The Fire Within - Heidi Cooper

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter Six

Submitted: September 21, 2013

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Submitted: September 21, 2013



Chapter Six




Thursday dragged on slowly. Wednesday was only a blur.


From what I could recall of Wednesday I wished I could go back and erase that day for good.


I hadn’t told my mother what I had seen. What was the point? She would just dismiss it and make me feel like a whack job. My gut instinct was telling me that my mother knew something. I was convinced my mother knew a lot more than she was letting on for reasons I could not begin to fathom. I was confused, frustrated and I suppose a little angry at her for brushing me off every time I tried to talk to her about what was happening to me. She just brought down an emotional wall as tough and impenetrable as titanium and that was the end of it.


I don’t recall having a dream at all for the last two nights. In a way I suppose it was comforting. I was still curious about that amulet but I was thankful to have not one but two nights of sound sleep for a change.


I woke Friday rubbing my eyes and stretching, taking in the glorious sunshine that was streaming through my open window. It was a new day, and I was determined to make sure it was a good one. I decided not to bring up the whole dream thing again with my mother this morning as I knew what her reaction would be. Her reaction was always the same. She never wanted to talk about it and trying to get anything out of her was like trying to produce blood out of a stone, impossible and pointless.


I trotted to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Taking out my hair I brushed my fingers through it and tried to manually detangle my locks. Breathing a sigh I stripped off quickly and stepped into the shower, turning on the faucet and letting the water gush out of the showerhead and down my body. It felt so good and was always refreshing to shower first thing in the morning. It awakened the cells in my body and sent a surge of energy through me, making me feel revitalised and empowered. Little sparks jumped between my fingertips as I grabbed the luffa and began scrubbing.


Yesterday was so weird and I hadn’t stopped thinking about it all night. I knew my mother was connected to this sigil just like I was. I didn’t know why, or what it meant and that was sending me nuts. I hated the not knowing part. Was it a family insignia of some kind? Was it magic? There had to be some sort of magical element involved, surely. My mother obviously had reasons for not wanting to talk about it, for pretending like my dreams were just that of a silly child. I knew deep down that they were not just dreams, especially now.


I turned the taps off, stepped out onto the bathmat and wrapped my bath sheet around my body. While I was heading back to my bedroom, my mother was just coming out of her bedroom and startled me a little.


“Mum, Hi!” I squeaked. “How are you feeling?”


“Better. I managed to get some rest.”


“Did you have a headache?”


“No, was just feeling….off.”


She appeared to look right past me, with a blank expression, and maybe a hint of, was that fear?




Her gaze averted back to me.


“I just…yesterday, I went into your room. Just to check on you. I saw the strangest thing….”


She kept her stare at me steady and for a moment there I saw a flicked of sheer panic mixed with sorrow in her eyes. What was it that frightened her? Upset her? Why wouldn’t she talk to me about it?


Here goes…I sucked in a deep breath and the words all came flooding out at once before I could stop them.


“I saw a bright light. It was blue, Mum. The light was coming from your palm and I noticed something strange. The same sigil that was in my dream was on your hand. The same sigil right here…”


I held up the palm of my right hand, and her eyes cast down at the direction of the strange sigil burnt into it. She held up her hand, and when our palms came close together, the sigils both illuminated brighter than ever.


“We need to talk…” My mother said and looked me dead in the eyes. “But not right now, tomorrow morning. I need a moment to gather my thoughts first. And with that, she hurried off down the stairs.


As I was heading out the door, I heard my parents quietly bickering. That made me a little concerned. What were they fighting over?


It occurred to me that my Dad knew about the real reason my mother was feeling off, and more than that, I was sure he knew more about this sigil business than what they were both willing to admit.

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