Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Sadonia's House

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At this point we were driving to South Boston. All the running around and waiting for something to actually happen again like in new york, but all of nothing happening was boring me. I can't fight without my ethereal weapons. I really hope Sadonia can get me to summon my weapons again. We drove for about 30 minutes and arrived in South Boston. We parked the car again and got out. Hellster looked around and started counting down numbers. "Do you even know where we are" Vivian asked. "Of course, shut up" Hellster replied. "Ah ha" Hellster said out loud. Hellster knocked on the door. A teenage boy opened the door. "Hey we are looking for Sadonia" Hellster said. "MOM, you have some visitors" Her son said. "Oh who is it" Sadonia yelled from far away. "Tell her we are the Guardians of thirteen" Hellster said. Her son yelled out loud what Hellster just said. "One moment!" Sadonia said in urgency. I could hear her quickly walking to the door. As she got closer I saw her features, she had blonde hair, blue eyes, looked around mid thirties or early forties. She got to the door. "Oh my God, Grim you've gotten so big and Hellster you have grown so much, being a handsome man. I bet the ladies are after you." Sadonia said as she was pinching Hellster's check. Hellster was blushing. "Miss I don't believe we have met" I said in confusion. "When I met you, you were a baby, your mother was Victoria. You were such a quiet boy" Sadonia replied. " I see, figures why I don't remember you." I replied. "come on in ladies and gentlemen" Sadonia said. "Oh so that's how you knew where her house was Hellster. I said. "Of course i've known Sadonia for a very long time." He replied. "So since you boys are here I assume the prophecy has begun? I heard what happened in new York. I highly doubt it was the police force and their fake gimmicks. Humans still do the dumbest stuff, I don't know why I stayed in this realm." Sadonia said. Sadonia looked at all of us and smiled. "So she is one of the thirteen, which sign is she?" Sadonia asked. "Aries" Vivian said in a tone of a queen. "Pleased to meet you my name is Vivian" Vivian said introducing herself in a stuck up voice. "Hello there Vivian" Sadonia said with a smile. "Ready for your training?" Sadonia asked. "What training?!" Vivian replied. "All the Goddesses need to train in order to get their powers back and to be able to fight the demons along side us. Besides God, you are the only ones that can seal the devil back up." Wintry said. "I don't want to do all of that, I'll like break a nail or something" Vivian said in a rude tone. Hellster face palmed and shook his head. "She still thinks like a human" Hellster said in frustration. "Give her time. Besides we just got here" Wintry said. "Oh speaking of which, everyone come I want to show you the training area I prepared" Sadonia said. We all got up and followed her to the basement. "Here you have it a portal to Rathea" Sadonia said. "Rathea as in Abyss Rathea?" I asked. "Yes Grim" Sadonia said smiling. Sadonia flicked on the lights. We saw a small demon like the ones we fought in New York but this one was purple. Vivian screamed. Hellster covered her mouth to shut her up. "Don't be alarmed this is grapes, he is a friend of mine, he disagrees with this whole war and finds it silly" Sadonia said. "Sorry to startle all of you. Like Sadonia said I am not in this war, rather yet I am here to teach the Goddesses how to beat on my corrupted brothers." Grapes said smiling. "So he is trustable Sadonia?" Hellster asked. "Yes completely" Sadonia replied. Hellster took his hand off of Vivian's mouth. "Come though the portal when you are ready" Sadonia said. Grapes flew into the portal first, Sadonia and Wintry walked in behind him. Hellster grabbed Vivian's arm and they walked in together I walked behind them. We walked into a more fancier bigger house. Wow this house is amazing" Vivian said. Vivian seemed so thrilled about Sadonia's house in Rathea. "Here look back here boys, Vivian explore around, Grapes follow her" Sadonia said. The three of us followed Sadonia to the back yard. The yard was huge, as big as a football field. "I intend on turning this as training grounds for the Goddesses, I will add dummies for them to beat up on, Grapes will add a lot so he can instruct them all in the proper training." Sadonia said. "That's a perfect idea" Wintry said. "If you boys ever need to train you are always welcomed here." Sadonia said with a smile. "I have never been around Rathea area much" I said. "Well this is sort of hidden private property, the closest town is thirty minutes away. Look through the front window or step out the front if you please" Sadonia replied. I walked to the front and walked out the door, we were on the top of a large hill, I could see the whole town, I felt happy to be back in my own realm, but unfortunately I cannot stay here for the time being. I saw two jack-o-lanterns sitting outside, the front door. I slowly stared at the jack-o-lanterns and walked back into the house. "Vivian will stay here for the night just to be safe, do you boys have a Goddess here to find?" Sadonia said. "Actually we do" Wintry said. "Do you know what area of Boston she would be in?" Sadonia asked. "Not sure" Wintry replied. "Well this is a sticky situation. Maybe try Copley and Downtown crossing tomorrow. Those are two major parts here in Boston. I prefer you try copley first." Sadonia said. "That is a perfect idea, she will most likely be there. That will be our first trip tomorrow" Wintry said. "Oh let me show you boys the spell room incase you need to do some research or learn a few spells." Sadonia said. She walked us to a set of spiral stairs and we all walked up. The walk looked a bit high but not too bad.

We arrived at the top and there was a black iron door with runic writing on it. Sadonia touched the door and a glow came off of her hand as the door opened from her touch. We all walked in, the room looked like a giant library some of the books were flying off and there was fuzlixies. Fuzlixies look like black fuzzy creatures with purple spiral eyes, they are very kind but can be hostile when pushed to their limit, a few of them came up to our legs, I kneeled down and petted some of them, "Oh there you all are" Grapes said. Vivian was right behind him, "This room is so huge" Vivian said. She looked around in amazement. She started walking around and looking around. A fuzlix came behind her, she got down and pet it, "these are so cute I want to take one with me" She said seeming adored by the fuzlixies. "No you can't take one to the human world, because if they find out about these they will just try to experiment on them like everything else." Sadonia said in a little bitter tone "Sorry, it just disgusts me that humans will experiment on anything that isn't from this world or is a new discovery to them." Vivian looked a little sad can I sleep with them for the night?" Vivian asked. "Certainly" Sadonia said. Vivian's face glowed with a huge smile. She seemed very excited as the fuzlixies followed her around. Wintry started reading through a thick book with a light blue cover. "I hate reading anyways" Hellster said. I saw Sadonia shrug, "Whatever you say I'm not forcing you" she replied. "Dark Prince, maybe you should read this." Grapes said. He handed me a black book with the purple gazing spiral of the abyss. The cover was in Japanese which said "Book of shadow magic" I looked at the book some more and then I remembered why I really needed to talk to Sadonia. "Hey Sadonia!" I said out loud, she turned and looked at me "I noticed that in the human realm I can pull out my abyssal weapons do you have any solution to this" I asked. Sadonia let out a little smile, "Yes I know of this, you aren't the first to have this happen, it occurs because you switch realms and things that had existed in your realm cease to exist in another realm, but there is a solution." Sadonia said. She pointed out her index finger and started to draw something in the air, I couldn't make it out, she finished with making a circle around it and it looked like a star pointed up with a santanic star locked into it. "This will work in any dimension, realm, or wherever you travel to." She said. "Perfect I will try it when I get back to the human world." I replied. I opened the book and skimmed through the first few pages. I saw floating fire around the library, one of the fuzlixies ate one of the fires and I noticed he turned red, I was assuming that whatever element they swallow that is the color they change, I don't know much about fuzlixies besides the fact they are fuzzy. I put my eyes back into the book and skimmed a bit more through the pages. The book was very interesting I was learning new pentacles and the effect they do, some of the effects were amazing but had a bad effect on the user as in draining all their energy. One for example was named "immaculatus" it tripled your power, strength and speed for 15 minutes but after the duration your body is paralyzed for 3 minutes, that's quite a disadvantage in a battle. You would have to take the enemy down before the effect wears off. I closed the book and placed it on the shelf, somewhere where I would remember to pick it up later. I walked towards Sadonia "I'm all set in here" I said. Sadonia reached for my necklace, "hm onyx. Did you know crystals can absorb sound and light and power you up." She said. "No I didn't know actually" I said. She have me a smile as she rubbed her fingers around the onyx. "Take good care of this crystal, Sometimes you may feel a little boost in your time of need" she said. She let go of the crystal. I am going to get little miss spoiled and show her the room she will be sleeping in." Sadonia said with a smile. I giggled a bit, because Vivian is actually spoiled. Sadonia yelled Vivian's name. Vivian slowly came walking to her "Yes miss" Vivian said. "I want to show you the room you will be sleeping in missy." Sadonia said. Vivian Quickly rushed and followed Sadonia out the Library. I saw Wintry still looking into the book he first picked up. He seemed very focused so I decided not to bother him at all, I walked outside the library. I could hear Vivian voice as I walked down the stairs "Oh my God this bed is huge I love it" She said. I continued walking down the stairs, I walked out to the front entrance again. As I walked outside I saw Hellster stretching and cracking his knuckles. "What's going on kid?" He said. "Nothing really, just checking out the starry sky, I guess Sadonia is showing Vivian the bed room she will be sleeping in." I replied. I heard Vivian's voice moving closer and closer. I turned my head around and saw Sadonia and Vivian behind me. Vivian looked up. "Oh my God this sky is beautiful, the stars shine so elegantly." Vivian said. I noticed her eyes got lost into the sky. She then looked across the sky and saw some of the cities. "Wow those cities look amazing, I already love this place" she added. The sudden thought of Vivian's belongings popped into my head. "Thanatos bring me Vivian's belongings" I said. Thanatos then became a hand and slowly dropped Vivian's luggage on the ground. "I didn't even notice your hoodie was a ethereal cape" Sadonia said. "That's the point" I said with a smile. Vivian had a bit of trouble picking up her luggage, I wasn't surprised because all the stuff she brought with her. Hellster picked up her bag of luggage like nothing, "Show me the room, I'll place it for you" Hellster said. Vivian seemed dazed by Hellster's strength. She Grabbed his arm, "This way!" Vivian said as she dragged Hellster to her room. Sadonia pulled out a cigarette, put it in between her lips, snapped her fingers and created a small flame lighting her cigarette. She inhaled and exhaled smoke. "Have you mastered your Ether Beast" Sadonia asked me. "I believe so" I replied. "Can you turn it into a jet pack to dash." Sadonia said. I looked at Thanatos. "No, I haven't learned that yet, I'm guessing I have alot to learn?" I replied. Sadonia looked at me "Indeed you do kid, you can do so much with that Ether Beast." Sadonia said. "They also react to different things, if you make it eat certain things like guns and such it can change form to a ether version of it." I smiled, "Sounds exciting" I said in response.

Wintry walked outside and Hellster behind him. "Vivian is taking a shower" Hellster said. Wintry walked ahead a little more and stared at the vast sky. "I like this place" Wintry said. "The air is so dark but yet pure. The Sky is not hot but nor cold. It is also so much cleaner than the humans air." He added. "I'm going to go in now boys" Sadonia said as she threw her cigarette down and squished it, pivoting the tip of her foot. Sadonia walked back into her house I kneeled down on the walk way. Wiintry sat down with his legs crossed and Hellster sat down also. "So how are we going to do this tommorow? I am not familiar with this world" I asked. "Don't worry kid it is all under control, we will go into the big city and find these girls, piece of cake." Hellster replied while patting my shoulder. "Hellster it isn't that easy, last time it wasn't a piece of cake, Vivian thought we were creeps." I said. "No kid she thought you were a creep" Hellster replied laughing. I stared at Hellster, "Anyways, no one has a plan? Not even you Wintry?" I said looking at both of them. "I have nothing, we just have to let things go as we meet the Goddesses, they will act different to us depending on the type of people they are. Some will find us weird, some will listen to us and not find us as creepy or more so friendly." Wintry said. Wintry stood up, I am going to do a little more reading in the library I found some interesting things. If you guys need me you know where to find me. I will be there all night." He added as he walked back into the house. "Kid dont stress this stuff man, everything will be okay, worry about training yourself and being prepared when the real enemies strike. Those little demons we fought in New York city were just minions, they are such a joke. Wait until we get to the real legions and the leaders of those legions and maybe even the horse men of the apocolaypse if we are lucky" Hellster said with excitement. "Fighting excites you alot doesn't it: I asked. "You are starting to learn my friend. When there is a fight I will be there." He said with a devious smile. He got up and patted down the back of his clothing. Well I am going to check on Vivian kid." Hellster said walking towards the house. I sat down staring at the vast sky, wondering how it will turn out tomorrow.

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