Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The last three days

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After that event, when I got home I kept pondering to myself what was going to go on, would I face many stronger than myself, will I be defeated in the battles come? Many thoughts ran through my head, but at the same time will I even survive in earth realm because I have never been there before. I lay on my back and just close my eyes and prepare for a new day.

The next day I picked up my phone when I woke up and told Wolfe the whole story about what happened yesterday he was sure in shock. "wow three days left bro I wonder what we are gonna do with three days left" he said " Emily is going to be so sad seeing how her grimmy is leaving" he added as he snickered. "man I'm not even worried about that" I said "I'm more worried about what I have to do and what's gonna happen to me. How an I suppose to protect 13 girls if handling one female is such a problem". I couldn't help but laugh out loud after saying that. " haha I agree Grim but I wonder why you have to protect earth realm, they have nothing to do with us" he replied. "Actually earth realm is the base for all three worlds, Abyss, Hell, and Astral realm, every humans choice decides their fate where they will go after they die, and think of this if you lose one world everything will most likely be unbalanced." I said. I after that I could hear Wolfe's mom yell "Wolfe you have a visitor"! "Uh Grim I have to go now" he said sighing. So we both hung up and I got out of my bed and grabbed my cape, and made it shape shift to the form of a hoodie and headed out for the day.

I walked down to the park and sat on top of one of the monoliths. Staring at the sky, smiling knowing I'm ready for anything. Suddenly  I saw a cat sitting below the monolith staring at me. "Emily stop following me around please, can't I have a moment of peace from you."  The cat spoke "hm I wonder how you knew" as she stuck her tongue out in the form of a cat. She slowly walked closer to the monolith as changing into her demon form. "hehe silly boy so cute." she said with a huge smile. As she stared at me I just put my eyes up to the sky. "Hey you're not looking at me" she said as she pouted. "I can care less honestly" I said with a bitter tone " I have to leave the abyss in three days." "WHAT, WHY!" She said in disappointing loud voice. "I have business to attend to in the earth realm, it is urgent. I will be gone for quite a longtime." She pounced up in the monolith I was on and pressed her hands on my chest pushing me on my back as she pressed her hands down on my chest and her legs open with her knees on the side of my waist. "You are going to earth realm to protect some humans"?! She said with a bit of rage "I don't know if you know but humans are selfish creatures only out for themselves, killing each other without reason, destroying everything, and humans are ignorant and arrogant. Just thinking about those filthy creatures makes me want to puke." She stayed there on top of me, I could see her aura bursting like a red fire. "if anything happens to you I'll personally handle all the humans myself, such worthless creatures." I burst out with a little laugh "Have you forgotten who I am silly girl? I'm the prince of darkness, no human can compare they are a joke compared to me, I can wipe out a whole army of humans with my eyes closed." I said with a cocky voice. She pushed her hands harder on my chest. "You're really going to leave me here? You know how badly I want you and you know how much I care for you." I could feel her grip getting tighter "You will probably Fall in love with one of those human girls and have a filthy child with them." She glared into my eyes with such anger and hatred. At the moment I made my cape come out of the form of a hoodie into a dark hand. I made the hand grab her and hold her in the air and softly place her on the monolith then changed it back onto my body as a hoodie as the dark form of the cape circled around me like bats. "Relax will you? I am just doing direct orders that I was given and chosen upon birth." I slowly walked away. I could here her footsteps come from behind me fast. "Hell no I'm not letting you leave" she said quickly. I made my cape turn into a small black wall, but she quickly jumped over that. With little time to think I pulled out my sword named "Stars" and quickly made it turn shape into a shield. She quickly landed perfectly on the shield with her keen cat speed and senses.  She came in for a strike on me but I swung the shield making her roll on the ground, but with her senses she landed perfectly into a back flip. She stood there posing in a stance staring at me. "Why are we arguing about such little things? I don't want to hurt you, just let me do what I must rather than interfere or being jealous about my responsibilities." I said. She stopped her stance and put her arms to the side. Little tears started dripping from her eyes "I just want you here with me can't you see that" she said while slowly falling down to her knees. "I'm sorry things can't be the way you want, beggars can't be choosers." I said as I continued to walk away slowly and leave her crying on the ground. I admit there is some sorrow in my heart but I won't show my feeling to anyone, that's a Capricorn for you always keeping our emotions held within showing no one our true colors.

Later after walking away I went to the candy store where the jack o' Lantern cashier always puts a smile on my face his scare body with straw always gives me a good laugh. I grabbed some black licorice which was my favorite. "Well well prince of darkness how did I know you would get black licorice again" I smiled you "know me well Jack I suppose" I replied. "Ah just take it kid, on the house" he said with a smirk. "oh thanks I will definitely enjoy this bit, see ya Jack" I replied walking slowly out the store.  I grabbed a piece of licorice and had that shine in my eyes when you give a child a new toy. I shoved half of it in my mouth in one bite. After that I decided there really isn't much to do today so I decided to go back home.

After about twenty minutes I get home, turn on my laptop and go to my  Abyss-space checking my comments, friend requests and all that other crap. I turn on a song I like and put it on shuffle on my music playlist. At this point there isn't anything to do I have checked my Abyss mail all my social sites for about 4 hours, played a few online games with friends, at this time I just decided to go to sleep and hope the time speeds up as I wait for 2 more says. I lay down close my eyes and and let the flow of sleep take its course.

Upon waking the next day, I rolled over and grabbed my phone and checked for messages and missed calls. I had 10 missed calls from Emily, I was assuming she wanted to apologize, I refused to call back though. Moments after my father was knocking on my door "Grim are you dressed"? He asked. "yeah I am" I replied. He slowly walked in with a quiet creek as my door opened.  "I will not be home tonight, I have a big meeting tonight with the Abyssian council. I also hope you have been training a bit to make sure you are ready for the next world." he said. I rolled over a bit "no worries I got everything under control" I said yawning at the same moment. "You may think that but I think for the most part you will be okay but right now I have a few things to do I will see you most likely tomorrow upon your departure." he said as he slowly walked out and closed the creaking door again. I rested my eyes for about 10 minutes. After that I decided to roll over and get out of bed. I walked to the kitchen while in my black socks and got my favorite box of cereal which is spooky flakes. I grabbed a bowl placed it on the table and poured my cereal in the bowl as I watched it fall pile up in my bowl like a hill. I placed the cereal back on the shelf, and then I opened my fridge and pulled out some shadow grace milk, poured the milk in and watched it flow in like a purple stream. I then grabbed a spoon and walked back to my room "what to do with a home alone"? I said to myself. I laid stomach down on my bed and placed the bowl on top of the stool next to my bed. I grabbed my laptop and Turned it on and laid it in front of me. Once it was on I clicked on my web browser, my favorite browser called Cerberus. I opened all my typical social networking sites. I had a message from Emily.

"hey Grimmy
Come see me tonight we will have a good time. I called you ten times so please call back
Xoxo <3"

After reading that I laughed evilly with a smirk on my face. "not calling you back Emily haha" I said to myself out loud. I honestly thought it was a trap, she obviously wants to trap me so I can't leave. This girl is psycho. I kept eating my cereal and moments later I got a call from Wolfe. "Hey" we both said at the same time. "What are you doing today? I know it is your last day here today. So I might as well spend the last day with you bro" Wolfe said. "Nothing at all bro just eating right now what did you want to do"? I replied. "Nothing really, maybe just sit around the park for a few hours and chat?, I am bringing Amy along if you dont mind. He said. Amy is Emily's best friend,but also the person Wolfe has a crush on. Amy is a succubus but she doesn't sleep around like the rest of them, she knows her limits, I guess that is why Wolfe likes her besides her beauty. 

I finished eatting my cereal and what not. I sat on the edge of my bed and put on my sneakers. I grabbed my cape and turned it into the usual hoodie. I headed out the door and slammed the door on my way out. Walked my way to get on the train, man was it crowded. I waited around for about 10 minutes for the train. Abyssians were shoving me side to side. I was really getting annoyed but I got to my destination after 10 minutes on the train. There I arrived at Abyss Central Station, I saw Wolfe and Amy sitting down waiting for me in the center of the station where the fountain is. They stood up and approached me as I walked slowly towards the fountain.

Amy gave me a friendly hug like always. "I heard you are leaving in one day" she said with a frown. "Yes, I have to leave unfortunately but apparently I was given a destiny at birth and I have to protect the mortal realm. The hell breeds I'm assuming are going to try to take the world over like the scum they are." I said in a tone of a bit anger. "I heard the mortal world is full of selfish creatures that act like animals, destroy their own world and kill each other" she said in a tone of disgust. "Well I'm not sure of that Emily said that too, that they are selfish creatures" I replied. "Oh speaking of Emily have you talked to her? She. Has been nagging that you haven't called her or anything because you're mad at her over something. I don't know really" Amy said. "Oh well, I don't want to talk to her, she doesn't want me to go and do my job given at birth. Besides I think it would be an amazing adventure" I said with a smile.  Amy shrugs "Hey man, what ever you are into" she said carelessly. "So you guys want to go to where today"? I asked. "Well I was thinking field of the cathedral, since it is peaceful and quiet there." Wolfe replied. "Okay" me and Amy replied.

So we headed our way to the cathedral garden or field of the cathedral what ever you feel like calling it. We walked for about 20 mins and had little side conversations about topics that lead to other topics. Then we arrived at the field and sat on the grass, there were a few other abyssians there but they didn't seem to pay us anymind. "So what you boys doing tonight"? Amy Asked "Well my dad isn't home tonight so I don't know, probably just sleep, i'm quite tired still haha." I replied. "Well I think I wil just take you home Amy and then go home and draw for a bit I have some great ideas for this years art contest" Wolfe said after me. "Interesting boys, you guys don't have much on your plates." She said. So pretty much the rest of the day was conversing at the field. Talking about ups and downs, people we dislike, things we like, and randomness. We walked back to Abyss Central Station, and sat on the bench waiting for the train. It took about 20 minutes for the train to come, for some reason it was one of those days I felt bored and tired. I was thinking about most likely I will take a nap, even though I hate naps, feel like they waste time but I don't want to feel so wasted and just exhaust in my bed. The train pulled up to us we all walked in the doors and Amy sat down while me and Wolfe stood up and chatted for a bit about nonsense. After a while I didn't pay attention to my stops and I was already at skulldon square. "see ya guys" I said as I waved and slowly walked off the train. I was walking home just anxious to get back to my bed so I can lay down.

After walking about 7 minutes I got to my door and unlocked it and went in my house so fast you wouldn't believe it. I locked my door and walked quickly to my room. I opened my room door, sat on my bed. I unlaced my sneakers tossed them quickly off my feet, Then I cracked open my window, probably enough space that even a raven could fly in. Then I dived on my bed and wrapped myself in my blanket snd closed my eyes waiting to sleep.

[Grim has fallen asleep and it has been 2 hours.]

In my sleep I felt something heavy, I woke up a bit half awake laying on my stomach with my arms under my head. Looking at my clock, seeing that I have only slept for 2 hours. I felt a hand on mines as my got a few more of my senses back from sleeping. I turned my head to see who it was, It was Emily. "Oh hello Emily" I said half awake as she stared at me with those blue cat eyes. She giggles a bit "Cute Grimmy" she said as she layed on my back. I opened my eyes wide 10 seconds later. "WHOA WHAT THE HELL?!" I yelled as I turned around and she fell off my back on to my bed with her back down. "Emily, how the hell did you get in my room?!" I said in a bit of shock and anger. "You kinda left your window open and I can turn into a cat did you forget?" She said as she rolled her eyes. I grabbed her arm because being half awake, I didnt have the strenght to lift her up "Please leave my house" I said with aggravation She quickly grabbed me at that moment and I ended up on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my back pulling me closer to her. 

I tried to pull myself off of her but I was too weak from just waking up. "I have you now Grimmy, all to myself, all mines." She said with a voice of mischeif. I smelled a heavy scent of alcohol from her breath, the smell was a fruity scent of vodka at this point I realized that she was very drunk to attempt this. "Emily you've been drinking a lot tonight haven't you?" I asked. "No" She replied with a Grin "Silly Grimmy you're so cute when you look me in the eyes." I turned my head thinking to myself also that I can't let her walk home like this all intoxicated. "Emily please let go of me" I asked kindly. "What's wrong Grimmy you don't like it rough and you call yourself the Prince of Darkness" she said as she smiled and bit her lip in a sexual manner. At that point I felt as if she was degrading me but in my state I was still half tired and weak. I tried to worm my body out of the hold I was stuck in. I rolled and tumbled around nothing seemed to be working. I only ended up getting us laying side by side while I was in her hold. "Enough" she said. She rolled me on my backside and pinned me down with her legs by the sides of my waist, and her hands pinning down my arms with most of her force. "Looks like I'm wearing the pants here" she said with a smirk and devious laugh.  "Now to have some real fun with you" she moved her head towards mines to lunge in for a kiss, when she got close I turned my head to the side so she couldn't kiss my lips. "Well you're not gonna kiss me?, I've got a better idea" she smiled like she had something evil on her mind. I felt her slowly move her waist up and down on me while she had her skirt on. I started to get hot inside but luckily I could control myself. "I want you so bad you don't even know" she said as she slowly went faster on me.   "If I wasn't so weak right now from my nap I would of been kicked you out" I said in a bit of embarrassment. She put her hand over my mouth "Hush boy stop using excuses" she said. She started slowing down then She leaned forward and said "Is this why they said never wake up a Capricorn when they are sleep? Do you guys really get that weak and grumpy? Seems I know your weakness. I'm a Cancer aren't me and you suppose to match?" she said with a devilish smile barely opening her eyes because she is so drunk. She moved closer and started licking my ear lobe slowly. That is one part of my body that when touched like that I freeze. "Stop Emily please" I said as I shivered a bit. "What's wrong you can't handle this?" She said as she giggled. She then slowly moved her mouth to my neck kissing me and licking my neck. At this point I did not know what to do, my hormones were kicking in, but I felt like this was some type of trap to keep me here, because if I let my hormones interfere she will  try to use it against me so I will feel bad and stay with her in the Abyss. I also felt myself waking up from the rush of hormones. For that moment I remembered my cape is also living. "THANATOS GET THIS WOMAN OFF OF ME" I yelled. "What the hell are you talking about you silly boy" Emily said in confusion. My cape's name was thanatos but I rarely asked it to call me, Thanatos quickly became a bubble form and sucked her in so she became a bubble hovering over me. "What would you like me to do with her Prince" Thanatos answered with a heavy Bass voice. "Just hold her in there for a minute, she is intoxicated I can't let her out like that at this hour" I said as I sat up. "What is wrong with you?, you won't have sex with me, are you seeing someone else? Are you waiting to touch all the human woman you pig?" She said in some anger. "Actually Emily you are very intoxicated, and if I have sex with you, you will try some way to keep me here I know it." I replied. "Fine I will leave then, and you don't have to see me. Get me out of here at once!" She said upset. "Thantos, release her  slowly and you may go back to sleep" I said. He placed her back on to my bed then zoomed back on to the back of my chair as a cape. Emily got up and stood on the ground about to leave, I grabbed her and pulled her on the bed, "I can't let you go out there like this."  I said. She tried to struggle out of my hold. I knew one way to stop her, I tossed her on my bed and pierced my lips into hers, she had her eyes opened with shock. She wrapped her hands around my neck and closer her eyes and slid her tongue into my mouth, I wasn't trying to get too intimate but if this will shut her up i'll go along with this. I could taste the heavy scent of her vodka in my mouth, made me want to quinch, I hate the smell of alcohol, bbut hey she was quiet. After about 5 minutes of her kissing me, she slowly slid her hands up my shirt.

I felt her warm hands against my chest, then slid her hands to my sides and pulled me in closer to her. Then she slid her arms on my back and started gliding her fingers throughout my back. After a little while she removed her hands from my back and started unbuttoning her white collar shirt. She unbuttoned half way down and I think it was time to stop, my body is getting hot and I don't want my plans to be ruined. "Hey Emily why don't we just cuddle to sleep" I said with a smile. "I see you aren't ready for me yet, or you can't handle me. Sure if you want to cuddles to sleep that's fine." she said disappointed a bit. So she unbuttoned her shirt and got up and removed her skirt. She came to my bed and laid down in her underwear and bra, she then pull me next to her so we were facing each other side ways and with her feet she pulled the blanket up on top of us. "Goodnight Grimmy" she said as she spooned her legs around me. I wrapped my arm around her body, her body was so warm unlike mines. I watched her for 10 minutes until I heard her snoozing, then I closed my eyes and let my body lead me to dream land.

I woke up the next day staring at Emily asking myself if this really is happening. She was still sleeping, and the time was still pretty early, I also have to meet with A'albiel in a few hours. I layed back down on my side, Emily opened her eyes half way "Good morning, today is your big day" She said as she smiled. "I have to go in a few hours, you can rest more if you want" I said. She closed her eyes and grabbed me closer. All I could think about was, is this girl really in love with me? I don't want to get attached or held down by anyone, I have alot of responsiblites as the Prince of Darkness. I don't want anything getting in my way for that matter. Emily opened her eyes again and came in for a kiss when I wasn't paying attention, "I want you now before you leave." She said. "How about we just keep it slow and just cuddle for a few hours." I said with a smile. I wanted her too, but I can't risk being held back. Then she unsnapped her bra from the back, and let the back straps hang down she held up the fron of her bra with her hands. "You sure you don't want me?" She said as she winked. "Emily please let us take it slow? Things last longer if you slow down trust me." I said. She got upset without a word and strapped her bra back on then stepped off my bed she got her shirt on and her skirt. "Emily don't be mad just relax" I said. "Oh I am not mad at all, I am just going to go home." She said in a passive aggressive voice. "I am just taking it slow like you wanted, have fun in the human world with all the filthy human woman" She added as she put her shoes on. I rolled my eyes and said whatever in my head. She got up, walked out my door and slammed it on the way out.

After a few minutes of laying down, after she left, I got up and put my sneakers on and grabbed my cape and used it as the shape of a hoodie.I walked to the bathroom and washed my face and cleaned my teeth. A few minutes after I brushed my teeth, I heard a knock at the door. I went to answer it and saw that Wolfe was there, I opened the door. "Hey bro what's up, I just wanted to visit you before you left." he said. "At least someone came to visit me" I said with a snicker. "Here man, this is for you" Wolfe said as he reached in his pocket. He put a necklace in my hand. "This is a silver necklace with onyx, it's a going away gift from me." I put a big smile on my face "Thanks bro so much" I said as I put the necklace on my neck. "Looks good on you bro, Emily didn't come and visit you? Haha." Wolfe said full of sarcasm. "Actually she did come to my house last night" I said. Wolfe's eyes opened full of shock.

I explained the whole story of what happened with me and Emily. "Grim, you didn't even hit it?! Man I wish Amy was all over me like Emily" He said with a guffaw while covering his mouth.  "I just don't want to get held down bro, but bro I have to go now and head to Abaddon temple." I said closing my door. "I will walk with you like a good friend bro" he said. So me and Wolfe walked to the temple. When I got outside the temple, the whole town was outside the temple yelling things like "go great prince" and "good luck". I walked up the stairs of the temple I had people patting my back, the feeling was so amazing. When I got to the top of the stairs and to the door I yelled "Good bye everyone, I will be back within time". Wolfe patted me on the back and wished me good luck. I opened the door of the temple and walked down the hall. I saw my father and A'albiel at the end of the hall. I approached them, "My son I am proud of you. This is the time you venture on your own journey. This is where you show the world you are a prince." my father said in joy. "Time is running short we must go now" A'albiel said in quite a rush. My father gave me a departing hug, me and A'albiel walked through the gate to the other side ascending to heaven. I saw a bright light and I followed him through.

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