Ruby Red

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4 - Draw me In

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013




Chapter 4 – Draw me In

I walked back out into the third floor corridor and down the shiny stairs towards the ground floor, but as I was descending I began to feel strange, as though a magnet was pulling me backwards towards the common room. I tried my best to ignore it but the closer to the ground floor I got the stronger the pull became. I managed to get all the way to the trap door when the force became too great and I doubled over in pain; it was as though there was a rope fastened around my waist and someone had yanked it suddenly. It was excruciating and as the pain became more and more intense I could see red blood beginning to stain my blue top in a ring around my stomach. I lifted the hem of my shirt to find an indentation that was bleeding rapidly, like a burn straight around my centre and the further away from the third floor I got, the deeper it went and the more painful it became until finally I collapsed face down, onto the floor; staining the old blue carpet with the too dark red of vampire blood. I hoped I would pass out, but it never happened, I lay there almost screaming in agony; The pain never subsided, never went away and I could see the pool of blood I was lying in begin to grow with every second I as there; but the pain was too great for me to stand, for me to walk back up to the third floor so I gave up and prayed to which ever Gods or Goddesses that looked after the un-dead would come and help me.

The pain began to fade just slightly, as though some of the tension had been removed. The bleeding began to slow but the flow continued in a constant stream. I was still in so much pain that I couldn’t move but I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs from the third floor, and the closer they came, the less painful the burning. I heard someone collapse next to me but I couldn’t lift my head to face them. I heard the bitter laughter coming from a girl and the gentle patter of feet as they darted back up the stairs, followed by the too powerful smell of posh perfume….Chasity. They had just dumped this poor person here. But despite my internal anger, the pain had stopped and I breathed a deep sigh of relief; it felt as though I had gotten into a hot bath and all my aches and pains had floated away. It took a few minutes for me to gain physical strength, just enough to push up onto my arms and return to the ground facing the dumped human. And when I opened my eyes slightly, I could see features through the pain haze; dark hair, soft lips, Matt. That woke me up, I shot upright into a sitting position and almost screamed at the pain from my burns but I gathered up myself enough to push his right shoulder and move him onto him back. He wheezed in pain but was still alive. Thankfully.

“Matt, Matt” I saw his eyes flicker slightly, but then he returned to an unconscious state. I unfurled my fangs and bit deep into the veins of my wrist watching as blood began to pool in the small indent and pressed it to his lips. He moaned slightly as he tried squirm away from me, but once the first stages of healing had begun he gripped onto my wrist and began to drink. Vampire blood has that effect on humans, it heals them or at least helps to, but now it was hurting me. I winced as my blood levels began to decrease rapidly and saw his eyes flash wide in surprise, he let go and shuffled as far away from me as possible, eyes wide and alert.

“Please, please don’t hurt me; I don’t know what kind of Hoodoo witchcraft you did up there but you are not going to do that again, OKAY?!” he gave me a stern look but I didn’t get much chance to reply; the world went black and I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder as it hit the ground......

The next thing I know I am stirring from a dreamless sleep, surrounded by soft blankets and pillows and the feeling of light tapping on my shoulder, “Ruby, Ruby”.

I thrashed my arms around trying to swat the day away and returned to my half sleep, “No mamma, I don’t want to go to school, the bad girls try to hurt me” But the tapping continued and I was suddenly wide awake, turned to face the direction of the sound and with my eyes still closed bared my fangs to hiss at them. I then returned to my deep blanket covered bed? That got me moving I shot upright, out of the bed and into the corner of a green and cream room…my room. I rubbed the sleep haze out of my eyes and looked around; yes it was my room, my bed, my bed sheets and then scanning the rest of the room my eyes fell on Matt, standing there with a bottle of water in his hands.

“Sorry, I just thought you might need something to drink” He turned and headed for the door but I flashed there before him, running at such speed that the human eye wouldn’t even notice. But as I reached the door I collapsed in pain and felt strong arms wrap around me. “Sorry vampy, no speeding for you today, your wound is still bleeding and you look like utter shit” he guided me over to the bed, pushed me down onto it and placed a mirror in my hands; looking back at my half faded reflection-vampires don’t have a full reflection, I looked hideous; my eyes were constantly silver, my veins were deep purple and large and my face was almost grey in colour.

I couldn’t help it, it just croaked out, “Blood...” That startled him, he backed away slowly and it took a while for me to realise what I was saying. I looked up eyes filled with concern, “No, no I don’t mean that. It’s just, when a vampire loses too much blood they begin to look like this” I motioned towards my face and eyes. And looking down I didn’t look much better, I was still in my blood-stained clothes and my bed sheets were soaked in blood.

“It’s okay, you go have a shower, I think I saw a bottle of red stuff in the fridge” I nodded numbly as he headed for the door whilst I grabbed a towel and headed for the shower. The water washed away some of the blood but my wound was still bleeding, the bloody burn stung when the hot water touched it; so much so that I think I may have left nail scrapes down the tiles. After an excruciating ten minutes I attempted to pat my wound dry only to end up with a blood soaked towel and eventually threw on a huge, baggy varsity shirt and a pair of loose white shorts. The burgundy No.10 shirt only made me look paler but I managed to stagger out of my bedroom and into the open plan living area with only a few drops of blood on my once perfect cream carpet. I slid down onto the sofa and began to weep silently to myself, what was happening to me?

“You will be okay won’t you?” I heard the worried voice from inside the fridge where Matt emerged clutching a clear bottle full of blood.

“Yeah I will be okay, I hope; I just want to know what happened?” He looked a little pale himself but I think that may have been from the bottle of blood he was holding.

“Hey, how do you get the blood anyway, and how do you get it in the bottles?”

“You do not want to know” He threw the bottle softly at me and I caught it painfully before undoing the top and downing it in long, delicious gulps.

He perched on the sofa next to me, his head in his hands, “Thank you”.

“Thank you for what?”

“For saving me, you were doing okay till you gave me some of your blood. And then you passed out and I carried you here”

I just shrugged my shoulders and turned on the large flat-screen TV to the news channel.

~”It is still unknown who the killer was or what the killer was at last week’s attack at Nightclub ‘Aquacia’. But new reports have confirmed that all bodies were found drained of blood and the eyewitness accounts say they saw a blur of movement; could this all mean that the vampires in town history have returned to kill us all. That is all for this news bulletin I will hand back over to Bill in the Main Studio”~ the screen went blank for a moment and neither of us moved, spoke or even breathed.

Until Matt turned to me, “It was a vampire attack wasn’t it?” I didn’t know what to say, so I told him the truth; no point in hiding anything else from the guy.

“Yeah, it was vamps, or a vamp, a certain type of vampire” I looked up at him, feeling a little more like myself again.

“A Rippah……” looked at him stunned.

How do you know that? I was starting to get nervous, not many people know the ins and outs of vampire culture unless you want to get killed.

 “My family were the original vampire hunters. But never mind that do you know who it was, do you know how I can find them and ….”

“……Kill them” I finished for him, he nodded his head but I couldn’t even look at him; I had never had emotion, never had remorse or fear but it was all coming back to me and I hated what I had become. “It was a lone vampire, she has a tendency to go a little overboard with the feeding” He looked at me expectantly.

“Where can I find her?” his eyes became dark and empty.

“Her name is Ruby, and your sitting with her. “His eyes suddenly went wide with shock and alarm; but who wouldn’t be, I was a killer. “I am the Rippah Matt; always have been, I was always too interested in blood for my own good, and now I am going to pay the price.” He looked blankly back at me as though I was speaking a foreign language. “I am cursed Matt. Blood is my curse; it will get me killed one day, either that or I will kill everyone else."….

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