Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Welcome to Earth Realm

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All three of us got to the gate, whereI saw Arch Angel Michael the one that cast Lucifer from heaven to the world below. He reached out his hand to me, "You must be the prince I've heard so much about" He said with a smile. I reached out my hand and shook his hand. "Why yes I am" I said with a smile. When shaking his hand I felt so much energy, it was so pure, so powerful. "Well boys we will leave you off in times square of New York City. After you leave this gate you wil be in the Earth Realm. Right in front of Times Square station New york. It will be very crowded because one reason it is Friday in Earth Realm and another being it is warm. Humans love warm weather for the most part." He said. Michael Grabbed the gate door, Walk through when you are ready. There was a bright light in the door, like the one when I first entered Heaven. "I also have one more question, where is God and Jesus?" I asked. "Well Jesus is not in this world, I do not know what he is doing. He could be sleeping somewhere for eternity or creating a new world, but for now none of us know when his arrival is exactly because the only time we know of him coming back is when we know the world is in need of danger, close to an apocalypse." Michael replied. "Come on kid enough with the questions, let's go!" Wintry said rushingly. He bit my sleeve pulling me towards him. "Okay okay!" I said, I walked to the gate with Wintry by my side like a loyal dog.

We steped through the gate the light so bright I covered my eyes as I walked through. I closed my eyes and suddenly heard large groups of people. I opened my eyes and I was no longer in heaven I was in Times Square, New York city. I turned around and the gate was no longer behind me it was only times square station. I heard loud beeping of cars in front of me. I saw humans staring at me oddly, but I paid them no mind, they aren't worth my time. I looked at Wintry, "so where is this goddess"? I asked. Wintry only barked at me like a lost puppy. "Talk to me telepathicly, you don't want the humans catching on to us or getting any suspicion." He said staring at me with his tongue out. Some female humans came up and started petting Wintry, "Aw he is so cute" one of the females said. "How old is he" the other female asked. I made up something from the top of my head. "Oh he is 2 years old".I said "oh such a good boy yes you are" the girls said in this cute voice. Wintry sniffed them then licked one of the girls cheeks. "Excuse me, not to be rude, but I am in quite a rush." I said glumly. "Aw okay" the girls said, they got up and continued walking down the street. "Wow they didn't even notice me" Hellster said sitting on my shoulder telepathicly. "Well we are not here for attention, anyways guys how do we find this goddess?" I asked "Well let's continue walking" Hellster said. I started walking with Wintry besides me and Hellster on my shoulder. Humans were staring at me oddly, I think for the most part it was because I have a raven on my shoulder and a wolf besides me. "Well kid to answer your question, all three of you can sense the Goddesses when we are near her you will feel it trust me." Wintry said. We crossed the street and walked towards the center of times square. I saw moving advertisements everywhere they really caught my eyes. So many humans around, so hard to get around if it is so crowded. Wintry started sniffing around in the air. I looked at him "You smell the goddess or something?" I asked. "Nope, just smelling all the good cooked meat." He replied in a cheerul voice telepathicly. I stood and looked around. Hellster flew up off my shoulder "I'm going to see if I can spot her from up top" Hellster said. He flew up on top of one of the advertisements and looked around seeking out the Goddess. "Hm wait a second, if there are so many people how can you spot the Goddess?" I questioned. "The Goddess has a unique Aura usually a rainbow type aura. We have have a sight that allows us to see all auras, I am not sure if you have that." Wintry said. "Yeah actually, I do have that vision wish I knew that from the start." I replied. I shifted my eyes to see all auras. Blue, black, red, so many colors bursting out each person. Seems like humans think alot also, I saw alot of auras shifting between colors. "I don't see her anywhere, she is supose to be her in this area A'albiel told me before we left" Hellster said to me and Wintry telepathicly. "Keep looking, she is here somewhere" Wintry said. Hellster stayed there for about 3 minutes. "I see her!" Hellster said. Hellster flew up apparently going on top of where she is. Me and wintry moved forward. Towards the area that Hellster was hovering at. As I moved forward I saw the Goddesses aura getting closer and closer. I saw her and her 2 friends. Vivian had black hair with little waves at the ends, dark brown eyes, wearing mostly all black, she had very tight shorts on that went close to her knees, and stockings on legs with tiny black shoes, she had on a black shirt, and a white like cardigan over her shirt. We locked eyes, "Hello Vivian" I said. "Um who are you?" she asked. "I'm the prince of darkness and I need you to come with me now the world is at stake. You are the goddess of Aries" I replied. One of her friends was petting Wintry. Vivian gave me a awkward look, "What a fucking creep " she said and Vivian and her friends walked along, and I heard one of her friends say "he's cute.". I heard wintry laughing " I don't think she likes you kid, you need a better approach" Wintry said. "oh gee thanks for the motivation" Hellster was above us " I'm going to watch over her you guys go kill time or something" Hellster said. "Well Wintry I'll follow you" I said.

Me and Wintry walked around exploring the city. We went to flushing in New york I saw beautiful woman, giving me eye contact, a lot of eye candy if you ask me. Me and Wintry went into a food court, and grabbed some dumplings, I was worried people would have said something like the dog must go. I think the humans were more worried about his size, I used my chop sticks and ate some pork dumplings and fed some to Wintry. A group of girls approached my table and started playing and petting Wintry. "Aw such a cute dog" the girls said. I was sitting at a table of four so the girls sat in the other 3 seats, while Wintry was on the ground eating those dumplings. "So what's your name, where are you from" one of the girls said, she had short black hair with bangs, a red shirt, blue jeans and flip flops. "Tell them you are from Japan kid" Wintry said telepathically. "My name is Grim, and I am from Japan" I said to the girl. "Oh so you are Japanese, that's cool. My name is Cindy, I'm from here in New York, but my family is from Korea. These are my two friends Tina and Mary" she said , the girls waved at me. " That's a cute dog you have, and you're pretty cute." she said flirtatiously, "Actually he is a Wolf" I said. "Oh wow a wolf I am surprised I knew there was something different about him than a dog" she replied. A group of guys approached our table. "Hey Cindy" one of the guys said, I didn't pay them attention I continued eating my dumplings, one of the other guys said hi to the girls , "Oh hey Thomas" The girls said to him. "Meet our new friend Grim and his pet wolf he is from Japan" Cindy said. Thomas waved at me "nice to meet you" He said, I waved back. One of the guys looked like he was obsessed with working out and building muscle. "Sup Cindy baby" he said. She gave a careless "Hi" in return, "What's wrong you don't want to talk to me with Mr.Emo fag over here?" He said. I continued to eat my dumplings paying him no mind. "Shut the fuck up Ralph, always talking shit because all you do is work out" Cindy said in rage. I said a quick heh, Ralph looked at me his face red, "you think this shit is funny?" he said as his voice increased. He grabbed the 3 dumplings left on my plate and ate them. "You think that shit is funny now" he said. "Ralph you are a fucking asshole and bully, this is why I broke up with you a long time ago." Cindy said. "It's okay I'm full anyways." I said. The Ralph guy grabbed Cindy's cheeks and face. "You fucking belong to me, I own that body, I own that pussy, that ass, everything!" He said in rage. Her friends and his friends told him to calm down, his friends tried to pull him off. I felt a lot of jealousy from this guy. The girl Cindy started to cry a bit, a lot of humans saw this occurring and did nothing. Wintry had enough, he jumped on the table and snarled. He grabbed wintry by the top of his hair, at that point some anger in me sparked, I got up and grabbed his arm that was grabbing, Cindy's face and started to squeeze it. I punched him under his fore arm, doing that to humans disables their hands/arms for a bit, making his arm let go of Cindy and Wintry. I pulled him in from his arm, moved behind and locked his elbow. The whole food court got quiet "Listen to me, and listen to me well, if you dare touch Cindy again or bother her or touch my Friend this Wolf again. I will fucking kill you, do you understand me." I said full of rage. He was screaming in pain, I smirked, enjoying him in pain. I pushed him off. "Let's go Wintry." I walked towards the exit with Wintry by my side, Cindy and her friends followed me outside as well. We walked about a minute outside. "Come over here little bitch" I heard the guy Ralph screaming as he walked towards me fiercely. "This guy is quite annoying" I said. Cindy pulled me "come on please just walk away" she said. I stood still Ralph got towards me and swung a hook to my face, I would of ducked the punch but Cindy would of got punched. My head turned to the side a bit. Wintry snarled again."Oh my God" Cindy said, "Leave him the fuck alone" Cindy yelled. I turned my head forward. "Cindy please let go." I said in a calm voice. She let go of my arm, "Calm down Wintry" I said." Were you trying to tickle me Ralph?" I said in a calm voice. Ralph's face started to glow with rage in his face. He swing again I blocked his fist and rushed in with 10 blows to his face, and then I finished him with a hook to the right side if his face, with only 5 percent of my power because if I used anymore than that I would of have killed him or broke through skull. He fell knocked out to the ground. I Guffawed out loud. His friends came out, "So sorry for this" his friend Thomas said. Both of his friends tried to pick up his body and sit him on the side of the building, you should probably get of here before ambulance and cops come. Me and wintry started to walk as the Girls followed.

"Thank you so much" Cindy said, he is my old jerk boyfriend, I gave him my virginity and he thought he was the shit after" she added. "No problem" I said. "Well maybe since you are new around here, I can show you around" She said with a smile. "Sure, I have time to kill" I said. So all of us walked around, she took me around the city, to Chinatown, manhattan, and back to Times square. By the time we got to Times Square it was 10pm. "Oh look at the time, we have to go Grim, sorry about the trouble you had today." She said. She came and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. "Oh can I have your number?" she asked. "Oh, I don't have a phone" I said. She frowned, "oh well, maybe we will meet again." She said with confidence. The girls petted Wintry and he licked them and they went on their way. "Hellster how are doing doing over there?" I asked him telepathically. "Everything is alright over here I guess the girls are going home" he replied, "Alright tell us if anything happens" I said. Me and Wintry sat in Times square station, waiting around for 10 minutes, "Guys we got trouble, gang bangers just kidnapped the Goddess in the alley" Hellster said alarmingly, Wintry rushed out of the station I followed, "Hellster make a portal now" Wintry said. "Alright it's made" Hellster said. Me and Wintry walked into a alley, Wintry made a roar like a lion and a swirling purple portal opened up. Wintry hopped into it, I hopped behind him. On the other side Hellster was sitting down in his Raven form, "Guys look down there" he said in the parrot like voice. I saw 5 guys grabbing the girls and touching them sexually, groping their breasts and behinds. I turned Thanatos back into a cape and jumped down, "Sorry boys to rain on your parades but I need to take these girls with me" I said. Wintry and Hellster came down. "Who the fuck are you mother fucker?" He said. I looked at the goddess, her shirt was ripped open with her bra showing and the other girls . "So you guys are trying to rape these woman." I asked. "Mother fucker I asked you a question." The gangster asked. "I'm the Prince of Darkness, that is all you need to know." The Gangster laughed, and the other 4 got off of the girls and walked towards me. "isn't that the boy from earlier?" one of the girls whispered to Vivian. "Yeah that's him, we are doomed either way, we are going to die" The Goddess said as she started to cry. The Gangsters got closer 2 of them had knives, I held my ground as they circled me. I was glaring the Gangster closest to me. Wintry snarled. Hellster stayed floating. "I got them kid, I haven't had fun in a while" Hellster said telepathically. The first gangster ran towards me, at the last second Hellster turned into his real form and slammed the gangsters face into a brick wall, breaking his face through the brick wall. The other guys backed off a bit in fear "Yo what the fuck just happened" one of the gangsters said. As I said before I am the prince of darkness." I said with a strict look. The goddess said to her friends "I can't believe this did you see that?!" she said. Then Wintry spoke from his mouth "Let's get them, scum that walk this earth" Wintry said. The Gangsters looked at each other, "That dog just spoke what the fuck, I'm getting out of here" the gangster tried to walk to a door down the alley Wintry shot a ice needle into his leg, freezing his legs to the ground. "Well well now, time to whoop some ass" Hellster said while cracking his fists and neck. The guys with knives tried to stab wintry in the chest but his armor was too hard to be penetrated, and it broke the knives, "Sorry boys my armor is made out of Hell titanium, a thousand times harder than normal human metal." He said smirking. He grabbed their heads, slammed them together then threw them into the wall as well. With two gangsters left one paralyzed and the other on his knees begging for mercy. "I won't ever do this again, I only had to join them or they would kill my sister, I had no intentions of raping them, that's why I didn't do anything but hold her down, please I beg you please, I don't want to be in this gang life I do this and make money to support my sister" He said crying. "His aura is sincere, leave him be" Wintry said. Wintry unfroze the ice that had paralyzed the other gangster. The other gangster begged as well, he had to join or else they would have killed him. Since Wintry had the power to do anything even make money, Wintry coughed up 2 stacks of ten thousand dollars and gave a stack to each of them. Take these and get out of here and do something with your lives, and get out of new york and start a new life. "Thank you, thank you, thank you" the Gangster came and took the other one that was paralyzed and lifted him up and walked him out of the alley. When the gangsters left I approached the Goddess,"So Vivian, who is a creep now, I closed my eyes with a smirk." she said. "Thank you" She said with a sorrowful voice. I took off my cape and it transformed into a blanket and it covered her. "What is this cape thing?" she asked "It's a abyss soul cape. It changes into whatever at the owners will." I replied. "So how far is your house?" I asked. "About 10 minutes away" She replied. "Get on my back" Wintry said. She got on his back and Hellster turned back into a raven. "So who are these guys?" She asked. I'll explain later, let's just get you home. We walked her to her house and her friends as they guided us to their homes. We got to her door, She got off Wintry. We started walking away, "Wait, you guys can come in of you like, no one is home, my mom went to China for the week." We walked into her house. "My room is over there" she said as she pointed down the hall of her room, we moved towards the room we saw a bed that was queen sized with pink blankets with flower designs and a laptop on it, sky blue walls, a big dresser and closet I sat on the edge of her bed and laid down half way with my feet on the floor. Vivian walked in and tossed me my cape. She took a towel, and a pair of underwear and shorts, "I'm going to shower, make yourself at home guys" she said. Then she walked to the bathroom leaving her bedroom door slightly open.

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