The Fire Within - Heidi Cooper

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter Sixteen

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Submitted: April 29, 2017



Chapter Sixteen



“Em…” The voice sounded disembodied. My vision was fuzzy at best; I could barely make out the silhouette of a person. They appeared to be leaning over me. Last I remember I was in the alleyway and…


“Em, are you okay?” The voice repeated. I felt someone touch my arm gently and I reacted by flinching. “Em. It’s me, Josias.”


“Josias?” The word sounded peculiar passing through my lips.


Where was I? The ground suddenly felt softer somehow. My vision swam in and out as I struggled to regain my focus. Indistinct shapes slowly became clearer as I blinked several times. Wasn’t I outside?


“You collapsed, Em.”


I was outside…


“I – I don’t remember much…” I stammered.


“Don’t get up straight away.” Josias said. I smiled timidly. “You had a fall and may have hit your head. It was so sudden Em. Are you okay?”


“I – I think so. My head hurts a little.”


Josias handed me a couple of pills and a glass of water.


“Here, take these. It will help.”


I popped them in my mouth and swallowed, chasing them down with the entire contents of the glass. Josias sat quietly, looking a little too intently into my eyes.


“What?” I asked, flushing.


“I just want to make sure you don’t have concussion.” He replied, still fixated on my eyes. After a few moments he pulled me towards him and hugged me. I relaxed against his chest. A memory suddenly ignited a fire in my mind. I pulled away and looked around, abruptly aware that I was no longer outside.


Thick, heavy woven drapes hung in front of large bay windows. A huge arched entrance was to the left of me and through that I could see the bottom of a large, wooden staircase. I turned my head to the right. A large mantled fireplace took centre of the far wall. Suddenly memories of dying embers and the blue sigil flashed in my mind. I sat open mouthed.


Josias suddenly noticed. “Em.”


I felt like my head was suddenly full of water. The dream house… I shivered, suddenly feeling terribly cold. Josias kept calling to me, but it sounded like he was a great distance away.


“I had to be sure…” I heard him say. Sure of what? “My mum doesn’t even know I did this. Hell, if she did she would have locked me up in the basement or something.” What was he talking about?


“I had to know Em.” He continued. “I always had a vague idea that you were but to actually know for certain…”


What was he talking about? I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to get out of there. The ring my grandfather gave me suddenly let out a brilliant flash of red light. I found myself standing inside my lounge room.


“Mum! Dad!” I screamed, shaking.

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