Perfection in One

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Melissa Hark, aka Little Miss Perfect. She was perfect in every single way. Kylee Selpha, a girl who's just like her. However, she wasn't considered perfect.
These two are good friends.
But what will happen when Nick Wetchers, both Melissa and Kylee's crush, starts talking to Kylee again? And what will happen with the meddling of some girls...?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Perfection in One

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Perfection in One

Book 1

By Kaitlyn Francisco


Melissa Hark isn’t just any ordinary six grader. Instead of ordinary blonde hair, her hair was as bright as the sun, and looked like gold. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean and sky. Melissa was short, but acted very maturely. She was kind, cheerful, and had a great sense of humor. Any girl wanted to be her, and guys wanted to be with her. Her best friend was Amy, a silly girl. Melissa was interested in insects, and had straight A’s.

Kylee Selpha is just like her. She is also kind, cheerful, and had a great sense of humor. In fact, Kylee never failed to make someone laugh! Instead of gold hair, Kylee has dark chocolate hair, almost black, that has lighter brown highlights in the sun. Instead of ocean and sky eyes, Kylee’s eyes were as green as an emerald. She was in average height, and was a bit childish. However, the girls weren’t jealous. The guys thought she was cute, but that was all. Her best friend is Evelyn. Kylee was into BlockBuild, a 3D building-fantasy game, and mostly had A’s and B’s.

Kylee is friends with Melissa. They had started their friendship when Melissa noticed Kylee’s ladybug earrings. They had a good friend kind of relationship, only a bit below being best friends. However, no matter how nice Melissa was, Kylee was jealous.

Kylee wasn’t a villain. Could you blame her for being jealous of a perfect and pretty girl? Kylee couldn’t compare her hair to Melissa’s hair. Kylee couldn’t compare her eyes to Melissa’s eyes. They were alike in so many ways. Sadly, people just chose Melissa over Kylee. Melissa had a sunny atmosphere to her everywhere. Kylee’s atmosphere was sunny too! Well, sometimes. When Kylee was in a bad mood, it was a killing atmosphere. Literally. Once, someone had made her so mad, she threw a punch at him and hit the wall. Luckily, it barely injured her hand. It was only a small scratch. However, the attack had left a huge hole in the wall. The school didn’t bother to repair it, so when someone walked by it, they looked at the hole and reminded themselves to never annoy Kylee.

What bothered Kylee the most was that one guy had always hung out with Melissa. His name was Nick Wetchers. Nick was just a normal guy. He has light brown hair. His eyes are honey colored. He was smart, and a bit nerdy. However, girls were always attracted to him. Nick used to be really nerdy, with glasses and bad acne in the summer. However, in just a day, he was transformed into a guy with contacts and no acne. His best friend is Tristan. Nick was into BlockBuild, too.

Nick was Kylee’s little crush. However, even though they had the same schedule and sat next to each other in about 5 periods and near each other in 2 periods, not counting lunch, they barely talked. Kylee was too embarrassed to talk to Nick. The only time they had an actual conversation was in Core (a three period class.) when Kylee accidently said out loud, “Who’s Heroni?” Heroni was a creepy player in BlockBuild who used to always follow people around in multiplayer servers. He was banned later on, but some people say that they can still see him. Of course, Kylee knew this, but she had to say the same thing as Evelyn because they were playing Quix, (Quix is a game where you need to copy whatever the person who quixes you says. If the person who quixes you, or the quixer, gets annoyed and tells you to stop, you get $5. If the quixer listens to you for an hour, you pay them $10. If you say something that the quixer doesn’t say, you pay them $3.) And Evelyn had forgotten about the game, so she asked Kylee.

Nick, who was talking to Tristan, quickly spun around and told her all he knew about Heroni. He told her some info that she knew, and some that she learned. She learned that some people think that Heroni is a girl, since “Heroni” separated is “her oni” which “her” means girl, and “oni” in Japanese means demon. She quickly explained about the Quix situation, and then told Nick what she knew about Heroni. They had carried the conversation on until they talked about their favorite servers, until the teacher noticed they were talking. Sadly, the teacher interrupted the happy Kylee and Nick when Kylee was going to give Nick her username and a server that they could meet on. Some people had noticed how focused the two had seemed on their conversation, and began to snicker, calling the two a couple. Nick was embarrassed, and hasn’t talked that much to Kylee since then. Kylee understood, and was also really embarrassed. They only talked shortly, both either replying, “Cool,” or “Okay,” or “Mhm.”

Melissa and Nick were together so much, there were so many rumors about them. Some people thought they were dating, and it seemed like it. They always talked, and laughed. Kylee had dreams of her being in Melissa’s place.

Kylee and Melissa were very alike, similar, almost as if they had known each other since the day of birth, but, people chose Melissa instead.

Chapter 1

Kylee Selpha woke up to the bright light of the sun. She blinked a few times to clear her vision. It was 6:30 am, the usual wake up. Kylee walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Drying her hair with a blow-dryer, she styled two small pigtails on the side of her head, while the rest of her hair was let down. Her hair was up to below her shoulder. It was naturally waved in a bit.

Anyway, she put on a blue T-Shirt and a denim skirt with tights. It was already November, and was a bit chilly, so she put on a blue and gray sweater with a black and white scarf and a black knit hat with a sun protector in the front. She packed up her books and brought out her blue phone.

“I wonder if Evelyn is awake,” Kylee thought. She decided not to call her. It was 7:04, and she knew Eve woke up at 7:20 am. Kylee was only a six grader, yet she lived alone. Her parents were business owners, and traveled around the world a lot. Right now, they were in Italy. Kylee was in California.

“So far,” Kylee thought with a sigh. She always felt like her parents didn’t like her. Kylee lived in a large apartment. Even though they were rich, they really liked the apartment, so they stayed. Instead, they bought expensive furniture. The apartment looked so nice; it didn’t even look like an apartment! The apartment was big, and had an upstairs to it, although the upstairs had only 2 rooms, which were the only rooms. Kylee put her bag near her front door, and poured herself a bowl of cereal. After she ate, she checked the clock. 7:40 am. She was never that early, but she decided to go anyway.

School was only a block away from her apartment, so she was able to arrive at about 7:45 or something. Her first class was Science. Kylee went to her locker first, putting away her lunch and Core books, since her Core was after lunch. While she walked to her Science class, room 624, she saw a silhouette of a person, standing alone in the fog. As she got closer, she saw that it was Nick, staring off into the area.

“Nick?” Kylee called out. Nick jumped a little at the sound of a person’s voice. Then he realized it was Kylee, and not some stranger.

“Good thing, too. I was about to go to the office and call the police or something,” thought Nick. “Not that I’d do that to Kylee.”

“Hi, Kylee.” Said Nick. “What are you doing here so early? You would usually get here sometime later.” Nick hoped that Kylee wouldn’t think he was weird for knowing that she came a bit late. Kylee didn’t seem to mind.

“Yeah, just got up a bit early.” Said Kylee. She stared off into the fog, just like Nick.

“…You do realize that today it a short day, right? Instead of going to school at 8:15, it’s 9:00, because of some meetings for the teachers...” said Nick, breaking the silence. Kylee blushed.

“I forgot...” she admits. Nick just chuckled a bit.

“How funny,” Nick thought. “That a well-organized girl like Kylee would forget something this important. She’s a lot like Melissa.” Nick had thanked his soul that he didn’t say that out loud. That would be awkward.

There was a long silence. Kylee could hear the birds chirping in the background. In fact, she swore she could feel her heart beating.

“Could he be thinking about that awkward moment?” Kylee thought, recalling that one conversation they had before they decided to not talk. “Maybe I should break the silence…”

“So, if you remembered, why are you here?” asked Kylee, tilting her head a bit in confusion. Nick shrugged.

“I dunno,” he said. “I guess I just wanted to see the nature area in the morning.” The Nature Area wasn’t even a Nature Area. It just had a few trees and a lake. Also, a way to the ocean. Okay, so it was a Nature Area. Big deal.

There was another long silence. Kylee found it unbearable. Couldn’t Nick just talk to her already? No one was around, and that awkward moment happened a month ago! She remembered how disappointed Nick had looked when the class couldn’t go to the costal clean up.

“I found a path that leads down to the sand by the ocean, even though we’re not supposed to go on our own path.” Said Kylee. “It hides you, so that people can’t see you! I’ve been there a few times, and I hid it with a lot of the bush’s branches that was planted next to it.”

“Cool! Let’s go!” said Nick. So, the two headed towards the Nature Area, which wasn’t too far. The gate was open for visitors and Kylee immediately lead Nick towards the secret path. They went down, and Nick almost tripped twice, but it was worth it. The two stood on the sand, the ocean water swishing next to them.

“At least he’s starting to loosen up,” thought Kylee. The two were silent the entire time. They watched the ocean waves go back and forth. Nick seemed calm, which made Kylee a little happy.

Suddenly, a bell rang. It was 8:55! Kylee and Nick quickly ran up the path (Nick tripped...) and finally found the two entrances.

“You go to the other way, and I’ll enter from the left. Then, I’ll casually walk towards our class.” Kylee directed. “That way, people won’t think we went together.” So, they scurried off. Kylee thought she heard a rustle in the bushes, but it was probably her imagination.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Ever since that morning, Kylee and Nick were friends again. Nick still hung out with Melissa, of course, but also took the time to hang out with Kylee.

Chapter 2

Melissa Hark heard the constant beeping of her alarm clock. She turned it off, and stood in her bed for a bit before taking a long shower.

“School starts at 9 today, anyway.” She thought, drying her hair with a towel. She dressed into a warm outfit: a grey T-Shirt with a baby pink hoodie over it. She wore a knit skirt that was above her knees. She wore some tights with it.

It was only 6:52, so she worked on some early homework. When she was done, it was 7:35. Melissa was surprise by how much time she spent on the homework! It usually took her 5 minutes or so. She went downstairs, to be greeted by a sweet smell.

“Good morning, Mel.” Said her mother. Melissa smiled as she sat down.

“Morning, mom!” she said cheerfully. Melissa lived in a medium sized house. It had a dining room, kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms, an office, and a playroom. It also had a backyard and a garage. Melissa had a mom and a dad. Her mom was expecting a boy in March. Her house was cream colored, and that was how she liked it.

After Melissa ate, she went to school.

“Nick might be there,” she thought, happily. Melissa liked Nick, and thought he might like her too. They hang out almost every day, anyway. He had to!

She skipped to school. Then, she took out her pink phone once she got there. It was only 8:00. She then skipped to her Science class, room 624. She and Nick almost had the same schedule. Nick chose to take Drama, while Melissa chose to take Band. Melissa was still happy, though. She saw the shadow of Nick in the fog.

“Ni-!” said Melissa, but was interrupted by another voice. She saw Nick and Kylee, talking quietly in the hall.

“I found a path that leads down to the sand by the ocean, even though we’re not supposed to go on our own path.” Said Kylee. “It hides you, so that people can’t see you! I’ve been there a few times, and I hid it with a lot of the bush’s branches that was planted next to it.”

“Cool! Let’s go!” said Nick. Melissa followed them there, trying to be as quiet as she could. She hoped that Kylee wouldn’t try anything on Nick. She knew Kylee was her good friend, and that Kylee knew that Melissa liked Nick!

She watched as Kylee lead Nick down a steep road. She flinched whenever Nick almost tripped, but Kylee was there to help him. She watched as they looked off into the ocean.

The two didn’t talk, but just looked at the ocean waves. Melissa couldn’t help but feel jealous.

“I shouldn’t feel jealous,” thought Melissa. “It isn’t lady-like.” Kylee and Nick stared off into the ocean for what seemed like forever. Nick’s face seemed so calm, it made Melissa blush. Finally, a bell rang. It was only five minutes to class! She saw Kylee and Nick head up. Panicked, Melissa ran, hiding behind a bush. She watched as Nick tripped, but it wasn’t a serious injury.

“You go to the other way, and I’ll enter from the left. Then, I’ll casually walk towards our class.” Kylee directed. “That way, people won’t think we went together.” So, they scurried off. Melissa ran off, too.


Melissa could have sworn her heart stopped for a second. She saw Kylee turn around, but didn’t see her. So, Kylee just ran off. Melissa ran off in Nick’s direction.

After Science was Math. Melissa had glanced at Kylee for the whole time. Kylee was 2 spaces away from Nick. Melissa knew she shouldn’t worry.

“Kylee was embarrassed on that day,” she thought, recalling the time when Kylee and Nick had an actual conversation. “Nick looked just as embarrassed.” Melissa sat next to Nick. He talked to her, and they always partnered up for math worksheets.

“You seemed kind of spaced out,” Nick said. “What’s up?” Melissa couldn’t believe he noticed. She had acted cheerful!

“I-it’s nothing!” she replied. “I’m just thinking about my soon to be baby brother.” Nick nodded, buying the excuse.

For the rest of the week, it had gone by smoothly. Every day was still the same, except for the fact that in the classes that Kylee and Nick sat next to each other in, they would always talk.

Chapter 3

Melissa was walking to PE with Nick. They talked about random things, such as school, sports, the ocean, dreams, etc. It was the usual schedule for Melissa. In the schedule, talking to Nick was the one that always appeared. Melissa knew about all the rumors, but that didn’t stop her from talking with Nick.

Nick and Melissa were in the same class for 4th grade and 5th grade. Kylee was there, too, but usually hung out with Evelyn. Nick and Melissa became friends near the end of 4th grade. The class was taking an important test. Melissa noticed that Nick was freaking out a bit.

“M-my pencil...” Nick had whispered. “It’s… gone!” Soon, Nick was digging through his backpack, desperately looking for any pencil. This was, in fact, the most important test! Then, Melissa watched as Nick walked up to the teacher and asked for a pencil.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wetchers, but everyone in class borrowed a pencil! Well, except for Melissa, of course.” Said Mrs. Flowris, glancing at Melissa. Melissa felt embarrassed.

“There aren’t any pencils anymore,” Mrs. Flowris continued. “I’m sorry, Mr. Wetchers, but you might fail on this test. Today is the only day to take the test.” Melissa felt bad for Nick. She watched as he slowly walked back to his desk, and put his head down. Melissa looked in her backpack, wanting to find a pencil. She couldn’t let a fellow classmate fail! She said Nick’s head turn towards her direction a bit. She finally found a perfect lead pencil at the bottom of her backpack!

“Here!” she whispered to Nick, handing the pencil. “You can keep it. Just make sure you don’t forget about it!” Nick had said thanks a bunch of times. She watched as Nick filled out the 50 questions. Melissa was already done, anyway.

“Done!” Nick whispered triumphantly. Just then, the timer rang! It was recess, and everyone had hurried out of the class.

Outside, Nick went up to Melissa and thanked her again. Since then, the two have been friends.

“…lissa. Melissa!” said a voice. Melissa immediately snapped out of her memory. “We’re already near the locker rooms.”

“Oh, thanks.” Melissa said. “I would’ve accidently walked into a pole!” she laughed a bit, and turned to leave.

“..Melissa?” Nick called after her. Melissa turned around.
“Yeah?” she said. She saw as Nick looked at his shoes. Then, he finally spoke.

“…I’ll just tell you it another time.” He said. Melissa was a bit confused, but the two said goodbye, and the rest of PE was nice. Since outside was super cold, everyone was gathered inside the gym. They played dodge ball until the 7 minute bell rang. Everyone left, and changed really quickly. Melissa hurried off to Band. She played the flute, which was really easy—you blow, and press buttons! It was really fun! She liked to hear the nice notes that she played.

Chapter 4

Kylee Selpha woke up to yet another day. Today was Wednesday, and they got out at 1:50 instead of 3:05! She took a shower, as usual, and got dressed. As she went downstairs to gather some of her books, she heard some voices.

“Why don’t you just be the responsible father your daughter expects you to be?!” came a voice. Kylee knew it was her mother.

“Maybe if the mother wasn’t so ignorant that-!” before her dad could finish, Kylee stepped into the room. The couple—if you could call them that right now—immediately stopped fighting. Kylee smiled excitedly, as if she hadn’t heard them fighting.

“Mom! Dad! You’re home!” she said as she ran up to them and hugged them. Kylee saw them exchange a weak smile.

“Good morning, Ky. I’m glad you’re awake.” Said her mother. “Did you eat yet?”

“Yup! Just a while ago!” Kylee lied. She felt guilty, but didn’t want to eat when her parents had just fought. She got her books, and headed out. When she got to school, her stomach started growling.

“Ugh, I’m hungry,” Kylee mutters into the empty hallway. Suddenly, she hears footsteps.

“I have a cracker, if that will make you feel better.” Said a voice. Kylee recognized it to be Nick.

“Not really the person I wanted to see right now, but okay.” Kylee thought.

“Here,” said Nick as he gave her the cracker. Kylee gobbled it up, making Nick chuckle a bit. “So, why are you so hungry? Didn’t you have breakfast?”

“Uhh, well… Er… No.” Kylee said.

“How come?” Nick asks.

“My parents were…” Kylee trailed off. Nick would already know what she would say next.

Nick and Kylee had met each other in the 3rd grade. It all started when Kylee had gotten lost on her way home. Two men had tried to kidnap her, but before they could take her anywhere, the police had caught them. Shortly after, the men were arrested.

Nothing was the same at home. Kylee heard the constant fighting. After seven weeks of fighting, Kylee broke down. She ran to the shade of an old oak tree and began to cry.

“..Are you okay?” said a voice. Kylee looked up. Green eyes met honey eyes. She realized it was a boy named Nick from the room next to hers. Nick handed her a handkerchief.

“Why are you crying?” Asks Nick. Kylee sniffles as she wipes her eyes.

“My mommy and daddy are fighting,” Kylee sobs. “’Cause some people tried to get me. Now they don’t love each other and it’s my fault!” Kylee started crying again. Nick had waited with her until she calmed down.

“It’s okay,” Nick said. “I can be your friend!” So, the two were friends. They decided to keep it a secret because it was “weird that a boy and a girl would hang out too much”.

“…I understand,” said Nick, breaking Kylee out of her memory. Nick pats Kylee on the head. “..But we’ll stick together, right?” Kylee smiled a bit.

“..Yeah!” she said. After a while, Nick went looking for Melissa. When Nick left Kylee thought about anything that had popped into her head.

What if Melissa hated Nick? Could that even be possible?

Chapter 5

Genowefa School is just a regular middle school. “Genowefa” in German translates into “white wave”. The founder, Charles D. Miles, said that the name was perfect. The ocean waves were so clear, you could see right through them! Also, some people said that the water was pure, so you could drink right out of the ocean! The school was built right next to it.

Charles thought that the “improper young people” would dirty up the water. So, he made the Nature Area, only allowing the cleanest and the nicest children go in. Of course, this happened in 1932. Year after year, the next Charles D. Miles would replace the past one.

The current Charles D. Miles was the VI, or the sixth. He was a nice, jolly man. He’s 71 years old. He was married, and had 2 children, Charles VII and Marina. Marina married a kind man named James Hark, and they had a little girl. Her hair looked like pure gold, and her eyes were as blue as the ocean. That’s how she got her name, because “Melissa” meant “pure ocean”. Or so they were told by Charles VI.

Charles VI was fond of his little granddaughter. He was happy when she had “found someone to spend the rest of her life with”, or in other words, Nick. Charles VI looked out for “Melly”. If someone bullied her, they had 2 weeks of detention, no protest.
Of course, Melissa was aware of how over-protective her grandfather was. So, she made sure to be nice to everyone. She didn’t want everyone to hate her because of her grandpa.

Charles VI had the idea of having a class for the kindest, smartest, and cleanest children.

“It would be a Science class, of course.” Charles thought. “So the children could study the clear water… Yes, yes, so we will put in some more plants, perhaps?” It took over a month before Charles had finally created the class, and put in more plants.

Of course, he made sure that the class would be for Melissa, too. He knew Melissa wouldn’t, and couldn’t, pollute the clear water. When Melissa was only 2, he made sure to teach her the “right” way to live. That, then, created the perfect Melissa Hark.

Daniel Selpha was a strange man. He was cheerful, yet also very grumpy. He was friendly, yet could sometimes be harsh. He was very outgoing, then shy. Yes, Daniel was a strange man.

Daniel married Sally Rolen, a smart, kind dreamer. People said that the two were different in so many ways. While Sally had a simple personality, Daniel’s personality was changing again and again. Sally only wanted to be a simple housewife, while Daniel wanted to live a magnificent life.

The couple looked alike, though. They both had dark chocolate hair. While Daniel had brown eyes, Sally had green eyes. No one knew why Sally’s eyes were like that, but no one judged. It suited the young woman.

Finally, they settled down in France and had a family. 2 sons, Leon and Owen, and a daughter named Nowelle. Leon and Nowelle were twins, so they had similar names. (“Leon” backwards is “Noel”, so “Nowelle” is the same name, but a different spelling.)

While the twins married rich, Owen married poor. However, Owen had managed to make his family strive. Year after year, the family worked their way to the top. Finally, Owen owned a family business. Sadly, in 1931, Owen Selpha died.

His great-grandson, Wilson Selpha, owns the family business. Wilson has a wife, and a daughter named Kylee.

Wilson was a stern man. He made sure that Kylee had a proper life. He didn’t want Kylee to end up with an awful job and a horrible husband. Wilson had cared for Kylee’s safety the most. So, when the kidnapping attempt happened, Wilson wasn’t the kind of person to let that slide easily.

Wilson and his wife, Heather, argued. Both of them blamed one another. They never even realized that the first night they fought, Kylee was on the couch that was in front of them. They never bothered to apologize to one another. Even though both of them cared for Kylee, they didn’t realize they had scarred Kylee.

Chapter 6

Kylee was waiting in the Drama room with the rest of the class. Today, they were trying out for a play called “Tragédies Vraies”, which in French translates to “True Tragedies”. Her Drama teacher, Ms. Cole, used French a lot. Well, of course, she used to be a French teacher.

“Tragédies Vraies” was a story about a girl named Tristesse Fréquentes, which in French (of course) translated to “frequent sadness”. Tristesse’s parents were murdered, and her friends were missing. Her grandparents were awfully far away, and no one really talked to her. The play was really just about Tristesse going to different places, asking about her parents and friends.

The ending is sad, because it’s kind of a cliffhanger. Tristesse finally ends up in Egypt, where she finds two of her friends, who were poisoned and were slowly dying. (One boy, one girl, boy’s name is Alexandre, girl’s name is Claire.) It ends with the two dead, and Tristesse is crying.

Of course, Kylee was going to try out for Tristesse. It seemed easy. However, she was nervous about three things. One of them was that she had to learn all of the lines. The second was that she had to perform without fainting. The last was that she needed to cry.

The first two seemed a bit okay, but the last was hard. What could she do to make her cry?! Kylee had to think fast. Her turn was up soon!

“Okay, what about Melissa and Nick together?” Kylee thought. She tried to picture that, but she didn’t feel so sad she could cry! She kept thinking and thinking, until she heard a voice.

“Kylee, it’s your turn!” said a girl named Destiny. Destiny Morshi was a sixth grader, like her. She was a Japanese student. Since she was a child actress, she helped out with the Drama class. Kylee knew her because Destiny was usually with her cousin, Erick Yorshu, who was also Japanese. Kylee was a bit Japanese but...

“Kylee, that’s off topic!” Kylee thought as she walked over. “Think about the scene!”

Evelyn and Nick were playing Tristesse’s friends, Alexandre and Claire. Kylee took in a deep breath.

“Here we go,” she thought.

“Action!” said Ms. Cole. Kylee entered the stage, trying to look panicked, although she wasn’t acting that part.

“Claire! Alexandre! Where are you?!” she yelled out. Evelyn groaned a bit. Kylee immediately ran towards the two, who were leaned against a “stone” wall.

“Claire, can you hear me?! Alexandre, can you speak? Vous êtes à la fois d'accord? (Are you both okay?)” Kylee began again. After a few dramatic lines from Nick and Evelyn—Clair and Alexandre, they both had pretended to be dead.

“This is where I cry.” Kylee thought. She tried to force tears, but they wouldn’t come out. Then, she thought of something.

“That was your fault for not watching her!” “Oh, so now she’s my responsibility?!” “Of course! She’s your daughter!” “She’s your daughter too!”

Immediately, tears streamed down Kylee’s cheeks. She tried to speak, but she felt like there was something in her throat. She continued to sob, forgetting that she was trying out for the play. She just remembered her parent’s endless fighting. Then, she heard a voice.

“Merveilleux!” Ms. Cole said, clapping her hands. Kylee almost jumped up from the sudden movement. She then remembered that she was at school, and wasn’t at home.

“Ms. Selpha, you’re playing Tristesse! That crying scene was wonderful! It almost seemed real!” Ms. Cole continued. Kylee smiled a bit, sheepishly.

“Yeah,” Kylee said. “It was fake...”

After Drama was lunch. Kylee sat with Evelyn.

“Hey, Ky, was your crying back there real?” asked Evelyn. Kylee thought for a bit.

“..Yeah, I guess.” She finally said. Kylee hadn’t told Evelyn about the kidnapping incident.

“What’d you think about?! How’d you make it look super real?” Evelyn asked. What could Kylee say?
“Hmm.. Actually, I don’t know.” Said Kylee as she shrugged. “It was a reflex sort of thing.” The two ate lunch in peace, until a group of girls came up to Kylee. Kylee groaned.

The group of girls was a bunch of mean six graders. Their leader was Alissa. Alissa was a bit plump, but that didn’t stop her from judging others. The others were Riley, who used to be friends with Kylee, Arianna, Julia, and Stacy.

“I heard you got Tristesse’s part.” Said Alissa. “I would’ve done so much better.” Kylee rolled her eyes.

“So, what made you cry?” said Riley. “Missing your mommy and daddy?” Kylee flinched a bit. Seeing this, Alissa grinned.

“You’re such a crybaby!” said Alissa. “Omg, I bet you’re going to wail like a baby at the performance!”

“At least I can walk properly!” snapped Kylee. Alissa glared at her.

“So, what’s that boy’s name? Nick?” said Alissa to her group, as if Kylee and Evelyn weren’t there. “He’s so cute! I bet if I asked him out, he’d totally date me!”

“Gross.” Evelyn said, rolling her eyes. “You’d have to pay him a hundred dollars to date you.” Alissa glared at Evelyn.

“Hey, hey, Eve, don’t be mean.” Kylee said with a huff. “She wouldn’t need to pay. He’d reject her before she could say anything!” Evelyn and Kylee started laughing. Alissa looked like she wanted to explode.

“Like he’d date you!” Alissa screeched. Kylee just continued to laugh. Alissa screamed.


There was a long silence. Kylee had a red mark on her cheek. None of Alissa’s friends spoke. Evelyn didn’t do anything. Probably because Kylee was holding her back!

“Hey!” yelled a voice. Everyone looked behind them. There stood Melissa and Nick. (Of course)

“Did you just slap Kylee?” Melissa said. Alissa gulped, and giggled nervously, trying to act cute.

“Um... What makes you think that?” Alissa said. Melissa rolled her eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know, probably because we just happened to be walking by when we saw you slap Kylee?” Melissa said, sending them a death glare. She must’ve been really mad, because she’d usually try to work it out.

“Um, well...” Alissa couldn’t think of anything.

“Go to the principal’s office. Now.” Melissa said. Alissa slowly walked towards the office. Her group followed. Melissa and Nick turned to Kylee.

“You okay?” Nick asked. Kylee slowly nodded.

“I’ll go to my grandpa’s office. Tell him what happened.” Melissa said as she went away. Nick went away to get some ice from the Nurse’s office.

“I’ll go, too.” Evelyn said. “I’ll tell Melissa’s grandpa what happened. You know, an eye witness.” After Evelyn left, Nick came back with a bag of ice.

“Hold still,” Nick said as he placed the ice on Kylee’s face. “Does it hurt?” Despite the fact that Kylee felt her cheek stinging, she somehow blushed.

“Yeah…” Kylee replied. Nick gave her the ice. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Nick said. “Anything for a fellow classmate, right?” Kylee felt her heart sink a bit. A fellow classmate? Was that all he thought of her?

“Sure.” She said. After a few minutes, they both walked to the Core class. Halfway there…

“Kylee Selpha, please come to the office.” Said the speaker. Kylee said bye to Nick, then headed to the office.

“The principal wants to see you.” Said the office lady. Kylee nodded, and then proceeded to the principal’s office. She was greeted by Evelyn and Melissa.

“Hi, Kylee!” they both said. Melissa laughed a bit.

“Anyway, we called you here because we wanted to let you know that…” Melissa trailed off, and glanced at Evelyn. The two looked at their feet, with a sorrowful look on their faces.

“Oh no...” thought Kylee. “Don’t tell me I’m in trouble?!” Suddenly, Evelyn looked at Kylee like she was crazy. Then, the two started laughing.

“Haha!” said Evelyn. “Your face was hilarious!” Kylee gave them a stern look, before she started to laugh herself.

“Just wanted to let you know that Alissa has detention for a month!” said Melissa. The three talked about the situation for a while, before the 7 minute bell rang.

“Bye, Eve!” said Kylee as she and Melissa began to walk to their Core class, room 385. There was a long silence, before Melissa talked.

“Hey, Kylee,” Melissa began. “How…What do you think about Nick?” Kylee felt a bit panicked. What would she tell Melissa? She took in a silent breath.

“A fellow classmate.” Kylee replied.

Chapter 7

It was a normal day in Genowefa Middle School. The sun was shining, the birds were singing… The water was sparkling… Everything seemed normal. Sadly, it wasn’t.

Melissa and Nick were talking, as usual. They talked about a ton of things. It was mostly about school.

Kylee was talking to her cousin, Erick, and his good friend, Destiny. They talked about Drama, Art, and other subjects.

Alissa was in detention. Her group was outside the Detention room, waiting for her. Riley was furious.

“Alissa was just teaching that brat a lesson!” Riley thought. “Melissa needs to learn a lesson!” She tried to think of a plan. Then, she had a perfect (and evil) plan.

“Melissa likes Nick, right?” Riley asked Julia. “So does Kylee, right??” Julia nodded.

“Yeah,” Julia replied. “Why?” Riley smiled evilly.

“We’re going to play a prank on them.”

Kylee was doing some random math problems in (duh) Math class. She glanced at the clock frequently. Kylee was excited to go to Drama. Today was their first rehearsal of “Tragédies Vraies”. The bell rang for P.E. She grabbed her books, and prepared to leave, before a voice stopped her.

“Kylee!” a person said. Kylee looked back to see Tristan, Nick’s best friend.

“Oh, hi Tristan.” Kylee said. “What’s up?” Tristan dug through his bag.

“Umm...” he said, trying to get the item. “Some girl gave it to me. She said to give it to you.” Finally, he gave her a piece of paper.

“Thanks,” she said. Then, she rushed out of the room, trying to hurry before the bell rang. She quickly changed.

“But the clues lead here!” Kylee said to Peter, an extra in the play. “You have to know at least one of these people!” Sadly, Peter shook his head and walked off stage. This then lead to the dramatic goodbye to Claire and Alexandre.

Kylee forgot all about the paper Tristan gave her, that is, until the 7 minute bell rang. Everyone took a break, and Kylee finally opened up the note and read the note. It said:

Hi Kylee!
Come see me in the Nature Area when the detention bell rings.

I need to tell you something important.


“Something important?” thought Kylee. “Like…” Kylee shook her head, but couldn’t help but wonder if… yeah...

“Whatever!” she said out loud. People looked at her as if she was crazy, but she shrugged it off and left.

Melissa was in Band class. She practiced on the flute, trying to master the National Anthem. Then, Tristan went up to Melissa.

“Hey, Melissa!” he said. Melissa stopped playing to look up at him.

“Hi Tristan!” Melissa said. “What’s up?” Tristan rummaged through his backpack.

“A girl told me to give this to you,” he said as he handed Melissa a paper.

“Oh, thanks.” Melissa said, taking the paper. Afterwards, she left the room for Lunch.

“Hmm,” she thought. “I wonder what this is...” she opened up the paper. In it said:

Hi Melissa!

Come see me in the Nature Area when the detention bell rings.

I need to tell you something important.


“Something important?” thought Melissa. “I wonder what’s so urgent…” So, Melissa left to go to the Nature Area. It’s better to be early.

Chapter 8

Melissa wondered into the Nature Area. Looking around, she tried to look for the light brown haired boy. Suddenly, she bumped into someone!

“Oh, sorry!” said Melissa. She helped the person up.

“I-it’s okay... Wait, Melissa?” said the person. Melissa realized it was Kylee.

Both girls had thought the note was only for them, so they were surprised to see each other.

“What are you doing here?” asked Melissa.

“Tristan gave me a note, which was from Nick, telling me to go here.” Replied Kylee.

“What do you mean? Tristan gave me a note from Nick, telling me to go here.” Said Melissa. “Why would you come, anyway?” Kylee gave her a slightly funny look. Had Melissa said something mean?

“Well, if it was something important, wouldn’t you come?” said Kylee.

“Of course!” said Melissa. “That’s why I’m here!”

“Well, if Nick had to tell me something important, I just thought that he might want to tell me he li—“Kylee didn’t finish that sentence. The look on Melissa’s face interrupted her.

“Does that Kylee…?” Melissa thought. “Does that mean that Kylee likes Nick?”

It made a lot of sense. Kylee always blushed when Nick got near her. The way Kylee looked at him. The way she smiled at him. This made Melissa angry. Even furious. However, she felt hurt.

Melissa thought Kylee understood her. Melissa thought that Kylee had supported her. How could she? How could Kylee betray her like that?!

“Well, Nick likes me!” said Melissa. “He hangs out with me every day!” Kylee made a face.

“Well, Nick likes me, too!” said Kylee. “He always compliments my acting, and we have a lot in common!”

“Like what?” said Melissa.

“We both like BlockBuild, acting, and drawing!” said Kylee.

“I like those things too!” said Melissa. “And me and Nick have a LOT in common! We both like red, insects, hot chocolate, caramel, movies, and flutes!” It was true, too. Nick had told her. That was the reason why she played the flute. Nick said he liked the National Anthem on it.

“Whatever!” said Kylee. “I’m going to get Nick to like me! You’ll see!”

“Well, Nick already likes me, but I’m going to prove it to you!” said Melissa.

“I’ll tell him right now!” said Kylee.

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary, Kylee.” Said a voice. Kylee and Melissa froze. They both slowly turned around. Behind them was the guy they were fighting over—Nick.

Earlier that day…

Nick was eating lunch peacefully, when Alissa came up to him. He glared at her.

“What do you want?” he said. “Aren’t you supposed to be in detention?”

“I was released early,” Alissa replied. “Anyway, I want to ask you something.”

“No, I will not go out with you.” Said Nick, bluntly. If Kylee or Evelyn were here, they would be laughing her head off.

“Okay, that aside, there’s something else.” Said Alissa. “Riley was talking to me today and—“

“Don’t talk about Riley.” Said Nick, emotionless. He and Riley used to be best friends. However, in 5th grade, she kept telling people they were going out. Annoyed, Nick broke all ties with her.

“Anyway, she was talking about Kylee and Melissa. Did you know that they both like you?” continued Alissa. Wide eyed, Nick didn’t speak.

“…Really?” said Nick. Alissa nodded. “Why should I believe you?”

“Well, Riley used to be friends with Kylee,” explained Alissa. “And Julia is friends with Melissa.”

“Really…” said Nick. “I.. didn’t know that..”

“So, who do you like better?” said Alissa. Then, she quickly took out her phone and started to record what Nick said. Nick didn’t notice.

“Well, starting off with Melissa.” Said Nick. “She’s kind, loving, caring, and… Pretty. Really pretty. Her hair is golden; her eyes are like the sky and ocean… Everyone likes her. She’s one of my best friends.” Alissa nodded.

“Now, Kylee…” Nick began. “There’s no one like her. She’s just like Melissa: kind, loving, caring, and pretty. Her hair is really like chocolate. Her eyes are emeralds... She can make anyone laugh. She’s really nice.” Alissa nodded again.

“So, which one do you like better?” Alissa asked again. “You can’t like two girls.” Nick nodded.

“I know, I know… I can’t decide. At least, not now.” Replied Nick. “I’m… going to go in the Nature Area, to clear my head.” Nick ran off.

Suddenly, he heard voices.

“Well, Nick likes me!” said Melissa. “He hangs out with me every day!” Kylee made a face.

“Well, Nick likes me, too!” said Kylee. “He always compliments my acting, and we have a lot in common!”

“Like what?” said Melissa.

“We both like BlockBuild, acting, and drawing!” said Kylee.

“I like those things too!” said Melissa. “And me and Nick have a LOT in common! We both like red, insects, hot chocolate, caramel, movies, and flutes!”

“Whatever!” said Kylee. “I’m going to get Nick to like me! You’ll see!”

“Well, Nick already likes me, but I’m going to prove it to you!” said Melissa.

“I’ll tell him right now!” said Kylee.

Nick, tired of the fighting, finally stepped out of the shadows.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, Kylee.”

Chapter 9

Both of the girls looked at their shoes, embarrassed. Had Nick heard the whole thing? Especially the “I’m going to get Nick to like me” thing…

“Um... Ahem...” said Nick. “I, um, understand that both of you like me…” Melissa and Kylee blushed.

“W-well of course!” Melissa managed to say. “W-we hang out e-every day… I just thought that—“

“I never said that I didn’t like you,” explained Nick. “But, I never said I liked you…”

“L-listen, you’re both nice girls, but I just can’t decide. At least, not right now. It’s just the beginning of December.” Said Nick. “But I promise that I’ll tell you the answer when I’m ready.” The girls nodded.

The bell rang. Time for class. The three walked away without saying goodbye. In Core, Nick and Kylee tried not to look at each other. When Evelyn asked Kylee what was wrong, Kylee would fake a smile and assure Eve that she’s alright.

Melissa was in her room. Her mother had asked her what was wrong.

“Nothing.” Was all she said. No smile. No fake laugh. Only “nothing”. Her grandfather, Charles D. Miles VI, paid her a visit.

“What’s wrong, Melly?” he asked her. Melissa sighed.

“Well, Ky- I mean, a girl that used to be good friends with me turned out to like the same guy as me…” Melissa said. “I just feel so hurt… I thought she was supporting me on this!”

“You mean someone is interfering with you and Nick?!” yelled Charles. “I will put that girl in detention!!!....Umm, who is it?” Melissa couldn’t help but giggle. Her grandpa was so silly sometimes.

“It’s okay, grandpa. I’ll show them that Nick likes me.” Said Melissa. She felt a little better.

Kylee’s cousins, Erick, Nicki and Violet, and Rosalie came to their house for dinner. Kylee didn’t care.

“Today is the worst!” she shouted into her pillow. “I lost my friend, and now my crush can’t even choose between me and Melissa?!”

She heard a soft knock at the door.

“Come in…” she said with a sniffle. She saw Erick come in.

“Hey, Ky.” He said. Kylee gave a weak wave with a sigh. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you know who Melissa is?” asked Kylee.

“You mean the golden haired pretty girl that every boy in my class likes? No.” Replied Erick. Kylee didn’t even break into a small grin.

“That’s not making me feel any better, Erick.” Kylee said, bluntly. Erick apologized.

“Okay, so what about Melissa?” asked Erick. “Isn’t she your best friend?”

Good friend.” Corrected Kylee. “And she was. Then, she found out that we liked the same guy...”

“Oh.” Was all that Erick said. Kylee groaned.

“Yeah, it’s bad…” said Kylee.

“Don’t worry, Ky.” Assured Erick. “She’ll apologize.”

“That’s impossible!” groaned Kylee. “She’s never going to forgive me! She’s… She just…”

“What?” asked Erick. “Does she cause trouble?”

“That’s the problem!” shouted Kylee, hugging her pillow. “She’s perfect! And since she’s perfect, she might not think she should apologize!”

There was a long silence, except for the sobbing of Kylee.

“Well, you know what they say,” said Erick. Kylee looked up. “Even the prettiest roses have thorns.”

To be continued.

Want to know what happens next? Find out in:
Perfect Roses Have Thorns

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