Ruby Red

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Bad is the new good; that was what Ruby had always believed after her death; being good had gotten her killed, so now she was the baddest girl in the whole town. Her new transformation also didn't help her attitude, vampirism. So when Ruby returns to her old school, where she was tormented and bullied as a teen, somehow we don't think it would go blood free. But when a curse ties her life to another, she will soon find that being bad isn't always the solution.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blood Red

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013




Chapter 1 – Blood Red

I hated high school; five years of my life sat in a corner as the school nerd. Sounds very cliché doesn't it, but it was horrible. The school uniform always made me look like a boy, it was against school rules to wear make-up and I was never willing to break the rules, so I never looked nice. I was always the first in class and the last the leave, the one who did their essays two weeks before they were  due in and the one who signed up for extra physics homework just for fun. So it was no surprise that all the girls told me how ugly I was and how I would never get a boyfriend. I also wasn't surprised when all of the boys ignored me or joined in on the constant verbal abuse.

When I hit my final year the torture was stepped up; hitting, tripping, throwing my books around, smashing my glasses and I couldn't take it anymore. But I managed to drag myself through the rest of my senior year and finally escape that horrific place. And I swore that I would never go back again.....

That was nearly a year ago, and I have been through a few....changes.

I found myself, found who I really am; anyone who knew me last year would get a big surprise if they ever saw me now. Which they won't, I never want to see them again. I still don't have any friends, not really, but I don't need them; friends get you hurt and friends get you killed so instead I am a lone wolf, or lone bat.

But sometimes I miss the torture; it really makes you think about what is important to you, and how you would love to live your life.

Bad is the new Good and it always would be.

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