My Link With Satan

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This short story takes place in an interview between a patient and the doctor. Most times we think people are crazy that the only way to help them is give them medicine or opting not to take it seriously, when, in the end, the craziness shocks you due to your ignorance and disbelief.

My Link With Satan
By H.F
“Wait, you claim to be the devil’s advocate?” says Vince Taylor’s psychiatrist, who gives a questionable look while reaching for the mug on the coffee table.
Vince couldn’t help but eyeing the woman’s breasts as if too much skin was being exposed; the doctor buttoned her white blouse only halfway to the chest, leaving a better view, if not completely, of her boobs for him to see. She also wore a black skirt and a transparent pantyhose; Vince thought she wasn’t the type to comply with the dress code, which every professional doctor should follow.
The psychiatrist swallows a mouthful of cappuccino and crosses her legs. She continues.
“Now, Mr. Taylor, tell me why you would think you’re associated with the devil?”
“I believe the devil has chosen me to carry out half of his work.”
“Half of his work?”
“To spread evil and bring about hatred among humans.”
Vince knew it wasn’t prudent to see a psychiatrist for the eightieth time; he tried all his best to convince the doctors that he was insane and evil, a dangerous force that must be stopped before it’s too late. Vince admits he’d killed seventy-two innocent people across the state of Boston, without ever leaving a trace that could have hinted the local police of his involvement. Even though he was, in fact, aware of his actions he still couldn’t act upon his will; he believed the devil chose him for a purpose, even before birth.
“Why would Satan choose you to carry out his bidding, Mr. Taylor?” the psychiatrist goes on with the trivial questions.
“Because it’s the right thing to do,” says the fallen man.
“Why do you think it’s the right thing to d—“
“Look, ma’am,” Vince finally interrupts her, “I know psychology and how psychiatry works. Right now I don’t need any of that bullshit, you hear me! I need help before I do something bad tonight, after midnight.”
The psychiatrist sets her cup on the coffee table and leans her chest forward.
“Mr. Taylor, I’m trying to help you, but in order for me to do that I need to know what’s wrong with you.”
Vince covers his face, wishing he hadn’t come in the first place and finally move on with his life while killing people.
The psychiatrist stands up and walks toward him, resting her hand on his shoulder.
“We’re going to try this again, Mr. Taylor. I promise you I’ll do whatever I can to help you, but before that, would you like a glass of water?
Vince nods and watches the woman going over the table on which lies a bucket of ice cubes and water. Moments later she returns with a glass of water and handed to him.
“Now, Mr. Taylor, have you been sleeping well these past few days?”
“I don’t sleep. The devil made me not to sleep. The reason being, I do most of his biddings during the dark hours.”
“What do you do during the night?
“I kill someone in particular; someone with a heavy heart.”
“Heavy heart?”
“Yes. A person with a heavy heart carries too much darkness and is also an opportunity to kill it as a way to spread it. But those with a light heart are protected by God.”
Vince’s claims bewildered the psychiatrist that she couldn’t fathom any of them. This compelled her to think before continuing on.
“How can a person be judged as good or bad based upon the weight of his or her heart? And how could killing the bad help spread darkness?”
“Demons and other dark forces of Satan’s, including myself, are able to sense the amount of darkness carried by the host’s heart. The most powerful weapon that makes a human unique is emotion. Having a stable emotion guides you to the right path, but manipulating it until one can no longer be guided will eventually go astray. This is where we take the opportunity.”
The psychiatrist swirls a black ballpoint pen between fingers, pondering where to proceed from there.
“Earlier you said you were going to do something after midnight, something terrible. Are you planning to a kill someone with a ‘heavy’ heart?”
Vince nods.
“How many have you killed, Mr. Taylor?”
“Seventy-two. I believe I’ll be seventy-three after midnight.”
With that the woman stands up from the chair and goes behind her office desk. On it she scans through a pile of files and finally brings one with her. She sits and examines the papers contained within the files.
“Mr. Taylor, according to your background check, you seem to have no criminal record.”
Vince says not a word but listens to the sounds made by the pigeons flapping their wings.
The psychiatrist takes a moment to wrap things up as she writes down something on a notepad.
“Mr. Vince,” she finally speaks, “our session will resume tomorrow at the same time. Dr. Timothy Saunders will be joining, who’s a well-known neurologist across the globe. He and I will discuss with you to figure out how we can help you cope with what you’re experiencing now. As of now, I’ll prescribe you Lexapro, which is an anti-depressant, as well as something that would help you sleep. I’ll be right back.”
The psychiatrist stands up and immediately leaves the office. Vance had foreseen this, but even so he decided to come not because he wanted to but because of the little hope he has left.
The man stands up from his chair and goes over to the doctor’s desk. He opens one of the drawers and pulls out a folder. Inside are personal documents of the psychiatrist, including home address, bank account information, and license for her practice. With no particular reason in mind, Vince memorized the home address “2318 Easterwood” and makes his way back to the chair.
Moments later the psychiatrist comes in the room, inspects nothing unusual.
“This are your prescriptions,” she says as she gives them to him. “Take one each tonight. And call my assistant if something goes wrong.”
After that the man thanks her and opens the door.
“Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Taylor,” she approaches him. “Stay home tonight, after midnight.”
Vince smiles with sincerity and closes the door on his way out.
It was after eight in the evening when Vince entered his apartment. After a quick shower he made spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs. After nine he laid himself on the sofa in the living room while reading a section of the bible. After ten he took his prescribed medications and resumed to his reading. Before the clock could hit eleven the man has finally fallen to sleep.
At 11:30pm, Vince rose from the sofa and went to the kitchen. He pulled out a kitchen knife and put it in his jacket pocket. The man took a cab and asked to be dropped off at 2318 Easterwood. Standing right before a small house, Vince walked toward the door and gave two gentle knocks. It was already 12:25am when the psychiatrist opened the door, following a shocking look on her face.
“Mr. Taylor, what are you doing here? How did you know my address?” Lisa Candy, her real name, was in a nightgown.
“You have a heavy heart,” said Vince as he plunged the kitchen knife through her abdomen countless times, until she was no longer alive. But her teary eyes seemed to have witnessed the event as it stared directly at Vince Taylor. The man was perhaps Satan’s advocate.

Submitted: May 29, 2011

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Gamma Raven

Very morbid, but very well told. Well done, it is a very unique story to say the least. Would you be so kind as to offer some advice on my writings? It would be much appreciated.

Sun, May 29th, 2011 2:57am


Thanx for the comment. Sure, i'll give you a hand.

Sat, May 28th, 2011 8:00pm


Really awesome. Outstanding. I agree with the fact that you say most powerful/dangerous weapon a human heart can carry is emotions. Yes it is.
Great work. Keep writing.
All the best.

Sun, May 29th, 2011 10:14am


Thanx for the comment!

Sun, May 29th, 2011 11:14am


This is really creepy and strange, but I mean that in the absolute best way possible. Very original too, every time I read "Mr. Taylor" I picture my dad, so this was quite interesting...

Wed, June 1st, 2011 11:41pm


Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sometimes in order for a story to be unique and interesting there has to be creepy stuff. :)

Wed, June 1st, 2011 4:46pm

Adelynn Welby

that was intense. i could feel my heart picking up speed. it is so true though. emotions are probably one of the heaviest burden a heart can carry. they can kill you...or revive you.

Thu, June 2nd, 2011 11:52pm


Thanks for taking the time to comment. Emotions are powerful to us as human beings. Thanks again!

Thu, June 2nd, 2011 5:03pm

Atton Brown

well told and suspensful. awakawrdly written in some areas but still good. read your work without the last sentence and see how you like it

Fri, June 3rd, 2011 12:08pm


Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Fri, June 3rd, 2011 8:35am


The most powerful weapon that makes a human unique is emotion. I believe in that our most powerful compact binoculars ever. And that is what makes us who we are because without emotions we would become heartless but emotions could be negative and positive By doing this greed, anger, sadness, hate, fear, etc would be eliminated but so would happiness, excitement, love, enjoyment, etc. Is that an acceptable sacrifice? We could assume that a world without emotions, especially greed, would result in no war and probably no killings, unless accidental. It would end crime entirely and such things as poverty, hunger, most diseases, etc would probably be solved much quicker since people can logically focus on them instead of dealing with emotions. But you things change. I loved it and how there is a moral behind it emotions being a powerful weapon just by one thing. You are astounding Guru God Guy :0

Cherise xx

Mon, June 13th, 2011 1:50pm



Thank you sooo much for giving me such a beautiful comment! I feel like you understand everything about our world. WoW you're smart! You totally blew me away! You know I couldn't explain it in a better way but thank you a million times. You're the best, most thoughtful and kind, and I am grateful for sacrificing your time. Cheers!

Mon, June 13th, 2011 12:20pm


freaky... seriously freaky..
Masha Allah... you have a gift! x

Sun, July 24th, 2011 5:54am


Haha thank you. Wow! It appears Rosa is on a "reading" spree haha.

Sat, July 23rd, 2011 10:58pm


I really don't know what drew me here...but, what I am about to tell you, is ...oh, well... here goes...when I was still living with Ken...His whole family was still in a four flat apartment...
...upstairs was my self, Ken, and my two children and his grandmother...down stairs in the front
apartment was an aunt and uncle,...down stairs in the back was an aunt and uncle...both women were the daughters of his grandmother...the uncle that was in the downstairs back apartment was closed-minded and had an ego as big as his stomach...he would never let me use HIS PORCH BACK he thought.. to through out the garbage...I would have to walk a block and a half to through out my garbage...Now think of this... it's his mother-in-laws apartment building...a four flat, with bavk porches...leading to the yard...I would not be disturbing anyone by using the back porch through out my garbage...I got so mad one day...and told Ken...I refuse to be intimidated by that self-centered bastard any more...I'm going to through out the garbage like a normal in an using the back entrance and throwing my garbage out...Well, when I proceeded to go down the stairs...He, the uncle, tore right into me..."I told you this is my porch and YOU are NOT to come through here"...And then I proceeded to say, this: "Look old man, for one thing ...this is not owned by's Kenny's grandmother home...and she told me...that "I" could use this back door anytime I wanted to...He said;
WELL, when you get back, from throwing out your garbage...the door WILL BE LOCKED...I proceeded to tell him...If this door is locked...I will break in...
I then told HIM...Joe go have yourself a fucking heart will be giving all of us peace and no more of your, "bullshit"...can you guess what happened..the next day he was found "dead"...from a heart attack...I get scared even to this day and am very careful...what I say to people...except when I finnally left KEN...I told him, when I was leaving that he would be a very lonely old man...for what he had done to his FAMILY...and look at him TODAY...
GG what I'm about to tell you is so scarry to me...I'm
still in shock...They revived him...yes, Ken, he is still alive...when I got to the hospital, after my daughter called me...HE was sitting up in his nothing had happened...I asked my daughter
what is going on...she said, just go talk with him...
Ok, GG close your mouth because I'm not going to pick it up off the floor...later I had his nurse read the poem I'd written...her eyes got very big...
his demons are keeping him very close...
I guess me reading this one...was the finnal chapter,
that I needed to read...I have to think how to, approach him now...I'm scared to...TAGS...

Tue, August 30th, 2011 1:59pm


Wow! What an unbelievable story! You must've been confused at first after you told your uncle to have a heart attack, which turned out exactly like that. The you told Ken he'll be a lonely man, which turned out exactly like that, but only for a while. Haven't you ever thought that maybe the words from you seem to truly affect people? I don't know...:)...could be a curse? Okay never mind me :)

I know how you're feeling about approaching someone you once said that he'll live a loner. Maybe this is a second chance? Maybe this is something God allowed to happen? Or's just a phenomenon as part of natural phenomena. You have two feelings; one is the contempt and the other forgiveness. If you rather choose forgiveness, which you already have, then you're better off apologizing to him what you told him once, or act as if you miss him and tell him how sorry you are, because if you don't, and he no longer lives in the future, you'll be thinking a lot about the possible ways to approaching throughout the remaining of your life, feeling unresolved, guilt, unhappy, and neurosis. have patience, pray God for the better, and let the flow of positive energy do its work :) CHeers!!

Tue, August 30th, 2011 7:20pm

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