Protector of the thirteen Goddesses

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Scorpio and Cancer

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Submitted: February 17, 2013




It was early morning in the human world, but in abyss it was still dark. Time in Abyss is 5 times slower than the human world so the days are longer. I went back into the house and walked towards the room Vivian was sleeping in. I slightly knocked and the door opened loosely. I pushed the door opened slowly and saw Hellster and Vivian laying in bed with her on his chest and his arms wrapped around her. There was also about five Fuzlixies inside too they came to my feet and sniffed me. Once all the fuzlixies came out I slowly closed the door. I walked down the hall towards the library again with all the fuzlixies following me at my feet. I walked into the library and saw books conversing amongst each other. I cuffed my hands around my mouth and called for Wintry's name three times. After the third time I heard "Over here kid". I followed the sound of Wintry's voice. I found wintry sitting at   table with a stack of books next to him. His eyes seemed intrigued in the book he was reading. "You like to read don't you? Reading isn't my thing" I asked. Wintry kept his eyes into the book "I like to do alot of research kid and I guess you can say I am a bit of a bookworm. Alot of the time when I read I find alot of useful information that can be used in future references." Wintry replied. I looked up to the ceiling to see the night sky still there. "Where is Hellster" Wintry asked me. "He is sleepng in the bed with Vivian" I replied. Wintry shook his head. "Hellster always has a thing with the women. Guess he can't keep his dick in his pants, he acts animalistic like a human man, can't keep his hormones away." Wintry said. I laughed a bit. It has been about 2 hours in this world, so I am guessing in the human world 8 hours have passed I assume. That should be enough sleep for the both of them." Wintry said. He closed the book he was reading and left it on the table. "Let's go kid, we have work to do." Wintry stood from the table and walked towards the library door. I followed behind him. I looked at my feet noticing the fuzlixies stopped following me.

Me and Wintry had arrived at the room. Wiintry pushed the door open and saw them laying there. "Time to wake up" Wintry said. Vivian and Hellster streched and made that morning moaning noise. Hellster came from under the blanket. He had his pants and tank top on. "Hellster Grabbed his shirt  and vest from off the floor. He Quickly put them on and grabbed his shoes. We all left the room and closed the door so Vivian can get dressed. "Vivian meet us in Sadonia's house when you get up." Wintry said. Hellster slipped his feet into his shoes. "Surprised you aren't saying anything Wintry" Hellster said. "I'm used to it Hellster that might be why" Wintry replied. Hellster finished putting his shoes in. We all walked to the portal to the human world. We ended up in Sadonia's basement again. For some reason I like the smell of basement I know it is odd but I guess everyone has their likes and dislikes. We arrived back into the house. Sadonia was sitting at the table in her cushion chair, she was wearing a blue bathrobe. She was also holding a cup while on her laptop. I smelled a strong scent of coffee, I like the scent of coffee but I hate the taste. Grapes was sitting in the chair right of her. Morning boys, Vivian still sleeping?" Sadonia asked. Wintry shook his head. "Hope you guys told her about the time difference" Sadonia said. "Well she knows to get ready and come here I already told her" Hellster said. Sadonia opened up a pack or marlboro lights and slipped a cig from the box and flicked her fingers on the lighter igniting the flame. She took a deep haul from the cig. "You boys want tea or anything? I just boiled some hot water. Tea packets are in the top cabinet." I walked over to the cabinet and saw different teas. The first one I picked up was spiced chai. I sniffed it and really like the scent so I decided to go with that one. Then grabbed a cup sitting on the counter and quickly rinsed it with hot water. I then placed the tea packet in the cup and then poured the hot water into the cup. I saw there was a container of sugar I took 5 scoops with a spoon and put the spoon into the cup and then I sat down. I took a quick sip of the tea knowing that it was hot. The steam touched my face, it was a warm sensation. Vivian came out slowly walking. She let out a loud yawn while covering her mouth. "Morning" Vivian said. "Morning missy, there is tea and coffee if you would like any, just make it and there is water in the pot I just boiled." Sadonia said. Grapes moved out of his seat. "I am going to the abyss to read a bit" Grapes said flying off. Vivian sat down looking very tired. Vivian looked over to my tea and then she looked at me. "What type of tea is that it smells so good" She asked me. "Spiced chai" I replied. I pushed my cup towards her. She picked up my cup and took a quick sip and put it back in front of me. "So am I going with you guys today?" Vivian asked. "No actually" Sadonia said. Vivian looked at Sadonia "Today I am going to train you so you can regain your powers back." Sadonia asked. Vivian smiled a bit, "So I can learn to make fire today?" Vivian asked. "Depends on how motivated you are, if so you will learn today, I will make it as easy as possible to start off, but the more stuff you want to learn the harder it will get" Sadonia said as she put her cup to her mouth and took a few sips. "When the boys take off we will start training" Sadonia said. "Actually I am going to stay here and help her train also" Said Wintry. Sadonia looked at Wintry, "whatever you want" Sadonia said with a smile. "I have to take a piss and wash up where is the bathroom?" Hellster said. Sadonia laughed a bit  "Upstairs to your left" She said. Hellster Quickly walked up stairs. I slowly finished my tea. Sadonia will browsing on her laptop. Vivian looked like she was still trying to wake up and Wintry went outside on the front porch. We all sat down quietly for a little while, Hellster came running down the stairs he patted me on the shoulder. "Alright let's go kid." Sadonia looked at me "Don't worry about the cup i'll get it for you." She said to me. I got up and walked with Hellster out the front door.

"Are we taking the car?" I asked Hellster "Not today kid we are just going to take the train, alot faster."  He replied to me. As we walked I stared at the people around me and the sky. "So did you sleep with Vivian last night?" I asked. "Yeah I was sleeping next to her." Hellster said with a laugh. "I mean having sex with her." I said. "No kid, I know I seem like a playboy, but i'm not one to come on to woman that fast, women get complicated after you do stuff with them, i'd rather keep complications out of the question right now." He replied. "Ah I see" I replied. "So how far is the train station?" I asked. "Right down the street kid. Be patient" Hellster said with a laugh. I guess maybe I was being a little impatient. We continued walking for about ten minutes. We then arrived at broadway station. I felt a strong breeze pushing at us as we walked downstairs to the train terminals. Hellster tapped a white card the gate so we can get into the train. There was another set of stairs we walked down. The station seemed very empty. I sat down on the bench and crossed my legs. Hellster sat next to me, he put his head down and started to fix his hair. A loud intercom came on "The next red line train to alewife is now arriving" I heard come from the intercom. Hellster got up I got up after him. I could feel the strong wind from the train blowing my hair up. I saw a very bright light come from the end of the tunnel. The train got closer and the light got stronger, the breeze from the train also got stronger. The train was starting to slow down then. I slowly pierced my eyes through many humans as I stared through the train windows gazing at them waiting for the train doors to open. A loud sound of steam came out of the train as the doors opened. Me and Hellster walked into the doors side by side. "This will be only two stops kid." Hellster said to me. I moved my eyes around analyzing every human. I saw that everyone sat in seats with a seat apart. For example there are seven seats but people would only sit in seat one, three, five, seven. But will not sit in-between. I am guessing humans don't like much contact with each other. There was a beeping noise and the train doors closed. Hellster and I stood in front of the closed doors as the train started to move. There was a heavy rumbling of the train as it started to move. Hellster kept his hands in his pockets as we rode the train. I guess there was a awkward silence because there wasn't much to say with all the ruckus of the train going on. The train then stopped at the next stop which was south station. Me and Hellster moved off of the doors to let the people enter the doors. There was alot of people in business suits getting on and off at that stop. The beeping noise came on again and the doors closed like before. Me and Hellster stood at the doors like before. I could see all the people looking down. One human tried to engage in a staring contest with Hellster. Hellster stared at the human with his look of death. The human put his head down. I saw Hellster smirk I let out a little laugh. "Oh you saw that kid" Hellster said with a smile. I nodded my head.

There was a couple we saw, A beautiful young asian woman with a light tan, the guy was a older man wearing a trench coat, caucasian to be exact. He had his hair slicked back, but some of the hairs were turning gray and he was aging you could see. He was a little big body wise. The girl was very thin and petite. The woman looked me in the eyes. I felt of a presence like she wanted to escape almost like she felt like she was making a mistake. I am guessing the reason why they are together is because he has money most likely. Through her eyes I felt sadness and unsatisfaction. Hellster saw the same thing I saw and a look of disgust came upon his face. "Man I hate disgusting pigs that think they can have younger woman because they have money." Hellster said out loud. I am guessing Hellster was upset and felt like starting a fight. I face palmed in embarrassment. The girl looked a bit embarrased after that. The guy then turned to look at Hellster. The guy trying to intimidate Hellster with a stare. Hellster kept his eyes sharp like a hawk. "May I help  you. Oh no wait you know who i'm talking about piggy?" Hellster said with a smirk. The guy became more enraged. "Shut the fuck up. At least I am doing something with my life and money." The guy said. "So how many other woman do you fuck on the side?" Hellster asked with a smirk. The mans face looked frustrated he started stuttering and he turned his head and look at his girlfriend. She was laughing at him we could tell. "Fuck you" The guy said to Hellster. "You mad bro?" Hellster replied. We arrived at downtown crossing and we got off. "Guy was as soft as a sponge" Hellster said. Me and Hellster started to walk down some what of a long hall. I was analyzing more humans like usual. Me and Hellster reached the end of the hall and there was a stair case we walked up. The subway smelled like pollution, humans, and piss. As we walked up the stiars I saw small writing on the walls from people that took a marker and just scribbled on the walls. As I looked ahead up the stairs I saw light of the outside and alot of chatter going on and we reached outside finally. The sun light was bright in my eyes. There was alot of of humans walking around on this sunny day. "Keep your eyes open kid they could be anywhere." Hellster said. I looked to my right while he looked to his left. We saw nothing no rainbow aura or anything. "Guess there ain't shit here" Hellster said. I looked up to the sky gazing at the sky and the sunshine but it was blinding my eyes. Hellster tapped me hard on the shoulder a few times. "Kid look! look!" Hellster said in excitement. I looked at the direction Hellster was pointing at. There was two girls walking with each other smiling and laughing and around them was a rainbow aura. Hellster pat me on the shoulder and walked towards the Goddesses. One of them had I blonde-bruntte type hair that didnt pass her shoulders she also had. green hazel eyes and light freckles on her face. She looked very caucasian but there was a few features that differed her like she was also armenian. The other girl had nice brown small eyes with eye liner around them with deep brown eye lashes. Her hair was brown with a nice wave that flowed in the wind. I then followed Hellster "walk slowly behind them but don't be too obvious kid." Hellster said to me quietly.  We followed both of them about ten feet behind. "Seems like they are walking towards chinatown" Hellster said. I could smell cigarettes and food from the food stands. There was taxis going by on the street and cops standing hanging out. Alot of people also in business suits. I could not wear that type of clothing, just doesn't suit me. I feel like those are worn to attractive woman or give the flag that they have money. I guess human life is to impress and to attract the opposite gender. I wonder if humans think about anything else besides attraction. Guess you can't change humans at all. I saw a sign that was lighting up in a pattern and it said Paramount. Judging by the people outside I assumed it was a place to watch plays. I continued to walk side by side with Hellster. As we kept walking the amount of cars increased and the stronger the fumes of the car gas got. Makes me quite sick honestly. We stood at the corner with about ten humans waiting for the stop light to change red so we could cross.Hellster and I ended up standing next to the Goddesses. We looked them in the eyes and they looked at us in the eyes. Then the Goddesses looked at each other smiling. I saw the light go to yellow then blinked red. Everyone crossed at the same time. Me and Hellster stayed back a bit and walked behind the Goddesses. They gave us another glimpse and smiled at us and then continued walking forward. "Looks like they have the hots for us kid" Hellster said with that evil smile of his. "I'm not too concerned about that, let's just get this over with" I said. Me and Hellster continued to follow. The girls walked into a restaurant called "Little Q". "Hope you are hungry kid because we are about to eat hot pot" Hellster said. "As long as there is squid i'm happy" I said with a smile.

We walked into the restaurant behind the girls. "How many today two?" The waiter asked the girls. "Yes please" one of the girls said. "Actually make it four" Hellster said with that smirk of his. The Goddesses gave a surprised smile. "Okay right this way then" The waiter said. We all sat at a table . Hellster sat next to the Goddess with Black hair and I sat next to the brunette. "So what are you girls names" Hellster said. The girl next to Hellster said "My name is Lena" and the one closest to me said "My name is Brittany but you can call me Boo". "Alright sounds perfect. My name is Tenma but you can call me Hellster and his name is Grim" Hellster said. "Very um... interesting" Lena said. Boo was skimming through the menu. "Can I get you guys any drinks to get started with." The waiter asked. "Water" Both of the Girls said. I'll take some "Ai no Hime Sake" I said. "I'll get the same" Hellster said. The waited walked off and we continued to converse with each other "Are you boys into clubbing?" Lena asked. We both looked at Lena "Well we are going clubbing tonight if you boys want to come it's twenty dollars to get it in each person. The name of the club is called Rise" Lena added. Me and Hellster looked at each other. "Sure what time" Hellster said "You have to meet us there at 9 tonight" Lena replied. The waiter came back with our drinks. I poured some sake into my glass and shot it down. The taste was refreshing and sweet. "So What can I get you guys today" The waiter said. Lena ordered what she wanted and Boo. Hellster didn't seem to care what we get. The waiter looked at me "Add squid please" I said. "Okay be back soon with everything" the waiter said. He walked away again. Lena and Boo were dilly dallying on their phones replying to texts and what not. "So what race are you girls" I asked. "I'm Vietnamese" Lena said. "I'm Irish and Armenian" Boo said. "Well I'm Japanese and Hellster is too" I said. The girls looked at Hellster "Are you albino or something" Boo said to Hellster. "I guess you can say that" Hellster said. "Oh my God I thought the red eyes were contacts, You're like my anime come true" Boo said. I laughed a bit. Hellster gave a odd smile. A different waiter came to our table with the pot of broth. She then turned up the heat so the broth can boil and they brought out a sauce with ingredients we can mix in the sauce. I put barbecue sauce and scallions in my sauce with a little bit of chili spice. We all sat in awkward silence not knowing what to say to each other. The waiter came back out with a bowl of raw vegetables for each of us and plates of the raw meats we wanted. Lena was quick to grab her meat and throw it into the broth first. I grabbed my squid and dropped it into the boiling broth as the steam covered my face. I saw the tentacles of the Squid curling as it cooked. Boo threw her Tofu and Hellster threw his meat in. We all slowly ate after the meat cooked.

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