Goddess of Justice

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A short novel, please enjoy:
A broken promise. A murder in the night, all the elements of mystery

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Goddess of Justice

Submitted: January 23, 2012

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Submitted: January 23, 2012



Blood dripping everywhere. The murderer’s face stricken with pain, “Why?” he whispered through a broken voice. “Why?” Tears splashed down, clearing the face of a beautiful woman underneath. “Why?” The man thrust the blade down into her stomach each time he whispered that word.

The woman smiled under him and lifted a blood caked hand to his face, “Because I loved you.”

Astraea gasped and sat up, her heart pounding. The same every night since her mother disappeared. She had been shipped off to Dansk Boarding School by her aunt, her father too broken to deal with a daughter.  She groaned, why in the name of Lady Blodeuwedd was she getting these dreams?

Astraea walked to the window in her dorm and stared outside. The sun was just peeking out, stretching its arms out to the cold stone buildings on the wide open campus. A knock sounded on her door. “Now what,” she grumbled. Stalking over, she pulled on a jacket and opened the door. Standing there were the jocks, Dylan Winters, Stephen Martin, and Brandon Meyer. Astraea groaned, “What do you guys want?”

“We want to know why we can’t read you,” Stephen answered glaring at her.  “I have some of the best telepathy powers in Dansk and you are the one person I cannot even peak into.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be read!” Astraea slammed the door in their face and turned around. Dylan Winters stood in her bedroom. “Get the flaming out of my room!”

“Why don’t you ever curse like a normal human? You always curse in riddles or in ancient tongue.”

“Just get out or I swear by Macha I’ll wring your neck!” Astraea glared at him. Dylan just leaned against the bed post and grinned at her.  

“Just answer the question; it’s all we are asking for.” Dylan walked over, pulled her aside and opened the door. Stephen and Brandon walked in. “Answer?”

“Because I don’t screaming feel like it. Happy now?” Astraea gritted her teeth and willed herself not to just burn the three pains right now.

“Not satisfied,” Dylan responded. Astraea glared at him and he was forced against the wall.

“Get out,” she grounded. Stephen and Brandon inched toward the door, Dylan just smiled at her. “Stop smiling, save the charm for the chicks.” She let go of Dylan in her mind. The devil just stood there, staring at her. “Get out. Now.”

“We’ll be back Astra,” Dylan said smiling. “Until then, see you in Shakespeare.”

“Never,” Astraea swore.

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