Ruby Red

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Coursing Veins

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Submitted: May 13, 2013




Chapter 6 - Coursing Veins

I was out for the count...again. Seemed that was all I spent my time doing now; I only knew I was out when I started having a strange dream, an image of a golden talisman went across my mind, then blood raining down onto it, an image of Matt with teeth marks in his neck flashed across the screen and then an old woman began reading from a blood written scroll: ~”Blood red, pale skin, moonlight, draw me in, quench my thirst, coursing veins, let my body feel no pain; the blood from one, the blood from all, but one true love shall save them all. You are one of fear and one of pain but with true loves blood you shall regain, the feeling and will always remain a servant to the curse, the curse of lover’s pain.”~ The searing burning sensation began again and I heard someone outside of my head gasp. And as the world became brighter and louder the pain subsided and I sat bolt upright and cracked heads with Matt who was holding a once white towel to my waist. The floor around me had been stained a thick, deep red and my shirt hadn't fared much better.

"What happened? I was leaving and I felt the pain again?" I was still a little out of it, but I knew my dream had something to do with it.

And then it came to me, like a flash of lightning "We're cursed Matt".

"What?" I turned to face him, clutching my spinning head.

"Did you love me?" I looked dead at him, my head suddenly cleared but I let no emotion show on my face He still managed to look shocked.

"Well- erm- I don't know"

"Straight answers Matt, because if you did; I know what is going on."

He met my gaze with so much intensity I almost looked away, "Yes – yes I did love you."

I nodded slowly, taking in what was said "Then we are cursed by the Lovers Curse".

"What does that even mean?"

"Blood red, pale skin, moonlight, draw me in, quench my thirst, coursing veins, let my body feel no pain; the blood from one, the blood from all, but one true love shall save them all. You are one of fear and one of pain, but with true loves blood you shall regain, the feeling and will always remain, a servant of the curse; the curse of lovers pain." I quoted the woman's words but he looked blankly back at me. The dream still spun through my mind, "Go have a shower Matt, I will find you some clothes and then I will tell you, okay?" I eased myself up off the floor still burning from the ring around my waist.

"Okay, where is the shower?" I pointed to the bedroom door and he vanished into the darkness. The apartment was a mess, the floor was dotted with blood, the sofa was covered in it, my shirt was literally ringing in it and I couldn't do anything about it; we were cursed and this was one of ancient origin.

It took him all of five minutes to get showered. I was in my bedroom rooting through the built in wardrobe when he came out, steam filling the room but I could still clearly see he was only wearing a white towel around his waist. His dark brown almost black hair was pushed back over his head, his eyes were almost luminescent in their colour and his six pack was amazing. I stood their gorping for a few moments until he turned his head to look at me and I spun back round the face the wardrobe. I pushed back all of my dresses and jackets and in a small section was a set of means clothes (for emergencies only). I pulled out a grey V-neck t shirt and a pair of brown khaki trousers and threw then at him before running eyes closed past him and into the bathroom. I grabbed my shampoo and shower gel and dived into the shower unit and under the hot streams of water. They burned, a lot; but I had to think and where better to think than in the shower. I was only in there for ten minutes but while lathering my hair I looked back over the time since I was turned.

It was only a year ago, I was in school one day when Chasity pinned me against the wall with her two gang members and held a knife to my throat. It was the most terrifying thing that had ever happened to me, the words hurt sure, the kicking and punching hurt a lot more but this was something different; you would probably not die from a slap or a kick, but a knife was a definite and as she held it against my throat she cut just slightly, enough to get a trickle of blood. As I thought it my hand shot instinctively to my throat where I could feel the slight raise of the scar. When the bell had gone off for lesson she had slinked back to class leaving me in the freezing light of day. I ran like hell and the only reason I stopped was because I felt like I was about to puke. But it was then that I felt death, all around me like a veil and a vampire stepped out of the shadows, grabbed me and sank his fangs into me, drained me of blood until the world faded into darkness. I remember the feeling so well; it was calming and gentle as though you were being pushed off in a boat towards the end, but at the same time I could still feel the pain from the fangs, feel the blood being pulled out of my body; my life force being drained away. I never knew what happened afterwards, I woke up with a stranger pressing a bleeding wrist to my mouth and then he was gone. I had drunk his blood but I still was not a vampire, not until someone snapped my neck and sent me away; for what I hoped was forever. It wasn't though, I woke up in an alleyway in the dark, but there was something different; I could see with no lights and no glasses, I could hear every word people were saying and I could smell something sweet, bitter and rich. So I followed it out of the alley and into the town centre, all the noise was killing my head but I followed my nose to a small pub in the centre, a man was sitting slumped on the bench his nose pushed into a tissue that was beginning to stain red. It was blood all along, the smell that I was craving so I sat next to him and helped him, once the bleeding stopped I flirted with him, something that only hours ago I would not have dreamed of doing and then when it was all too much I bit into his neck, and will one drop of his blood I felt fangs push through my gums and felt the stinging in my eyes as they drained of colour. And in only a minute, he was dead. It panicked me to know that I had done such a thing but I ran from the scene, averting gazes and questions I ran and ran till I returned to my tiny flat on the run down outskirts. From then I found my daylight ring, and I began going around cubs and bars on my killing spree, draining maybe ten or twenty people a night, stealing enough money to buy my apartment; it is true what they say, there is never enough blood to satisfy a ruthless vampire. And that was exactly what I was, I was ruthless, I was a "Rippah" and I loved to see the pain in their eyes as I broke bones and removed fingers, and finally see the light go out. I vowed never to go back to that hellhole of a school ever again, but that plan failed. And now I was stuck under this stupid ancient curse.

The water began to run cold, so I stepped out and into a towel, luckily this time it didn't turn red when I pressed it against my burn. Which was actually almost gone, though still visible it had returned to almost skin colour thanks to vampire healing. I stepped out of the bathroom in only a towel to find Matt sitting on the bed with the clothes on. I stopped dead and even took a step back away from him.

"What is this curse?" He was messing with his fingers but not looking up at me. "Look I’m sorry if you want me to go that's fine it’s just I don't want to be cursed". His eyes were piercing when they met mine and I felt self-conscious about standing there in only a towel.

"No its okay." I walked over to the wardrobe and pulled out a clean bra and pants and put them on under the towel before I began taking.

"I had a dream while I was unconscious, and it told me what was going on." I pulled out a green t shirt and as I tried to discreetly pull it over my head my towel slipped to the floor revealing my cream bra and hot pink pants. His head really shot up then, scanning my body from head to toe before looking up at my face shocked and ashamed and then away at the far wall. "It is something the vampires call "Lovers Curse" or "Lovers Pain"; it was always a myth that If you drink the blood of you true love you are permanently linked to them, physically and mentally. If one leaves, the other feels immense pain and if something happens to one the other feels it equally. It was always a myth to me until yesterday" I pulled on my shirt and shorts before taking him by the hand and leading him into the living room.


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