Ruby Red

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Let my Body Feel No Pain

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




Chapter 7 - Let my Body Feel No Pain

I almost pushed Matt down onto the sofa before turning to walk to a wall. Yes a plain wall, but you see I bought this penthouse knowing it was always a vampire apartment and so it always had its, secrets. Matt was watching intently as I stared it the wall, looking at me as if I was a loony. But I dragged a perfectly manicured fingernail down the wall and it divided in two as though I had cut the wall in half. A red line of light came from the slight gap and in an instant the doors wheezed apart revealing a room behind the wall.

“Whoa, so cool” Matt had jumped over the back of the sofa and was standing by my side as I looked into the black of the room. “What is this?” He was like a small child, full of pent up excited energy and bounding to get inside.

“Hey, hey, hey, hold your horses.” I put an arm out across his chest to stop him from running into the darkness and may have lingered my hand on his chest a little too long as I managed to feel his muscles clench and his gaze fall onto my wandering hand. I quickly snapped it back down to my sides before reached around the corner of the dark room and flicking a large switch, filling the once bleak room with warm yellow light. It wasn’t overly big but inside was shelf after shelf packed with ancient grimoires and history books along with large amounts of ancient vampire artefacts and the occasional bit of stolen treasure. “This is my library” He didn’t say a word, just stared into the room with wide eyes and his jaw almost hit the floor.

“Your own a library?” His voice went squeaky in the end, his eyes still frozen to the spot on the far wall where a large golden dial hung from a tiny hook. I took his hand and guided him inwards. Once we had crossed the barrier the doors slid closed behind us causing Matt to jump out of his skin, “Sorry; its safety precaution, if anyone else but me comes in here they are trapped inside till I decide to eat them.” I said it very calmly and seriously and he turned to me shocked, I looked at him and shrugged before bursting out laughing resulting in a light punch to the arm. I began moving along the bookshelves scanning each ancient leather binding in turn.

“What are you looking for?” Matt was wandering around looking at every shiny artefact and every deadly looking weapon. He could find.

“A book”

“What type of book?”

“The book that contains the curse of Lovers Pain” I still wasn’t paying any attention to him, just scanning over the shelves but I heard him stop dead and take in a deep intake of breath.

I put my book down and turned to find him staring at the far wall of the library, on it was the large golden dial and surrounding it were thousands upon thousands of names covering the wall.
“Ruby, what the heck is this” He was pointing to the dial but his eyes were looking over my perfectly written names. I walked to stand by him steadying myself internally for what I was about to admit.

“They are names” he still didn’t move

“Whose names?” he already knew the answer. Looking up and down the tall plastered walls were thousands upon thousands of names covering the whole wall from floor to ceiling; it was the one thing I was ashamed of.

“They are names of the people I have killed. There are probably more, but I met someone on my travels over the past year, someone who told me about all the fun he used to have finding out a little bit about each victim he killed before he killed them. It was in the roaring 20’s but he still remembers every name. So I decided to take it up, the only problem was….I was a true killer. I could take out twenty maybe thirty people a night if I was really hungry or I would just kill for the thrill and not for the blood.” He didn’t look at me, his heart was racing and his breathing was heavy but he tried to calm himself.

“And what is that?” He pointed to the golden dial; a very strange contraption made up of different turning dials one on top of the other. It was truly beautiful but it had a more sinister meaning.

“It is a blood counter, every vampire has one, some are small and pocket sized some are larger like mine. My blood is in the very centre circle, that one doesn’t turn.” I pointed to the small deep red circle and tapped it lightly causing the blood to slosh slightly.” Then around that is the vampire counter, telling me how many new vampires I have created; around that is a dial for how many vampires I have killed. Then another telling me how many supernatural deaths I have caused, and the final ring is how many human deaths were caused by me. Each dial spins by itself adding up the numbers by using my blood and the magical link between me and the dial. I have spoken to others but none have seen one quite as large in numbers as mine.” I paused allowing him to take everything in.

“I have turned no one, but I have killed five vampires in one year, two werewolves, one witch, and have killed exactly five thousand three hundred and twenty four humans, although there are only 4219 names on the wall. But now my blood is tainted.” I reached out and touched the red circle lightly sending a tiny shockwave through the liquid this time symbols began to form within the deep red blood. Darting within it, sliding across the glass covering; each was the colour of dried blood and each had a different meaning “I am linked to a human, to you and it is all due to an ancient curse” And then I turned on my heels back to the bookshelves and returned to scanning. He didn’t say anything else, probably as stunned at my honesty as I was.

I scanned the shelves for a least an hour, and throughout all that time Matt didn’t say a word, only stared at the little black letters flashing through my blood. And then I found the book, it was large but well hidden amongst the others. A beautiful leather bound book with large golden foreign letters down the spine and across the cover. I didn’t bother to notify Matt but I vanished out of the secret room and onto one of the breakfast table stools to look through the book. I completely forgot that the door would close when I left, the first I knew was the small voice coming from inside the wall and the thumps from Matt pounding on the door. “SHIT, SORRY” I yelled from my seat before sliding off and running to the door, scraping a finger lightly down the centre it slid open to show a terrified Matt standing there.

“I thought you had really locked me in, and then the walls began closing in on me!” He was panting as though he had run a few miles, his face bright red.

“Sorry, it is a magic type room, when I am not inside the walls close in so the bedroom can exist.” I pointed to the closed door where only hours ago I had managed to flash Matt a glimpse at my underwear. I was still trying to push the embarrassment away.

“Good, okay, fine; so anyway what is in the book?” he was returning to human colour and his heart rate had decreased slightly.

“Erm, well nothing yet; I don’t know how to read it” This was majorly awkward, I had never realised the book was, magically bound.

“What do you mean you can’t read it?” I gestured him over to the breakfast table where the book was sprawled out, but on the ancient pages were no words, no ink, no symbols, just old, dirty yellowing pages. And we took a seat, flipping through each page in turn till we returned to the front page.

“I mean I cannot read it, no one can apparently.”

“I can’t believe it; this was our only chance to fix this problem.” He spread his hands across the front page and put his head down on the table.

“Hey it’s okay, we will find a way to fix this issue?” I put my hand over his and his head shot up to look at them together. I felt a shiver pass over me and the page began to seep with red ink…blood. “Look”

Blood red ink was beginning to seep into the page, first an ornate boarder, the very top of which was a bleeding heart, the blood that began dripping from it formed words within the border and the more blood that fell the more words formed until the boarder was full.

Blood red pale skin

Moonlight draw me in

Quench my thirst

Coursing veins

Let my body feel no pain

The blood from one

The blood from all

But one true love

Shall save them all

You are one of Fear

And one of pain

But with true loves blood

You shall regain the feeling

And will always remain

A servant of the curse

The curse of Lovers Pain

“HEY! That’s the poem from my dream” We had been staring down at the forming words until I said that, Matt’s head shot up to look at mine.

“That means we know this book is for real; we were studying dreams in phycology. A dream has great significance in day to day life. But the rest of the pages are still blank.” He tore his eyes away from mine and began flicking through the thick book, but nothing. “Why would they give us something we already know?....Unless….”

“It is giving us a clue” I finished for him getting a bemused look from Matt. “Look…. “Blood red, pale skin” that’s for vampire...”Moonlight draw me in” that must be the full moon that’s tonight. “Quench My thirst” That was when I drank from you in school, “One true love” that is ….Erm…you.” That was majorly awkward to admit.  “But with one true loves blood, you shall remain a servant of the curse”. SO by taking your blood, I awakened the curse so your blood should give us the answers and mixed with mine it should unlock the book” Without even looking at Matt I leapt off my seat and dived for the knife block, I took out a small deadly sharp knife and came back to sit next to him. “Are you ready?” I took his hand gently and moved it, palm facing upwards.

“For what?” I looked up at him, into his eyes; they were fearful but I clutched his hand tight trying to reassure him.

“To get out of this curse” he nodded but still looked scared. I placed the blade of the knife in his hand, closed it around it and drew the knife towards me, making a perfect bloody line in his hand. His eyes went wide and scared as the blood began to pool in his palm.

“What – what are you doing?”

“Unlocking the secrets” I took to knife from his hand and into my own, slicing a gash across it. I put my hand in his, mixing our blood and I heard him take in a deep breath. “Don’t worry, I got us into this I promise everything will be okay” I separated our hands and pressed both onto the front page, smearing the words with fresh blood. Instantly the words began to glow and light spread out of the book, the pages began to flick open by an invisible wind and they stopped on a page in the very centre of the book, words flooding the pages in fresh blood.

It began to seep through the pages until every page was deep red, when we pulled our hands away white markings began to form in the red of the page. The white markings began to form words and pictures until as I flicked through the book; every page had words.

“It worked...” I breathed relieved.

“Okay so now we just need to know what we have to do to break it.”

We began to read, Matt taking the left page, me the right until we had gone throughout the entire book, words began to stick in my mind as I flicked back through to the page in question.

“This one” I pointed to a page with a diagram of a necklace at its centre, ornate white words spiralling out around it.

~”The curse of lovers pain may only be broken if the talisman of Aphrodite and Nyx is found. One half shall be found where the world is dark and fear reins above all, the other where love is true and pure; upon finding the pieces they must be placed and bound together with blood. But be warned, there are dangers while finding and binding the pieces, if you ever want to part, Ruby and Matt, you will have to work together for there is no other way than this”~

“That’s IT!” Matt yelped as we jumped out of our seats, “But where will we find them?” His face darkened then, it was all well and good if you had the pieces but we didn’t, we didn’t even have a clue.

“What if we just missed the clue to tell us where?” We turned to look back at the book but my head hurt and looking up at the clock it was well past midnight. “Maybe we should get some sleep before we try to go Sherlock.” The room was almost completely dark, the night lights from the city lit the sky red, orange and pink, the smell of alcohol and blood was intoxicating and I found myself longing to be in the nightlife, longing to feed from the drunken dancers or hot bouncers; but I couldn’t go anywhere, not while I was still tied to Matt. I must have been standing, looking out at the city for too long as Matt put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“Are you okay?” He turned me gently to face him, but my gaze fell to the floor.

“I’m fine, it’s just I’m used to going out at night, feeding.” I heard him take a sharp intake of breath but when I looked up at him he did not look fearful.

“I’m sorry” he took my hands in his and looked down at them almost tearful.

“Why would you be sorry, I am the one who fanged you” I mimed fangs in the neck and he burst out laughing.

“Right so I will take the sofa, and you get the bed.” He began walking towards the cupboard in the wall next to the bedroom door and pulled out some blankets and spare pillows. I don’t know why but I felt my heart pull, he was being such a gentleman.

“You can’t sleep on there, it’s covered in blood.” I walked to him and took his hand gently pulling him through the bedroom door. “I have some men’s PJ’s if you want” He nodded a little shocked but I ploughed through the wardrobe and retrieved a grey shirt and long checkered red and grey bottoms. I through them at him lightly before retrieving my own. I didn’t even think before I began stripping off; we were stood together so flashing him was hardly the worst of my troubles.

I peeled my varsity shirt of my skin, it had become stiff with dried blood and my stomach didn’t look much better. The red ring was still over and inch thick and began seeping blood again when I peeled off the shirt. I head a grimace from Matt and watched him vanish into the bathroom. He was rooting through cupboards and when he returned he was only in the PJ bottoms, lying low on his hips you could just see the slight happy trail and his toned muscles. I was so transfixed that when I felt hands on my shoulders I nearly leapt out of my skin. “Sorry… this will make the wound better” I began to relax feeling the warm hands on my shoulders and I felt lost when he removed them and began rubbing a cream around the burn on my waist, it instantly began to feel better and the pain subsided. Once he was done I turned to face him, he too had a burn but it wasn’t as deep or as bloody as mine was; the wound was not why I took a deep breath, he was only inches behind me and my head only reached his collar bones.

“Thank you” I almost forgot I wasn’t wearing a shirt when he gave a quick scan over my body then back up to my eyes where he gave me an apologetic look and walked back to the bed. I dived at the wardrobe and threw on a tank before diving after him taking hold of his hand to pull in towards me. “You too” He tried to shake his head but I took a hand under his chin to make his eyes focus on mine, “You got hurt to, I am not having all the care”. Luckily it took no more persuasion to get him to stand still; I took the small tube of cream and spread it on my finger before rubbing it onto his wound. I tried to stay as high up the burn as I could but it managed to fall very close to his manhood and he looked at me a little shocked at I rubbed the cream to the bottom of the burn on his PJ bottoms. “All done” I exclaim as I screw the lid back onto the tube. “Erm, which side do you sleep on” He turned back towards me again with a startled look on his face.

“What?” He looked stunned.

“Which side of the bed because I can sleep on either but if you only sleep on one side then I will go on the other so you can be comfortable because it is a little strange sleeping in the same bed as someone you didn’t think you would ever see again and so I just wanted you to make the choice because I would feel mean if I made the decision because well I can sleep on either.” He choked back a small laugh at my babbling.

“I didn’t think vampires would get nervous”, he gave me a wonky smile that made my heart melt, “ I will go on whichever side you don’t want to” I nodded and stepped towards the left side of the bed slipping into the covers. He did the same and I instantly felt the temperature rocket; Matt was always the one person I got nervous around.

“I get very nervous around people, I kill them not talk to them” I cracked a genuine smile before snuggling down under the covers, “Goodnight”

“Goodnight” And then I clapped the lights off and dreams of Nyx and Aphrodite filled my mind........

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