changed form into a cape. "His name is Thanatos, he is something from my world called an ether beast. They merge with their owners belongings and transform upon the owner's will" I replied. Boo looked so amazed. 

We continued walking and had little conversations. The girls had a few laughs, they seemed to forget what happened. Like always though, I felt isolated from the crowd, but I still stayed close to them.  After about ten minutes more we were extremely close to Sadonia's. We arrived at the door and we knocked. Sadonia's son Brad came and opened the door. "Hey" We all said as we walked in. Sadonia's laptop was opened at the table. "Where is your mom?" I asked Brad. "Oh she is in the" bathroom he replied. At that second I heard the toilet flush from upstairs. The Girls stayed standing in the kitchen, waiting not sure of what to do. Sadonia rushed down the stairs. Hey welcome back Sadonia said with a smile. She saw Lena and Boo sitting at the Table. "What are their signs" Sadonia asked. "Cancer and Scorpio" I replied. Sadonia walked over to them and shook their hands, "Hello girls, My name is Sadonia, I am sorry for all of this happening so sudden" Sadonia said. Wintry walked in after, "We had to bring them here, we were attacked by arm swords" Hellster said. Wintry opened his eyes. "Arm swords are attacking already?!" Wintry said confused. "Grim show the girls where they will sleep tonight" Wintry said to me. I waved my hands to the girls and they walked towards me. We walked to the basement. Boo stopped. "I don't trust this, what if they are going to kill us or kidnap us." Boo said. "Stop being to paranoid" Lena said as she grabbed  Boo's hand. Lena dragged Boo and we walked into the basement. They saw the portal "Oh my God!, What is that?!" Boo said. I looked at Boo, the portal to my world." I said. I grabbed Lena's hand she started to blush a bit and I pulled them into the portal and we were in Sadonia's other home. I let go of Lena's hand. The girls looked in so much shock. I saw Vivian outside. I walked out to see what she was doing there was still some tension between because earlier. I looked at Vivian and we gave the glare of awkwardness. I saw her petting a cat, but there are no cats in this world unless they are neko's. I the neko looked at me, I felt a warm feeling and I knew this feeling. "Vivian that isn't a cat step away from it." I said. Vivian looked at me oddly and stopped petting the cat.. "Emily what are you doing here and how did you find me. The neko walked in front  of me and transformed. It was Emily "Grimy!" Emily said as she hugged onto me. Vivian eyes were in shock and the other two girls walked out because they saw what just happened threw the window. Vivian looked at the other two girls and introduced herself. "I could sense your power silly" Emily said as she stuck her tongue out. "Emily you shouldn't be here because you know that I am busy and taking care of the Goddesses as my job." I said. Emily glare at the girls. "So that's who these bitches are?" Emily said in a jealous tone. All three of the girls glared at Emily like they wanted to kill her. Lena started to walk towards Emily. "Lena stop" I said. Lena stopped dead in her tracks. "Emily don't cause any trouble." I said. Emily rolled her eyes. "Whatever if you pick these girls over me your loss." Emily said with an attitude. Emily started to walk away I put my hand out "Emily stop! I am just doing my job. I am not picking one over you." I said. Emily looked back and glared at me. "Do your job." Emily said filled with rage. She turned back into cat form and ran away. I rubbed my fore head sighing. "Was that your girlfriend?" Lena asked. I looked at Lena "No she isn't, we are more so friends, but it is complicated to explain." I said. "Did you see that?! She turned into a cat, this is like an anime right now!" Boo said. I laughed a bit trying to stay serious "I guess this is what this world is like to humans a big anime." I looked at the girls, don't worry about her she is just the jealous type." I said. Vivian show them their rooms  I Said bitterly. As I walked pasted Vivian she grabbed my arm. I looked her in the eyes. "I'm sorry" she said. I smiled back at her. "Don't worry I'm your guardian no matter what." Vivian gave a big smile I pulled away and walked back into the house towards the portal and I could hear the girls talking amonst themselves in happiness. I left it all up to Vivian and walked back into the portal.

I walked into the kitchen. Even grapes was in there this time. Wintry looked at me "Kid the issue is becoming greater faster, it seems we don't have as much time as we did before , things will happen alot more fast than we thought. The arm swords you saw they are a pretty mid rank legion. They aren't exactly in the middle but they are close to it. Usually what happens is that legions are summoned by rank, the higher the rank the closer the devil is to being released." Wintry said to me. "So basically we most likely have to save the Goddesses faster?" I asked. "If my theory is right, then yes, but regardless we should be saving them with all the time we have, as fast as we can, if we don't, things could get harder than they should be for us." Wintry replied. A bright flash came out of no where I covered my eyes, the light was blinding. I saw A'albiel's face as the light faded down. "Hello all" A'albiel said. He shook Sadonia's hand. "So I see you guys got hold of the Goddesses." A'albiel said with a smile. "Yes they are in my Abyss home." Sadonia said. "Well boys if the girls are safe for now, the next destination is france." A'albiel said. All three of use looked shocked. "How will the boys board the plane with all this nonsense going on? Don't you think people will cancel the flights if there was encounters with demons and such? You know how the world is they take high precautions." Sadonia said. "Well I wouldn't worry about it so much, the first encounter humans are looking for evidence, but there will be nothing to find. People saw the fight at the club tonight but I highly doubt anyone would believe them or they would have any proof so other humans like the FBI would call them crazy so everything is fine." A'albeil said with certainty. Sadonia shrugged "If you say so". A'albiel looked at everyone, "You boy's should inform them to pack tomorrow. I will not be around much anymore." A'albiel said. He reached out his hands, there was three passports and a envelope with a seal. "Here are your passports. In that envelope will be a piece of magic paper, everytime you retrieve a Goddess the next Goddess and the location will pop up on the list." A'albiel said. We all grabbed our passports. And looked at them Hellster didn't look happy with his picture, I snickered to myself. "I have duties to attend to now boys, best of luck! Remember to leave soon! Time is of the essence." A'albiel said as he faded into light. "Hey what about my picture it's ugly" Hellster yelled, but A'albiel already faded back into the heavens. "I guess I will tell the girls the news" I said. I walked back to the portal into the abyss. I saw the girls outside talking playing with a fuzlix. They looked at me as i approached the fuzlix ran to my feet, I picked it up and walked towards the girls. They all smiled at me. "Well just to let you girls know, we have to go to france in a few days, a few meaning two." I said as I placed the fuzlix down. Vivian hopped up in excitement. "Really! I have always wanted to go" Vivian said with a huge smile. "What about us, we need clothes and out passport." Boo said in concern. "Tomorrow we will take you to your place to pack and grab what is nessecary." I said. The girls seemed happy. "Oh and by the way time is-" I said while getting cut off "five times slower" Vivian said me cutting off. "I already explained to them everything you told me and taught me. I even showed them my fire slap." Vivian said. I snickered a bit. "That's cute" I said with a grin.  "Well i'm going back to the other side, well earth that is, I just wanted to inform you girls of that." I slowly walked back towards the house. The girls walked behind me "I'm getting tired I'm going to go to bed" Lena said. Hellster and Wintry came through the portal the same time I got into the house. Vivian jumped to Hellster and grabbed his arm and pulled him to her room. Wintry just said simply "Library". Boo and Lena walked to their rooms a bit slower but they went into the same room, I guess since they are friends they need to entertain each other to sleep. I walked into the portal saw grapes. "Oh hello young prince" He said ever so kindly. "Hello grapes, is there something wrong" I asked. "No I was just going into the portal now to meet the Goddesses." He replied. "Well if you are meet with Wintry in the library so the girls arent startled by you" I said. "Indeed"  he replied as he flew into the portal.

I walked back upstairs and I saw Sadonia at the table like usual "Hey sweetie, What's up"  She said as she took a haul of her cigarette. "Nothing really the girls are going to sleep." I said. "Why don't you catch some sleep? You boys have to get the girl's stuff tomorrow." She said. "I don't really feel tired but I am also bored and there isn't much to do I might sleep just to pass the time. There also isn't a room for me to sleep in." I said "Well there is a couch in the living room that you can sleep on and there are extra blankets there if you need any. Don't be afraid to ask for anything you are now my child once you enter this house and have my welcome you are considered my child also" She said kindly. I smiled "Thank you." I got up and walked to the living room where Brad was playing video games on his flat screen Tv. I sat on the empty couch. We both said hey to eachother as I watched him play a game. It was a run around beat em up game. As I watch the video game it kind of reminded me of how I live my life. Almost a battle all the time, always fighting to survive. Fighting more and more getting stronger. I watched the screen blankly. I kicked off my sneakers and put myself into the blanket. I my eyes became tired and I slowly closed them and curled myself into a ball and fell asleep.








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