Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Welcome to Boston

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013




We all got out the car and slammed the doors and Vivian pressed the lock button on her car alarm. "Here we are guys, this is newbury street in Copley" Vivian said. "Where to shop?" Hellster asked. "H&M would be the perfect clothing store for you I think" Vivian said with a huge smile on her face."Whatever works, as long as I get out of this armor" Hellster said. Vivian put quarters in the parking meter. We all started to walk down the street Everyone stared at Hellster oddly most likely because he was in his armor. Younger people that walked past us were saying things like "that is so cool" I looked around the world a bit, it smelled a bit weird to me, pollution in the air, gas of cars. I wonder how humans live this way. The sun had a strong glare on my face, we walked a bit and arrived there. "We are here" Vivian said in joy. We all walked in, security looked at Hellster funny, but Hellster paid him no mind. Vivian looked for clothes that would look nice on Hellster, dressing him almost like a doll. "Oh this looks good on you" Vivian said to Hellster, pulling clothes into his face. Hellster gave a disgusted look and walked past Vivian and saw clothing he liked. I was also looking at some of the clothing, some of it was to bright for me, I like to stick to my dark colors. Wintry didn't seem interested in any of the clothing. I tapped Wintry on the shoulder "I have something I wonder Wintry. Can we discuss this outside" I said to Wintry. "We will be outside for a minute" Wintry said to Hellster.

Me and Wintry walked outside. "So Wintry. If Satan, Lucifer, The devil or whatever you want to call him is sealed why are his demons coming out? Why are people walking around like nothing is happening?" I asked Wintry with a voice of confusion. Wintry crossed his arms. "Well kid all his minions are still around even though he was sealed, his army wasn't. Telling by the way they attacked us the seal must be close to broken, they are just carrying out Lucifers work to steal the Goddesses so when he is out of the seal they are all together so he can easily acquire their powers. Unfortunately for him we are in the way though. The humans are also so calm because most of them think it's a government scam because the government tries to fool so many humans. Humans are so used to the lies they don't even believe half of what the government says. They think it's some scam to make the world believe shit." Wintry replied. "Ah I get it now. No one believes them  anymore. I guess it is a see it to believe it deal on this world." I replied. "Exactly" Wintry said nodding his head. I looked around a bit, watching humans converse, the world is so lost to what is going on.  "Oh Wintry speaking of which, where is Sadonias house, do we even have a map or anything?" I asked. "Don't worry kid it is all under control we know where we are going." Wintry replied. I always feel like these guys are hiding stuff from me but they know a lot more than I do so it would be wise to just follow them like I've been doing. "How do I look boys" Hellster said as me and Wintry turned around. He had slim fit gray jeans on, a brown leather jacket on but unzipped, a red T shirt, and some black shoes on that were pointed at the tip and were high topped. "A lot better than wearing that clunky armor" Wintry said. "I feel two tons lighter and I feel less restrained. I feel like kicking some ass!" Hellster said in joy. Humans looked at Hellster as they walked by not sure if it was because he talked about kicking ass or they thought he was attractive. "You should have let me dress you, you would be so much cuter" Vivian said. "No thanks. Fuck that you want me to look like one of those celebrities on T.V. I'm a free man, I do what I please." Hellster said. Vivian pouted "Whatever you aren't that good looking anyways" Hellster laughed and replied with "Cool story" Vivian looked really upset at this point. "Wait Hellster where is your armor" I asked "It's like your cape kid, ethereal material" Hellster said opening the driver door. "Well that explains it" I replied. We all got in the car. "I'm hungry" Vivian said. "Can it wait?" Hellster said. Vivian gave Hellster a cold look. "Let her eat, we will have enough time to get to Sadonia's" Wintry said "Fine" Hellster replied. We all got out the car again. "So what would you like to eat princess?" Hellster said sarcastically. "Japanese food sounds nice about now. There is a place my friend told me about around here called Men Tei. Let me search it on my phone" Vivian said. Vivian was using a map app on her phone. "This way" Vivian said as she started walking. We followed walking to the side of her. There was a lot of humans begging for money. "Shouldn't we help those people" I said. "Nah kid. A lot of those people did it to themselves. Most of them want money for drugs and alcohol. The only ones worth helping are the ones that ask you to buy them food." Hellster replied to me. "In this world kid, it's taken over by professionalism and money, everyone wants you to wear a suit in a tie but a lot of this corporate pigs are idiots that think because they have some paper they own the world. Some of them buy their way through life and it's sickening. Just a bunch of educated idiots I suppose." Hellster added as he flexed his arms behind his head. I looked around and explored the area, the human world had a lot of similarities and diffrences compared to Abyss. I observed the people around me. People kissing and holding on to one another. Friends laughing and joking with each other. I guess the human world, like anywhere else has its ups and downs. I also notice that humans like to play the "staring contest" game. I guess they think it is something that makes them look tough. I could also see how the men look at women, they wait until a woman is turned and check out their ass. There is alot of lust in this world. Not saying I am perfect or I don't have lust, but the way the humans act is a bit disgusting. I may also be a hypocrite also becuase I may do the same if my hormones start acting up. I bursted out in a laugh. "You okay kid" Hellster said. "Oh sorry, I'm fine I was just thinking to myself, and I notice that alot of the men here love, ass watching" I replied. "What man doesn't, you and Wintry are just odd." Hellster said. "Alright playboy" Wintry said. Hellster laughed. "I also notice that alot of woman are checking you out Hellster" I said. "They are doing the same to you too kid. You just aren't paying attention to many of them. I guess I got the looks no woman can resist." Hellster said smirking. "I just hope no demons pop up anytime soon" Wintry said. "Don't want the humans taking credit again Wintry?" Hellster said with sarcasm. Wintry shook his head. "Oh Nevermind dammit." Wintry said We finally arrived at Men Tei. Waiter approached us, he was in casual clothing, a graphic tee, some jeans, and sneakers. I looked around the restaurant, it was quite small, almost the size of a studio apartment. "Table for four" the waiter asked. "Yes please" Vivian replied. The waiter walked us to the table and handed us all menus. Vivian sat next to Hellster and I sat next to Wintry. Vivian skimmed through the menu, Hellster looked like he was reading every detail. Wintry seemed just about ready to order. After a few minutes the waiter came over and asked for our order. "Are you all ready to order" he asked. We all put down our orders as he wrote it on a piece of paper. He then walked over and placed the paper next to the cooks while they prepared our food. "So after this right to Sadonia's right?" I asked. "Yes if princess pain in the ass will listen" Hellster said. "Hey! I am not a pain in the ass. I was only hungry" Vivian replied. Hellster leaned back in his chair "You want to go shopping after I bet" Hellster said. "Actually yes" Vivian said. "Exactly" Hellster said cutting Vivian off at the end of her sentence. Vivian quiet and rolled her eyes. I think she had some attraction to Hellster but, it was more so off of looks i'm guessing. I could hear the cooks talking in Japanese and laughing making jokes about stuff that happened. I saw a guy and a girl at another table. The girl looked bored, I turned my ears to their table, and it sounded like the guy was trying to impress her all he was talking about was himself, I know that is always a turn off for girls. Reminds me of that guy in New York that I knocked out because he was too full of himself. I put a big smirk on my face. I looked outside from the window and then heard the waiters voice, asking which order is which is dropping it in front of each of us to eat. I had chicken curry with rice, I glanced my eyes upas I ate and saw Vivian looking at my food. She then turned her eyes to me giving awkward eye contact then I would turn my attention somewhere else. Vivian then stuck her chopsticks in my food and took a piece of my chicken curry. She didn't seem to know manners she ate the chicken and laughed. She then looked at Hellster's food "Don't you dare" he said knowing her next tactic. She turned her eyes back to her own food and continued eating. I finished eating first because I'm a quick eater. Hellster finished a few seconds after me. "You guys eat too fast"  Vivian said. Me and Hellster glared at Vivian. She quickly went back to eating. Us three guys waited for Vivian so we could leave. Vivian took forever to eat it was actually starting to annoy me. She finished eating and we asked the waiter for the bill. We paid and left a extra tip. "Let's go shopping now" Vivian said. All three of us looked at her. "Never mind jeez" she said. We all walked back to the car. We all got back to the car and sat in the seats we sat in earlier. "No more stops!" Hellster said. "Okay I get it" Vivian said. Hellster Turned the key and started the car. He shifted the gear in reverse and turned out of our parking spot and we were on our way to Sadonia's.

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