Drawn to the Flames

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: December 02, 2010

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Submitted: December 02, 2010



Every day for the next 3 days, I would go to the log cabin and see Adam. We got to know each other and trust each other and I can now say that I am totally in love with him. Nobody knows what happened to him and no one's asking me any questions on his whereabouts. The cops got involved and now there's a search team looking for him all over the town. Even his dad is worried about him.
"I don't believe you," he said when I told him.
"I'm not lying. He loves you and you can't deny it."
"I can and I do. I hate him and he doesn't even care I'm gone. I'll bet he's even happy." His eyes were filled with confusion. He couldn't help but turn away when a tear ran down his pale, snow white skin.
"It's okay to cry, you know. I understand how you feel. You're confused and lonely and you just want your parents to notice you for once. I felt the same way when my dad left for Australia."
He turned around, tears rolling down his face. He took off for the stairs and rushed up to the small room. I slowly went up and opened the door. He was on the bed curled up in a ball.
"You are such a baby," I say as I go sit next to him. I wrap my arm around his shoulders and he leans on mine.
The next day, he was outside throwing rocks into the river. Each toss was hateful, I could tell. He hated the river after what happened with Mr. Gorge. That might have been the reason he stopped coming here a long time ago.
"Your mom thinks you're dead," I tell him, trying to convince him to go back home.
"Why should I care? She's not even my real mom," He said coldly. I looked at him with confusion.
"What?" I asked totally lost.
"They aren't my real parents. My real mom is in mexico. My real dad is dead. I've lived in 23 foster homes and have been to 37 different families. I can't go back and face them. I don't want to. They don't care and they never will. None of them cared. None of them will. My real mom doesn't even care. She left me here on the streets and ran to Guatemala. Yeah, I'm living in a real life hell. It sucks. Get over it like I did. It was hard but still. I had to...." His voice trailed off.

The next day in history class, I was the first one there and was all alone in the room with Mr. Gorge. He was sitting at his desk and there was an awkward silence. I was worried about him coming anywhere near me and was so nervous my palms were sweating.
"What ever happened to Mr. Sullivan?" He practically hissed that at me.
"I don't know who you're talking about," I lie. I hope he can't tell.
"Don't play dumb with me. I saw the way he looked at you and the way you were clinging to him. Don't be so nervous, girl. I paid my dues now all you need to do is get over it."
Did he just say that?
"Okay..." I say, my voice quiet and nervous. He was glaring at me with dark eyes that were cold like winter. That's when everyone finally started to file in, breaking the silence. I still don't understand the reasoning for letting him teach again.....
After school, I decided to hang out with my friends at the skate park.
"Where have you been?" asked my friend, Collin. He's been my friend since third grade.
"None of your business."
"I see how it is. You have a new boyfriend that you don't want me to know about. Is that right?" I just start blushing and shook my head.
"I knew it!" Said Lucy. "Why didn't you tell me? I thought I was your best friend!"
"You are but he's NOT my boyfriend. We just kinda hang out sometimes." I told her.
"You've been 'hangin out' every day for the past two weeks, Zoe," noted Collin. I just gave him a dirty look. Kinda like the one Adam gave me.
"So when are we gonna meet this mystery guy of yours?" Says a voice from behind us. We turn around and it's Ronnie.
"Hey, I thought you were in Italy," says Collin.
"I was. But now I'm back," he says casually.
"Hey guys, I gotta go," I say.
"Okay. Have fun with your boyfriend," Collin teases. I give him another dirty look before I take off for home.
At home I get cleaned up then take Stephanie to see Adam. When we get there, I knock on the door and wait. When he opens the door, he looks like he hasn't slept in days.
"You okay?" I ask, concern filling my voice.
"Fine. Who's this?" He says looking behind me at Stephanie.
"This is my daughter, Stephanie..." He chuckles. I'm nervous and he can tell.
"She's beautiful," he says. She steps out from behind me, already warming up to him. He opens the door wider and lets us in. When we're inside, there's a warm smell of vanilla that fills the air.
"So, what's up?" He asked.
"Nothing," I said.
"You know, you don't have to come here every day. If I were you, I'd be tired of myself already."
"I know, and I'm not tired of you. I actually enjoy coming here. It's nice to have someone that actually seems to care." I say.
"I see..."
We follow him up the stairs and into the bedroom and sit on the bed.
"So how old are you?" He asks Stephanie. She holds up three fingers and he smiles.
"That's how old my nephew is," he says, seeming to be lost in thought. She smiles a smile I haven't seen since she was 6 months old. It was nice to see.
We were there for hours just talking. Sephanie fell asleep in his arms.
"She's so comfortable with you," I tell him.
"I noticed," he said smiling. "I love kids."
I smile back and lean on his shoulder. We stayed like that for what seems like forever.
"You should get home," he whispers. I nod my head. We get up and he carries Stephanie to the redwood cabin door.

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