Split Into Two Loves

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Transformation

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CHAPTER 2: I can hear whispers around me. I groan when I feel someone shaking me.

"She's dead." A female voice says. "I must throw her out." Woah woah, THROW ME OUT?! My eyes quickly open and I jerked upwards.

"Woah! I'm not dead, and I'm certainly NOT getting thrown out!" I scream. In front of me is a woman, about my age, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked a lot like the boy who saved me before I blacked out.

"You are awake." She says. I nod. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine... But I must get back to--" I begin, before the moment of realization. I saw her wings folded behind her. She was an ANGEL. And I'm a demon.

"The Kingdom of the Demons?" She said. "Yes, I know who you are. And I know what happened. In fact, I was watching." Anger fills me up.

"Then why didnt you save me?!" I shout.

"You are a demon. I am an angel. I had no choice but to let you fall." She said, firmly. "But somehow... You did the Split spell." The confusion gives me a bit of a headache.

"Split spell..?" I ask.

"If you are half human and half supernatural, then you may convert into your human form if you are on the brink of death." The angel lady said. "But it's extremely difficult. Somehow, you did it. Possible by a reflex."

"So, I'm human?" I ask. She nods.

"I cannot let the other angels know you were a demon, so we must hide your identity." She replies. "It's dangerous for a demon to be here." I nod, so she prepares me for the transformation. She leads me to a room with a chair in front of a mirror and huge wardrobe. She takes out scissors, and my eyes widens.

"Stop!" I shout, causing the girl to drop the scissors. "I.. Sorry, please continue." She sighs, and picks up the scissors. She cuts my hair until its near my elbows. She snips the sides and layers the rest. Then, she cuts my bangs (that have somehow grown longer) a bit shorter. Currently, my hair was fully black. Afterwards, she lead me to a bathroom and left. I took a bath (which felt nice compared to the steaming water back home) and once I was done, dried myself before wearing a white robe. I walked back into the room. The angel girl gave me a white dress with a ribbon tied around it my waist, with the skirt having ruffles underneath, puffing it up. She gave me a white headband with a ribbon on it. Then, she gave me black shoes. "All that's left is..." She said, before pulling out a pair of wings.

"You can only use these when your heart knows you are truly in danger. That's when the wings will work." She attached them to my back. Once she was done, she lead me to a huge garden with a glass dome around it. All around me were white and gold flowers. On trees were some flowers and fruits.

"Play here, and eat some fruit. It'll help you." The girl said and left. I wandered around the garden and ate, before bumping into someone. "Oh!" They said. "I'm sorry, I-I didn't see where I was going..." My (now) brown eyes met gently blue eyes. I recognized those eyes, that hair with bangs that's parted so I could see his eyes... HIS eyes. It was the boy who saved me!

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