Ruby Red

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Moonlight

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Chapter 3 – Moonlight

When I woke it was still light, something I hadn't seen since I was killed and turned. From my penthouse I could look out over the entire city, the nightlife would fill the city with colours but the blinding light of day made the city look, boring. The grey skyscrapers, flats and office buildings towering above the grey streets filled with a mass of traffic jams. I rubbed my eyes, beginning to seriously regret my choice of an early morning but pulled out a blood bag from the fridge and downing it in a few gulps.

I was always a huge fan of blood, normally when you are newly turned you love it but you still have all your human emotions; I never had that. I was always a "Rippah" in my way of feeding; I never had remorse, never had regret. I would chase, I would hunt, I would feed and I would kill. Blood was everything, is everything. I wandered back to my wardrobe and dug through my clothes, but as I skimmed through I stopped at an old school blazer and shirt and I almost felt emotion, almost felt pain. But it did nothing but make me angrier; I began tearing through my outfits until I found something fitting for what I wanted to put

A pair of tight fitting black jeans, a vivid blue low cut top and a black leather jacket, I curled my dark hair into perfect curls, made my eyes smoky and seductive and added shin high black boots. I was ready to go. Double check that I still had my daylight ring on, grab my bag and keys and I was out the door; locking the penthouse before walking away down the corridor.

I bounded down the steps feeling alive for the first time in a long while, I had a purpose for going out; something more than blood. I entered the posh lobby and flung open the double glass doors before stepping out into the bustling street. I knew the way to school, I had memorised every path to and from for emergency use; when you have a bitch with a knife after you, you tend to think of escape routes. Crossing streets and the park I enjoyed the sunlight; the constant darkness that I lived in had made my skin perfect porcelain white and I could tell men were turning to look at me. It was one of my gifts, I had added compulsion over the males of the human species, they tasted nicer too. But I kept my eyes set ahead, walking with purpose across the park and into the green and leafy school grounds. It was a posh school, Private; where everyone had too much money for their own good. I stopped dead looking up at the large buildings that surrounded me, it was built many centuries ago; the tall ornate dark bricked structures suddenly made you feel small and worthless as you stand there in the centre of the quad. All of my old classmates were in sixth form, and so were able to have days off and free time; I knew the school like the back of my hand and knew the fastest way into the sixth form building.

The whole grounds were scattered with ancient underground tunnels and pathways all of which come up beneath a building allowing the night creatures like myself the ability to travel around without the use of a magic daylight ring. So I jogged around the corner of an old building into a secluded spot before ripping the large padlock off one of the tiny old wooden doors and disappearing inside. I jumped down a small set of stairs and ended up in a dark, slightly damp tunnel. I remember all the tales of these tunnels; Chasity and her gang used to terrify the young students into believing they took naughty pupils down here to be tortured. I actually chuckled, chuckled at the memory; and glad I had vampire night visions to guide me through the maze of tunnels and grids. After a few turns and a few more damp tunnels I found the rotten wooden stairs that pushed up into the sixth form block of the school. I eased open the trapdoor and pulled myself up into the ground floor. I knew where everyone would be; there were classrooms on the ground, first and second floors and then a common room at the very top; equipped with pool tables and table football, coffee machines and soft sofas and chairs for talking and chatting.

I walked down a bland looking corridor with horrendous blue tiled carpet and reached a silver metal spiral staircase that took you directly up to the third floor. I started silently up the stairs but the bang of a door opening and closing stopped me dead in my tracks; I was mid-way between the first and second floors and I could hear the faint murmur of girls talking. Once I knew there was no danger of them seeing me I pushed upwards towards the third floor. The school suddenly changed when you hit the higher levels, the horrid blue carpeted floor became old polished wood, the walls were wallpapered in ornate silvery designs and the doors were posh and modern. The corridors became narrow and bright, lit by walls of glass and mirrors; this was what made our school posh, the older the student became the more privileges they got from being in school. If you joined sixth form each student was given a new high end laptop and iPhone.

Moving along the corridors I could hear voices getting louder and louder, the whispers began to form words and soon I could listen into conversations. I stopped outside the common room windows; they were covered by blinds so I could listen to the conversations feely. There were a lot of people in that room, maybe twenty or thirty given the number of voices; but one stood out more than anyone...Chasity.

"No one answered my post on Facebook last night." She had a bitter ring in her voice; Chasity always got answered. "So? What do you guys think happened to her, I really hope she went and died in a gutter, or maybe she got herself into a nerd college and pissed off" I could hear people shuffling nervously, but someone spoke after over a minute of silence.

"I reckon she is crying in a corner somewhere; hopefully someone finally beat her up so much she couldn't bounce back like an annoying little bitch" I knew it was Bunny, what a stupid name, and one of Chasity's wing women.

I could last no more, so I pushed off from the wall I had been leaning against and rounded the corner added extra swagger into my walk to make my hips swing. I entered the doorway and only the guys turned to look before I spoke, "Or maybe she didn't want to be someone’s punch bag anymore and decided to grow a backbone" Chasity turned to me, her mouth dropping wide.

"Who are you?" She scowled at me like I was a piece of shit; but this time I knew it was because I had drawn every male away from her.

"Oh Chasity, don't you remember me; I thought everyone would have. I'm the little bitch who deserves to die in a ditch..." I opened my eyes wide making them bright and knowing. "I'm the one you tried to kill one lunchtime, the one you would slap and punch till I was black and blue." She still looked blank. I held a perfectly manicured hand out to her "Hello, my name is Ruby". Everyone who had been talking turned their eyes to stare at me as I stood there looking arrogant and uncaring...

"Ruby" Chasity said it slowly, turned it over in her mind; "Ruby, little nerd Ruby? Wow you really changed when did you become so talkative?" she paused allowing me to answer before one of the boys butted in.

"And H.O.T!?" Erik stood their gorping; I knew I was hot but seeing Chasity's boyfriend looking at me with lust in his eyes still made me feel special.

"I think it may have been when none of you were paying any attention" I made my voice slinky, watching the guys as they became more and more transfixed. Finally Chasity could last no longer and slapped Erik so hard across the face that it left a mark. I remember that feeling well, at least Erik had gained the good sense to keep his mouth shut. He was good looking, tall with tanned skin and sun bleached hair but I never really liked him that way; I had lost my heart to another and scanning the room I saw him, tall and dark; a lonely figure leaning in a far doorway. His dark hair attractively messy, his green eyes focussed on the drama playing out between Bunny, Chasity and Emelsi; the third member of the 'Chasity rules' posse.

"So Ruby, why the sudden arrival?" Chasity broke off from her gang disagreement to look at me again. Not that I wanted to see her; stunning natural blonde shiny hair, bright baby blue eyes and a fake tan that still managed to look nice; plus the uniform suited her much more than it ever had on me. So rather than looking like I cared I took a magazine off a rack and sat down on one of the many deep leather chairs that were scattered around the room.

I shrugged nonchalantly before flicking through the pages, one leg crossed over the other, "I wanted to see how everyone was doing, I almost miss being beaten up" I looked up from the magazine, straight at Chasity and heard a laugh from the other side of the room, from the doorway. I darted my eyes in the direction and saw Matt, my old crush attempting to stifle a laugh, and failing miserably. The popular posse sent him glares while Chasity kept her attention squarely on me, only flinching slightly at his laughter.

"No, I am being serious; why are you here, and what happened to you?" she looked me up and down, scanning every inch of my slim and toned body. Don't get me wrong I am not tall but I had learned to make myself seen and right now, people were certainly seeing me. I stood up and dropped the magazine back onto the chair before ambling around people, they were frozen to the spot as I dragged a perfectly manicured finger over them, across their back and shoulders, across their chest and arms; only the guys of course.  I could make them nervous and jumpy with just one touch. Yet I shrugged again, as I winded my way through the people.

"I wanted to catch up, and do you really want to know what changed?" I averted my gaze from a tall blonde boy who was obviously new, to Chasity who was looking at me intently, her eyes begging me to continue. 

“I died”….

 “You- you died. Oh come on little BITCH; stop lying, you're alive. I can see you, I can talk to you, and you are not in a box six feet under" 

I caught a slight movement out of the corner of my eye, an awkward shuffle from Matt.

"I am not joking Chasity, you remember that day when you brought a knife to my throat and threatened to kill me if I didn't kill myself first. Well when I was saved by the bell, I ran." I stepped closer towards her, one foot placed directly in front of the other. "And when I finally stopped running, I was killed by a stranger." Her eyes were wide as my words flowed like music; silky and smooth.

"Yeah right...then how are you still here?"

"Well before I was killed, I was given something....." Everyone leaned a little closer, only tiny amount but enough that the air became tense. "....Blood, and then when he killed me; I woke up again. You see, I am not human anymore Chasity, I am neither living nor dead and you know what I love most in the world? BLOOD!" I added extra emphasis on the word and watched as Chasity’s face paled. Vampires were something of a town myth, but those who had lived here all their life’s knew of the truth behind what I was saying; new that every myth and fairy-tale was really true.

"I-I don't believe you, prove it" She snapped, but I could hear the hesitancy in her voice. 

"Prove it....oh how I love it when people say that" I gave her a sly smile and began wandering around the room again, one foot in front of the other. I glided around the frozen students and came to a stop before Matt, who instantly stood up straight and looked down at me. I took him by the arm and pulled him back through the maze of people and stopped before Chasity.

"Now, when I left here there was one thing I regretted not doing. And that was telling a certain someone that I liked them. And that was Matt." I looked up at him; but I could see he was averting my gaze, scared; I could hear his heart rate increasing. "So now I am going to finish what I started" I looked out at the gathering group of people and took a deep breath, feeling the power as it flowed through my veins. My eyes began to sting as the colour drained away leaving them perfectly silver, the veins beneath them becoming pronounced and deep red, I could my fangs snap down into place as I gave the startled looking group a smile.

Matt was frozen in place his eyes wide and alert, I walked around him in a circle, taking him in from head to toe. He was gorgeous, he may be a loner but he looked like a footballer, strong shoulders and toned muscles, his eyes beautiful and green, his lips soft and kissable. I stopped walking so I was directly facing him put my hands against his chest and I felt him let out and unreadable noise. I lent upwards kissed a spot on his neck where I could see the blood flowing and heard him moan just slightly, and then I bit down sinking my fangs into the perfect vein and feeing my mouth fill with blood. I felt a shockwave flow through me and Matt’s strong arms wrap around me pulling me tight into him. Against my better judgement I sucked harder moaning into his neck as he did, and after a few gulps I forced myself to release his neck. He still didn't let go, but looked down at me with something new in his eyes. And for a moment I almost let myself feel, almost let myself remember what it was like to love this boy, who had always avoided me. It was only when Chasity coughed slightly that I turned around and felt the blood drip down from the edge of my lips. My fangs were still down and my eyes were still pale and bloodshot, but I was buzzing from the aftershock of the blood and the confusion over the magical pull I felt towards Matt.

"You-you really just drank his blood?" Chasity said faintly as though she was about to pass out. I turned to look at Matt to see two perfect holes and a succession of teeth indentations in his neck that were dripping blood. I licked at the drip that was gathering in the corner of my mouth, taking in the last delicious tastes of his blood before allowing my eyes and fangs to vanish...

“Of course I just drank his blood; I’m a vampire that is what vampires do. Now before I get stuck hanging around with you guys, I have better things to be doing. But maybe we can catch up for a bite” and then I walked back out into the third floor corridor and down the shiny stairs towards the ground floor. 

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