Year 10 At Tibcot Comp (a Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy story)

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With the SATs out of the way, the kittens are free to enjoy a fairly easy year in preparation for their final GCSE year. But a new arrival fresh from a private boarding school turns the class upside down... And in addition to that, a rival gang of girls from another class is not happy that the four best friends are becoming the most popular girls in the year... Fights, fun and plenty of practical jokes ensue...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Year 10 At Tibcot Comp (a Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy story)

Submitted: March 20, 2009

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Submitted: March 20, 2009



Chapter One

"Mewla, silence!" I said. "You know we have to be quiet in the library!"
"Well, I'm sorry, but someone's pinched my book!" Mewla said, looking round grimly.
Tab looked at me and grinned..
"Ha ha - someone's going to be in trouble for losing school property."
"Wait for it - Miss Thorpe will be sending a note to Miss Mewola." I laughed.
"Melanie Winters! Quiet please!" Miss Thorpe, the library assistant called to me and frowned. I grinned at Tab and turned round to face the computer which I was working on.
Our class is working on a huge Geography project about Mindanao in the Phillipine Islands, and in that particular lesson Tab, Mewla and I had gone up to the school library to study on the computer and write up notes from books. Cathy had stayed down in the classroom with a heap of National Geographics.
Although the whole class was doing the same project, we had been split up into groups of four or five, and were each working on a project. Usually we're all allowed to go off in our groups and work somewhere quiet, in an empty clasroom or something, and we all love doing that! As you can imagine - cue time for playing about a bit! Apparently the group with the best project would get a reward, but no-one knew what it was going to be.
"Well I'm going to find out who pinched it." Mewla said. "I bet it's one of those Year 8's over there!" and with that, she set off across the library at a pace.
I carried on scrolling through the information on the computer, almost getting hypnotised by the paragraphs endlessly going up the screen. Tab was buried in paperwork and books next to me; she was jotting down notes.
At that moment, Cathy came into the library through the big creaky doors. If Miss Thorpe wants to keep the noise down in the library she should fix the doors - creak creak creak every few seconds. Cathy grinned at me as she came over, running her paw through her hair.
Cathy has this really amazing hair. It's bleached blonde, but it isn't a really bright bleached colour - it's more of a natural, very pale blonde. It doesn't look tarty on her at all - it looks really classy.
"Anyone seen Mewla?" Cathy sat herself on the edge of the table.
"She's over there, terrorising the Year 8's." I said, pointing to where Mewla was moving about amongst the Year 8's.
"I just thought I'd bring her book up for her." Cathy said. "I reckoned she might need it and it wouldn't be much use to her in the classroom with me."
"Her book?" I said, then laughed. "So you mean she left it down there? She thought she's brought it up with her and lost it, that's why she's going crazy over there, she thinks one of the Year 8's has pinched it!"
We all laughed, then quickly subsided as Miss Thorpe glared over again.
Mewla saw Cathy and came over, looking furious.
"You know, not one of those stupid Year 8's will admit to nabbing my book!" she said.
"I brought this up for you." Cathy handed Mewla the book, trying desperately not to laugh.
"Wha...?" Mewla took the book. "You mean I left it in the classroom all along? I couldn've sworn I brought it up with me!"
"Mewla's losing the plot, folks!" Tab laughed.
"God damn it." Mewla mumbled, and went and sat down next to Tab, where she was working.
Tibbicca came into the library at that moment. She stalked over to us. Her short black A-line skirt suited her long slim legs very well, and she had a pair of chunky black platform shoes on her narrow feet. She had a fitted white shirt and chopped top on, like us, and a black Adidas sweatshirt on top. Her golden hair fell in a loose sheet down her back, and she smiled at Tibbicca, making her beautiful face seem even more beautiful.
"Mrs Fisher sent me up to get you all." she said. "She wants us all back in class. I've got the wonderful job of searching round every empty classroom for the other groups. God knows where Purbelle's group's gone!"
"Great fun." Cathy grinned, getting off the table.
"Well, just don't be too long." Tibbicca said. "Mrs Fisher seems a bit cross now because everyone seems to have vanished. I think she's finally cottoning on to the fact that we may not all be doing lots of work while we're off in our groups."


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