Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Hell breeds on Earth

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"So since we technically have her now what do we do?" I asked. "Well we have to convince her to come with us and we can move to the next location and get the rest of the Goddesses." Hellster replied. "I hope she agrees to come with us and isn't stubborn." I said. "Don't try anything fishy kid, like trying to bang the goddess haha." Wintry said in his beastly voice. "Oh no thank you, there will be nothing going on." I said. The Goddess came back in with her hair wet and a towel on her head. She threw her clothes in her hamper. She then sat on the bed with her legs crossed looking down at me as I was laying half way on the bed still. "So now tell me the story of what is going on with me and you guys." Vivian asked.

We then explained the story to her and that she is the Goddess of Aries and so forth. "Wow she said, sorry for calling you a creep earlier. I guess I was a little out of line for that." She said drying her hair with the towel. She kept drying it for a few minutes. "Well I am going to sleep now guys" she said. I got up off the bed. "You can sleep with me." She said. I looked at her, "sure if you insist" I replied. "No not you silly, the doggy" she said. I looked down at Wintry and said "oh". Wintry replied to her "No thanks." "Alright suit yourself, sleep on the floor if you want." she said. I changed my cape into the form of a single person couch and laid back and closed my eyes. Wintry balled up in front of the couch and Hellster sat on the dresser and fell asleep. I closed my eyes and said "Goodnight". She replied the same.

Me, Wintry, and Hellster woke up before the Goddess the next day. I stood up and walked to the bathroom. The bathroom had a sweet feminine scent to it. I pulled up the seat and took a leak. Flushed the toilet, washed my hands and walked back to my couch. Vivian rolled over a bit, "Morning" She said half awake. "Morning little ram" I said jokingly. She looked at her clock on her small dresser, "Ugh I have work in 2 hours, time to get up now."  Vivian said. She got up with her eyes half open slumping walking to the bathroom. "Hope she isn't a grumpy one." Wintry said. The doorbell rang, "Hey check who that is please?" Vivian said with the door closed sounding like mumbles in the bathroom. Hellster flew to the door and looked through the eye piece of the door. "It's one of your friends from yesterday." Hellster said to Vivian. "Oh we work the same time today, let her in." Vivian said. I unlocked the deadbolt lock, then turned the door knob and pulled the door open. She walked slightly into the door. "Um hello guys" Vivian's friend said as she walked past us awkwardly into Vivian's room. "I'll be out in a minute Rebecca" Vivian said as I heard the toilet flush. She then walked out and went to her room, I walked slowly behind her. I saw her friend sitting on my cape which was a couch at the moment. "Hey can you guys step out the room? I'm about to get dressed." Vivian asked. All three of us stepped out the room closing the door behind us. "Hope she doesn't fart on my cape." I said. Wintry and Hellster bursted out laughing. "What?! I'm serious" I said crossing my arms. I could hear the girls whispering about us and the situation that happened yesterday.

I crossed my arms, "I'm going outside, get me when they are done talking" I said. I walked outside and sat on the front stairs gazing to the sky, I felt the warm sun on my face with a small cool breeze touching my arms. I wondered if catching one Goddess was this easy how hard could this get really? Save thirteen females, save the world. I laughed to myself out loud like a maniac. I knew someone could hear me laughing so I toned down my laugh. I heard the door creak a little behind me, "what are you laughing so hard about weirdo" Vivian said in a silly tone. "Oh, um nothing just remembered a joke from a while back" I replied. "Well I am going to work now, you guys can escort the great and mighty Goddess over here" Vivian said in a stuck up tone. I walked back into the house and grabbed my cape and turned it back into a hoodie. Hellster sat on my shoulder in his form of a raven while Wintry walked beside me as a wolf. "Let's go my servants" Vivian said. I rolled my eyes Vivian and Rebecca walked in front of us three. I could hear them as we walked, talk about girly things. I heard makeup this, cute guy that, clothing this. To me it was a whole bunch of gibberish. "I guess girls here talk about the same stuff as they do in the Abyss" I said walking with my arms folded behind my head. "I guess girls just like things and cute boys." Wintry said. "Don't forget breaking hearts" Hellster said. I chuckled a little "I guess I did forget that part" I said.

The girls are still in front of us and talking and we are getting close to times square again because I remember the signs and this path. We walked towards the center of times square, there was a lot of humans around like usual. When we got to the center Vivian turned her head around "Well I'll catch you guys later I suppose my job is right down the street come pick me up at 8pm boys" She said walking off with her friend. "I honestly think he is taking this Goddess thing to much in her head, she is acting like a Queen now." I said "Most girls always think like Queens kid, Gues you havent realized that" Wintry said. Hellster Laughed or should I say more so squawked. We started walking forward a bit, people staring at me and Wintry looking at us oddly. Why do humans stare? Is it because we are something they have never seen or is it because the simple fact they can't mind their own business? I find humans already to be annoying and vile. Suddenly Wintry stopped I looked back, "What's wrong I said, have to pee or something?" I said sarcasticly. "They're here" Wintry said in a dead tone. Wintry looked back, and at that moment also Cindy approached me "Hey Grim!" she said as she wrapped her arms around me to hug me. "Hellster Spoke telepathically "making a few female friends eh" Hellster said. "Oh you have a birdy too" Cindy came to pet Hellster but he moved his head. "Um yeah he isn't too people friendly." Cindy smiled, "Oh I see I guess he is shy."  "Um your doggie is running off" Cindy said. I looked back and saw Wintry running back towards Vivian. I spoke quickly to Wintry in my head "What's going on?" I asked. "While you two were dilly dallying you didn't notice that the hell breeds are here!" Wintry said. Hellster flew of my shoulder and flew towards Wintry. I started to hear humans screaming and running yelling things like "what the hell is that" and "demons, demons! the devil is rising" I looked at Cindy and held her hand "I will be right back okay? Go to safety for  a bit please!" I said as I let go of her hand and ran towards Wintry. I looked back as a ran for a quick second I could see the look of worry in her eyes, almost like she was in love with me, I looked forward and ran. I caught up and I saw demons, they looked just like gargoyles, they were grinning devilishly, Wintry was snarling at them while Vivian and her friend stood behind Wintry Hellster was just standing on the ground. "Why don't you just go back to your real form and fight." I asked. "Because I do not want to alarm the humans or them to see we aren't what they think we are." Wintry replied still snarling. Hellster came out of his Raven form. "Fuck what the "humans think, I'm not here to please them." Hellster said cracking his knuckles. "Okay fine then" Wintry said as he formed into his true form. "Let's do this boys" Hellster said smiling. The Demons seemed not intimidated at all. You guys don't seem to know who I am at all do you" Hellster said. One of the demons opened their mouths, "no need to care, you re going to die regardless" The demon said laughing. "Just as dumb as these humans" Hellster said He rushed in so fast I couldnt see him he punched one of the demons in the face and the demons body started flying. He moved again a second time and as the body was flying he teleported above it and Hellster used his hands and slammed the demon into the ground and at that Hellster teleported down and slammed the demon into the ground more. "Done" Hellster said as he was laughing like a maniac. "Oh shit" Wintry said looking up. I looked up and saw a swarm of Demons. I went to attempt to pull out my ethereal weapon, but it wouldn't appear. "What the hell is going on did I lose my powers? Fucking human world, I feel so stripped." I said in frustration. "Kid we will figure that out later turn your cape into a wrap bandage I can make you an ice sword. The swarm got closer I  turned my cape into a long bandage and I handed it to Wintry he made me a  ice sword with the bandage on the handle. He tossed it to me. "Stay on guard i'll take this side you get the other side, and judging by how Hellster is slamming all those demons down he has got the middle. Oh and also protect the Goddess." Wintry said as he leaped forth into the air I looked back at Vivian as she was shaking and I looked forward again. The only thing I could feel was aggravation because I couldn't use my ethereal weapon. The demons approached me in a group. I swung the sword with all my anger slashing them in half from the face, they turned into ashes as they died from this ice blade. They were getting more and more bunched up to me. I thought about my dark blast. I put my arm out with my hand open and blasted a wave of darkness. At least I know that works I thought to myself. I threw a multiple dark blasts and when I throw dark blasts it sound like the bass in dubstep music. I continued to rush in slashing the demons over and over like a maniac. I saw Wintry in the sky throwing ice shards every where like daggers killing the demons off like nothing, and Hellster made the demons fall like falling stars. I noticed that he wiped out his center section. He jumped back to my area and got in front of me and started punching the demons directly in their faces. I heard a scream, I looked back and it was that girl Cindy. Hellster I'm gonna go help her. "Do what you want these guys are a joke for me." Hellster said punching them side to side. I guess some Demons got hungry because I saw them around her  ready to feast I got close and slashed one of the demons through his stomach I stabbed the sword through the demons face because I felt the blade wearing dull. For the last demon I charged a dark blast and threw him in it, he was basically imprisioned in it getting crushed by the gravity in that blast. I picked up Cindy until she was on her feet. She stayed still for a second, and hugged onto me. In fear I could hear her crying. "You've been saving and protecting me, Bad exboyfriend and now demons"  She said. I could felel her wrapping her arms tighter around me. I slowly put my hands on her back, not knowing how to react to this. I heard stabs and slices behind me, I turned my head and there was a demon with Ice shards penetrated through his body. "Need to get your senses up kid." Wintry said. He grabbed my cape to me and I formed it on my body like a hoodie again. "What are you..." Cindy asked. Vivian and Hellster came behind me. Hellster put his hand on my shoulder. "He is the Prince of Darkness."Hellster said. They both turned back into their animal forms. Cindy's eyes opened with shock. "So the whole time those animals were your friends?!" Cindy asked. Yes it seems. I am the Prince of Darkness and I am here to save your world from what troubles it, I'm here to save the Goddesses of the Zodiac. The girl there is the first Goddess I found" I said as I pointed to Vivian. "You found?!" Hellster said in his bird voice.  "Well WE found." I said correcting myself and scratching the back of my head. "More like I found." Hellster said. I put my hand on Hellsters beak. "Alright we get it let's move on." I said. "Won't those monsters or demons or whatever they are be back for this place?" Cindy asked. "No I doubt it, they are after the Goddesses not you humans.   " Wintry said in his beastly voice. I saw Cindy still shivering. "I'm scarred, is this the end of the world." she asked. "Not necessarily" I replied "not yet at least." She was still shivering. I thought to myself. I turned my hoodie into a cape, I tore off a corner piece of it and put it into her hands. "This is a living cape, it will transform to the shape of ones thoughts or desires. Just try it out and focus" I said. She closed her eyes tightly thinking. The torn piece formed into the form a pink puppy. "Oh my God!" she said. "It will grow with you becoming more stronger." I said. "I hate to be a party pooper but I think we have things to do we have to get out of here." Wintry said. Hellster laughed, "You always shit on the party." Hellster said. "Well kid you should walk this girl home we got the Goddesses." "But I don't know my way back!" I said. "Just tell us when you are done Hellster can guide you back" Wintry said. "Yeah tell me when you are done busting a nut" Hellster said as he flew off my shoulder. I face palmed myself, I saw Wintry and rest walk back. I looked at Cindy "sorry about them" I said in embarrassment. She giggled, "No it's fine he is funny" She replied. We started walking to her house with her puppy following us. "Oh my God it's so cute" she said. I just glared at it for moment. "Does it eat anything?" "They don't have to, but If you want it to grow feed it fruits, they love fruits" I replied. "Oh that's simple" she said as she smiled. We kept walking a bit more, "How much further" I asked. "Oh we are almost there."  she replied. She wrapped her arm around mines. "Isn't it a little fast to be coming on to me?" I asked. She removed her arm and started blushing. "haha sorry yeah you're right" she replied. We walked for two minutes more. "Well we are here." she said. "Alright have a goodnight" I said as I started walking away. "Hey why don't you come in? I live by myself don't worry!" She said smiling at me. Well I didn't eat before I left the abyss, just a small bowl of cereal, I only need to eat once a week but that cereal was nothing. "Sure I will come in" I said.

I walked up her stairs and took off my shoes and left them in the hallway. "Any meat you like in particular?" She asked me. "Well I really love squid"  I said with a big smile. "Haha do you like spicy?" she asked. "Oh yes, I have been craving spicy" I replied. "Alright one ojinguh bokkeum coming up" she said. "What is that" I asked "Oh it is spicy squid stir fry" She replied. She opened up her fridge as I sat at the stool on her counter,  she brought half a melon, and cut it in half she then placed them on two plates, one on the floor for her puppy and one on the table for mines. Thanatos came shifting off me like when a cell replicates it's self. Thanatos sat himself next to me in his original form that looks like a demon with a red visor eye going back and forth and the rest of his body black with a long black tail like a rat. "Why is yours so scary?" she said in shock, "Scary to you, normal to me. he is one of the strongest from my world" I said "So does he take shape on what you imagine" She said. "No he is stubborn, he only listens in a serious issue or when I am in danger but otherwise he doesn't listen at all" I said. "You got that right" Thanatos said. I giggled a bit with my hand over my mouth "Oh my he talks too" she said. "Having one of these is like having an alter ego or twin, he is more like my twin because we don't listen." I said. "Guess we got some bad boys here" Cindy said laughing with sarcasm. I watched her prepare everything. "Would you like some vodka?" She asked. I took a cup and poured myself some vodka, not even some, more so a full cup. I took slow sips.  We started to chat about our lives, I told her about the abyss and what is going on. After 30 minutes. The food was ready she had her own plate and she handed me one "eat up and enjoy" she said as she smiled I felt the vodka making me tipsy because I had an empty stomach. I slowed down my pace of drinking I was on my third cup of vodka, I was focused on eating but she kept trying to talk to me. I finished my food and I was stuffed, I kept drinking my Vodka and she was still eating. "Wow you must of been starving you ate that so fast!" she said.  I felt drunk out of my mind. "Maybe I should get going now" I said. I got up and I tried to walk, I couldn't even walk straight. Thanatos got up and helped me up because I was faltering. "You can stay if you wish" she said. "No it's okay" I said. "It is smarter if you stay here for the night" Thanatos said. "Okay fine" I said slouched over. I looked at Cindy I noticed she started to get the glow in her face from drinking, I had it too. "I'm going to the bathroom, where is the bathroom" I asked, "Down the hall to the left it is right before you reach my room. I walked to the bathroom and closed the door, I unzipped my pants and took a piss. I zipped my pants up after, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and walked out. Cindy was right by the Door "Well I guess I will sleep on the couch night" I said as I turned around. Cindy grabbed my arm and pulled me into her room.  She turned on the lights and pushed me onto her bed as she closed the door. This was another weakness of me, or well of anyone, intoxication. She got on top of me on the bed. She lightly started kissing my neck then my ear, "I want you to take me tonight" she whispered in my ear. "I cooked for you so now you have to fuck me". I felt her hand rubbing against my private area. "How many cups did you drink" I asked her "10 I think, but that doesn't matter" Cindy said. She started dry humping me. I was getting aroused, but I wanted to resist. She moved her hand slowly into my pants, I grabbed her hand before she got to my private area. "What's wrong? Can't handle me?" she said. I really hate when people doubt me, I turned and pushed her on the bed and I was on top of her. She tightly wrapped her legs around me. "Oh I like it rough." She said. At this point I was really turned on. She pulled me from my neck and started kissing me passionately. I closed my eyes and just let myself go. I started dry humping her. She was moaning a bit, I started to slide my hand into her pants, I could feel she was really wet. "Oh my God" she moaned out loud. "Just out of curiosity, how many people have you slept with?" she asked. "one" I replied , "one?! Seriously, I don't believe you, you are so hot you have had to sleep with more than one person" she said. "No one that's all" I replied. "wow who was it a friend? Or were you dru-" she said as I cut her off I reached my fingers in her, she was moaning so loud. "let me take my pants off I don't want to get them any wetter" she said. I moved so she can take off her pants, " take your pants off" she said to me. I slid my pants off, she took off her shirt and now she was in her underwear and bra, , I took my tanktop and shirt off, I pushed her on the bed and started humping her some more , "You know, I approached you in the food court because I wanted you so bad" she said I slowly started rubbing her private area putting my fingers inside too. "Oh my God, fuck me right now" she yelled. I was having fun teasing her and she was going crazy. She reached her hands into my boxers and started stroking me. I pulled down her underwear and took off my boxers. "Take off your bra" I told her. She took it off, I slowly got on top of her. She pulled me down for a kiss. I wrapped my arms around her waist. I slowly went down on her about to stick myself inside of her. Then suddenly we heard a clinking on the window. I got off the bed and quickly put my boxers on and went to the window.  I saw Hellster clinking, I opened the window a bit. "What is it" I asked. "It's been over a hour I've come to pick you up" Hellster said. I looked at Cindy, she looked at me. It's fine just take your stuff and leave. I went over to her to hug her but she pushed me off, just go please. I got my clothes on. I went over to her again and she looked at me angered. I  looked her face to face and we stated at each other and I quickly went in for a kiss. She calmed down a bit, I think maybe she was more upset because she wanted me to herself. "Maybe we will meet again she said "When we do, I'm going to make sure you are mines". I giggled a bit I went to get my shoes, "Good luck" she yelled to me. "Oh Wait! What is your number." I asked. She yelled out 10 digits to me and I closed the door. Hellster glided in front of me and sat on my shoulder. "Did I mess something up?" Hellster asked.  "Well let's say this, say you're playing a video game and you are saving it and right before it finishes saving, the electricity goes out." I said in a bitter tone. "Oh I get what you mean, sorry about that, kid are you alright you aren't even walking straight" He asked. "Actually no I'm pretty drunk right now drank some vodka" I said. There was no one around so Hellster went into his original form and helped me walk back to Vivian's.

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