The Fire Within - Heidi Cooper

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter Four

Submitted: August 16, 2013

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Submitted: August 16, 2013




Chapter Four




Sleep was upon me swiftly tonight…


No sooner had my head hit the pillow when I was transported to my usual night time reverie. This dream was not unlike the others, however strangely different in many ways. As soon as the movie reel in my head started rolling, I found myself directly in front of the fireplace.


I surveyed the room deliberately, taking in every fixture, every crack in the wall; anything that stood out or was recognisable. Subconsciously I suppose I was also scanning it for any variations since my last visit. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary, more so than usual, except for; how odd…new wood in the fireplace?


Puzzled, I sat down on one of the antique looking lounges and rubbed my suddenly itchy palm. Ash and Ember was all that remained last time I was here and yet, nobody was ever here in my dream state. Who had restocked the fireplace with fresh wood, I pondered. Mum said these were just dreams, nothing more. I didn’t buy that at all.


The fireplace erupted into an amazing display of vivid colour and flames. I felt it dance reflectively in my eyes for a moment, and just as the sensation dissipated, so did the flames in the hearth.


I felt a heat begin to rise up inside me that was gradual at first and escalated until my body tingled and vibrated. My skin took on a sudden luminous quality. I stood up and in one swift motion extended my arms out and raised my palms to the ceiling simultaneously. The strange symbol on my hand glowed bright neon blue, brighter than I had ever seen it before and as swiftly as I sucked in a breath, I was silenced by the words in my ears.


“Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum. Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum. Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum…”


The same words as last time. Strange. But it didn’t stop there.


“ignis intra tem est, adversaris tu eum non…”


What in the world did that mean? My train of thought departed from platform one as it was distracted by the oncoming sound of more Latin tongue.


“Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum. ignis intra tem est, adversaris tu eum non…”


Clearly the house - or someone was trying to tell me something. I wasn’t sure what it was but it definitely had something to do with these repetitive dreams, the sigil and my scar; a scar that seemed to have a mind of its own at the most inopportune moments.


I brought my hands down to almost waist level and stared at them. The sigil was glowing blue, faintly, but still noticeable. I sat back down and contemplated the events of the past several dreams. What did it all mean?


My gaze found its way back to the hearth of the fireplace and I recollected the strange amulet I had almost seized in last night’s episode of my slumber saga. The Latin phrases persisted in my ears again with great resolve. “Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum. Ignis intra tem est, adversaris tu eum non…”


“I don’t understand!” I yelled. “What are you trying to tell me? What does this all mean?!”


“Observa ignis. Ignis est virtus. Ignis vis est. ignis intra tem est, adversaris tu eum nom…”


“Sure, just spit more words at me!” I exploded with frustration. “I don’t understand! Adding more words that I don’t know doesn’t help!”


“Vos scitis a verbis. Latinum in sanguine tuo.”


Creepy Latin voice inside my head mustn’t have received the memo.


How was I supposed to understand what the voices wanted, when they were in a language that I barely knew? I mean, I knew a few words here and there, but not enough to string coherent sentence together.


I had to figure this out, somehow. There was no mistaking the fact that it was something I had to know. I would endeavour to find out what it all meant from someone who knew Latin. I made a mental note to remind myself when I woke in the morning about the need for a Latin translator. How and where would I find such a person? I was fairly certain that trying to find one who actually knew the language well enough to interpret English into it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


I sighed and scanned the lounge room once more. The voices had vacated my ears. The voices, listen to yourself Em, you sound bat shit crazy…Well, the voices except for my own. The house was dead quiet though, and if it wasn’t for my own voice mocking me in my head you could have heard a penny drop. Something felt a little different though; the atmosphere had altered marginally. I started towards the fireplace and examined the bricks above the mantel for the symbol that had appeared to me before.


Smoothing my right hand over the rough brick, a fire erupted inside of me and I yelped out in response to the sudden burning and throbbing sensation on my hand. The sigil made itself known to me; its radiance pulsated in time with my scars eerie blue luminous presence. It didn’t hurt exactly, just kind of startled me. I wonder…


I knelt down to focus better at the smouldering remains and noticed that the fire had almost completely obliterated the pile of uncharred logs that had once laid there. The amulet had appeared last time I had touched the brick wall so I began sifting through the contents of the hearth in search of it. The ash and ember was still quite warm to the touch as I sifted through it carefully.


Suddenly my hand brushed over something cool amidst the warm debris of the hearth. I closed my fingers around it and cautiously extracted it, being careful not to drop it or break it in the process. The amulet! I stared at it in awe and scanned every detail of its unusual design. It really was quite something. Intricate. Unique. It looked rather old, antique was the word that came to mind; a locket of some kind with filigree and complex designs engraved into the white gold. The chain at closer inspection did look very much like a rope, the way the individual pieces of metal were twisted around each other tightly. I sat there completely transfixed, allowing my hands to slide delicately over the precious metal as my eyes took it all in.


“Ignis est virtus. Sanguine tradita est…”


Creepy Latin voice decided to scare me senseless with its sudden outburst. I uttered a startled cry and accidentally dropped the amulet. Shit! Shit! Shit!


I was worried that if I dropped it, my dream would suddenly cease and I would fail to acquire the piece of jewellery again. I managed to retrieve it before I was ripped out of my slumber and clutched it close to my chest; as if I was sure some invisible force would come along and relieve me of it at any moment. Then again, creepy Latin voice sure did make a point of trying to tell me something, and I wondered if creepy Latin voice was responsible for making a stunning show of the conflagration and incandescent symbols. Person that belongs to creepy Latin voice is such a pyromaniac. Seriously…


I was glad though in a way. My head was so full of my own voice and creepy Latin voice that I had no room for any others. I felt awkward enough with one or two voices in my head let alone three or more.


Good grief! I really do sound crazy! I chuckled at the thought as I glanced back down at the amulet.


I was sure that it belonged to me. I don’t know how, but I was certain of it. I rose to my feet still clutching the locket tightly and as my eyes met the mantel, the strange blue glow burst out from the brick work and appeared to hover in the middle of the lounge room. It was glowing with such intensity that I felt like my retinas would implode.


When the incandescence died down to a dull glow, I resumed my fascinated stare at it. The locket suddenly began to rise in temperature and tremble in my hand. I touched the front of the locket gingerly and it made a soft clicking sound. The locket opened! Alarm bells started ringing in my head and as my vision swam around me.  


“Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum. Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum. Ignis vis est. Infrenes tu eum…” 

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