Perfect Roses Have Thorns

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Melissa Hark is the same old perfect girl. Kylee Selpha is the same old funny girl. They seem normal after that unexpected December day. However, both girls have changed emotionally. They are no longer good friends, but rivals in love. Nick Wetchers, the guy they are after. It seems like a normal love war. However, when Tristan Jenson, Nick's best friend, gets friendly with Melissa and when Melissa and Nick unexpectedly meet a handsome boy named Leon--Kylee's childhood friend, how will this love war play out?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Perfect Roses Have Thorns

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Perfect Roses

Have Thorns

“Perfection” Series

Book 2

By Kaitlyn Francisco


Melissa Hark isn’t any average 11 year old. She has golden hair that reached her shoulders, and big, ocean blue eyes. Her smile could brighten up the gloomiest place. All the girls were jealous of her, because she was perfect. Little miss perfect. All the guys liked her, because she was perfect. She was the only perfect rose in a bush full of roses.

Kylee Selpha isn’t a typical 11 year old. She has dark chocolate hair that went past her shoulders, and deep, shiny emerald eyes. Kylee had a laugh that never failed to make someone happy. However, no girls were jealous of her. She wasn’t perfect. Barely any guys liked her, because she wasn’t Melissa. She was a wilting rose in a bush full of roses.

The girls used to be friends. In fact, they were good friends, not far below best friends. They were alike in many ways. Their laugh, smile, and atmosphere. Well, not always for Kylee. Kylee could easily get into a killing mood if you hit the wrong points. Anyway, the girls were similar. However, people chose Melissa over Kylee.

It wasn’t that Kylee wasn’t pretty; in fact, she was one of the prettiest girls. People just thought that Melissa was better in the heart. Melissa was funny, and kind, and pretty, all a guy ever wanted in a girl.

Melissa and Kylee, the “twins” of Genowefa Middle School. However, they no longer had a kind relationship, because of one guy.

Nick Wetchers is a regular 11 (turning 12) year old. He was kind of a nerd, but didn’t have any bad acne or glasses. (He did, but that’s another story.) He was very attractive. His smile would make girls swoon over him. His laugh would make girls squeal. Yes, Nick was a very important person. He had milk chocolate hair, and honey eyes. You could say he’s a sweet guy. A normal rose in a bush full of roses.

Nick and Melissa were best friends. Nick and Kylee were best friends. The two girls had both thought that Nick liked them. Melissa even thought Kylee supported her on it. However, Melissa and Kylee weren’t friends anymore when they learned that they both liked Nick.

Nick had heard their conversation in the Nature Area about “trying to get Nick to like them”. He told them that when he was ready, he would decide who he liked the most. The three were a bit embarrassed, so they didn’t talk after that.

Melissa was sure that Nick would like her. She was Little Miss Perfect, wasn’t she? Well, you know what people say. Even the perfect rose has thorns.

Of course, this all happened in the first week of December.

Chapter 1: Birthday: Kylee

3 months later…

Kylee Selpha woke up to the bright sunlight. She rubbed her eyes to clear her vision a bit. She yawned. It was only 6:27 am.

“Usual wake up,” she thought. It was March 13. Today was… Kylee checked her calendar.

Nick’s Birthday

“Well, that’s nice,” Kylee thought dazedly, yawning. She was about to take a shower, when…


She ran over to the calendar again. She read it over… and over…

“It’s Nick’s birthday already?!” she yelled. “I don’t even have a gift!” Kylee decided to take a shower first.

“I have to get him something good!” she thought. “Or else I’ll lose this Love War!” Kylee dried her hair.

“What would a guy like?!” she said to herself, rummaging through her drawer. “Umm… A bracelet? A necklace? No, these are girl stuff.” Kylee groaned. She thought of Nick. What did he like? Acting, drawing, BlockBuild… That’s it! She could do something with BlockBuild!
“Oh, wait…” she thought. “He already has the game and its expansion packs.” She groaned again. There had to be something! She thought of other things he liked. Red, insects, hot chocolate, caramel, movies, and flutes. She wanted to make sweets, but that was for Valentine’s Day. Then, she remembered that he liked the ocean.

“That’s right!” Kylee thought, grabbing a star shaped bottle. “I had this!” The bottle was a bit small. Inside was some water and sand that was pink, blue, purple, and yellow. When you shook it, it swirled around. It was like a summer snow globe.

“I’m going to win~!” thought Kylee. “No, Kylee, don’t be selfish! It’s up to Nick, not you!” She decided to get dressed. Since it was still a bit chilly, she wore a light blue knitted sweater with a hood, and a denim skirt with black tights. She wore a gray scarf. She put blue heart shaped clips in her hair. Kylee placed the star shaped bottle into a small box and wrapped it.

To: Nick

From: Kylee

“There!” Kylee said, cheerfully. By the time she was done, it was 7:12. She placed the bottle inside her backpack, and then went downstairs to eat some cereal. Her parents weren’t there, so she was alone. She was used to it by now. Kylee’s parents were planning on getting a divorce. Of course, it was only a thought, so Kylee felt safe.

“They wouldn’t do that to me…” Kylee thought. “Would they?” She shook the thought off and poured cereal. After she ate, she checked the time again. 7:40! She had to hurry!

Kylee slipped her boots on and grabbed her bag. She ran outside the door. (And locked it, of course!) She made her way to the school. Finally, she reached her destination.

For the first 4 periods, Kylee tried to give Nick her present. Melissa gave Nick her present first. (Of course) Even though Nick knew that Melissa liked him, it hadn’t affected their friendship. Finally at Lunch, she saw him.

“Nick!!” she said, running towards him. She saw Nick turn around. She almost tripped, but made it to him.

“Oh, hey Kylee.” He said with a smile. “What’s up?”

“What do you mean “what’s up”?” Kylee replied. “Happy birthday!” she handed Nick her present.

“Oh, thanks!” replied Nick. He opened the present up. Nick’s eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Awesome!” he said. “I’ve always wanted this since I was 5!” Nick gave Kylee a small hug (which she accepted).

“No problem!” she said. “Happy birthday, again!”

Chapter 2: Birthday: Melissa

Melissa Hark heard the beeping of her alarm clock. She tapped it, making it stop, and stretched out a bit. She practically skipped to the shower, because it was a special day.

“Nick’s birthday~!” thought Melissa as she stepped out of the shower. After drying her hair, she picked out some clothes: A pink and grey plaid sweater. She wore a denim skirt (for the first time!) and tights. She would never wear a skirt without tights. Melissa decided not to do anything with her hair, except wear a knit hat.

“Good morning Mom! Good morning dad!” said Melissa as she walked into the kitchen. She checked a crib.

“Morning, Dylan!!” Melissa said, waving at her brother, who was only exactly a week old. “Did you know your birthday is a week earlier than Nick’s?” Dylan moved his arms a little bit.

Melissa ate some cereal, and then left for school. It was only 7:28 am. What if Melissa could catch up to Nick? Maybe they could go to the same area in the Nature Area that Kylee showed to Nick…

“No, no Melissa!” she told herself. “That’s Kylee’s place. I can find a place!” Melissa thought and thought… Then she had an idea!
“What about the picnic area with the view of the ocean and lake?” she thought. “Perfect!!” Melissa practically skipped to school.

Soon, she arrived. It was only 7:30 am. Melissa didn’t live that far from school, anyway. Soon, Melissa saw Nick.

“Hey, Nick.” Said Melissa with a short wave. “Happy birthday!” Nick hugged her.

“Thanks!” He said. “That means a lot to me.”

“I’m going to give you your present later,” she said. “For now, wanna go to the Nature Area?” Nick agreed, and the two headed to their destination.

“Awesome!!” Nick said, his eyes sparkling. “I can see the ocean and the lake!” Melissa couldn’t help but grin. She had made Nick really happy!

“Cool, right?” Melissa asked Nick, but she knew it wasn’t necessary. Nick looked like a child that had gotten their favorite toy. The two talked for a bit about school, the normal chat, until the bell rang.

“Nick~!” said Melissa as she walked towards him. Everyone was waiting for the bell to ring. It was just after 3rd period, or PE. Nick turned to look at Melissa.

“Hi!” was all he said. Melissa gave Nick her present.

“Open it~!” She said excitedly. Nick opened it and held up half a star shaped object that he was 99.9% sure was a keychain. On it said “Best”. Nick was a bit confused, until Melissa held up the exact same one, except it was the other direction and it said “friend”.

“Cool, right?” asked Melissa. “Its gold…plated.” Nick was speechless. Melissa had given him something so…valuable? She was such a nice girl!
“Thanks!” Nick said before hugging Melissa. “You’re the best friend ever!” Melissa couldn’t help but flinch a bit. Nick knew she liked him, yet they had remained “best friends”…

“No problem!” Melissa said, ruffling his hair. “Best friends, right?”

Chapter 3: Flashbacks

Riley Hill, a pretty, light brunette with hair that reached her elbow. On the outside, when teachers or guys were around, she was sweet and kind. However, when it comes to girls, she’s harsh, and mean. Riley wasn’t always like this.

It all started in 5th grade, when Riley was still friends with Nick and Kylee. She was usually sarcastic. Such as,

“Hey Riley, are you using a new shampoo?” “Nooo, I just put a bunch of oil on my hair. Of course I am!” You see? Well, she was never the best sarcasm user. Riley also usually took stuff without asking to use it, such as…

“Kylee, watcha doin?” “Oh, I’m just using my phone… Hey, uh, I was still…” “I just wanna use it.” See that? Exactly. Well, other than the fact she had some… minor problems, she was sweet, like the time when Nick’s beta fish died, Riley bought him 3 new ones. Or the time when Kylee was getting bullied, Riley played pranks on the bullies.

However, Riley changed when one day…

Riley was walking to her 5th grade class. She had forgotten some papers that she needed for homework. On the way, she heard some voices.

“…cool, but she really needs a boyfriend.” Came one voice. The other voices agreed.

“Yeah, Riley does have a good attitude, but she needs to boost it, or else someone’s going to take her spot as the 4th cool girl.” Came another. Riley hid in the shadows and took a peek. She saw Alissa, Julia, and Stacy talking. Riley quickly, and quietly, rushed to the classroom, got her papers, and began to walk home.

“I didn’t even know I had a reputation!” Riley thought. “I have to get a boyfriend…” She thought and thought. Then, an idea came to her head.

“Nick can be my fake boyfriend!” Riley thought. “I’ll tell people that we’re dating, and then pretend to break up, making me look cool!” Riley skipped home.

Weeks passed. Rumors spread about Riley and Nick dating. It was going smoothly, Riley’s plan, until Nick found out…

“RILEY!” Nick shouted at Riley. She turned around, and smiled.

“Hey!” she said. “What’s up?” Nick looked furious.

“Don’t ‘what’s up’ me!” he said. “Why have you been telling people we’re going out?!” Riley rolled her eyes.

“To look cool!” she replied. “Duh!” The two argued for a long time. Riley refused to stop spreading the rumors.

“If I admit we weren’t going out, then I’d look like a loser!” Riley said.

“If I were in your shoes, I’d pick friendship over popularity!” Nick said. “Okay, choose. You can either stop the rumors, and we’ll continue being friends. Or, you can keep spreading it, and I’ll never talk to you again!” Riley stopped talking. What could she say? She cared about Nick, but she didn’t want to look like a fool.

“I…” was all Riley said. Nick was silent, too.

“I’ll give you a day.” Nick said, and then left.

Riley tried to not talk about her and Nick “going out”. It almost went smoothly, and she would’ve been friends with Nick again. Sadly, fate didn’t decide that.

“Hey, Riley!” someone yelled out. Riley turned around and saw Alissa.

“Oh, um, hey,” Riley replied awkwardly. She begged Alissa in her mind to not talk about Nick. Alissa did.

“So, I heard you and Nick broke up.” Alissa said. Riley heard her heart freeze as everyone turned to look at Riley. She scanned the crowd, and thought she couldn’t see Nick.

“Yeah,” Riley said, trying to act cool. “He just wasn’t my style. I mean, who likes nerds? And BlockBuild? More like BarfBuild when you see his work.” The crowd started laughing. Riley smiled.

“Well, Riley, you’ve bumped up to cool girl #2!” announced Alissa. The crowd cheered. Riley couldn’t have felt happier in her life!
Suddenly, her heart dropped.

At the very back of the crowd...was Nick. Watching her. From the look on his face, he saw everything.

From then on, Nick never talked to Riley. Even when she tried her hardest. She hit him once, but Nick ignored her and walked away.

Riley felt her heart harden. She snapped at Kylee and insulted her until Kylee, too, stopped being friends with Riley. That, then, created the mean and devious Riley Hill.

Chapter 4: Problems?!

Melissa Hark was perfect. True, since that was mentioned here a billion times. However, all roses have thorns. Thorns, meaning problems.

You see, Melissa has a social problem. Whenever she’s in a crowd without someone she knows, she gets terrified. Someone, Melissa knows where one person she knows is, and runs to them. Don’t be embarrassed or scared when she clings onto you. Just tell her it’s alright. That usually breaks the trance.

This “thorn” wasn’t that much of a problem, since she was always with Nick. Nick had a squeaky clean attendance record. However, one day….

“Absent?!” Melissa half yelled. Tristan looked at her.

“Yeah,” the blonde boy said. “He’s sick, so he won’t be here today.” Melissa began to panic a bit. How could she get out into public?

The truth was, Melissa was scared of going into public because of one time when she was about 6. She got separated from her mom. Many people tried to help her, but Melissa took it the wrong way. She screamed and yelled until her mom found her. From then on, she was afraid of crowds.

Melissa soon felt safe after she met Nick, who was usually always with her. Sadly, today he was absent.

“Maybe I can get over my fear,” thought Melissa. Still, Melissa stayed away from crowds. She was able to dodge them until the end of the day. A huge crowd blocked her way home.

“Hey Melissa!” said some guy. Melissa tried her best to smile. They were safe… They were safe… She repeated that in her head.

“Hi,” she said, smiling sweetly. Two more guys came over.

“You live near us, so why don’t we all walk home together?” another guy said. They didn’t mean any harm, really. Melissa flinched.

“S-s..S-sure!” Melissa managed to say. The three boys started talking about how they’d buy her snacks and stuff. Melissa got even more terrified as more people poured in.

I can’t do it after all!!!” Melissa yelled as she ran away. She broke into a trance, desperately trying to locate someone she knew. The three had called after her, but it was no use.

Nearby, Tristan was enjoying a cookie. He was quietly chomping on it, thinking about some things.

Tristan Jenson, a normal 11 year old boy. He had normal blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. His bangs covered his eyes a bit. He was quite shy and somewhat “adorable”. Girls thought he was adorable. Guys thought he was another nerdy athlete. When a girl once asked him for a kiss, he gave her one. Well, the chocolate kind. He was still kind and a bit stubborn. He was into basketball and BlockBuild, just like Nick and Kylee.

Tristan’s blue-gray eyes scanned the campus. He made sure no one was with him. If someone was, that’d be awkward for him. He resumed eating his giant cookie when…



Melissa was hugging Tristan tightly. Tristan’s face was on fire. The cookie was broken.

“Wha-!” he said, tugging Melissa’s arms off. “Get off me, Melissa!” However, Melissa grip tightened. He spent the next 7 minutes trying to get free. Only then did he hear Melissa.

“Mommy…Get them away..” Melissa muttered, sobbing. Tristan immediately softened.

“It’s okay, Melissa.” He said. “It’s alright..” At those words, Melissa instantly snapped out of her trance. She froze when she realized she was hugging someone. Slowly, and awkwardly, she looked up to see Tristan.

“@#$%^&!!!” Melissa yelled out gibberish, before saying “I’m sorry!” Tristan chuckled a bit.

“It’s okay,” he said. Melissa felt embarrassed, and dazed. Why was she with Tristan? Melissa remembered about the earlier events.

“Why would I go to Tristan, though?” wondered Melissa. She could’ve run off to her grandpa, or someone else. Why Tristan?

“Aw, my cookie,” muttered Tristan, loud enough for Melissa to hear him.

“I’ll buy you another one!” Melissa said. Tristan began to object, but Melissa convinced him with, “It’s my way of saying sorry for being so weird...”
So, the two bought cookies and muffins. Melissa pulled a muffin out of her paper bag and began to eat it. Soon, they arrived at Melissa’s house.

“Hey, Melissa,” Tristan called out before Melissa unlocked her door. Unexpectedly, Tristan hugged her.

“Tr-Tristan?!” Melissa said nervously.

“Just…” Tristan began. “You don’t have to force yourself to go in a crowd if you don’t want to.” Then, he left.

Melissa couldn’t get the scene out of her head.

Chapter 5: Get Your Mind Off Him!

Kylee Selpha watched the clock. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Every second reminded Kylee that she was still in school. That she was still in the presence of her rival. It also reminded her of Nick.

She couldn’t get her mind off of him. His light chocolate hair, his honey colored eyes, his laugh, and his smile. Nick’s smile would make her melt on the inside every time he smiled at her. Kylee wondered if this was healthy, to be thinking about a guy 24/7.

Kylee wasn’t a stalker! She just couldn’t get Nick out of her head, no matter what she did. Kylee told Evelyn everything, starting with the kidnapping. Evelyn was a bit upset at Kylee for not telling her before, but shook it off. Evelyn knew exactly what to do.

Evelyn Grant, a nice 11 year old. She had black-brown hair and a mixture of rainbow eyes (unusually). Evelyn was normally nice, and a bit childish. Girls thought she was cool, and some guys liked her. Evelyn and Kylee became friends when they had the same lunch boxes in 4th grade. Evelyn was in BlockBuild, like most of the others, and soccer.

“Hey, Kylee, why don’t we go shopping today?” asked Evelyn. “And maybe go to a spa or something?” Kylee looked up.

“Huh?” Kylee said. Eve sighed.

“You really need to get out.” Said Eve.

So, the girls spent their day shopping. (Luckily, Eve and Kylee stopped by their houses first to get some money.) They also spent the day at a salon, getting a manicure and a pedicure.

“Well? How are you feeling?” asked Eve after they got out of the mall. Kylee was all smiles.

“Fantastic!” Kylee said. “I got 5 outfits, and all of my nails are nice!” Eve smiled. She finally got Kylee to snap back into reality. Suddenly, Kylee frowned a bit.

“Um, can we go to the park?” asked Kylee. “The one we used to go to, the one in our elementary school.”

“Sure!” said Eve. No harm in that, right?

“Woo hoo!” yelled Kylee as she swung high on the swings. She looked as happy as she used to be when she was 9. Eve and Kylee started a contest. Whoever was the highest would have to treat the other to ice cream. Eve swung and swung higher and higher. Kylee yelled out with glee when she saw Eve slow down a bit. Eve was tired.

Suddenly, Eve’s foot got caught on the ground, sending her flying off of the swings. Eve prepared herself to feel the wood chips when she felt… Nothing?

Eve looked up to see Nick, the person who Eve was trying to make Kylee forget about. Seeing their awkward position, Eve immediately pushed herself away from Nick.

“S-sorry!” Eve said, shakily. Nick smiled.

“It’s okay, I wouldn’t let you fall.” Nick said, before walking off. Eve melted before she felt a killing atmosphere behind her. Eve turned around to see Kylee with a face saying I’m-going-to-kill-you-for-stealing-my-guy.

“Kylee!” Eve yelled out. “I was going to fall to my death! I’m just lucky that Nick saved me.” Kylee seemed to calm down a bit.

“Yeah.” Kylee said. “Now, let’s get some ice cream!” While they licked their ice cream, Eve thought Kylee was normal again. However, Kylee was a bit crushed on the inside, to be swooning over the guy she liked.

Chapter 6: Introducing an Interference

Melissa Hark was waiting outside her Core room, when she heard people talking. Nick came out, and they walked towards the parking lot.

“What’s with all the chatter?” asked Melissa. One girl turned towards her, hearts in her eyes.

“There’s this really cute guy waiting in the parking lot!” the girl said. “His name is Leon Rian. He’s an 8th grader from a private school!” Melissa was really curious. Why would a guy like that be here? She walked towards him.

“Um, excuse me, but we don’t like people interfering in our parking lot.” Melissa told Leon. All the girls glared at her.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Leon replied. “I’m only waiting for someone that goes here. It won’t take long. I’m terribly sorry.” Melissa, too, had hearts in her eyes now. What a gentleman!

“L-Leon?!” said a voice. Everyone turned to find Kylee, looking awfully surprised. Whispers spread around.

“Does she know him?” “I’m so jealous!” and so on. Leon smiled.

“Hey, Kylee!” Leon said. Kylee looked panicky.

“W-why are you at my school?! Aren’t you supposed to be in Europe?!” said Kylee.

“That was a week ago,” replied Leon. “Your mom told me to pick you up and get some errands done.” Leon sat on his bike, and motioned Kylee to get on the back.

Leon’s bike was like a two person bike, except there were only 3 wheels. The first seat was fine, but the second seat had a rail on the three sides, leaving a space. Kylee sat on the second seat, and Leon sat on the first. Leon began to pedal away. The crowd of girls started saying bye, and calling out their numbers.

“That was…weird.” Melissa said. She looked at Nick. He had a weird look on his face.

“…Nick?” Melissa said, again. Nick snapped out of some kind of weird trance.

“Who was he?!” asked Nick. Melissa slapped her forehead. Then, she looked at Nick.

“Where have you been?” asked Melissa. Nick shrugged.

“Whatever.” Was all Nick said. He hesitated for second, then grabbed his backpack and left. Melissa felt a bit uneasy.

Day after day, Leon would come to pick Kylee up. At first, Kylee seemed happy. At least, for the first two weeks. Then, everyone could see she was getting a bit annoyed. Whenever she tried to walk home, Leon would catch up with her.

Nick just got stranger and stranger. He always spaced out whenever he saw Leon and Kylee. Melissa got worried. Why was Nick acting this way? He never acted like this when other guys tried to talk to Melissa.

One day, Leon tried to pick Kylee up again.

“No, Leon.” Kylee said, annoyed. “I want some time alone.” Leon frowned.

“Come o-o-on!” he urged. “At least accept the fact that… You know!” Kylee frowned, too.

“N-O.” Kylee said. “I already tried to, and that turned into a disaster.” Still, Leon tried to urge Kylee, until Nick came up.

“Come on, let Kylee go.” Nick said. Both Kylee and Leon looked surprised.

“But she has to accept!” replied Leon. “Or else I can’t move on.” Nick frowned.

“She doesn’t seem to like you! You’re just annoying her! Leave her alone!” Nick said, before he grabbed Kylee’s arm and dragged her off. Melissa couldn’t help, but feel gloomy.

Finally, Nick stopped dragging Kylee once they reached their football field. Kylee was silent.

“…Is she mad at me for embarrassing her?” wondered Nick. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Kylee burst into laughter. She laughed and laughed until tears appeared in her eyes.

“Jeez, what’s so funny?!” asked Nick. Kyle calmed down, and wiped away the tears.

“S-sorry,” said Kylee. “You seem to misunderstand something.” Nick had a blank face. What?

“What? What did I misunderstand?” asked Nick. “I thought that Leon liked you and kept urging you to accept his love or something!” Nick saw Kylee try to hide a laugh.

“He wasn’t!” Kylee said, smiling a bit. “It’s just that…” Kylee frowned, and her eyes had a distant look.

“Well… About 5 months ago, Leon started dating a girl named Jenna. I wouldn’t accept it, though, since me and Leon have been childhood friends for a long time.” Explained Kylee. “I kept interfering in their dates and stuff. I guess I didn’t accept it because I used to like him…”

“Oh,” was all Nick could say. What else would he say? He didn’t know whether he should be happy, or sad.

“Well, I moved on now!” Kylee said, turning towards Nick. “I mean, I like you now, so I can move on with my life!” Both of them froze at the last line. They blushed, and was silent for 5 minutes.

“I-I’ll see you later,” Kylee said, and ran. Nick nodded a bit.

“See you..”

Chapter 7: Straight to the Point

Ever since that day, Melissa was never the same. Usually, she was cheery and encouraging. Now, she was gloomy and scary. Amy had tried to cheer her up with jokes, but nothing worked. The blonde was just upset.

Melissa was worried. Nick surely like Kylee more now. Melissa felt like crying when she thought of that. She needed to boost her relationship with Nick.

Melissa told Nick to meet her in the Nature Area at Lunch. She couldn’t wait. She would tell Nick she liked him properly.

Melissa was patiently doing her Math homework in Math. 5 minutes until the bell rang. She felt a bit uneasy. Melissa knew she shouldn’t be, since she still had 2 periods before Lunch!

What would she say? Would Melissa go straight to the point and say, “I like you”? She wondered if that was too much. Melissa decided to let her heart lead her. Melissa shook her head.

“I’m going to need to be my normal self!” she thought. When it was PE, she burned all her energy. Melissa worked so hard, it was abnormal. By the time PE was over, she was exhausted.

“I’ll probably get my energy back at Band.” Thought Melissa. She saw Nick. He waved at her, and she waved back.

“It’s time…” Melissa whispered to herself. She entered the gates of the Nature Area. There, stood Nick. She looked at him, with his chocolate hair, his honey eyes, and his calm expression. Just in case this would be the last time she would be allowed to look at him that way.

“Hey,” Melissa said shyly. Nick looked up.

“Hey, Melissa.” Said Nick. “Why’d you call me here?” Melissa gulped. She decided to not go straight to the point.

“Where’d you go with Kylee yesterday?” asked Melissa. “You left me alone… and I had to go with Tristan.” She wasn’t making it up. The blonde had offered to walk Melissa home when he saw her alone.

“We just talked near the football field.” Was all Nick said. Melissa felt like Nick was hiding something, but she decided not to ask.

“I…” Melissa suddenly felt something in her throat. It wouldn’t let her talk. Her bangs covered her eyes. Slowly, tears began to form in her eyes. Nick panicked.

“What’s wrong?!” asked Nick. “Is someone bothering you?!” Melissa sniffled, and wiped the tears.

“Why...” said Melissa. Nick looked confused.

“Wha--?” asked Nick.

“Why are you always ignoring me?!” asked Melissa. “You know I like you, too. So…” There was a long silence.

“Melissa…” was all Nick could say. Melissa’s usual golden hair was a drab blonde. She was obviously upset.

“I know that you need time to think…” began Melissa. “But I like you, and you don’t even care. Why can’t you just accept it?!”

“Because!” shouted Nick. Melissa flinched. Nick softened.

“Sorry… I didn’t mean to yell.” Said Nick. Melissa sniffled, again.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship. Until I’m ready… I don’t want us to be more than friends. I care about you, Melissa. But I need to be fair with Kylee too. If I act differently with you, then Kylee could get hurt.” Melissa nodded.

“It’s not fair…” Melissa couldn’t help thinking. She wiped away the tears in her eyes, and instead had a confident look in her eyes.

“I wanted to tell you this properly!” said Melissa. There was a silence. Melissa took in a deep breath.

“Ever since the day I met you, I knew you stood out from the other guys.” Melissa began. “We began to hang out more… And now, I feel like I can finally be honest with you. I don’t care if you go to Kylee, but I know that you’re the one I like. I just… Can you at least accept my feelings? You don’t have to return your feelings.”

“…Okay, I’ll accept them.” Nick said. “But…I can’t return them.” Melissa felt her heart drop, but she managed to smile.

“Okay…” she said. Nick turned to leave.

“Nick?” Melissa called after him. Nick turned around.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“…Thanks for hearing me out.” Melissa said. Nick smiled, and then left.

Chapter 8: Thoughts and Dreams

Nick Wetchers was lying in his bed, thinking. He thought that middle school would be easy… He was wrong. Now, Melissa and Kylee were practically fighting over him. The “twins” of Genowefa Middle School… The good friends… Were now rivals, because of him.

He actually liked Melissa at first. Who wouldn’t? She was caring, and sweet, and friendly… Nick could go all day naming the nice things about Melissa.

Then, Nick met Kylee. He began to like her too… But he couldn’t like two girls! It just wasn’t right! He wished he could decide… But he didn’t know what to do.

Ever since Leon came, and Tristan became friendly with Melissa, Nick felt unsure. If he started dating Melissa, Kylee would surely go to Leon, girlfriend or not. However, if Nick started dating Kylee, Melissa would date Tristan. It wasn’t so bad… But he just couldn’t decide! They were both nice girls, and had everything a guy could ask for. Unexpectedly, they both (Kylee on accident) confessed that they liked him properly.

Nick sighed and covered his face with his hand. He drifted off to sleep…

“Hee hee~! Leon, you’re so funny!” came a voice. Nick was surrounded by darkness, so he couldn’t see. However, he could tell it was Kylee.

“Tristan~! Let’s go out today!” came another voice. Nick looked around. That voice was Melissa

Suddenly, Kylee and Melissa appeared. Both were clinging onto Leon or Tristan. They looked happy.

“Uh, hello? Me? The guy you both like?” said Nick. Melissa and Kylee looked at Nick like he was crazy.

“You broke our hearts.” Kylee and Melissa said, strangely at the same time. “Aren’t you dating Alissa?” Melissa and Kylee both kissed Leon/Tristan on the cheek.

“What are you talking about?!” asked Nick. Suddenly, Alissa appeared, and was clinging onto Nick.

“Come on, boyfriend! We’re going to the mall!” Alissa said. She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek…

“NOO!!!!!!” yelled Nick.

Suddenly, Nick was in another dream. He was in a pure white room. Suddenly, he saw Kylee. She seemed to be crying, as she wiped away tears. Kylee was dressed in black. Then, Melissa appeared, and his parents, his relatives, his teachers, the principal… Why were they all dressed in black, and crying? Suddenly, they were in a cemetery, and a grave stood in front of them.


Nick Wetchers


“Hey! I’m right here!” Nick yelled out. However, this only caused the crowd to sob harder.

“It’s like we can still hear him!” the crowd yelled. Nick suddenly felt pain… In his chest? He looked down to find blood…

“NO!! I’M HERE!” Nick yelled, jumping up from his bed. He looked up… He wasn’t dead…

“My dreams nowadays…”

Chapter 9: It’s like…Destiny

Erick Yorshu was reading a book while walking on his way home. He knew exactly where to go without looking.

Erick Yorshu, a quiet 12 year old boy. He had dark chocolate brown hair, like Kylee, with light brown eyes. On the outside, he seemed shy, quiet, and a bit anti-social. However, he was actually friendly, humorous, and social. People took his glasses and his head stuck to a book as a lonely nerd. He liked to chat with Kylee Selpha online and play BlockBuild with her.

Suddenly, he got a text from Kylee.

Hey Cuz! :D Can you get me some hot peppermint chocolate from the coffee store? Puh-leeeeaaasee??? Drop by my house! (>^.^)>O (we have cookies~!) Byee~!

“Ugh, fine.” Erick muttered to himself. He put his book away and headed to the bus station. While Erick waited, he began to read again. He heard a soft sniffle next to him. Erick put down his book to find Destiny.

“…Morshi-san?” said Erick. He decided to use “honorifics” since Destiny was, in fact, Japanese. He didn’t want to upset her by using the wrong ones. Destiny looked up.

“Oh, hi Erick...” Destiny replied. She tried to wipe away tears, but they kept spilling out. Finally, she sat down next to Erick and cried for about 3 minutes, until Erick broke the silence.

“…What’s wrong?” asked Erick. Destiny looked down at her feet, and then spoke.

“…Remember David? The guy I thought was a faithful, loving guy to date?” said Destiny. Erick didn’t hear the “thought”. He was against the fact that Destiny and David were dating.

“Yeah...” said Erick. What else could he say when his enemy is mentioned?

“Well, I caught him with another girl… He said he’d be with his so-called sister, but it turned out to be a girl he asked out! Could you believe that?!” said Destiny. “I can’t believe I actually trusted him! Out of all people… Why does it have to be the guy I trusted the most?!” Destiny began to sob again for a while. Erick patted Destiny’s head.

“…He doesn’t deserve you,” he said. “You’re sweet, and friendly, and I can’t even imagine why he’d hurt you…” Destiny looked up into Erick’s eyes. She smiled.

“I’ve found someone better…” she said. Erick smiled, too.

“Maybe a break up is just what you need… To find the perfect guy.” He said. Destiny rested her head on Erick’s shoulder.

“Yeah… It’s almost like fate.” She replied.

“Or…Destiny.” Erick said. Destiny met Erick’s eyes once again… And….

“Well, this is fluffy.” Said a voice behind them. The couple immediately separated, blushing.

“Kylee!” Erick yelled, but Kylee only stuck out her tongue.

“Hey, you were late with my hot peppermint chocolate,” Kylee explained. “So, I went out to look for you.” Destiny and Erick were still blushing.

“…Let’s go to the coffee shop?” asked Kylee. So, the three decided to walk to the coffee shop. They were silent, for some “weird reason”.

“You guys sure were fluffy,” said Kylee. “Are you dating yet?” This caused both Erick and Destiny to blush even harder, if that was possible, and tell her no over and over again.

“K-Kylee! If you ask about that one more time, I’m getting you ginger candy!” threatened Erick. Kylee pouted, and behaved. Once they arrived at the coffee shop, they bought some hot peppermint chocolate and cookies. Destiny thanked Erick, then left.

“…You sure you aren’t dating?” asked Kylee. Erick got annoyed, and then had an idea.

“Oh, look! I found candy in my backpack!” Erick said. Kylee begged him to give it to her, which he did.

“Mmm!” said Kylee, before the true taste came. “Ew!” She quickly spit it out, drinking hot chocolate to wash away the bitter taste.

“Hahahaha!” Erick said. “Ginger candy. I warned you, didn’t I?” Kylee glared at Erick, before laughing. Erick thought back to the bus stop.

“What would have happened if Kylee didn’t come?” Erick thought.

Chapter 10: Losing Her Trust

Kylee blushed as she stood outside the classroom door, clutching a letter. Was she really ready for this? Maybe she wasn't... Kylee shook her head.

"I'm ready for this!" She thought. She glanced at the envelope in her hand one last time. It looked like a normal letter. How could anyone suspect anything? Kylee sighed.

"Here goes nothing," Kylee muttered. She opened the door. Inside, Nick was packing up. He had to stay inside Core because of some late work. Nick looked up.

"Oh, hey Kylee," he said. "What's up?" Kylee's face was on fire. Trembling, she handed Nick the letter.

"T-this!" Was all Kylee said before bolting out the door. Nick stood there stunned. Then he glanced at the letter.

"..." He was silent. The suspense was killing him. What was inside? Maybe he'd open it later. Nick finished packing up, then went outside.

Kylee ran and ran, her messenger bag banging against her leg, slowing her down a bit. She only stopped when she reached her apartment. She ran upstairs to her room and plopped down onto her bed.

“I can’t believe it!” Kylee said into her pillow. “I gave him the letter!” The truth was, Kylee wrote a love letter to Nick. It showed how honest she was about her feelings. Kylee could remember exactly what the letter had said.

To Nick:

I’m never honest with my words, but I know I can be honest with you.

I don’t care what you do, as long as I’m with you.

When I’m with you, I feel like my whole body will melt.

Up until now, I know that I’ll always like you.

So… Please accept my feelings!


“Eek!” Kylee said out loud. “I can’t believe I did it! Finally… I have a head start! Nothing can go wrong!” Kylee should’ve known better.

The Next Day…

Kylee woke up happily. She showered, dried her hair, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, and head out the door. It was only 7:32. Kylee skipped to her science class.

“I should check on Nick,” she thought. “I think he forgot something at Core…” Kylee crept towards Core. She heard voices.

“…Really sent you this letter?” said one voice.

“…Cheesy! Look, it says ‘When I’m with you, I feel like my whole body will melt’! This is a piece of junk!” came another voice. Kylee felt her heart stop. They were reading the letter. The letter she gave to Nick!

“Wow, so what’s your reply, Nick?” came the first voice. Kylee looked into the classroom and saw a group of boys. One of them was Nick.

“That’s nothing to me… At least for now.” Nick replied. Kylee froze.

“…It means nothing to him?” She thought. “No…He’s probably just lying to hide the truth… I would do that too.” Still, the hurt feelings lingered in Kylee’s head. She ran away, farther and farther…

Kylee was running to Core through the rain. She had taken a nap in the Nurse’s room, because her head was hurting. However, she was late!

“Gotta run! Gotta run! Can’t be late!” Kylee said to herself. She felt the raindrops trickling down her face, like tears. Finally, she reached her Core classroom.

“Oh, I hope I won’t get in trouble!” Kylee thought. She opened the door.

“Hi! Sorry I’m la-!” Kylee was cut off by the stares and murmurs. Everyone was whispering once she had entered the room. Was something wrong? She noticed her teacher was gone, probably on an office break. Her teacher was usually gone for the first 10 minutes of class before she went in, holding papers.

“Oh my gosh, Kylee! Did you seriously write this love letter to Nick?!” a girl said. Kylee’s eyes widened.

“Wha..? Where did you…?” Kylee stuttered. A few people snickered.

“So it is true!” “I knew it!” “What a weirdo!” Comments flew around the room. Kylee just stood there, shocked. How did they…?

“Well, Nick? What’s your reply?” one guy mocked. “Yes? Or the answer that we thought?” Kylee covered her ears and closed her eyes.

“No…” she thought. “This isn’t happening..!” Nick finally spoke up. Kylee thought he was defending her, but it wasn’t the answer she was hoping for.

“Are you really a 6th grader, Ryan?” Nick said. “This letter doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a joke letter that Kylee wrote! Can’t you see? It doesn’t mean anything to me.” Whispers came from all over the room.

“Oh, so that’s it.” “I knew it!” “Aww, this would have been a good drama scene..” people kept whispering. Kylee’s hands were loose around her ears and her eyes opened. She heard it. Slowly, tears began to form in her eyes. She tried to wipe them away, but it was no use.

“…” Kylee was silent. Slowly, she sat down in her seat and opened a book. Her teacher came in.

“Everyone, hush! The lecture will begin!” her teacher said. Kylee breathed in and out. She ignored the whispers from Nick and Evelyn. She focused on the book in front of her.

“It’s okay, Ky!” Kylee told herself. “He isn’t that big of a deal! He isn’t worth it!” However, this thought only brought more tears to her eyes. She quickly wiped them away as the lecture continued. Melissa watched Kylee.

“As much as I hate to admit it…” Melissa thought. “I feel really bad for Kylee…”

“Kylee! Wait!” Nick shouted after Kylee, who was walking home… In the rain. Kylee turned around. She didn’t glare at him, or even look mad. She looked hopeless, like the life was sucked out of her.

“…What?” Kylee mumbled.

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” Nick said. However, this made Kylee look more upset.

“Didn’t know what? How much that letter meant to me? I thought it meant something to you.” Replied Kylee.

“I’m sorry! Please, I promise I’ll do anything you want! I’ll return your feelings!” Nick said. Kylee thought about it. Nick could be hers if she said so, but…

No… That isn’t right…” Kylee said. “That isn’t fair to Melissa.” Nick nodded a bit.

“…Do you forgive me?” he asked.

“…Yeah… but…” Kylee replied. “You just lost some of my trust…” And with that, Kylee walked away.

Nick Wetchers was staring yet again at his bedroom ceiling, lying on his bed.

“What a day…” He thought. Nick got up and grabbed the letter. He read it over and over…

“Melissa… Would it be okay if…?” Nick said. He sighed.

“Middle school is hard…” He thought, plopping down onto his bed again.

To be continued…

Find out what happens next in:

Sunsets Turn Dark

Bonus Story: DARK ROSES

(This contains some Japanese words and honorifics, but they’ll be explained.)

Akane Hanna, a quiet, unpredictable girl. She always stood out from the others. While most kids played on the playground, she was reading horror books. Akane usually talked to herself. However, she has a secret.

Akane can talk to ghosts. It’s kind of a family thing. She can tell if there's a cold, unpleasant presence. Oddly, she can also touch a ghost. Akane can understand why a ghost is suffering and appease it. So far, she's only appeased one ghost. Akane hasn't seen one since.


"Ah, here comes the ghost girl..." A person said when Akane entered her middle school. Her long, midnight black hair was tied into a ponytail while her bangs were clipped to the side. Her violet eyes were glued on the item in front of her. Like always, she was reading a horror book, walking to her classroom. When she arrived, people stared at her and began to whisper.

"Hey, hey, did you know that Akane Hanna translates into Red Flower?" One student said. Akane couldn’t help overhearing about it.

"Wow!" "That suits the ghost girl." People murmured while they looked at Akane. She just sighed as her teacher walked into the classroom to begin the lecture. Akane put her book away, and stared out the window, which her desk was right next to.

"Ahh, so boring..." She muttered.

"Onee-chan~..." Came a voice. (Onee-chan=big sister) Akane looked up.

"Wha-?" She said out loud. Everyone looked at her.

"The ghost girl talked!" One person said. People started whispering to one another, pointing at Akane, who immediately went back to daydreaming.

"What was that...?" Akane thought. She sighed, as the never-ending lecture continued.


Akane was changing for PE. She sighed.

"Was that voice a ghost..?" She thought. "I wonder..." Akane ran outside.

"Today is volleyball!" Her PE teacher yelled. "Hit the ball back to the opposite team!" Akane was stuck with 2 boys and 1 girl. Niko Shiruno, Onel Hagano, and Aya Lushika.

Niko was a popular, cheerful, athletic boy. The complete opposite of Akane. Onel was kind of a loner guy, and liked to act. Aya was a popular, cheerful, friendly, childish girl.

While Onel and Aya had brown hair, Niko had black hair. Niko and Onel's eyes were navy blue, and Aya's eyes were sky blue.

Aya went up to Akane.

"Ahh!!" She said, her eyes sparkling. "You're the ghost girl!" Aya smiled. Her brown hair was shoulder length with a ribbon holding up a small ponytail on the side of her head.

"...I have a name." Akane replied. Aya bowed.

"Gomen! Er, i mean sorry!" Aya said.

"You don’t have to translate..." Akane said. "I know Japanese."

"I'm Aya Lushika!" Aya said. "And you are...?"

"Oh, I'm Akane Hanna." Akane replied.

"Ohh! Can I call you Aka-sama?" Asked Aya. (Sama is an honorific. You'll see a lot of them.)

"Umm, sure, Lushika-san." Akane said. Aya argued with Akane to call her "Aya". Akane ended up calling Aya Lushika-chan. Their team huddled up.

"Okay team! Let's beat them!" Niko said. He put his hand in the center. So did Onel, on top of Niko's hand, and Aya, on top of Onel's hand. They stared at Akane, who reluctantly put her arm in.

"Go team!" They all cried and threw their arms up. Akane suddenly felt happy, and confident.

For the next 45 minutes, Akane's team hit the ball back to the other team. It was 45-30. In the end, Akane's team won.

"Yay! We won!" Niko said. The group cheered. Then, they all left to go change before they had to go to their next class.

"Ne, ne, Aka-sama!" Aya said as she an Akane walked to their next class. "What's your email? I can contact you!" Akane gave it to her.

"Thanks! See you later!" Aya said.


Akane was sitting alone. Aya was staying inside her classroom to finish up some work.

"Onee-chan..." A voice called. Akane perked up. She saw a faded girl in front of her. The girl had an elementary student uniform.

"...are you a ghost?" Asked Akane. However, the ghost began to cry.

"*sob* M-mayuki *hic* A-alone...” The ghost wailed. Akane was confused. Who's Mayuki?

"It's okay... Don’t worry." Akane said, and then she pat the ghost's head. It felt cold.

"*hic* O-onee-ch-chan help *hic* Mayuki?" The ghost asked. Akane nodded. The ghost calmed down.

"Who's Mayuki?" Asked Akane. The ghost pointed to herself.

"Mayuki!" She said.

"Oh, you're Mayuki." Said Akane. "I was confused, since you're talking in third person."

"Mayuki is 6!" Mayuki said, holding up 7 fingers. Akane couldn't help but smile at Mayuki's childishness.

"I see." Akane said.

"Mayuki follow onee-chan?" Asked Mayuki.

"No!" Akane yelled, surprised. Mayuki's eyes widened. Then, she began to cry again.

"I mean, sure!!" Akane said, trying to get Mayuki to stop crying. "You can follow me!" Mayuki stopped crying, and smiled.

“Okay, Onee-chan!” Mayuki said. Akane sighed. What did she get herself into?

To be continued…?

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