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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Book 2 - Chapter 6

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




Book 2-Chapter 6

"Ahhhemmm" I heard someone cough from the door, but I still chose not to stir too much, I didn't bother opening my eyes because I knew it was Micheal at the door; he didn't have a heartbeat like my human companions it was far softer and slower. "Care to explain why you are sleeping in the same bed" I felt Myrnin shift, he removed his hand from around my waist and sat up in bed, still not willing to move much further. 

"That would be because there was no room anywhere else, plus I had already slept so Eleanor took the bed" He was acting posh again, and not his natural posh. He had turned into a very educated Englishman although Myrnin wasn't English like I was, in fact no one really knows where he comes from, he has an accent. sure, but no one actually knew what it was. 

"Then why are you in the bed then" Micheal's eyes were boring into us, so I picked up the pillow slowly from behind my head and lobbed it blind at the doorway; I think it hit Micheal square on as I heard an "Oooft" as it collided with his face.

"Micheal, you are not one to ask questions about what I do in bed. But if you must know, I could not sleep, as if you managed to forget, my boyfriend went out on a death mission yesterday. Myrnin was here, he offered to stay with me, so I agreed. Now Pi*s off before I decide to throw a lamp at you, or worse, a stake" I still had my eyes closed but dug out a silver tipped stake that I always kept in my belt and held it up for Micheal to get a good long look at, before he closed the door and shuffled off into the lab. 

I rolled onto my back, my head still a little fuzzy and red rimmed from being held close all night, when I finally opened my eyes I saw Myrnin still sitting upright watching me as though I would vanish any second. "You keep a stake on you?" He said, his voice flat and slightly sarcastic. 

"Yes, so if I meet any bad vampires I can put them in their place." I poked the stake gently into his chest, just denting his shirt but not pressing through and he collapsed onto the bed next to me, clutching the stake as though I had staked him and being the drama queen he always was. I pinned him down and took the stake off him again, but I felt a longing flow through me as I hovered on my arms over him. I pushed back up into a sitting position and shoved the stake back into my belt. But Myrnin wasn't ready to get up yet, so he grabbed me round the waist and pulled me back into him as he loomed on his knees behind me. He swung me round so I landed flat on my back and he was the one hovering above me on his arms, looking deep into my eyes. 

"Why did you let me stay last night?" 

"Because I wanted you to." neither of us moved and as Myrnin was coming down on top of me, his eyes flashing over my lips the door was kicked open wide and Shane stood their in the doorway looking at us with wide eyes.

"What the heck did I just walk in on!...actually I don't want to know" He flung his hands up in surrender and continued on, his eyes looking anywhere other than the bed. "We still haven't heard any news from Jason." I pushed Myrnin off me then and sat bolt upright, I flung my feet over the edge of the bed and stood up, my legs a little unsteady.

"Shane, whatever you saw; never happened...got it?" I looked up at his tall frame but he glanced between Myrnin and me and shrugged.

"I didn't see anything" and with a smirk walked back out into the lab.


The Lab had been turned into home-from-home central when I staggered in still a little confused.

I had just spent the night, in the same bed as Myrnin whilst my boyfriend is on a death trip.

I felt so ashamed and so exhilarated at the same time and I did not like it.

"Hey guys" I said as I rounded the small corner. All the marble tables had been pushed to the edges of the room and on top of each was a thin travel mattress, and beneath each table was another. Almost like makeshift bunk beds. In the centre of the floor was a ring of pillows, cushions and bean bags and in the centre of this was a coffee table made from stacked up books and a sheet of cardboard on top. It looked a little like a homeless house. But in fact, it kind of was. 

"Hey" They all chirped, looking surprisingly happy but Shane gave me a look and a smirk that told me he had not forgotten about what he had seen. I could have compelled him to forget but it seemed kinda cruel to wipe your own friends memory. 

"So any idea about what to do about getting Jason back or are we sticking with the plan?" I didn't want to sit down, sitting down would ruin my questioning, that and the fact that I knew if I sat down my legs wouldn't let me stand back up. I scanned the scene; Shane wouldn't stop smirking, Claire was tidying books, Eve was huddled next to Micheal with yet another cup of almost black coffee and Micheal was looking hungry. Actually so was I. We hadn't had a blood ration for almost a week and I was really contemplating how good Shane's neck looked for a bite. NO! Eleanor you are not going to turn into the monster, not again! It had happened before, I was one of the worst vampires out there, I was worse than Jason on the number of kills I had. 

"No we are sticking with the plan, there is too much risk involved if we went to find him and like you said yourself; if he does come back, it won't be for the right reasons" Micheal was still looking hungry but at least his mind was still in tact.....for now. I just nodded in approval and took the huge mug of coffee Eve offered me. 

"We are going to need blood soon" I didn't even hear Myrnin come in but he was there, still in his rumpled clothes and long jacket but now with the addition of his vampire bunny slippers which had always made me laugh. It was true though we did need blood, and soon. I prized my gaze away from the slippers and met his eyes; his face changed when I met his gaze.

"I agree with Myrnin, we need blood and asap. Otherwise no one is going to get out of here alive; whether that's due to starvation or us killing you." The us was for the vampires. Myrnin and Micheal had far more control than me, I was borderline killing spree as it was, I didn't need people with a pulse too close even if they are my friends. 

Micheal made some approving noises from the floor and my gaze turned from his back to Myrnin's. "So how are we going to do this....The humans need food, the vampires need blood and the people up there....." I motioned to the ceiling, above which was the street and the Day house. "......want all of us dead." I leaned on my hip, putting a hand on the other and Myrnin's eyesbrows rose making me feel slightly uncomfortable about the whole situation. 

He managed to keep his expressions under control and began pacing picking out odd books from the shelves Claire had just fixed and flipped randomly through the scruffy, musty pages. "We split up, the humans get their food, the vampires get the blood and we all arrive back here before the humans kill us...its simple really." He continued through his book as though the whole situation was in a novel. 

"Myrnin, this is not simple. They have hundreds of the Morganville population searching for us. The only reason they haven't already found us is because we are in your cement sealed lab" I turned away from him and crossed my arms in anger. After the air was thick with tension my stomach growled and I realised it was our only possible plan. "Eugh, FINE!! Claire, Eve, Shane you take the portal directly to the store, me and Micheal will go get blood, Myrnin; you have to keep the portals open, both, If anything happens close ours and keep Claire's open, we have a better chance of surviving than they do." He nodded solemnly but Shane butted in. 

"I think Micheal should go with the girls; he can protect them better than I can and I will go with Eleanor. I might not like the idea of blood shopping but I would rather that than watch the girls die because I couldn't stop an attack" I looked directly at him and knew he was right. Micheal could protect the girls far better than Shane could. 

"Okay, that's a deal, but Mynin, make sure you close our portal only if something happens. Shane's a true fighter and they cant kill me with most of their weapons. Sure they will hurt but I will live" He nodded again but there was something darker in his eyes. Something I couldn't read, I wasn't even sure I wanted to.

We restarted the portals and went our separate ways, praying to anyone that would listen to help us to stay alive....


It was strange being alone around Shane, he was always with someone, usually Claire or Micheal but I don't think I have spent more than a few minutes around him alone since I arrived. That was months ago now but it was only on chance that I found them at all. I was on my way across America to catch up with a few friends,  I got questioned by the police when I crossed the border and it was only the fact that Micheal claimed I was with him that I managed to get away from them. I found out I quite liked Morganville, I mean sure the town is run by a set of violent vampires but I was no better and now I had real friends for the first time in my whole life. And I wan't willing to give that up, I wasn't going to let them die.

We stepped out of the fuzzy portal into the blood bank car park. Looking back I could see Myrnin watching us through the portal as we walked away. It was early afternoon and the streets were filled with students hurrying from the University and the odd person lurking on a street corner. Luckily the blood-bank seemed pretty empty, Well duh!! Eleanor, I is the middle of the day, if vampires are out this early they are mad. "SHIT, its daylight!"I stopped in my tracks at the base of the steps leading up to the bank. Shane continued on for a few more steps before turning back to face me looking bemused.

"What?" he almost ran to me, probably thinking someone had silently done something to me.

"Its daylight, what about Micheal?" I was scanning through all the possible outcomes of Micheal being in the sun and none ended happily, all usually with him burning into a pile of ash. I shook with the idea but Shane was there to steady me.

"Don't worry, the portal takes you into one of the back rooms of the store, Claire told me." He looked down symethetically before setting off again up the steps. This time I managed to follow without any more mental images of Micheal burning, popping into the head. It was dreary in the blood bank, but not in the same way a hospital was, the decor didn't match the buildings purpose so it gave it an odd look, a mix between a salon and a dentists with the horrid smell of a hospital, not a place I would like to come often. Luckily Micheal was usually the one to collect the blood seeing as I wasn't meant to be a vampire, and especially not a daywalker. But now that my secret was now known throughout most of Morganville I thought it was better to risk it. Stepping up to the main desk there was a plump dark haired lady with tiny glasses possisioned at the very tip of her nose. She didn't look very friendly but the pink nurses outfit lost the menacing look for her. 

"WHAT!" she barked at us from her seat.

"Erm, we came to collect the blood for the Glass house and Myrnin." I tried to look as innocent as I could but she was seriously pissing me off. She was paying no attention to me, but flicking through a teen magazine with pictures of a topless Zac Efron and had some terrible music blearing from the iPod on the desk. I almost allowed my eyes to go silver but I kept my patience long enough to still talk. "Did you hear us, we are here to collect the blood?" My voice came out as a snap and she shot her eyes up from a partly nude image of Justin Bieber to match mine. She narrowed them and abruptly stood up from the desk. I expected her to be tall and head teacher like but in fact she was around four foot and very large looking more like an angry fairy god mother than head mistress. She stormed off into a back room and returned with a cool box which she abriptly slammed down on the desk. 

"Here, but watch yourself; everyone is after you" did she just help us? 

"Than-thank you" she nodded in aproval and went back to her magazine. 

"Did she just help us?" Shane was looking about as confused as I felt, but then as we turned away from the desk to head for the door I stopped. It was an automatic reaction, to something I couldn't see; as though something was warning me. I gripped Shanes arm to stop him next to me. "What's wrong?" He wispered it as though he knew it was something bad.

"Somethings wrong, and it's waiting for us outside" We walked carefully and silently, not drawing any unecessary attention and reached the main glass doors; and there just as I had suspected was a band of fifteen big burly men all lead by Jason. He was different, scruffy again but he still kept his hotness. I almost ran into his arms as I pushed open the glass doors but kept control long enough to share a worried look with Shane. 

"Eleanor...." Jason said breathlessly as he ran forward. Pounced on me and pushed me to the ground before succeeding in pinning me down. And it was then that I saw the portal flicker and blink out behind him; just like that, our only escape route was gone. Something happened with Claire, Eve and Micheal!it was the only reason Myrnin would close our portal. But soon my attention was drawn back to Jason's face, so close to mine but looking angry and alost evil. He glared at me and leaned close into my ear, wispering his words...

"...I had to Eleanor; I'm sorry, I thought you were in danger so I went to made a deal. These men behind me are here to kill you; if you play along I can get you far away from them and to a safe portal, but you have to trust me okay" he still had a bitter aftertaste to his words but it was all for show, I hoped. "Please Eleanor, remember who I was just hours ago, I am still here; I am just on the wrong side now" I nodded slightly as not to give away his proposition to the tattood monsters behind him who were watching Shane as though he was a cow they could butcher. Jason roughly picked me up and threw me against the wall, he took out a silver stake and drove it into the centre of my chest, only milimetres away from my heart. I gasped but looked into his appologetic eyes rather than at my chest. I heard the roar of grunts and cheers as I went limp over Jason's shoulder. "The only way for you two to make it out alive is if you act like a normal vampire, not yourself."He pulled an arm around me keeping me tight onto his shoulder and began walking away, "Even if you are a hot strange vamp" I chuckled silently and motionlessly to myself as I played dead on his shoulder. I could j see Shane marching behind us being manhandled by two men almost a foot taller and at least two wider  than him.

"Men, why don't you take the afternoon to search for the others, I will have these two.....disposed of" He had an evil voice when he tried and I really believed he would do it if it were anybody other than me and Shane. The men didn't ask questions but walked away bumping fists and high fiving. It took only an overshoulder look from Jason to the two men holding Shane for them to release him and run after the others. We rounded the corner and entered one of the old run down alleys before Jason put me down. "Now, you are going to run as fast as humanly possible back to where-ever it is you are staying. Don't stop till you get there okay. He held me at arms length and pulled the stake out of my chest. I had almost forgotten it was there, minus the splintering pain in my ribcage. I was speachless he was going to leave me again, and for what; I was alive he didnt need to go against us.

"Why?" One word was all it took for me to break down in streams of uncontrolable tears. "Jason, Why do you have to go back, why leave again." He held me tight into a hug, combing his fingers through my hair comfortingly, but I could hear his heartbeat race. 

"Because I made a deal with someone high up, and now I have to follow through; I am so sorry Eleanor but for now, you will just have to trust that I will do anything to keep you guys safe." He gave me a fleeting kiss and was gone, back down the alley and into the blinding sunlight.  He was gone....again. 

"Come on" I had a burst of energy and grabbed hold of Shane's hand and the box of blood and took off vamp speed down the alley. It took us straight across the town and back into blinding sunlight. It was only a few blocks to the day house and we kept running, well technically I kept running dragging Shane behind me, his feet never once touching the floor as the world moved as a blur around us. I was different from others, I knew that; but my speed was so fast no one could see us they could only feel a burst of wind as we sped past. In only minutes we were outside the concreat blokade that was where once upon a time Myrnin's shack had stood. I stopped dead causing Shane to stumble forwards into a wall and through a freshly opened portal. I didn't let go of his and and was  flung head over heals back onto a concrete floor. When I looked up Micheal, Claire and Eve  were all panting on the floor. "What happened?" I was directing it mainly at Micheal but he was looking slightly singed and half dead. I dug into the box and threw a blood bag at him before turning my question on Eve.

"We were ambushed in the store, a couple of brutes almost staked him"  him meaning Micheal  "But we managed to get back to the portal in time, what about you?" I froze in my attempt to get up off the cold floor. My eyes becoming bleary with tears again.

"He was there" That got everyones attention, even Myrnin came over, "Jason was there, he helped us escape" I instantly drew my hand up to touch my lips where he had kissed me and Myrnin's eyes became sad and low. "He ambushed us with a bunch of guys, but he lied for us and we got out alive" Micheal was now looking sightly better and Idarted my gaze to where he was looking, the red stain in my already battered shirt, "Oh its fine, he did it to get us out without suspect but he's not coming back guys.....its just us now" And then everyone went silent. he was gone till this was all over, and who knew how long that would be.......

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