Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Departure

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We got back to Vivian's after about twenty minutes. We walking in the door, Wintry was in his human form, I noticed. Vivian, Wintry, and her friend Rebecca were playing a game of Jenga, on the rug. "Hey don't slam that door!" Wintry said with a competitive voice. Hellster closed the door slowly. I could feel the tension of the three of them, slowly pulling bricks out. "What were you doing anyways kid" Wintry asked me while he was focused on pulling his brick out. "Oh that girl Cindy cooked for me so I decided to stay" I said "She also gave him some vodka and was bout to get his dick wet" Hellster said while laughing. Vivian and Rebecca bursted out laughing, the vibrations of their laughs knocked the jenga tower down. Wintry sighed. He dropped the brick he was holding and got up. Goddess, we leave tomorrow, please pack your belongings in the morning. She smiled "sure thing, you guys are carrying my luggage right?" . "No but my cape will compress them and hold them for you" I replied. "Well okay, whatever that means." She said. "Well I am going to sleep now". Vivian and her friend walked to her room going to sleep.

I was sitting in the dark still a little drunk. "Do you think the hell breeds will strike tomorrow also?" I asked Wintry. "I am not completely sure." Wintry said. I put my head down for a bit, the world felt like it was spinning. "Oh and kid" Wintry said as I turned my head to him. "Don't be like this play boy over here." Wintry said pointing towards Hellster. Hellster laughed "Sorry too many hot human woman to resist" he said. I put my head back down. "Hellster just sticking his cock everywhere" I said. "damn straight" he replied. I got up, I had to pee like a horse, I ran to the bathroom and one of the girls was in there, I started putting my hands between my legs like a child when they need to urinate. Vivian's friend actually ended up coming out the bathroom as she can out slightly I ran in and shut the door and locked the door. I unzipped my pants and urinated. The great feeling to release it after holding it for so long. I finished and zipped my pants up. I washed my hands and I looked up to myself in the mirror while the water splashed on my hands. I thought to myself, what am I doing? I'm suppose to be saving this world not get drunk like and be Hellster jr. I dried off my hands roughly on the towel. I opened the bathroom door and walked out leaving it open a bit behind me. I went to go sit on the couch. Thinking about Cindy but something in my gut told me, me and her would meet again. I guess that's another weakness of mine, Korean woman. I laughed silently to myself. I kicked off my shoes and laid on the couch with my legs crossed I grabbed Thanatos and turned him into a blanket. Wintry came over in his wolf form. "Why do you sleep in your wolf form if the people already know we aren't human. Might as well stay in your angel form or whatever you call it." I said to Wintry. "I find sleeping in this form more comfortable that's all." Wintry said as he laid right next to the couch on the side of me. Hellster came in shortly after. "You chumps sleeping already in surprised." He said. "Well unlike you we know we have a job to do, you just. Lolly gag and check out the Goddesses breast" Wintry said. Hellster scratched his head "Ah so what not my fault she looks good." He said. Wintry closed his eyes "I'm going to sleep see you in the morning pervert" Wintry said. I laughed a bit. "Why are you laughing kid, you didn't get any today" Hellster said. "Well you know a little birdie cock blocked me today. Just saying, night" I said as I closed my eyes. "Ah whatever just a couple of prudes, guess I'll sleep also" Hellster said as he went to lay on the other couch.

I started to dream. I could see Emily and a man behind her holding her. Pale face, long black hair and a long cloak. In my mind I do love Emily but I feel as though she couldn't be with me I'm truly a monster I do miss her, but this guy I don't know who he was. He pulled out a sword and I pulled mines out. He let go of Emily and we started to clash blades. He was beating me in this battle, I couldn't keep up. He pierced his sword through me, it felt so real. I woke up at that moment in sweat. I pulled the top half of my body up and I put my hand on my face and looked around. "it was just a dream" I said silently to myself. I laid down again thinking about Emily, I started to miss her more. I remember me and her used to cuddle when we were younger. She moved far away for a few years and she was dating someone by the time she moved back. I had so much jealousy and I can't let it go. I know that's a bad trait I want to let go of my jealousy but I can't but I find it funny how she left him to be with me again. Maybe within time we can be together. I don't want to have sex with her because I don't want her to get too close to me yet. Yeah I fantasize about her but maybe I need to let go of this jealousy first. Cindy almost looks like the human version of her maybe that's why I was so attracted to her. I think too much about this stuff. I closed my eyes and attempted to sleep again.

It was the next day, I opened my eyes and felt a glare of sun on my face. Wintry wasn't by my side anymore I assumed he was helping Vivian pack. I got up and pushed my hair to the side, wouldn't be surprised if it was a mess. Hellster was still snoozing on the couch. I walked towards Vivian's room. The door was slightly cracked, I opened the door and saw clothes everywhere. Vivian looked at me, "Oh he's so cute when he wakes up" she said. "I don't know why females intend on having thousands of pairs of clothes when they don't wear eighty percent of their clothing" I said with my eyes barely opened. "Wow someone is grumpy" she replied. Wintry was picking up her clothes and asking her if she wanted a piece of clothing or not. "Where's your friend?" I asked her. "Oh she left early and went home, I hope she will be alright" she replied. "Well I don't think we will see demons for a bit, we have to get out of here soon anyways just to be safe." I said. "Well when she is done choosing we will leave" Wintry said. I walked back to the living room, Hellster just woke up. "We leaving yet?" He asked me. "Nah Vivian is choosing her clothing" I replied. "Girls and their clothes, so many bought, so little worn." I laughed and nodded my head in agreement. Hellster walked towards Vivian's room. "Damn all these clothes and how many pairs are you actually going to wear" Hellster said. "Jeez well you know, us girls love clothing, I am almost done anyways" Vivian said. "Are you going to clean up this mess after? I think your parents will freak out, seeing how you're not coming back anyways haha" Hellster said. "I thought about that. I will leave a note on my door telling them I am on a trip, and I will lock my door" Vivian said. "sounds like a plan, hurry it up them" Hellster said. "Don't rush me asshole" Vivian said. "Whatever this is taking forever" Hellster said. He came back into the living room. "She needs to hurry the fuck up" Hellster said as he laid back on the couch with his hands behind his head. Me and Hellster waited for twenty minutes. Wintry came out with a big luggage bag of clothes. He dropped it in front of me. Vivian came out with her laptop. "Let's go" Vivian said. I swiped Thanatos over the luggage and it disappeared. "So where did my stuff go." Vivian asked. "My room" I replied. Vivian opened her eyes in confusion. "Okay, whatever she said, as long as my clothes are fine" She said. "Well time to call A'albiel" Hellster said. "A'albiel the Aries of 13 is here so please just appear" Hellster and Wintry said together. A wall of blinding light appeared and a figure walked through it. It was A'albiel. Vivian opened her eyes in shock. "Oh my God is that an angel" Vivian said in shock. A'albiel approached Vivian, of course it is an angel" he said smiling and approaching her. Her eyes were still in shock and her mouth a bit open in silence. A'albiel looked at us three. "Boys good thing you planned to leave now, the humans have spread this all over the news. Please try to make sure all of this is set to a minimum so the humans don't get so alarmed." he said. "Don't worry we have it under control" Hellster said. "A'albiel, I have a question for you" I said as he looked at me with a look of confusion. "I tried to fight the demons with my ethereal weapons but I couldn't pull it out, do you have any idea why?" I said. "Well I am not sure, but the next area you are going to, you will meet a Witch named Sadonia. She may have the answer to your problem she is all around good with elements she has done a lot of studying on these topics." he replied. I gave a smirk and replied "alright". "So unfortunately Vivian is still in the form of a human so I cannot simply teleport you all to Boston. You will all have to drive there" A'albiel said. "Who here even knows how to drive" Vivian said. "I do" Hellster replied. "I have a car, nothing wrong with it, I don't ever drive because the traffic here in New York is pretty hectic." Vivian said. "Perfect, you should all get going now. I have to get back to heaven." A'albiel said. A'albiel faded away into light. I started to walk towards the door, everyone followed behind me. We all got outside and Vivian slammed her door, then testing if the door knob was locked. She walked towards the back of her house down a small stone pathway. She then put a key in a hole and turned it and her garage doors went up. "Hey guys" Hellster said as we looked at him. "I kind of want to purchase some clothing so I don't have to walk around in this armor." Hellster added. "I don't care" I replied. "Whatever you want" Wintry replied. The garage door fully opened, Vivian threw Hellster the keys. The car was a black Honda. Hellster opened the door and pressed the unlock all doors button or whatever you would like to call it. Vivian sat in the passengers seat, me and Wintry sat in the back. We all slammed the doors all about the same time. Hellster turned the key, the car started. We heard the small rattle and vroom, he turned the car into reverse and we backed out of the Garage. The garage started to close itself, I'm guessing it had a auto sensor. "I prefer manual" Hellster said.  "Shut up and drive" Vivian replied. Hellster laughed a bit. He spun back in reverse a little more then he shifted into drive and then we  drove forward, Hellster looked both ways before actually going into the street. He moved slowly into the street the streets were clear and we were on our way to the highway to Boston, the traffic in New York was very small today oddly, but better than it being hectic. "I'm surprised you know how to drive Hellster" I said. "Psh what else were you suppose to think" he replied. "I thought you were only good at kicking ass and fucking girls" I replied. Wintry and Vivian let out small laughter. "Well I'm good at that too" he replied I snickered a bit. "Oh he's so bad" Vivian said. "oh you're just getting to know him" Wintry said.  "Well anyways I'm going to take a nap" Vivian said. She put her head back and closed her eyes. I stared out the window as the cars passed us and as we passed the cars. Wintry seemed so focused staring out the window, Hellster was focused on the road. We must have passed hundreds of trees on this road and it seemed like it was going to take forever, this ride being about 4 hours. "Hellster can you put on some music the ride would seem shorter." I said. He turned the knobs for a minute slipping through radio stations. He found a radio station with some metal music. "How is this kid" Hellster asked me. "This is fine I suppose better than pop but I prefer hardstyle, I love the feeling of bass going into my chest, a lot of clubs in Abyss play heavy bass songs like hardstyle and dubstep." I replied. "Ah I see" he said as he slowly lowered the volume not to disturb the Vivian in her sleep. A car tried cutting us off in our lane and Hellster quickly turned and yelled out the window "watch where you are driving asshole" Hellster seemed annoyed at that point "Humans also can't drive either kid." Hellster said. "I see" I replied. I rolled down my window and felt the breeze through my hair, the hair that was covering my right eye flew on the side of my head. "So since we are here I want to know a little more about you guys to let time fly." I said. "Well kid you first we don't know that much about you and you started the topic." Hellster said. I rolled my eyes "Alright. So you guys already know I'm the son of Azrael and Victoria and by human race I'm Japanese. I don't have much to say, I have a bakeneko girl that follows me around trying to get me to do her. I have my best friend in Abyss named Wolfe that's in love with a Succubus. There isn't much about me" I said. "You aren't doing her? You are crazy" Hellster said. "He isn't like you Tenma, he doesn't fuck everything" Wintry said muffling with his hand over his mouth looking out the window. "He was about to fuck that Korean chick" Hellster said laughing. "Well I guess that's another part to me, I have a weakness for Japanese and Korean woman, especially Koreans" I said day dreaming about Cindy for a moment. "Anyways Hellster it's your turn. "Okay fine. Well I am half angel, half hell breed. My mother was a witch also like you kid, my faster is Baal, I already told you most of the story. I am feared by most in Hell because when I was young I killed 200 demons at a young age. I was a little rebel until Michael took me into Heaven and taught me everything good and bad. He taught me how to use the spear, your father Azrael taught me how to use the scythe, your mother taught me how to use my magic powers. I was also taught how to use Axes by the gargoyles and Wintry taught me how to be fast." Hellster said. "Wow some life you have there" I said. "So Wintry what about you." I asked. "Well as you know I am the God of ice. I used to watch over a village of ninjas until we were ambushed, all my people died. The ones I sworn to protect. I found the clan that murdered my people and I wipe out thier entire clan by myself." Wintry said. I saw his fist shaking a bit, seemed like he was building up a lot of anger. "Relax Wintry" Hellster said, "I am relaxed" Wintry replied. Then the music shut off, it was for a special news broadcast. "Everyone brace yourselves the end of the world is coming, there were demons yesterday after noon in times square, our police force seemed to have fought off the force well." the news caster said. "Wow now the humans are lying about saving the world" I said. "Yeah that's humans taking credit for what we do. Disgusting." Wintry said. We continued to listen please everyone be careful if there is an emergency just call 911 and lock your doors. Our military will be searching around for clues and evidence of this occurrence." the news caster added. "Fuck this, if the military wants to take down the demons with a few guns let them. When this goes on again I am going to watch them get slaughtered if they want to take credit for what we did. Demons are invulnerable to guns. Physical attacks do damage because the demons have a shield around them. The only thing besides physical attacks that can penetrate the barrier is blessed weapons or weapons not from earth." Hellster said in frustration. "I agree, if they want to take credit we will sit in the back lines and watch them get slaughtered." Wintry said. The news forecast ended and the music resumed. Vivian was still sleeping, the three of us were annoyed by the lies of the humans. By now we had already driven 2 hours and another hour and a half about to go until we get to Boston. We were all pretty much silent a few jokes here and there but nothing really to talk about on the road. "Hellster where did you learn to drive?" I asked. "There are cars in Hell" Hellster replied. "Hell is like earth, but a bit more darker and a lot more sex and such going on there is so much to Hell just like there is a lot to Heaven and Abyss." he added.  "I guess I have plenty to learn." I said. "By the way kid if any humans get in your way, just fuck em' up." Hellster said laughing. "I already did" I replied "Some arrogant human, looked like a meat head was talking all this shit because he had muscles and he was harassing his ex and I knocked him out" I added. "Yeah he did" Wintry adding to what I said. "Wow kid, yeah you will see a lot of these arrogant humans running around they think they are tough because they have muscles but actually they are one hitter, quitters. Hit them once and they get knocked out." Hellster said. "Yeah that was my situation" I replied. "Nothing to worry about then" Hellster said. I looked up through the front Window and saw a sign with an arrow saying Boston. I guess we were pretty close to being there. "About 20 minutes guys" Hellster said. I was relieved because soon I would be out of this car. Hellster shook Vivian "Wake up sunshine we are almost there" Hellster said. Vivian woke up with quite a grumble. She sat up and stroked her hair. We kept driving "What's a good shopping district here?" Hellster asked Vivian. "Hm... Copley is a good area to go shopping at!" Vivian replied. "I don't know my way want to take the wheel" Hellster asked. Hellster pulled over quickly and Vivian and Hellster traded seats. She continued driving. "Here we are, in Boston!" Vivian said. I yawned and covered my mouth, we ended up and Copley and parked the Car.

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