Split Into Two Loves

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Kayelle is the princess of the demons. She lived in peace and lived a simple (and kind of violent) life. However, things change when she's suddenly engaged to Prince Kain, th prince of vampires! What happens when she slips from her window, accidentally converts into her human form, kills her demon self, and gets saved by an angel?!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - How It Begins

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Kayelle was a fiery demon. She had long, flowing black hair with red ends. Her red eyes showed no mercy. Kayelle didn't understand love. She understood the other emotions, but for some reason, not love.

"Father, what's love?" Kayelle would ask when she was little. Her father would shake his head, and pat her head.

"Kay, you don't require much love to be the Queen Demoness." Her father would reply. Now, Kayelle is growing older and has locked into the look of a 16 year old. But with growing up comes changes and some unwanted decisions.

CHAPTER 1 Kayelle's POV "Princess Kayelle!" A voice shouted throughout the halls, before it seemed to be right next to me. "Princess Kayelle!" I groaned as I tried to cover my ears, but someone snatched the blankets, letting in the hot air and letting out the cold air. Although I was a demon, I was half human.

"Ugh, what?!" I said, my temper rising. "Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?!" My maid's, the one who called me, eyes widened. A ball of fire formed in my hand. Realizing that I was about to throw it, I did my best to calm down.

"State your business, before I burn you!" I said, impatiently.

"Y-y-your f-father ha-had to t-talk to yo-you." The maid said, obviously scared. "Alright, leave. I'm going to dress." I order. She leaves, and I finally get off of my bed. Opening my wardrobe, I pick out a red sundress with see through sleeves. I put my hair in a ponytail and walk out of my room. I run down two floors, before entering the large dining room. My father looks up from his plate.

"Kayelle, what has taken you so long?" My father says in a strict voice. "I'm sorry father, my maid has failed to awaken me." I reply. I decide not to mention my temper moment.

"Alright. So, Kayelle, you are getting older, and in the next 50 years you will become older and older." Father said. He sighed. "I have arranged a marriage with Prince Kain, the prince of Vampires." My eyes widen as I feel my body become a bit cold. It does that when Im shocked or nervous.

"Wh...what... Arranged marriage....?" I said, hardly believing that it was true. "I know it may be shocking, but it's for the best." My father said. My bangs cover my eyes, but I nod. I eat in silence, and the second I'm done, I run to my room. Slamming the door behind me, tears fill my eyes. Marriage? ARRANGED marriage?! I slam the windows open and lean forward as far as I can.

"It's not fair!" I scream out my windows. My voice echoes throughout the ocean and into the horizon. When I try to move, my hand slips, creating a cut on my arm. My hair tie gets caught and slips out of my ponytail, releasing my hair. Time seems to slow down as I fall forward, my black and red-ended hair brushing against my face. I desperately try to grab onto something, but I fail. The wall scrapes against my hand as I fall down. I began to scream through my sobs.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!!" I screech. Suddenly, I feel something strange. Then I realize it's a feeling of being stretched apart. It hurts at first, but then it ends. I look down and see myself, with full RED hair, fall. Both our eyes widen and I see her fall faster than I am. When she lands, blood sprays on the ground below her and on the plants and the wall. I want to scream, when something grabs me, saving my from my fall.... Or someone? I look up to perfect and gentle blue eyes and pale blonde hair. It was a boy... But before I could say anything, I black out.

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