Drawn to the Flames

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A dude goes missing I guess... xD

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Drawn to the Flames

Submitted: December 02, 2010

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Submitted: December 02, 2010



17 year old Adam Sullivan has been missing for 10 days now. No one has the slightest idea what happened to him. His mother fears he is dead. But I know better than that. Of course, I actually know where he is. He made me promise not to tell anyone and I plan on keeping that promise. So far, I’ve been doing pretty good. These people don’t even know I know him.
You’re probably wondering what’s going on. Well, it started two weeks ago. I was at school and I saw him getting yelled at by a couple of the teachers. I was walking by and he was staring at me with curiosity in his eyes. I kept walking, trying to ignore his hypnotic stare. He had beautiful grey eyes. So pale that you could see right through them yet as cold as the dead of winter. It was hard to look away. I was fascinated by the mysteriousness of his nature, yet terrified of his dark, cold persona.
In my next class, he came in and sat next to me. Through the whole class, I could feel cold eyes on me and every time I looked over at him, my eyes would meet his gaze. I wanted to ask him what he was staring at me for, but I was too scared. The teacher noticed that he wasn’t really paying attention and asked him to repeat what he had just read. When Adam spoke, he had the most kind and gentle voice that was so smooth and calm you could easily fall asleep listening to him. He repeated it word for word, his smooth voice consistent with every word he spoke. After that, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him and was hoping to see him again.
After class, I was at my locker and my best friend, Lucy, came over.
“Hey Zoe, you gonna be at the skate park after school?” she said
“Huh? Oh, yeah… I’ll be there,” I said. That’s when I noticed him, his beautiful eyes locked with mine.
“Who’s that…" said Lucy.
“Huh? Oh,” I was lost in his pale eyes and remarkably uneasy stance. “That’s just some guy,” I said, trying to sound casual.
“Okay then, I’ll see you later…” she said
I hadn’t seen him since second period and was excited to see him in my last class. I walked in and sat next to him. I looked at him and his eyes met up with mine.
“Hello,” he said, so kind and gentle. His smooth voice piercing through my heart like a dagger.
“Hey,” I said, my voice shaky and startled. He just chuckled and looked away. When class began, I felt an uneasy feeling coming over me. History class was the worst subject for me after what happened four years ago. The haunting memories of a big burning hand across my bare back always sending shivers violently down my spine, and the stinging of my lips as his met mine...
Reminiscing of the past details that changed me forever, something hit my arm, leaving a brief stinging feel. I leaned down and picked up a piece of paper folded into quarters. Opening it slowly and cautiously, trying not to make too much noise, I saw in beautiful handwriting Lucy's name. Since she was the first person I told about what happened, she knew this was my hardest class and was worried about me as she always is. I quickly scribbled something back and tossed it to Lucy before the teacher turned around. I glanced over at Adam who was staring at me with curiosity.
"What?" I asked in a harsh whisper. He looked at me warily, his pale eyes seeming to see through me.
"Nothing," he finally said in a hushed low tone, his smooth voice cutting through my heart again.
I looked away and put my head on the desk.
I hadn’t realized I fell asleep until I felt someone shaking me awake.I looked up and there were those beautiful pale eyes looking down at me. Curiousity never leaves them....

The whole week, I couldn't stop thinking about how his smooth voice cut me so deeply. I couldn't help but look over my shoulder every now and then to see if he was standing nearby. I couldn't help but see him in my mind, the way his silky black hair covered his pale, cold eye and was always so shiny, how his full lips were lined up neatly below his pointed nose. Each of his features were perfectly carved into him. So perfect it was like he was a sculpture. No one could compare to him.
The bell rang and eighth period began which meant I could see him again. I've never been so excited to go to history class. As I walk in, I bump into a large man. I look up and there he was, Mr. Gorge. My heart starts pounding as I meet his gaze. How could they let him back on the school grounds? He's the one that caused me to have 2 years of therapy and left me scarred for life. He's the one that caused me to get pregnant and now I have a 3 year old daughter. Why did they let him back in?
I run out of the classroom choking back tears. I run into the bathroom and hide in a stall while crying my heart out. I'll just hide out here until school is over, I thought to mmyself.  Sniffling and sobbing, I hear the door crack open.
"Zoey? I know you're in here. I can hear you," says a smooth voice as I try to quiet  down. I open the stall door. He's standing at the door with a look of empathy written on his perfect face. I come out and practicly tackle him as I wrap my arms around his thin body in an embrace. I look up and his empathy turned into fear. He doesn't seem to care, though. He wraps his arms tightly around me and lets me cry into his chest. It's not even noticable when I get all my dark makeup on his black, torn, leather jacket. We stand there for what seems like forever.
"Are you okay?" He whispers so softly into my pierced ear it almost hurts.
Just fine now that you're here, I think as I nod my head. He takes my hand and gently guides me out of the bathroom.
"Let's get back to class then," he says quietly. I nod my head again as he leads the way.
When we get to the classroom, I walk in behind Adam while the teacher is talking about World War II.
"So nice of you to join us, Mr. Sullivan. What's your excuse this time? Did Godzilla get in the way?" He almost spits out the last sentence and practically shouted so the whole school could hear. Adam just ignored him and walked to his normal spot next to me. Lucy looks back at me with a worried expression on her face. I give her a thumbs up so she wouldn't worry so much. But the truth is, I can't stand being in the same classroom with the man who raped me. It's sickening just to think about. My heart is pounding and I'm still trying to hold back tears. I feel like screaming and I can't help but hold on tight to Adam's muscular arm. Through the whole class, I could feel Mr. Gorge's eyes right on me. I looked over at Adam and he was glaring at Mr. Gorge. Out of the week I've known him, I've never seen his eyes filled with such hate that he obviously has in them now. I wonder what happened between the two of them...
After school, Adam took my hand and told me to follow him.
"Don't tell anyone," he told me. I nodded my head, trying to keep up with him as he ran into the woods. It seems like we were running for hours but when I looked at my watch it was only 10 after 3. When we stopped, my long black hair was blowing in the wind. I hadn't noticed the dark clouds roll in.
"It's about to rain so hurry up," he shouted from far into the thickness of the haunting woods. I wasn't paying attention and he was far ahead of me near a log cabin.
"This is my old hideout when my parents used to fight," he told me when I finally caught up with him. "They have no clue I ever came here. Hell, they didn't notice I  ever ran crying from the house."
He pulled out a key and stuck it in the doorknob. He pushed the door open and there was a rush of sweet cinnamon smell that came out of the cabin. Stepping inside, he says, almost to himself, "I haven't been here in years."
"Why not? Sounds like this is your escape," I whispered. He looked at me with wary eyes and pulled up his jacket sleaves revealing many scars, some old, some newer. There was a long silence. We were just standing there staring at each other. He finally turned away and walked up the creaky old stairs. I followed behind quickly.
"So, why are we here?" I ask him. He just gave me a dirty look. He continued to walk to a room with a large bed in the middle of the woody room.
"I'm sick of my life. My dad is a loser and my mom does nothing about it. They always yell, he's always drunk and I have to watch in the background. They never talk to me, never love me and at this point, I'm about ready to just die." He lifts up his shirt showing a row of bruises and cuts on his ribcage.
"My dad threw a chair at me," he said, trying to stay calm. I eyed them quickly then looked away.
"What's with you and Mr. Gorge? I saw the hate in your eyes when you were glaring at him today."
He just looked at me confused.
"What's with you and him?" He asks with an unfathomable look on his face. We were standing there with an awkward silance again.
He let out a long sigh and walked over to the glass door on the other side of the room. He stepped outside and the rain was falling gloomily against his dark sillouhette. I walked over to the door and leaned against it while thunder boomed, making me jump.
"Are you okay?" I ask him, my voice trembling.
"Fine," he said turning around. He looked sad and almost terrified.
"I think you should go now. And remember this is our little secret," he whispered in my ear as he shoved me out the room. He slammed the door shut.
When I got home, my daughter, Stephanie, was sitting on the couch with my mom. I closed the door behind me and she came running into my arms saying "Mommy!"
"Hey mom," I say as I walk up the stairs. I put Stephanie down and go into my room and close the door. In my room, I pull out my sketch pad and start drawing the graveyard across the street from our house.

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