Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Wintry and Hellster

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Submitted: February 17, 2013




So there I was, standing at the Gates of Heaven. We got to the gate and there were 4 guards, They Looked at me and one of the guards said "This must be the prince of darkness". "No I am just the heavenly janitor" I said in Sarcasm, the guard laughed, "Kid has some sarcasm". The guards opened the gate, Walking through the heaven gate was like walking into a castle gate. The gate slowly opened it's two huge doors. I walked through the gate and saw a glimmering light, I continued to walk, and I saw Heaven. Heaven is a beautiful, peaceful place. There was grass everywhere, peaceful people that greeted me as I walked, angels with white wings like birds. A'albiel suddenly stopped and looked at me, "I need to introduce you to two people you will be working with." he said. We walked to a small field. I saw a man with blue hair, black rave pants with blue reflectors, black hoodie, and wearing a red scarf. I saw another man in black armor, and white hair. The man with blue hair was sitting on the ground, while the other was sitting on a tree trunk. We approached them slowly. "Men, this is Grim he is the prince of darkness. Grim this is Wintry, the one with the blue hair and, the man with the white hair is Hellster. I will leave you all alone so you can all get well acquainted with each other." A'albiel walked away, Wintry and Hellster approached me. Wintry put out his hand, I grabbed his hand and shook it. "Nice meeting you kid, I will be Assisting you on earth, I am Wintry the Ice God." He said with a dead stare in his face. Hellster put his hand out after, "I'm Hellster, Half demon, half angel hybrid. Just stand back while I do all the work and we will be all set." Hellster said in a cocky voice. "pleased to meet you too guys" I said in a sarcastic voice. " can you beast shift?" Wintry asked. "What is beast shifting" I asked. Wintry face palmed himself. "Beast shifting is turning yourself into animal form. Let us show you." Wintry said. Wintry got down on all fours and Hellster stood with his arms opened. Wintry formed himself into a wolf with blue eyes that greatly resembled a husky. Hellster turned into a raven. "Oh I know what that is now, we call it just transforming in my world." I said. "Most of the time we will be in this form to disguise ourselves in the human world." Wintry said in a beastly voice. Hellster flew onto my shoulder "So can you kid?" Hellster said in the voice like a parrot. "Actually no, but I do have a cape that shape shifts" I said. I turned my hoodie into a scarf and held it in my hand as it circled into my hand like bats. "Oh you have the cape of death I see, able to shift and change to almost anything" Wintry said in interest. "Oh so interesting" Hellster said in sarcasm. "Oh yeah and I love that you're a cute little bird, what can you do? Peck me to death?" I said while laughing. "How about I peck your eyes out bug brain" Hellster said in anger. A'albiel approached us, "Now simmer down boys" A'albiel said with a smile. A'albiel handed me a photo. "This is Vivian Bao, she is the Aries Goddess" he said. "She can be a bit of a pain, but I think you can manage it, after all you are the chosen one of God to protect them." I analyzed her picture, "she looks a bit snobby" I said. Hellster laughed but in his bird form sounded like a parrot, quite annoying. "Of course we will handle it A'albiel" Wintry said in his beastly voice. "The world is in our hands now this is a great responsiblity". "Hope the humans don't get in my way and are as disgusting as I've heard" I said while checking out my nails. "They can be rather annoying creatures at times but you have to learn how to deal with them" Wintry said. "Ah I see, speaking of which when do we depart?" I asked. "You can all depart when you are all ready" A'albiel said. "I would leave but I want to know us to maybe know each other a bit more" Wintry said. "Alright when you are all ready just go to Arch angel Michael he will be at the gate" A'albiel said in such kindness. A'albiel walked away, "So kid what two types of demon are you, I know you have half reaper and what is the other half" Wintry said sitting in front of me in his form of the wolf. Well my mother was a dark witch, one of the strongest around." I said in a sort of depressing voice. "So what happened to your mother, I heard you use the word was, so she probably isn't around anymore." Wintry said in a voice of thought. "Well. There was the war of ancients where the strongest battled to protect the realms from corruption, the one where they sealed Lucifer." I said. "Ah yes I remember, I was in that war." Wintry said in thought. "Well she got through the battle and she encountered Baal face to face, he drew his blade, she also drew hers out of ethereal material and there she rushed to fight, blades clashing over and over again the fight lasted for a good ten minutes, my father was too busy wiping out the rest of the legion assisting the angels. My mothers name was Victoria Shinen. What I was told it that she was worn out and Baal grabbed her and sucked the rest of her energy out and consumed it for himself, he threw my mother to the ground and stabbed her in the stomach. My father saw it and rushed to my mothers rescue, but a knight in black armor and white hair using a scythe had gotten to Baal, one most feared by Hell. I said in suspense.

Hellster flew onto the branch back into his real form. "I slayed Baal kid. Baal was my father a corrupted one at that, I got strong and repented against Hell and God took me in and I was taught by arch angel Michael." Hellster said staring into the clouds. My eyes opened with such suspense. "I have a brother named Kilar, there is a rumor that he is already on earth just hiding away minding his business. "Wait I want to know how you defeated Baal, details please!" I said cutting Wintry off. "Ugh alright kid" he said sighing "Your mother was a nice person probably one of the kindest to me, she always gave me these berries I loved when I was a child the abyss berry, so sweet I loved it but anyhow. I saw your mother fall, she died the same way my mother did, I felt the blood in me rush when I saw what he did to your mother, I picked up my scythe, the one given to my by the celestial order. My father mocked me saying things like "stupid child, you dare oppose me, I brought you here, I created you." At that moment I rushed forward with my scythe jumping air first, seeing how I was able to hover I swung my blade over and over and a circular motion he deflected my blows, but my anger kept me going faster and faster soon enough he wasn't able to catch up with my speed, in the minute he had kept swinging, I dropped my weight at an opening and swung the scythe behind his legs and I pulled back my blade with all my strength bringing him down. At the same moment he fell , with my speed I turned around and stuck the bottom of my scythe handle into his chest, because the bottom of my handle had a blade in it with that moment I let my blade feed on the energy, and I felt it flow through me, most powerful surge I've felt. I was able to separate your moms spirit when I absorbed the energy, my father is sealed within me deep, in a chamber I locked away." Hellster said in such detail. "So where is my mothers spirit now"? I said in concern. "I can't really tell you kid, most likely she is waiting to be reborn. If you ever have a child maybe her spirit will merge with it." Hellster said still staring high in the sky. "Thank you" I said in such sadness. "Cheer up kid" Wintry said. "We need happy faces on this journey. Positivity will keep you going". I smiled a bit "You're right, we must stay strong" I said with optimism "That's the spirit kid, that's what I want to hear" Wintry said yawning with his mouth wide open like a dog. "So Wintry what's your story"? I asked. "That's a secret I'll tell you later" he said, "I'm ready when you two are ready" Hellster turned into a Raven and sat on Wintry's back as Wintry walked slowly. "But hey!-" I said. "No worries kid, in time I will reveal everything" Wintry said. "Ugh fine" I said as I approached them and we walked to the gate.

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