Dead Doesn't Exist Anymore

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My name is Kristi Falls. I am, or was, a regular 12 year old that had just entered summer break. It all began when we heard of North Korea about to bomb the United States. My family decides to go to Sacramento, where it all begins...
Dead? Dead doesn't exist anymore.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Where It Begins

Submitted: June 21, 2013

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Submitted: June 21, 2013



Who am I? Well, that's easy. My name is Kristi Falls. I have layered medium length black and brown hair with side bangs that I usually clip up. I am, or was, a normal 12 year old girl who had just gotten out of school.

As usual, days were gone in a breeze. Every day was the same: I'd wake up at about 9 or 10 AM and turn on my laptop. I'd message my cousins Jake and Mary on Skype and then we'd play Minecraft. Then I'd eat breakfast, then play, eat lunch, play, eat dinner, play, then go to sleep, which I was kind of losing.

Anyway, when I wasn't playing with my cousins, I'd watch horror films on my iPod and wonder about them.

Zombies were my favorite. The unexplainable horror of the dead rising and eating others to multiply was especially interesting to me.

Whenever I thought the dead would rise, I’d laugh and mentally call myself dumb. How could the dead rise? It was scientifically impossible! But the world is full of possibilities.

Dead? Ha. The word that everyone knows, dead, doesn't exist anymore. Dead, instead of describing someone who has passed on, now describes those... Things that wander all over the place, the creatures that everyone is trying to avoid.

It all started when everyone heard about North Korea trying bombing the United States. Since my relatives, family, and I live in California, USA, it had shaken us to think of that a bomb would hit and destroy everything. My parents decided to bring our family and Jake and Mary's families to our cousins in Sacramento for a fun little family get-together.

Let me make some introductions..

My older sister, Carly, who's mature and very protective of my younger sister and I. She always looks out for us, puts me and Rin first, and is very talented when it comes to music. She's currently 15 and very tall for her age with long, dark wavy hair and sharp brown eyes.

Me, the middle child, Kristi, who's both immature but I can have my mature points, brave, and I'm not afraid to show when I don't trust someone. I'd do anything for my family and relatives. I guess I’m artistic and creative, and also I’m a huge internet fan. I'm currently 12 with, like I stated before, layered medium length black and brown hair with side bangs and glossy light brown eyes.

And finally, my little sister, Rin, who's very childish, innocent and curious. She never fails to be learning something new and she has many good skills like being creative. She's currently 7 but is short for her age and has long brown hair and large, pure dark brown eyes.

Who would suspect that my trip to Sacramento would become one of my last precious, fun memories?

As we drove to Sacramento at about 11 PM, I listened to songs on my iPod. The music covered the silence, and my eyes drifted to the outside world. The window was the only thing that blocked me from reaching out and touching the cold air. As the songs went on, the trees and the street soon blurred as I drifted off to sleep.

"....sti....Kristi.....Kristi!" The calling of my name didn't wake me up until I felt someone violently shake me. "Come on, get up! We're here!" I groaned a bit, rubbing my eyes. I stared at my car's digital clock, the blurred numbers showing 12:16 AM before my mom turned off the engine.

My family unpacked our stuff, since we would stay in Sacramento for a week. Once everything was unloaded, we door-belled. My cousins Mary and Jake answered the door, with huge smiles.

"They're here!" They exclaimed, snapping me out of my daze. "The Falls are here!!!" Mary ran upstairs to inform her sister, Megan, while Jake went to the living room to inform my cousin and his, Haylee.

And more introductions.

Mary Clairs first. She has light brown wavy hair. Her eyes are green, like the forest trees. Although Mary is quite innocent, if you mess with her, she'll get tough. Mary's currently 13.

Jake Los next, He has dark brown hair. His eyes are a lighter shade of brown, which are always behind his glasses. Although Jake seems to not take things seriously because of his sense of humor, he's actually one of the smartest and most serious guys I know. Jake is currently 12, almost 13.

Megan Clairs is Mary's sister, as I said before. She has the same light brown hair, but it's straight instead of waved. Her eyes are a lighter shade of green. Megan is quite shy, but curious and can be cheerful at times. She's currently 9.

And finally, Haylee Los. (Not Jake’s sister; they just have the same last name.) She has dark brown hair with lighter strands in the sunlight. Her eyes are a tan color. She's a silly and positive girl and is always cheering everyone up. Haylee's currently 9, too.

My other cousins, the one that lived in Sacramento, Jarem, Nate, and Arjay's eyes were glued to their laptop screen.

"'Sup Kristi," they all said in unison. I replied hi back, and walked past the dining room. Walking upstairs, my mom showed me the room I would stay in. I would share it with Rin, Carly, Jake, and Mary. I quickly put my stuff down, grabbed my laptop and charger, then raced downstairs, passed the dining room, then went directly to the living room. Surprisingly, I didn’t slip on the floor and fall like I usually do, since I’m a bit clumsy at times. Once I got to the living room, my eyes instantly directed to Jake and Mary, who already had their laptops set up and filming their videos.

You see, we all share a YouTube account, and we make videos maybe once every two or one week or weeks. I quickly plugged in my charger, started up my laptop, and typed in my password. It almost immediately went to my home screen, which had a picture I drew a month ago. My camera's light blinked on, and I started recording.

"Okay, I'm on now!" I said. We all played different multiplayer games, but the game we played the most was minecraft. Then, we heard something that stopped us from playing. We realized the that the cousins had gathered around us and the TV was suddenly on. The three of us looked at each other in confusion.

“Sorry everyone, we have to go.” Jake said.

“Bye!” the three of us said in unison and turned off our cameras, and then our laptops. Our attention turned to the TV.

"Breaking news, North Korea has launched the bomb. It has hit and exploded in Washington DC." The news woman said. "The firemen are trying to find the president, who is currently trapped under the wreckage. Reporters found a survivor running out of the nearby graveyard, screaming the dead has risen." I shivered. Zombies? I hope that's not true. Even though I enjoy watching horror-related videos, I don’t know what I would do if they came true.

"Don't worry about the dead rising part," my uncle assured us. "Get some rest, we have some nice plans for the week!"

So, we all went to the rooms we were assigned to.

"Do you think the zombies really rose?" Rin asked, with wide eyes. I shook my head, telling her to sleep.

The next days were peaceful and fun. It took our minds off of the whole zombie situation. We played various games with the whole family in the backyard, we played water war four times in the park, and we had picnics in various places. It was one of the best weeks of my life. But of course... happy moments never last. We stayed for the weekends and prepared to leave on Monday. As we packed, my uncle looked out the window and suddenly looked alarmed.

"Dad? What's wrong?" Jake asked, worried at his father's sudden action. My uncle shook his head.

"It's nothing. Hey, why don't you, the Clair’s, Haylee,  and the Falls go outside to play while we finish packing?" Jake nodded and informed us. As we played, Nate came.

"Guys, hide inside the shed. Go inside the secret room and wait there, okay?" Nate said. We were confused, but obeyed. We went inside the shed, opened the trap door, and went inside. It was cramped in the small room, but we all fit. Carly shut the trap door.

We all waited, patiently. We heard shouts, which scared me a little, and terror rose when we heard the shed door being opened. Frightened, but calmed down in a moment, we were silent. The footsteps walked around, and came close to our location. But then, the footsteps lead outside.

We all waited for Nate to come. Minutes passed by, when we heard something. It was a ringtone that made us all jump. Carly answered her phone.

"Hello?" She said, pressing her cell phone against her ear. "Nate? Where are--... Okay, I'll put it on speaker." She takes the phone off her ear and sets it to speaker.

"Hey guys, are you safe?" Nate asked in an alarmed tone. Not good. We all said yes, and questioned why he wasn't coming to get us. "Sorry.... You guys will probably hate us for this."

"What do you mean?" Haylee and Megan asked, confused.

"There were guys. Soldiers. Uncle heard them shouting outside, so he told me to hide you guys." Nate explained, and then sighed. "I didn't know.... That they...."

"What... They what, Nate?" I asked, getting more worried by the second.

"They evacuated us. We accidentally left you guys behind."


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