Brother Dear

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Ryan is the boy of my dreams, athletic, handsome, smart, but he is totally out of bounds. He is my brother and I have been in love with him for years, so now I am going to do something about it. Confessing, flirting, making his girlfriend hate him; nothing worked, so now I'm going to play dirty and I don't care who I drag down with me.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Brother Dear

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Chapter 1

I am totally insane, I cannot love him and that is final. But if it was so wrong, why was I still feeling like this; he has been my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and my ride for over sixteen years but now these feeling were going to ruin it for me, for us. He was so handsome though, tall, far taller than me with soft, floppy brown hair and dark eyes, almost black. He was on the rugby team so he was really fit and all the time he spent training in the summer meant he was constantly tanned. He was like an underwear model but was smart and funny too, the total package, but totally out of bounds.

He has a girlfriend, the typical plastic; fake tan, bleach blonde, blue eyed girl, madly popular but with no brains. And he totally fell for the nice girl act that was a complete lie, she was the opposite of me and that meant I never had a chance for I was a natural brunette, small, pale as was humanly possible with green eyes; I always took after my mum rather than my dad. And I was a loner, I had no friends well except for Ryan and Maria, he was the only friend I had ever really had and I didn’t need anyone else. But there was one other reason I had no chance with the boy of my dreams…..he was my brother.

Believe me I know what you are thinking….gross. But I have tried everything to forget about him, I moved in with a girl a few blocks away but she drove me insane, I got a boyfriend but whenever I was with him I only thought of Ryan, so now I spend my days locked in my room reading and writing and trying to stay as far away from my brother as possible. But that is pretty hard when you live in the same house as him.

“SAMANTHA! BREAKFAST” My heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice, why was it him that I fell in love with.  There were lots of guys who fell at my feet to try to go out with me, they say it was because I was mysterious but I was never interested; the longest boyfriend I ever had was Martin and that only lasted a month and a bit, he just didn’t match up to what my heart wanted. And sadly Ryan did. “SAM! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE OR YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE” I fumbled around for my alarm clock that had failed to wake me… again. I slugged over to the bathroom and stared into the mirrored wall, I looked terrible but I always did when I woke up; I turn over so much in my sleep that when morning came I looked like I stuck my finger into a plug socket. Jumping into the shower I could hear the banging coming from the locked bedroom door but I wasn’t in a hurry I didn’t care if I was late for college I wanted to be a writer and sitting in a class for three hours learning about poets was not important to me. The water soothed my wrecked emotions slightly but did nothing for my racing mind, I had loved him for almost three years and knew that it didn’t matter what I said the feeling would never be mutual. I didn’t want to leave the warmth of my shower but the yelling and banging continued so getting dressed was the only option, luckily Ryan hadn’t picked the lock so I managed to get to my wardrobe without the door crashing open. Although my wardrobe was full of fancy designer clothes I was never interested in any of that so rather than go for one of the many pink frilly tops mum had bought me I went for my basics, a purple checked shirt, faded dark blue jeans and cheap converse. When I finally managed to get to the bottom of the stairs the room was empty; we have a totally open plan ground floor, so you could see where everyone was and avoid them if necessary, which was always necessary in my circumstance. The fridge was practically empty when I got to it, normally I have fruit but today there was nothing but cheese and jam so instead I went for some burnt toast from our partly broken toaster. That was when he snook up on me, if I had half a second of notice I would have vanished out of the front door and walked to college but I heard his feet hit the laminate floor and knew It was him. “So sleeping beauty finally awoke from her slumber. But you’re late for college” He came up behind me and snatched the final piece of burnt toast out of my hand before taking a huge bite and putting it back. “I think you burnt it” He said with a smirk before picking up my book bag and throwing it at me. I only just caught it before I was being pushed out of the front door. “I am taking you to college Araura, otherwise you will get kicked out and I will have to see more of you” He kicked me gently on the behind pushing me further towards his car.

“Ryan, can’t I just skip today, you know how much I hate it” I turned to him pleading, but he just gave me a stern look and opened my door for me before getting into the other side. He started the battered engine and headed towards boredom.

“Sam I hope you don’t mind but I invited Chelsea back to mine tonight” I just groaned in response, I knew what was going to happen; I would be kept up all night by her fake moans and screams I wanted to wring her neck but Ryan was smitten so I didn’t have the heart to do that. I just leapt out of the car as soon as it pulled up to the curb and ran into class; the less time I spent around him the less I felt the pain, so I made the stupid decision to go to English.

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