Split Into Two Loves

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - An Unexpected (and violent) Visit

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CHAPTER 4 Shortly after my encounter with Angelo, I wandered back to the garden. There, Angeline led me to a pure white room, walls and furniture. There was a balcony decorated with light pink roses. Once she left, I collapse on my bed. Recalling the earlier events, I felt my cheeks farm up again. What was this feeling? I felt confused, my head feeling like it was pounding.

"Is this love?" I thought aloud. "Blushing whenever you see someone? Missing when they hold you hand?" I couldn't possible be in love with Angelo; I just met him! I thought about Bianca and him. My chest tightened. Was I jealous? But what of? Suddenly, there was a knock on my glass door leading to the balcony. My heart began to beat faster. Who was it? I swiftly ran towards it, and slid the door open. Standing there, with cold, piercing blue eyes, and short blonde hair, was Bianca. I gulped, obviously nervous. She scoffed.

"Well, aren't you going to let me in?" She asked. I shrug.

"I wasn't exactly expecting a visit," I reply, but move aside so she could come in. She does, and sits on my bed.

"I need to talk to you..." She said. I wanted to say, "Duh, that's probably why you're here!" But I didn't.

"About what?" I asked. She looked at me as if I already knew, but I was clueless.

"Well, lets start with a story, shall we?" She says, rising from my bed, and motioned for me to sit on it. She walked around the room, in a slow movement.

"Imagine having a good life. Perfect friends, perfect boyfriend... Everything was perfect." She said. "When your boyfriend gets sent out on a mission to spy on the Kingdom of the Demons." So that's why Angelo was there! Bianca's pace speeds up a bit.

"You worry if he'll make it out safe or not. Finally, he comes back." Bianca continued. She took out a wilting rose, sitting on the palm of he hand. "And guess what he brings with him?" She crushed the rose a bit. "Go on, guess!" I remained silent, obviously scared. Bianca smiled at my reaction. With glaring eyes, but with a smile, she leans in to my ear. "A fallen angel. Or so Angeline told me." My eyes widened. A fallen angel... Did she mean me?! Bianca twirled the dead rose in her hand.

"So, you wait. The fallen angel has just converted into her mortal self, so she'll be bound to die off, right?" Bianca asked, giving me an almost insane look. "Right?!" I began to shift uncomfortably in my seat.

"But sadly, your boyfriend happens to be friendly with the fallen angel... And heals her..." Bianca clenched the dead rose. She opened her palm, and the rose was fully bloomed and healthy.

"So now, you should just... Finish it off yourself!" She said, giving me a sweet smile before she ripped the rose apart. Fear and shock tore inside me. Bianca giggled.

"Fallen angel.. Or are you something else?" She said, glaring at me again with a smile. "You should watch your back... Or will you just run to Angelo?" She produced something from her back. It made my eyes widen with terror. It's shining blade in the light.... It was a knife!

"Let's start, shall we?!" Bianca said. She sliced towards towards my direction. As if on reflex, I shot up into the air... Wait, I shot into the air! I was flying!

"Tsk... Great. You can fly?!" Bianca said. "Ugh... Maybe I'll just try again later... You better watch your back..." She turned to fly out. "Wait! I have an idea!" She turned back. I flew higher in alarm.

"Okay, how about we play a game?" Bianca said, smiling. What kind of game...?!

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