Ruby Red

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Pale Skin

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013




Chapter 2 – Pale Skin


5am on Monday morning; I was always up this time of night, even before I was turned I was more of a night person and now I chose to stalk the nightlife of the city instead of going to college. Sometimes I wished I would go to college, be normal but I am immortal and seventeen; why not have some fun.

I pushed open my penthouse doors and collapsed onto the sofa; my apartment  was totally open plan, the living room, kitchen and dining room all in one open space, with sandy coloured tiles in the kitchen and cream carpet throughout. But what drew every-ones attention was opposite the door, a whole wall of glass. I know what you are thinking, "You're a vampire, a wall of glass is a pretty stupid idea" but if you know the right people, you know how to get a daylight ring and a way around the burning in sunlight. I clicked on the flat screen TV and instantly became transfixed by breaking news.

~"More deaths coming from the city centre of Antenbrige tonight as Nightclub "Aquacia" was hit by a series of brutal animal style attacks; two were left dead and another male injured in the panic.."~ The news lady droned on and on; it was old news, I was there when it happened. In fact I was the one who cause it.

I flipped the TV onto a late night action movie before sliding off the cream leather sofa and diving into the fridge. I searched through the mass of cheese and vegetables and found a chilled bottle of spring water. I hadn't had a drink of anything other than blood all day, and the tap water was out of bounds. The town had an annoying problem of putting vervain into the water system. After downing the whole bottle, I slinked back to the sofa and dug my laptop out from its case; facebook was always interesting, I loved finding out about the people I had left behind and today was no different. But there was one post that drew me away from the stream of trolling and bad music lyrics.

CHASITY WILLIAMS: "Hey guys I wonder how that looser Ruby is getting on; has anyone seen her since she left. Maybe she finally went and died."

God I hated Chasity, she was the queen bee and the typical mean girl. Beautiful and popular, she ran the whole school and I doubt anything has changed. She was the one who hurt me the most, the one who was always the pack leader; the one with the knife, the one with the sharp tongue and the most painful slap. The only one I really cared about in my revenge plan.

"Well Chasity; you want to know where I went; you will find out..." I got my ass off the sofa and into my large cream and green bedroom and into bed; an early night was needed to be up in time to greet everyone back at high school in the morning.....

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