True Lies-Chapter 6-I Know You

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When Anna finds a old friend at the hospital,she finds out her baby is in great danger!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - True Lies-Chapter 6-I Know You

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Please read the 5 last chapters before reading this.Or else you'll have no idea.
"Oh my god.Vannesa"??She spreads her 'wanna hug'? Hands out.Chris takes the baby away and glares at Vannesa.Then,when me and vannesa started talking,Cory Welsh came out of nowwhere and chris imediently came right by me and whispered:"A.....anna we got to go".She holds the baby while Chris runs out of the room all the way down to the parking lot with Cory strapped in his hands.
Chris's POV.
"What are you doing here"??I growl.I glare at him about to attack."Just with my girlfriend.You see,the Valtori is not happy with you vampires.Which is why were coming over here to kill you and your precious little family".Out of nowwhere,Vannesa comes speeding out with Anna in one hand and the baby in another."Anna".She drops anna slam into the ground and then put's Charlie (Charalotte's nickname) on her chest.Vannesa then turns her hair black instead of blonde."Anna and 'Charlie are all done.Now they are BOTH half vampire".She sucks the human blood off her lip.5 minutes later,I come in with anna carefully resting on my shoulder.I put her on the couch over by the window and Charlie on Talia's lap.I smile and watch the purple vampire venom spread out and go in a little ball.
Anna's POV.
I open my eyes slowly and look up at Chris.We are at home now and are in the family room.My aunt is coming in with some soup and a ice pack.While Talia is  taking care of the baby and ofcourse Chris is watching "Jersey Shore".I lean up close to Chris and kiss him tenderly.I blink my eyes and look at my Abc soup.Oh Aunt Gracie.Slowly and carefully I look at my baby's eyes.Dark red with a tint of green.
Ok I know that was short but I had no ideas!!!
Chapter 7 should be out soon!!

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