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Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012





It is believed by a large number of people that black magic exists. And it is believed by a large number of people that it does not exist. Scientifically it is not possible. But science is not everything in itself. There is someone who is running this world and if we believe in good then there has to be bad too. If God exist then there must be someone “DEVIL”.

Now this story is something related to the war between these two powers. Our main character is a writer whose name is Aman. He is living in Punjab, Ludhiana in north India. He writes suspense novels which are related to murder mysteries, psycho killers, police investigations etc. He lives with his father, an elder brother who is already got married and having a girl child. Aman’s younger sister has left the house.  His father is having Furniture showrooms in Punjab and running a good business. His brother is helping his father in the business. His mother is separated from his father for 8 years now. His novels are quite popular but are not profit making business for him because the youth nowadays doesn’t read many novels. And secondly he only writes in Punjabi so it is limited to a particular class only. Side by side he is also doing his MBA.

It was raining very heavily on that night. Nothing was visible while he was driving his car very fast. His father was in hospital. He got two heart attacks side by side. Some medicine was missing in the hospital and Aman was asked to get it from a medical store as fast as he can. He got the medicine and was going back to the hospital. It was 12:30 midnight when suddenly a girl got hit by his car. All he was able to hear was a scream.

“Oh sshitt!!!.........!” he came out of the car.

There was blood everywhere. The girl looked as if she was already dead. Her pulse was stopped. Aman looked at her for few minutes.

“I think she is dead!!”

He put her in the car and rushed towards the hospital. Operation was started immediately. Aman was standing right outside the operation room. The doctors said that the girl was still alive. The police was already arrived.

“How did it happen Mr. Aman?” the inspector asked him.

“I was driving fast and I don’t know from where this……this girl came and….and…she got hit by my car. “Aman said.

“I know about your father but I think you are in a big trouble. We will take the statement of that girl and may be after that you will be taken in our custody.”

Prithiviraj did his best but was not able to come out of his poverty. He was just 15 years old when he started working with his father in an iron factory. His father died in an accident and then his mother because of pneumonia. After the death of his mother he left his village and moved to the Manchester of India, Ludhiana city. One of his friends named Rajvir had a good business in Ludhiana. He was doing hosiery business. Prithiviraj thought that he would get a good job in his friend’s company.

“I heard about aunty. It is not the way it would have happen Prithivi. She was a kind lady. I am sorry about her.”

“You are right Rajvir. But the only thing which is responsible for her death is my poverty. Now I am here in search of some job. I want to get rid of this poverty now. I have all my expectations from you Rajvir. Is there some job in your company for me?”

“Of course Prithivi, we are childhood friends. I remember when I my father came to Ludhiana for the first time, your father gave him money. Today my big business of hosiery is just because of that initial help. But you came just one day late. The vacancy in our company is filled yesterday. I am so sorry Prithivi.”

“It means you can’t help me right?”

“I never said that. I will help you.”

Then Rajvir gave a cheque of Rs. 20.000 to Prithiviraj.

“Your father gave 5.000 to my father 20 years back. Today I am giving you 20.000 along with the interest. Take this money and find some good job for yourself friend. My best wishes are with you.”

Prithiviraj took the cheque and came out of Rajvir’s company. 

“But sir, there is a vacancy in our company. Why you didn’t give the job to your friend?” Rajvir’s secretary asked him.

“It’s because he is my friend. And I know him very well.” Rajvir said.

While Prithiviraj was going out he felt that he shouldn’t have taken that cheque. Because it was a kind of insult of his father’s friendship towards Rajvir’s father. So he went back to give back the cheque.

“He is a sharp minded man, Innovative, full of new ideas.” Rajvir was speaking with his secretary.

“But sir then he may prove useful to our company.”

“At the same time he may use his brains to take over my business. Persons like him are always dangerous for your business.”

“But sir how long he will be able to manage with those 20.000 Rs?”

“I don’t care for him. I am just concerned about my business.”

Everything was heard by Prithiviraj while he was standing just outside the door of Rajvir’s office. He went without saying anything. But he kept that cheque with him and gave a promise to himself that he will never cash that cheque.

The initial days were hard for him. He did labor in order to meet the both ends meet. He was a metric.  So side by side he kept finding jobs in service line. Luckily he got job of peon in a furniture showroom named “last stop furniture”. The manager of the showroom Ricky Dhamija was a very colorful man. He got married to the daughter of a millionaire and instantly became rich. Now he had many girlfriends which were not known to his wife. He used to be very afraid from his wife. Because he knew that if his wife divorced him, then he will be again poor.

“Money is considered the first and the last important thing in this world. Poor want money and rich want more money. You were once poor and now would not like to be poor again. Am I right Mr. Ricky?”

During lunch timing, Prithivi showed the photos taken of his boss Ricky and his girlfriend during a private meeting of them.

“Did you take these photos?” Ricky asked Prithivi.

“Why you are concerned about the person behind this work? I think you should be more worried about the usage of these pictures sir.”

“What kind of usage you are talking about?”

“Well for instance, what will happen if these pictures go to your wife at home within next 5 minutes?”

“You are blackmailing me?”

“Yes sir. You are right. I am blackmailing you.”

“Hahaha… are just a peon. What can you do to me?”

“You will see within just five minutes when my friend goes to your house and gives these pictures to your wife. And then your wife calls you.”

“I don’t believe you. Let’s see if my phone rings or not.”

“Ok….as you wish sir.” Prithiviraj said, “Should I bring some tea or coffee for my boss?”

Ricky Dhamija didn’t say anything. Within next two minutes the phone rang. Ricky was surprised.

“Talk to your wife now.” Prithiviraj said.

Ricky picked up the phone. It was his wife. She was really very angry. She actually got the pictures. The color of the manager’s face was turned into white. Prithivi went outside the office. On the same evening, manager called him back into his office.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he said, “You have no idea how difficult it was to convince her that I am not involved with that girl.”

“Oh!! finally you have convinced her. Not a problem sir, I have your certain pictures while you are totally nak….”

“I said!!!......what do you want from me?”

“All I want is 5 percent partnership in this company.”

“What!!!.....are you joking?”

“Do you still want to wait for the next five minutes?” Prithiviraj said.

“No!!! will not send any more pictures now please!!!” Ricky dhamija said.

Then he thought for a while.

“But what I will tell to my father-in-law about this.” He asked to Prithivi.

“If you can convince your wife then I don’t think it is hard for you to convince your father-in-law. Get some idea. You have 24 hours with you. After that I will make sure that you get divorce notice from your wife.”

“Doctor…!!!....she is asking for her husband!!!”

Aman ran towards her room. He thought that girl came out of unconsciousness.

“No Mr. Aman, she is still unconscious. It’s just that she is speaking during her unconsciousness.” The doctor said.

“But is she out of danger doctor?” Aman asked.

“Yes, she is out of danger. But when she will be out of her unconsciousness, it cannot be said right now.”

“And……..and….what…I mean…..what she is speaking?”

“She is asking for her husband. Do you know where he is?”

“No doctor…..she is unknown to me. I am seeing her for the first time today.” Aman said, “All I am worried about her husband now. Because he must be finding his wife now”

“I am also very surprised in this case. This girl, I mean thank God we have saved her life, but it is impossible for a human being to get life in such a hard accident. I think this is a miracle that this girl was alive when you brought her to the hospital.”


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